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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Amazing accomplishment by one of my kids. So proud!
    Rant: I’ve watched too many movies. Did you see the surveillance footage of the man in the wheelchair on the metro tracks yesterday, and the good samaritans who got him back up on the platform? I kept waiting for the train to barrel into the station one nanosecond after the last rescuer got off the tracks…

    • I didn’t hear that story but it’s so nice to hear about things like this!

    • Accountering

      It was likely a weekend, so there wasn’t a metro train coming for another 20 minutes 🙂
      Kidding. So cool that those people helped, I would have helped him in an instant if I was there. Normally group think takes over here, and everyone piles in to help. Kind of shocking to see half the crowd helping, and the other half just standing there.

      • At some point, if you see others helping and maybe someone more official involved (station manager, etc), you as a bystander don’t also need to get involved. There’s the possibility of getting in the way and prohibiting people who are already assisting/useful.

        • Accountering

          Agreed. From the video though, while the guy was still stuck on the tracks, and everyone was trying to assist, there were some seemingly able bodied people just watching. Just a bit strange I suppose.
          Also, if I fell on the tracks and was relying on a station manager to accomplish anything useful, you may as well start writing my obituary now.

    • I Dont Get It

      The news story I saw said the next train was in 3 minutes.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      These guys are my neighbors! Way to go and great job.

  • Becks

    Rave: I loved the Thunderstorm with all of the lightning and cool breezes. More, please!
    Rant: Nutella is sooo good!
    Rant: I have been feeling sick since Monday with an upset stomach. I don’t like to take medicine as I like to let these things clear up on their own, but I may have too.

  • Does anyone here know if Wasabi the dog is ok? I was biking north on 14th street between Harvard and Columbia when I saw a dog run in and out of traffic. A lot of people there did a great job of making sure the cars didn’t move while the dog was in the middle of the road. The last I saw before biking on was a man with another dog under his arm running towards the loose dog screaming “Wasabi!” – which is how I know his/her name. I wasn’t in much of a position to stop and help because of the bike, but it looked like there were a lot of other concerned bystanders there trying to help. The poor dog looked so scared. I really hope he’s ok.

  • Rave: Open windows and breezy curtains and beautiful sunlight make for a comfortable, happy home.
    Query: Anyone have suggestions for a good contractor that makes built-ins/cabinets? Thinking about a built-in/media unit for our combo living/dining room. We have high ceilings, not a lot of storage, and I wanted a shallow but function builtin with cabinets on the bottom, bookshelves on the top, and space for the TV. We looked at Ikea but want to check price points…

    • Bear

      If you find someone reasonable please share! We’re looking for the same thing.

      • Curious as well. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it myself, but work is so busy lately and it might make sense to let a pro tackle this one. I’m looking for pretty much the same thing – cabinets on bottom, bookshelves, and space for tv, going up 10 ft.

    • We had a cabinetmaker come and give us a quote for this kind of thing when we bought our place 10 years ago. It was $12,000. In other news, the ikea shelves are holding up nicely!

      • Woah. In that case I may just try myself. From what I’ve read its not too terribly difficult. You can start with pre-made kitchen cabinets as a base (maybe use top cabinets so they are shallower), and then just build boxes. I just don’t want to F it up.

        • Bear

          Same here. We’ve looked at a bunch of DIY designs and it looks doable…but we have so much else going on that I just don’t know when we’ll get to it.

    • GiantSquid

      I’m not sure what he charges, but Richard Sewell does beautiful work: http://thepropercarpenter.com/

  • Rant: there’s a giant witch hunt in my school to figure out who’s writing obscene things on the bathroom walls. It involves group bathroom breaks, sign out sheets, and checking pockets for contraband (pencils). If the school would just ignore it, it probably would have stopped by now. Instead it’s making everybody’s job more difficult.
    Rave: I can make hh tonight!
    Rave: went to wegmans for the first time in my life… We drove by the one in Fairfax last night and stopped in. Holy cow, that place is overwhelming.

  • Rant: Sh*tty day at work yesterday topped off with a dude catcalling me then when I ignored him, he said I’m “disgusting” and “just another Latina who doesn’t speak Spanish.” (Nevermind that I’m not Latina).
    Rant: Bathing suit shopping. It’s the pits.
    Rave: So many fun post-work and weekend plans coming up!

    • epric002

      your 1st rant- ugh.
      your 2nd rant- where are you shopping? have you tried figleaves or ebay?

      • I have one coming from CoCo Rave today. If that doesn’t work out I’ll check out figleaves. Thanks!

        • Are you ordering from places where you can try on and send back? Are you able to get tops and bottoms different sized? I need something like that.

          • Yes and yes. I only ordered a bottom from CoCo Rave so I may try figleaves for a bikini top — I definitely need different sizes and I’ve found for the most part places let you mix and match.

          • epric002

            you can definitely do that with figleaves, though they’re british so the shipping isn’t super fast or free. but you can (and i often do) find what i like on figleaves and then go find it for a better price on ebay 🙂 panache and freya are my 2 fave swimsuit (and bra!) brands.

          • Blithe

            Lands End will have a LOT of options.

      • I”ve always loved Athleta for bathing suits. Lots of great options including shorts and rash guards and tops that actually support. There’s a store in Georgetown where you can go try it all on. There a bit spendy but such great quality (I’ve had mine for 5 years now).

      • I had some success with ASOS bathing suits—quite a few cute styles, many at reasonable prices, and good mix and match options. The sizes run from 2 through 12 ir 14, and they have the ASOS Curve line. For really inexpensive bathing suits (also with some mix and match options), try Forever 21.

    • omg UGH bathing suit shopping. I so feel you on that rant. I’m avoiding it because I know its going to be awful. Good luck! I hope you find one soon that makes you feel unstoppable.

    • GiantSquid

      I’m two different sizes and not a small person, and I’ve had really good luck at Lands End. I have a tankini from them I really like.

      • Blithe

        I also highly recommend Lands End. I like cute suits, and I actually want to swim in them. Lands End always comes through, and their customer service is excellent. After ruining several sundresses that I tried to use as coverups, last year I actually got a dress from Lands End that’s made from the same material as their swimsuits — it’s a keeper.

        • My complaint about Lands End suits is that their fabric that is intended to flatter or forgive or disguise or whatever euphemism for “hide yo fat” takes forever to dry. It’s so thick, you’re seriously looking at more than 24 hours to air-dry a bathing suit. Though I’m sure they have thinner material available in some models.

        • epric002

          i was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually offer bra/cup sized swimsuits, but they too have a pretty limited size range 🙁

          • GiantSquid

            What’s a limited size range? They go into plus sizes and cup as big as DDD.

          • epric002

            they only make their larger cup sizes in certain (limited) band sizes. i didn’t see any band sizes to go along with a DD or DDD in tankinis. and their bikinis only offer DD+ in bands 32 and larger.

          • Epric002, isn’t it more that yours is a very unusual size (small band size, large cup size) than that theirs is a limited selection?

          • epric002

            it’s only unusual in that most american companies don’t want to make it, not that it’s an actually uncommon size 🙂 there are so many women who wear the wrong size/can’t find their size b/c manufacturers want to save money by trying to squeeze as many people as possible into the smallest size range possible.

    • Ugh to your first rant. I wore shorts (not even SHORT shorts) last weekend for the first time this season. I was out of the house for about 5 minutes when a homeless guy catcalled me. I gave him this look of disgust and almost yelled back “OH SHUT UP” but then I thought better of it. Although there were lots of other people around so it probably would have been fine…. so sick of having to deal with that crap….

  • Bear

    Rave/rant: Thyroid seems to be working better these days, either that or I’m absorbing my meds better. Kind of a rant because it’s been probably two years where we can’t get my dosage right and I’m really tired of always feeling off. Last year I was on this same dosage but was underactive. What gives?
    Rave: Looking forward to birthday celebration this weekend. Going to go hiking in Catoctin (weather permitting) and then to a nice dinner. Looking forward to some QT with my fiance, the last couple of weeks have been full of work around the house.

    • Bear

      Forgot this additional rave! Toki Underground. Soooooo good. Also discovered it’s only an $11 Uber X ride home from H Street to the MD suburbs.

  • rant: allergies knocked me for a real loop yesterday. I forget its always worse when the leaves come out than the flowers. Today I’m a bit better and most importantly, not sanding my nose off with tissues.
    rant: forgot to pause my produce share this week because I thought I had done so already. I usually skip the week if I don’t want at least half the bag… on the upside, it’ll still force me to eat veggies.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: The newly discovered frog that looks like Kermit! Now if they’ll only discover a bear that wears bow ties…

    • I love it when nature makes the news. Muppets, too. 🙂

    • Rave: memories- When I was very young, I remember watching the muppets with my family on Saturday nights. The anticipation was the best part, because my most vivid memory is the are waiting for the news program that aired before to end. The old greying guys in suits in front of a light blue background. It must’ve been some sort of editorial.
      I also watched the muppet babies cartoon when i was older.

      • Pablo Raw

        For me it was “Plaza Sesamo”. Some names I remember: “Lucas” (Cookie Monster), Abelardo (Big Bird), Beto y Enrique (Bert and Ernie)

      • I LOVED Muppet Babies, and tried to find it for my kids a couple years ago. It never made the move from analog, though, so I couldn’t find much, and nothing good. Like, a youtube of someone filming his TV screen while playing a 30 year old VHS tape…

  • Rave: Spring – the best weather and smells, please stay as long as you can!
    Rave: Nice trail run last night – really love all the trails that connect different parks of Rock Creek Park – so much fun!
    Rant: Metro riders that hog the middle door area – there is a very special place in hell for people like you and it feels very much like a crowded red line stuck in a tunnel with no AC and gobs of teenage tourists.
    Rave: Only 1 week till long weekend getaway and get to see BF again!

    • Hey another trail runner out there! Just wish I’d see more on my runs; I rarely see anyone running. 🙁

      • Ditto – though I’m a bi-surface runner.
        I also love that no matter what day or time – I can usually smell lots of pot smoke on this trail by AU, but never see anyone. Must be some serious stoner ewoks.

        • Mug of Glop

          Well, now I’ll forever have in my head an image of a bunch of stoner Ewoks. I guess this is a good thing.

  • skj84

    Rave: Dancing at Jam Cellar last night was fun. I didn’t feel as intimidated about dancing as I usually do.

    Rant: Feeling it the morning! So sore! I need to stretch first.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Weather’s been pretty nice!
    Rave/Rant: Too many races coming up! They might be fun, but I’m feeling way unprepared! Crystal City 5K on Friday, GW Parkway Ten Miler on Sunday, and American Odyssey Relay next weekend. I’mma be tired as hell. Hopefully the weather stays pretty nice…
    Rave: Fresh batch of coffee beans this morning is tasting mighty good. Yay Compass Coffee!
    I probably should stop nerding out so much about all this nerdnews.

  • Rant: Went to the neighborhood info meeting for the development of the Buchanan School in Hill East last night The whole thing was a bit of a shit show – the room was tiny and ended up with people in the hallways (did the property team really need six people there?), so many of the complaints were about existing parking issues at the Watkins School and a lot of the folks who were there were already agitated before they arrived. And seriously, who is going to pay $1M for a townhouse in Hill East, let alone this development and the one going in across the street on E Street?
    Rant: Husband thought it was a good idea to try to clip our dog’s dark claws on the bed last night. Blood everywhere, which I get to spend the day cleaning.
    Rave: It’s sunny, so I guess that’s something?

    • GiantSquid

      The tough part about development on the Hill is density and prices. Thing is, people WILL pay a million bucks for a townhome in Hill East if it has several bedrooms, at least 1.5 bathrooms, and parking, because people are willing to pay that much for houses closer in and those are only getting costlier. People want to live in the city. I really like only having one car, walking and biking to everything, and having public transportation when I don’t feel like doing that. I like having variety within blocks of my house. If I could afford to buy here, I would. But we don’t have that kind of money (yet) for a downpayment.

  • Rant: Such a grumpy bear this morning.
    Rave: My gym buddy has lots of tolerance for my morning grumpiness.
    Rave: Wearing a dress that I really love and feeling rather but together this am. (Don’t worry, Krampus, it covers the cleavage and the thighs. ;-))
    Rave: Feeling less anxious and crappy than I have felt in a couple weeks. I’m hoping that trend continues.

  • Rant: The Starbucks at work is closed for no reason. I know, it’s only sbx, but still – it’s a simple pleasure of my work day!
    Rave: morning salt bagel, courtesy of “Admin Professionals Day”. I’ll take it. Even if it’s not on my eating plan, f it.
    Rant: I’m just. so. tired.

  • Rave: Good tv. Lizzie Borden and Amy Schumer. Very different but great in their own ways.
    Rant: Think I have allergies and a cold, but I have meds for the latter which are working very well.
    Rant: Having to remind people to do simple tasks. Why are you on the board when you rarely get online which is how most of our stuff is done?
    mini-rant: Made healthy cookies which lacked the cookie crunch. I’m not sure how to fix it, but they tasted pretty good.

    Any recommendations for eyebrow threaders in DC? Ideally someone Persian as my colleagues tell me there is less chance I’ll walk away too thin.

    • I didn’t like Amy Schumer early on… thought that she was relying too heavily on being gross. But now she’s gross AND funny. The sketch with Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfus was hilarious. Go watch, everyone. Everyone who’s not at work, that is. It’s called Last Fuckable Day.

      • Oh, I watched it work, but I have on headphones. 🙂 You forgot Patricia Arquette was there too.
        Milk, milk, lemonade. LOL

        • The milk milk lemonade sketch is a good illustration of “relying too heavily on being gross.” A bit that juvenile did not deserve that much airtime.

          • True, but I think it is catchy enough to draw in more people. I saw a mention of it on FB and sought it out to find out what it was not knowing it was Amy at all. She has a niche, but I’m glad to see she is cranking up the funny and insightful stuff.

    • Re the cookies, perhaps add chopped nuts to the batter next time for some extra crunch?

      • That could work. They just don’t have the right texture maybe because I used oat vs wheat flour. They’re soft and spongy. I’m not pastry chef, but I will make these better; I have a quart of blueberries to use.

        • Hmm, I would try half oat flour and half another flour (maybe almond flour? that’s one of my favorites). If you still have leftover blueberries, one of my favorite things to do with them is to make blueberry lime pie. Such a delicious combination.

          • I went with cookies to get some different carbs in my life, and they’re easy to carry into work, but maybe I’ll experiment with some other healthy dessert options.
            Thanks on the flour tip.

        • I would just eat the blueberries on their own. 🙂 So tasty!

        • SouthwestDC

          Fruit in baked goods is tricky. It adds a lot of moisture which makes things spongy and dense. If you’re using brown sugar, or something liquid like agave, swap it out for white which has a lower moisture content. Less sugar will introduce less moisture, but maybe it won’t be as crisp. Egg whites are more drying than whole eggs so you could try that also.

          • SouthwestDC

            One more idea– you could cook down the blueberries so they release some of their moisture (they’ll be more jam-like). I think browning butter causes it to lose water as well, but be aware that adding melted butter to cookies will make them spread more. Of course spreading also helps with crisping so that might work!

          • My sweetener is stevia for baking, and I used egg whites. Yea, they didn’t really spread much at all. Learning all about baking. I’ll try some of these and see what’s better.

    • Even though I don’t really care about your eyebrows, I’ll just continue to tell everyone here that Flami at Fyubi Make Up & Brow Studio is the only place anyone needs to go for brows. No reason to look elsewhere. Really.

      • care = thin, thick, whatever. Just go to Flami. That goes for everyone here.

      • Thank you for the recommendation, but I mentioned threading specifically not eyebrow shaping generally, so Flami would not fit the bill based on what her site mentions…tweezers and trimmers.
        I hope you get the sleep issues diagnosed and treated soon. This much negativity just doesn’t seem healthy. Best wishes.

        • She is just better than any threader, which is why I recommended it. She’s amazing – people have stopped me to ask where I get them done. And you might notice a trend to my negativity. Just a thought.

          • Yes, the negativity increases when you mention being sleepy which is quite often. Other than pity for your unfortunate lack of sleep, I have no feelings good or bad toward you. I laugh or smh, but that’s about it. Thank you again, and good luck.

        • that’s not the actual trend, just what you wish to read in to

    • The ladies at Dupont Threading are great. I go there regularly.

      • That’s where I go too. They’ve never made them too thin, but the last few times, I’ve gotten a beginner and it’s been crazy painful. I need to insist on/ wait for Natasha.

        • Thanks. Have you all gone in dupont or capitol hill?

          • I go to the location in Dupont. wdc is right, there’s a new lady there who threads very slowly and it’s really painful. She does a good job with the shape, but dang does it hurt! I don’t know her name. Everyone else is great, Natasha included.

    • If you’re willing to venture out of the DC line, Eyebrow Express in Courthouse is fantatic. $12 and in-and-out in like 10 mins.

      • SouthwestDC

        Has anyone tried Perfect Eyebrows in Crystal City? The one and only time I got threaded I had tears streaming down my face, but I’m thinking of giving it another try.

        • I haven’t tried that place, but I just wanted to say that should NOT be the case at all! Obviously everyone has different pain tolerances, but threading hurts about half as much as waxing does for me (based on my limited threading experiences, which have all been at Eyebrow Express in Courthouse lol). Just like a light scratching on the surface of my skin.

          • Eh, pulling hair out by the root is pretty much all the same. Waxing is quick, but it’s bad for your skin. Plucking is slow. It’s the same pain, but in the case of slow, it just goes on for much longer.
            I like threading because it’s so precise; it’s a better way to get a clean shape than plucking (or waxing). But this new gal at Dupont actually rests the thread on your skin, and what with the friction it feels like a hot wire every time, in addition to the discomfort of having hair ripped out by the root.

    • As a woman, I am a little disappointed that brows have become such a thing… that people stop in the street to say “damn your brows looks great”. I have terribly thin brows and have never had them done, but it just annoys me that I might or even want to give it a try, and it’s just “another thing” along with everything else to keep maintained (manis, hair, makeup, etc etc). Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to be a dude. I can’t afford to be a woman anymore!

      • epric002

        meh, i’ve never had my brows done either. i do get them colored though when i get lowlights b/c they’re pretty blonde and it looks like i don’t have any if i spend any time in the sun…if they don’t bother you then don’t worry about it!

      • Eyebrows are my “thing” that I like to do for myself. Especially with very short hair, I think nicely shaped eyebrows make me look pretty and feminine, even more so than makeup. I guess what I’m saying is not everything as to be “a thing” that all women must do or maintain Do what you want because it makes you feel good. I do my eyebrows and get my haircut on a regular basis (or else it turns into a mullet) but that’s it. I don’t bother with my nails or lots of makeup because I just don’t care about those things.

        • SouthwestDC

          I don’t know about you, but I can get by with WAY less makeup if my eyebrows are neat. I think a lot of men would look better if they had theirs done too.

      • I think the brow fixation is kind of weird, too. I understand wanting to shape them up if they’re overgrown/you have a unibrow, etc. but otherwise I don’t give them a lot of thought.

  • epric002

    rave: finally got myself to yoga last night.
    rant: still have to be really protective of my lower back after the boat-to-canoes a few weeks ago really bothered it. stupid bulging disc.
    rave: weather.
    rave: HH tonight with some gfs.
    rant: watched a woman at the pentagon metro station go through the swinging gate w/o paying her fare. what are the rules for who gets to use that gate? i see a lot of teenagers/kids use it at ga ave.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Lizzie is a big fat fraud. I’ve been carrying her upstairs at night which becomes a big production to catch her and try to hold her safely while she writhes around in my arms. Yesterday morning I was in a rush and decided to leave her downstairs since there are food and water bowls down there. I also put some towels down on the floor for her to sleep on. When I came home she was nowhere to be found downstairs. She had, however, peed on the towels. A few minutes later she came down with her sister but wouldn’t make eye contact with me. Last night when I went to bed I left her downstairs hoping she would come up. She didn’t so… lather, rinse, repeat.

    Rant: Leg cramps the last two nights while sleeping. I’m a side sleeper and both times it’s been the calf muscle pressed into my memory foam mattress. I hope this is something temporary; I’m going to start eating a banana in the evening for potassium to see if that helps

    • I Dont Get It

      One More Rant: Overly intrusive podiatrist medical history questionnaires. “Do you have or ever used illicit /recreational drugs? Yes/No. Is my foot health really impacted by long, past drug use? Do I really have to confess to that time 20 years ago when I smoked weed with Mrs. Garrett from “Facts of Life”?

    • I used to have major issues with my calves at night. At one point they got so bad that I had several muscle spasms wake me up in the middle of the night screaming my head off in pain. This preceded a long bout with Achilles tendonitis in my left leg which took nearly a year of PT to recover from. I have no doubt that the tight calf issues and the tendonitis are related. While eating a banana before bed might help, staying adequately hydrated and stretching are key. I recommend developing a stretching routine before bed. What works best for me is wall calf stretches (if you Google Image it you’ll see how to do it) alternated with toe raises (again Google search it) doing them on both feet while holding on to a chair or a wall working your way up to one foot at a time without holding onto something. Also, using a tennis ball and applying pressure while rolling it on your calf will also help. These are all things that I learned in PT, which I wish I had known about before the tendonitis kicked in. If you really want to get serious about it, get a foam roller and use it on your calves (this is a more intense version of what the tennis ball does). I rarely experience calf muscle pain or tendonitis anymore, but when I do I use this stretching routine and that puts a stop to it.
      Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • I Dont Get It

        Thanks I’m supposed to be doing wall calf stretches anyway for my Plantar fasciitis, thus the trip to the podiatrist. YAY a twofer! Glad you are doing better.

        • I don’t remember if you were the same person on here I told to avoid podiatrists. (I never post under the same handle, BTW). I had a horrible experience with a total quack, and I’m not saying that yours is, but because of that I ended up going to an orthopedist who had me go to PT. A couple of years later I found an osteopath and I haven’t looked back. Anytime I have any muscle/joint issue I see my osteopath. They’re like the best of orthopedists and physical therapists put together. I find with their methods I heal more quickly. As an added bonus, because I know I can book an appointment with them when I’m not feeling 100%, I’ve become a lot more daring with my physical activity, which in turn has lead to much better fitness results.
          I may or may not have had plantar fasciitis when I had the tendonitis. I say this because my physical therapist and my orthopedist had very differing views on the matter (another reason to skip them and go to an osteopath, IMO). The tendonitis was the main issue and it crept up into my foot a little bit. What I’m trying to say is, I feel your pain, IDGI… I hope you get some relief soon!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: DC Tri-Fecta (Caps, Nats, Wiz)
    Rave: TKSTXDT
    Rave: Things seem to still be going well on that thing i mentioned yesterday ^.^
    Rave: Hump-day

    • palisades

      Travesty that I had to scroll down this far to see a comment about the Tri-Fecta! Awesome night for the city.
      I was at the Nats game and stayed until the very end! Boo to the quitters that gave up.

  • JayKay

    Rave: Tomorrow is my Friday and then its a week long vacation in the pleasant pennisula(aka michigan). 🙂
    Rave: Wedding on Saturday in Ann Arbor that will include a ton of old college friends that i haven’t seen in years. Its going to be so good to catch up with them all.
    Rave: Popville HH tonight.
    Rave: The weather right now.
    Rant: The weather slated for later. At least it should be gone by HH time.

  • Rant: An amazing, brilliant, kind coworker passed away last night after fighting cancer. he has 3 little girls and I’d just like to know why the universe is oh so cruel.
    Rave: the way my office is handling this & supporting him/his family. he definitely knew how loved he was.
    Silver lining: makes you realize just how fragile & precious life is. Love & hug your people extra today, everyone.

    • What an unbelievably sad thing. Condolences to you and all of those affected.

    • so sorry for your loss

    • I am so so sorry.
      If you’re up to it, might you be willing to share someways your office worked to make this wonderful person feel taken care of? My friend is entering into some tough medical stuff and I’d love to try and support her in the way your office did.

      • Thank you. Its the ultimate illustration of what your parents always tell you when you’re little: Life’s just not fair.

        Our management bought the family a giant extra freezer, and then we set up a calendar where once a week, people would sign up to prepare 2 freezer-friendly meals & one grocery delivery. Then one person from his work team would deliver everything to the family, so they didn’t have a bunch of different people showing up to their house. Visits during chemo/other long hospital stays when he was up to it, sending him emails with stupid cat videos or updates on inconsequential office gossip. A fundraiser to help with expenses (you’re not supposed to fundraise at work, but the powers that be gave this one their blessing), and I think someone used a work connection to send him & his family to Disney just a couple weeks ago.

        We used the website lotsa helping hands as the main vehicle for our organizing. It was a good way to connect both his coworkers & his wife’s coworkers & make sure everyone had the same information & could sign up for food/other tasks easily. I’m sure there’s other similar websites, but that one worked well. Sending positive thoughts for you & your friend!

        • what a thoughtful gesture from your office. It sounds like he was well loved by many, which is something his family can always cherish knowing. Cancer is awful, especially in young people (thinking of that piece a few weeks back in the Post about the doctor who had cancer and the letter to his baby daughter)

        • I Dont Get It

          That’s amazing!

        • This is so incredible!

          • thank you for all your kindness, everyone. he & his family were somehow incredibly positive throughout the whole ordeal and just wanted all of us to really take each day as a gift. so in that spirit, if you’re reading this: call your mom, text your cousin, plan dinner with your best friend, cuddle your sweetheart, play with your dog for 10 extra minutes, and tell them all how much you care.

    • binpetworth

      Years ago, I lost a beloved coworker way too young, and I decided to write a thank you note to her husband for sharing wonderful stories of her at her wake, & for letting us savor her company for 8 hours every day. He put it in a book for her toddlers, and my hope is that they are able to take some joy out of something so tragic. You & your coworkers might want to think of doing something similar, especially for the kids.

  • Rant: Work and people’s complete lack of professionalism when it comes to external things – and then I’m the one stuck dealing with the consequences. FFS people, you should not be making these mistakes!
    Rant: Slept poorly the last few nights. So tired, and getting a headache from the combination of these two rants.

  • Rant: “giveaway” pile in my apartment building is thrown out each morning. I understand why – no one wants unwanted junk to build up in a common area. However, some of this stuff is pretty good – books, kitchen items, etc. At the same time, tenants seem unaware that the giveaways are tossed. Even one of the apartment managers who lives in the building seems to think we have a magically hyperefficient freecycle system.
    Rave: camping this weekend. Look out, Assateague.
    Rant: likely will miss the Lyrids tonight/tomorrow pre-dawn.
    Rant: I’m quite the grumbleduck this morning.

  • Reminder: Unofficial PoPville happy hour tonight at Dacha.
    I think Justin said in yesterday’s RRRR that he was going to be there from 5 p.m. onward.

  • Rave: New primary care physician is really nice!
    Rave: I made “Knock You Naked” bars last night – people seemed to really like them (but no one was knocked naked that I am aware of)
    Rave: One of the people I work with gave me chocolates and a gift card to a pet store (she knows I have a cat) for admin day!
    Rave: We are having a work happy hour today.

  • Rave: Woke up early this morning and got coffee from Compass and made breakfast for the humans and the dog, who loooooves scrambled eggs.
    Rave: This weather. What a delight!
    Rant: Too many things to get in line for the move. I’m prone to overthinking and overplanning, and the fact that we have five months to get our ducks in a raw is a blessing and a curse. I wish I could figure out how to streamline the process so I’ll feel less anxious about it.

    • *ducks in a row. Of course.

    • 5 months is a good long time to start to purge stuff you don’t want to move….yard sale?

      • To be honest, purging is the least of my worries now! I’m more concerned about other big life stuff — the job, the home, etc.

        • In other words, the physical move isn’t really a big deal. It’s the things I need to do to prepare for it mentally and financially that are worrying.

          • Maybe write out a plan…5 months out do x, 4 months out do y, etc. That way you’ll have clear stuff to work on and break it up not to become overwhelmed. Maybe there is a service that could help with this stuff as well?

          • That’s a good idea, Anon Spock — I think it would help me to visualize it all. Although it just might make be obsess over the list itself hahaha.

          • I think part of it is similar to me – things you can’t easily control become the consuming factor. I don’t have any advice, but breathe – if someone is employed, you’ll be OK. And your place will be the easy part!

          • Postscript. I just started using project management software for the first time. How did it take me so long to start using it? It’s perfect for the little micromanager and hyperorganizer in me!

          • Shawess — Love your postscript. 🙂

          • In my mind, you would only worry about one thing a month. You might obsess, but it would be curtailed because in this month you can only worry about the 1 thing. Job search would be something that could span multiple months, but one month could definitely work for deciding whether to sell or rent your house. Try to delegate stuff to the hubby, so again, you can only worry about so much. Good luck!

          • Anon Spock, if only life could be as straightforward as my now-delightful scheduled task list, I wouldn’t worry about anything ever 🙂

          • Lists. Lists everywhere!
            I used to be an overthinker/overplanner, but I learned to chill out by staying just busy enough to get rid of my idle hands but not so busy i cannot move things around. I also haven’t had any big life decisions like moving to another state. I’m sure if I did, I’d be just as weary about doing it. Wouldn’t everyone?

  • SouthwestDC

    I have a CaBi question. My commute’s a little over an hour, and someone said you can avoid the overtime charges by switching bikes before the half hour is up. So halfway through the ride I dropped off my bike and tried to get a new one with the same code, but it wouldn’t let me. I thought maybe I had to give it time, so I walked to the nearest metro station (about a 20 minute walk) and tried again. It still didn’t work so I just metroed the rest of the way home. Does that trick only work if you have a membership, or have they gotten wise to the commuters and changed the system?

    • skj84

      I would assume it only works for members. I’ve heard of it before, though never tried myself.

    • JayKay

      I had this problem once. You need to get a new code at each station.

    • I am an annual member and docking my bike mid-trip to avoid being charged works for me (I did it yesterday, in fact). I thought this worked regardless of whether you have a fob or a code. As far as I know this is totally sanctioned by CapBi. I’m pretty sure it flat out tells you that you can do this on their website. I would give them a call to find out what gives. My main concern would be that you didn’t properly dock the bike in the first place or you docked it at a broken dock. I recently had a bike that seemed to be properly docked (I got the green light, the “ding” and I tugged on it to make sure) only to find out that the dock I used was broken. I know this because I check my profile on CapBi’s website after each ride and the last ride didn’t register. I called them and they cleared it up for me and were able to locate the bike. So, I would definitely check with them to make sure you’re not on the hook for a bike being improperly docked.
      Pro-tip: you can check out the same bike after you’ve docked it, no need to switch (assuming that you can still do this with a code).
      Good Luck!

      • SouthwestDC

        Thanks! It does seem like it should work for non-members since the code is supposedly good for 24 hours.

        • Caroline,
          I looked more closely into it. It looks like you can dock a bike and take it out again, but you have to swipe your credit card each time to get a new code if you are a non-fob holder.

          This is explained in the FAQ found here: https://www.capitalbikeshare.com/faq#day_key

          “Will my unlocking code work for 24 hours or 3 days?

          Nope. An unlocking code will only unlock a bike for a single trip. When you’re ready to take another bike, go to any kiosk during your 24-hour or 3-day membership and swipe your credit card. Our system will recognize your card and issue another unlocking code good for a single trip. No additional membership fees will be charged to your card.

          Unlocking codes expire after 5 minutes. If you aren’t able to use your code within 5 minutes, you may obtain another code at no additional charge by again swiping your credit card.

          If you have any problems, please call to speak with a Member Service Representative at 1-877-430-BIKE(2453).”

          • SouthwestDC

            Appreciate the research anonacycle! I should have looked there. 🙂 Next time I’ll try the card swipe.

          • yeah…. I’m kind of a nerd that way when it comes to CapBi. You should also look into getting a FOB for one day memberships. I don’t know all of the details, but it’s definitely a thing they offer that I think would prevent you from having to swipe your card at all. Their website knows all 😉

    • I think it does require a membership. Everyone who has mentioned the dock along the way plan has an annual membership, and if you can swing it and use Cabi often, it would definitely save you money.

      • SouthwestDC

        Yeah, I don’t want to get a membership until I know for sure that it’s not going to cost me an extra $6 every time. Wish they’d just increase the time allotment– their model is very unfriendly to commuters!

        • You should be able to check out bikes as many times as you want for the day your membership is valid for, this isn’t just a feature for annual or monthly members. But I think you do need to get a new code at each station by reswiping your card (or whatever the mechanism is – it should be on the signs and is certainly on their webpage).
          I wouldn’t say their policy is unfair to commuters, they’re not intended for long-haul commutes. You could make a case that this policy increases fairness by making sure bikes remain in circulation rather than being tied up for an hour or more by a single rider. If you commute by bicycle routinely (whether a long distance or a short one), your own bike is probably a better option.

        • Accountering

          It works to dock it with a membership. I think their model is quite friendly to commuters. Most people do not ride these things for over 30 minutes. If you are actually riding an hour, I would look into getting my own bike to be honest. These clunky bikes aren’t nearly as nice as riding on your own.

        • SouthwestDC

          I wouldn’t call my commute long-haul. Like almost all of the people I know in DC, I work in another jurisdiction than the one I live in so it takes a bit longer than if I simply had to cross a few neighborhoods. If my bike commute was only 30 minutes I’d just walk it.
          I don’t want to commute by bike in the morning, so bikeshare is a better option than using the bike I own.

          • If your bike commute was only 30 minutes, wouldn’t that be a 60-90 minute walk? And you would just walk in that case? Seems unlikely.

          • SouthwestDC

            Yes, absolutely. I love walking and sometimes I do walk home from work, but it’s a big time suck (plus I always feel like I’m about to get mowed down by bikers and runners on the Mount Vernon Trail).
            An hour walk, on the other hand, is reasonable and something I would do every day if I could.

          • Why not cycle 30 and walk the rest? Best of both worlds? (Yes, I know this is kind off topic from your original post.)

          • SouthwestDC

            That’s almost what I ended up doing yesterday, except I’d just gotten my heel tips replaced and didn’t want to wear them down again right away. Next time I’ll plan properly and bring flip flops. 🙂 I do think that’s a good system on the days I have some extra time, but since I have dogs I’m usually trying to get home as quickly as possible.

          • SouthwestDC

            That’s almost what I ended up doing yesterday, except I’d just gotten my heel tips replaced and didn’t want to wear them down again right away. Next time I’ll plan properly and bring flip flops. 🙂 I do think that’s a good system on the days I have some extra time, but since I have dogs I’m usually trying to get home as quickly as possible.

  • ThunderCheese

    Rant : Moped rider in the dedicated bike lanes on 15th street.
    Rave : Beautiful day for a bike ride, or maybe even a moped ride.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: HH tonight
    Rave: The Pebble. I want all the faces. Currently have the Minions one on, that may change some time in the next 15 minutes.
    Rant: the uncertainty of waiting for some technician to come fix my recalled stove

  • Rant: I’m way behind in planning food/drink for my niece’s baby shower – (behind as in I haven’t really thought about it much at all.) The theme is “The Seven Deadly Sins” – any suggestions?

    • skj84

      I have no suggestions, but I love the theme! That is awesome!

    • hmmmm can you post what you have planned so far and maybe people can help supplement? Cuz I’m just thinking about important things like chocolate with a side of chocolate. Potato chip ice cream?

      • I’m thinking a green cocktail for envy and some luscious chocolate dessert for Lust – maybe small individual chocolate parfait thing, ganache, with whipped cream/Baileys + something crunchy?

        Can’t come up with anything for gluttonous snacks as in the invitation!

        Come celebrate the “Proud” parents with :

        “Envious” cocktails
        “Gluttonous” snacks
        “Lustful” desserts

        Not being “Greedy” for gifts, (parents) would like to start a library for baby boy!
        (Please don’t be “Slothful” about replying or you may invoke my “Wrath!”)

        • This is amazing.

        • I like this!

        • RE: gluttonous snacks. Perhaps something just extra fatty/unhealthy? Mac and cheese made with truffle oil and/or many different cheeses, cornbread made with bacon fat (or anything made with bacon fat!), chicken wings with some kind of extra sticky sauce (honey sriracha?), homemade twice baked potatoes or potato skins…really anything with lots of cheese/bacon/unhealthy type things. That’s what I’d think of immediately haha!

        • epric002

          what if you did a contest for gluttony? could be an eating contest (of something silly?) but could also be along the lines of how many of ___ you could fit in your mouth? hopefully no one would choke that way…

          • The dad-to-be is actually an accomplished bar-trivia guy (both writing/running the contests and winning them) so he is doing a 7 deadly trivia contest. Like who can name a movie that features the most of the sins. (Seven doesn’t count!)

        • Is there anything more gluttonous than fried mac and cheese bites? Fried mac and cheese bites wrapped in bacon?

          • Perhaps fried mac and cheese bites wrapped in bacon and then fried again? 😉

          • Yes! With a side of cheese for dipping! I’m thinking a creamy saucy roquefort.
            “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”

    • I Dont Get It

      Gluttony should be easy ;-).

  • Oh, and it is NOT a cutesy girl baby shower – co-ed and boozy!

  • Blithe

    Rave: Started my morning off with Kneipp Enjoy Life lemony bath stuff and Freddie Hubbard. I’m loving my little luxuries.
    Rave: Making a trek out to the DSW in Bethesda — clutching multiple coupons. We’ll see.
    Rave: An absolutely lovely evening with a dear friend — who’s growing dearer by the minute. Hmmm. Loopy grin.
    Rave: Waking up to the twittering of birds. (No signs of those dreaded mourning/morning doves.) Ahhh, Spring!

    • Love your raves 🙂 Curious about this dear friend, too! Any chance we’ll see you tonight?

      • I share Shawess’s curiosity about the dear friend, and hope we’ll see you at the Dacha happy hour!

        • Blithe

          LOL! Shawess and textdoc, I’m not sure that this will assuage your curiosity much. I’m just kind of enjoying a growing friendship, and trying to be more consciously aware of how we’re growing and changing with each other in good ways. Maybe it’s the Kneipp oil? 🙂

          — Related panic: Kneipp Black Night Blooming Jasmine — Sensual Seduction Bath has been discontinued. And I was all set to move from Relaxing Spruce and Pine (which worked), to Enjoy Life (which seems to be working fine), to BNBJ. oh well. I might try to use my limited google-fu to see what I can track down. And I’ll report back if anyone’s interested! 😉

          • I like this, Blithe!
            The the discontinued Kneipp oil, you may want to check with some of the Tschiffely pharmacies in town. They carry Kneipp products and I get the sense that some may sit on the shelves a while.

          • Blithe

            Thanks Shawess! That’s a great idea! I’m glad that you’ve noticed that they sit around a bit. (fingers crossed)

      • Blithe

        The happy hour tonight overlaps with a yoga class, and yoga wins. I would like to meet more PoPvillagers in person though, so maybe it’s time for me to start seriously sorting for the PoPville cosmetic swap and sample?

        • Boo — and yay! I will have a nice haul to contribute whenever the timing is right.

        • What is this magical gathering you speak of? I’m always all about the beauty things…but am also hesitant to share them.

          • A few weeks ago, some of us discussed getting together to swap the products we don’t plan to use again and to share some of our favorites. Please feel free to join even if only to take some of our (nice!) castoffs. We don’t have a date or time set, but I think we agreed to meet in the summer (?).

          • Ooh I might be interested in that… I have some things from when I did Birchbox that I don’t think I’ll ever use.

          • Allison

            Aw damn, and I already threw away my schpensive Elta MD tinted sunscreen because it broke me out (notwithstanding that other people love it.)

    • Better selection in Bethesda?

      • Blithe

        I’m looking for a particular shoe in a particular size. It’s not available on-line or at a closer store. If there does seem to be a better selection overall, I’ll report back to the PoPulace.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Flew a kite last night with friends. Broke every rule on my rooftop!

    Rave: Enjoying last few weeks with awesome DC friends.

  • Rant – Sudden onset of a terrible sore throat on Monday night. I took Tuesday off and slept most of the day.
    Rave – Feeling human today and back at work. Sleep is magical.
    Rant/Rave – My friend and college roommate came to visit me last weekend. It was fun to hang with her, but I realized how much we’ve changed since college. By the end of the weekend I was exhausted and a little relieved when I dropped her off at Union Station.
    Rave – Checked out the new Busboys and Poets in Takoma and bought myself a new book. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a new physical book, and it’s a hardcover! #treatyoself

  • RANT: DC inherited allergies have been kicking my butt this week
    RANT: Allergy meds make me pretty sleepy
    RAVE: Very flexible work that allows me to work around the allergies and various other issues
    RAVE: Love this cooler weather
    RAVE: Been a rough week and 3 of my friends and 2 people in my family have gone out of the way to help me. I’m super thankful for their help
    RANT; Having one of those days where I literally cannot eat enough food! Strange, because I did have my guts rearranged just about 3 years ago having Weight Loss Surgery (and lost 110 lbs, and just yoyoing with the last 10lbs – which is actually really good.
    RAVE: TV lately… Monday is Dancing with the Stars; Tuesday is the HILARIOUS Fresh off the Boat and Repeat After me and Wednesday is Women Crush Wednesday which includes Mysteries of Laura & SVU

  • Rave: Morning meeting went well, despite getting in late & little prep time. Phew!
    Rant: Teething sucks. Possible colds suck. Trying to not get sick while possibly sick child insists on sharing food & you feel you have to allow it to avoid meltdown city.
    Rant: Feeling like a crappy parent for administering ibuprofen & sending kiddo off to school. If it weren’t for wife having a conference & me having a meeting with an external reviewer, I probably would have kept her home since she was clearly off her game this morning. So far no calls from daycare, though my work line has been transferred to another offince because I’m supposed to move offices today.
    Rant: Too damn busy to move all my crap, but my phone has already been transferred & my computers are scheduled to be moved today. I’ll have to suck it up & squeeze it in. Argh.
    Rave: No headache despite crappy sleep? That may be it, but I’ll take it.

  • Remembered Rave: U St Farmers Market returns in 2 weeks! YAY!

    • In the interim, you can come up to Mt Pleasant–our farmer’s market started a few weeks ago. Saturday mornings. Yay for farmers markets!

  • Rant: Having mixed feelings about my daylilies after learning that they’re an invasive species.
    On the positive side… it sounds like they’re not technically invasive unless they’re dumped in a natural habitat (since they reproduce from tubers, not by pollination). So maybe I don’t need to feel guilty about having them in my yard and treebox.
    Ongoing rant: Having to pull “volunteer” seedlings from the neighboring golden raintree on the street. Apparently golden raintrees are also considered an invasive species in some places, although apparently not in the mid-Atlantic. They’re certainly a nuisance, though.

    • GiantSquid

      If you want to get rid of any of those daylilies, I would be very happy to give them a new (contained) home!

      • I think I’ll hold on to them for the time being, but if I decide to get rid of them, I’ll keep you in mind! 🙂

        • Give it a year or two, and you’ll have plenty to share. Once daylilies get spreading, they’re easy to divide and move. Like, dig up a shovelful/ plop it down elsewhere, easy.

          • All the daylilies I have are actually ones I got from Freecycle or the Craigslist free section! 🙂 Yep, I’ll have to pay it forward at some point.

  • Rant: My cat sat on my laptop and somehow changed some of my e-mail display settings.
    Rave: I remember someone on PoPville joking a while back that for this kind of situation, there should be a keyboard command called “Undo Cat.” That still makes me chuckle.
    Rave: My cat is so cute that I can’t really be annoyed with her.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      My kitties have found the warm spot on the laptop where the power goes. Savannah like to lie on the keyboard and lick the screen. And the itty bitty kitty has paws so small she hits the Media reset button. Last time I had to take the battery out to get it to reboot.

  • Rave: Heading home from a great long weekend in NYC!
    Rant: Some of the work portions were crazy. Got stranded in Queens for over an hour with 50 people and had a pretty outrageous experience at a snobby cigar club (that I didn’t want to be at).
    Rave: Spent Mon/Tues at an awesome office. Dog-friendly, mother’s room, endless great snacks, catered employee lunch every day, and gym equipment throughout. Sign me up.
    Rave: NYC is significantly more dog-friendly than D.C. Loved seeing so many pups on my runs, eating outside, and on the subway.

  • Rave: Found out my bonus and raise today – I am so very pleased and it’s coming at the perfect time, with the husband still unemployed and a large tax bill.
    Rave: Spring weather
    Rave: Down 13.8 pounds since early January. Slow and steady, and it feels good to be taking better care of myself.

  • Rave – the server whom I saw running across the street from the Coupe yesterday to return a forgotten credit card. Yay! You saved your customers a huge headache.

  • Rave: this weather!
    Rave: got to sleep in AND run five miles this morning… (my longest run in the last 8 months!)
    Reluctant rant: … because I have to be at work until 9:30 tonight. Meh.

  • Rant/Rave: Any suggestions for helping a dog with thunder anxiety. And, now it’s not just thunder but also heavy rain and wind (when you can hear it in the house). I feel so bad for her! I’ve heard of and tried the thundershirt, which back when I tried it didn’t do anything (but was trying more for her separation anxiety than anything else). May give it a go again, but was there some kind of medication if you give to them well in advance, seems to help a ton? Taking her into the vet this month for her checkup and will ask then too.

    • epric002

      i’d try the thundershirt again too. does she have a crate/safe space she can go when it storms? i know grouchy corgi feels safer in the basement so i try to remember to keep the basement door open if storms are forecast. some dogs seem to like to hide in the bathtub…

  • RANT: I’m stuck with and unable to sell my condo due to some the slowest litigation process on earth with the developer who was kind enough to remove floor and exterior bricks over a year ago as part of an ‘investigation’ with no progress. I WANT OUT.

  • Rave: I feel great and had the best night’s sleep in weeks without alcohol as an sleeping aide. Three days in a row without a hangover but I’m getting nervous about the next two nights since this is usually when I fall of the wagon.
    Rave: Haven’t had to worry about bottle management this week i.e. alternating liquor stores so I won’t be recognized!

    • Congratulations on your first rave.
      But please please please, seek some help and support. As someone who has lost a family member as a direct result of their alcohol consumption, please don’t keep doing that to yourself. There are so many people out there who will support you if you can gather the courage to ask.

    • Congrats on your rave!
      OP, I think last time you’d posted you’d said you’d tried AA and it didn’t work for you… have you tried a different AA group in the D.C. area, just to make sure it’s AA overall that’s not working for you, as opposed to that particular group?
      Are there any alternatives to AA out there that you might be able to make use of? (I’m not very knowledgeable about this, but maybe someone in PoPville is.)

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally got the last of my Moroccan purchases in through customs today (one large cabinet and four various lanterns), almost 2 months after arriving back home.
    Rave: Job with flexible work schedule to allow the craziness that today entailed.
    Rave: PoPVille HH tonight @ Dacha! I will be there even if it rains, as they have an indoor area now. If this is your first go-round with us just look for this guy: justinbc.yelp.com

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Dr Google has me worried about my spleen.
    Rave: SPLEEN

  • Rave: DC public works for at acknowledging the dumping problem at 19th and Benning, and responding to my complaint.

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