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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Becks

    RAVE: This weather is energizing! I just want to be outside in this warm/cool/sunny weather!
    RANT: Allergies. I have the sleeping death hack.
    RAVEish: The plumber came and the leak in the kitchen is from a pipe outside the wall and not inside! Woo Hoo! He is coming back tomorrow to replace a section of the pipe.

    Question: Is there a blog like POP for Atlanta, Georgia? Do you know any blogs on the city out there?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I dropped the fountain pen my BIL gave me and destroyed the nib. Gold nibs are pretty and nice to write with, but so soft.
    Rant: Got bored last night and cut my hair.
    Rave: I think it looks cute.
    Rant: It might actually look like Dorothy Hamill.

  • Rave: this weather!!!
    Rave: NBA playoffs!
    Rant: overuse of exclamation points
    Rant: drivers blowing through crosswalks. I usually notice at No Turn on Red signs.
    Random Question: Does anyone know when the United House of Prayer for All People will have their annual parade? It’s usually the weekend before Memorial Day in Shaw, ending at Logan Circle. I can’t find info on the exact date.

    • jim_ed

      +1 to the NBA playoffs. The West is going to be absolutely bonkers. I also have a gut feeling based on zero evidence that the Wiz are going to beat the Raptors, followed by Wale crushing Drake in a diss track.

  • Rave: found a primary care physician, finally! Close to my house!
    Rant: because of my urgent care visit for the heartburn/stomach issues yesterday (I’m feeling much better today)
    Rave: Thursday is looking to be gorgeous, and it’s almost Friday
    Rave: how awesome my cat was being while I was sick
    Rave: Today doesn’t look to be especially crazy at work so I can ease back in. Hooray!

  • Rave: Doctors think I’m okay to move ahead with the embryo transfer next month. Apparently the team agreed unanimously about it after a “long” discussion. I consider this really good news, but
    Rant: I am also worried that the stakes are high if they’re not right about this. If I really need surgery first, I’d rather have the surgery. I need to trust that these are smart people who have my best interest in mind, but it’s tough.
    Also, amandal, my apologies for not responding promptly to your gorgeous email. I need to find a good chunk of time to dedicate to writing you back and that might not happen until this weekend. I haven’t forgotten!

    • Good luck! The entire PoP’verse is pulling for you 😀

    • That’s wonderful! Fingers and toes are crossed.

    • That’s great to hear! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • No problem! Take your time 🙂 I worried that I may have overloaded you!

      • You didn’t overload me at all. But a nice letter like that deserves a more proper reply than I can give it in the quick breaks I take to write emails 🙂

    • I don’t have any advice about this particular procedure, but I think it’s always wise to ask your care team to help you understand the decisions before you (e.g. evidence that informs their recommendations, benefits/harms, alternatives to pursue, strategy if this doesn’t produce desired outcome). Just going through that process will help you understand more about your health and be more comfortable with the eventual treatment strategy.

      • Oh, we’ve done that — in spades. I’ve never met a more dedicated team than this. We speak on the phone multiple times a week, often at length, about all of the alternatives and the latest studies, in addition to the various appointments and tests I’ve had over the last year. My particular situation just isn’t very clear cut. We have a lot of information, but no assurance that we’ll have the outcome we want.

        • That’s great to hear. Good on you for being so engaged — it will serve you so well as you continue the process. Best of luck.

    • congrats! The transfer is VERY different – if you’re on progesterone, it’s also not bad (though I didn’t take the shots…)…just messy. Pulling for you, dear. I don’t think they would risk anything if they weren’t somewhat confident in their abilities. Stay relaxed and don’t spend too much time on the Dr Google! They DO have your best interest in mind! You’re in good hands and have a lot of support!

  • So as I’m preparing for our trip, my girlfriend tells me last night that one of her coworkers recommended that we carry our cash, credit cards and passport with us at all times, which I thought was absurd. If for some reason we’re pick pocketed, we’re pretty much screwed yes? So for those who have travel abroad, what would you recommend? I was under the impression that keeping the passport in the hotel safe along with cash and a credit card is fine. And we’d only walk out with a credit card and the cash we’re using for the day.

    • Take a look at the hotel safe. If it seems fine, just stick it in there.
      If you get a sketchy vibe from the hotel staff or the safe doesn’t seem too secure, bring a money belt.

    • And always keep at least one credit card/ID separate just in case. For example, take your cash, passport, and credit card in a money belt with you and then leave your debit card and your drivers license in the lining of your bag/suitcase at the hotel (or in the safe).

    • It depends on where you’re going.

      I rarely carried my passport with me and instead carried a photocopy instead. I primarily traveled in Asia, and most countries required you to carry your passport.

      In terms of money. Get a travel wallet that you can keep in your front pocket, with a credit card and your days cash. Stow another fifty in your sock or in a stash pocket if your pants or shorts have them.

      Carrying all your cash is silly.

      • This. Take a copy of your passport. And carry cash in your sock. Everything all together is the silliest thing ever. Also, make sure you have small bills at hand that you can pull out and not show the larger bills you might have. I think that a money belt is the stupidest invention ever- have you ever seen someone use one at a market? Ripe for targeting.

        • Money belts aren’t good for holding daily cash, but they’re the most comfortable and inconspicuous way to carry things you don’t need to access all day long.

      • I always email a copy of my passport to my gmail account. That way I can access it if something happens to my passport while traveling.

    • Becks

      It depends where you travel. Many hotels and hotel safes are not safe. I usually carry a money belt around my waist and tucked into my underwear with my passport and cash. Then I carry one of those neck passport holders where I put my daily cash. That way a thief will take the decoy around my neck.

    • I would never carry all my cash + credit cards + passport with me. Leave most of your valuables in the room safe (if there is one) or hotel safe. Or, leave them in a pocket of your suitcase locked with a luggage lock (not as safe as leaving in a safe (!) but this serves as a deterrent).
      I don’t take much cash – use mostly credit card & take money out of ATM if needed as I go.
      Travel tip: Take a copy of your passport, make a copy of your credit cards (front and back) and leave with a family member/friend. In case of theft, they can cancel the cards.

    • I almost never leave any cash in the room, but I’m also typically staying at dorm-type places that aren’t hotels and don’t have safes.
      I usually leave my passport in my room unless I anticipate needing it (e.g., to get travelers’ checks cashed at an American Express location — but I haven’t done that in years; these days I usually get cash from an ATM).
      It used to be that the UK and Europe were way less credit-card-oriented than the U.S. and you had to use cash for a lot of things. These days, however, you can get by with a credit card for most things and don’t really need that much cash. Keep in mind that there are some credit-card-taking machines that you might not be able to use unless your credit card has chip-and-PIN technology.

      • Headed to England and France this summer on vacation. As much as I hate adding credit accounts, I’ve definitely decided to get us chip and PIN cards.

        • In my experience in the UK, most of the time a non-chip card is fine — it just means that the person handling the transaction will take your card and compare the signature on the back to the signature on the card. (I wish they actually did that in the U.S.!)
          The only time I ever ran into problems was when I needed to do a credit-card transaction at a machine and there was no in-person alternative — like at a Tube station late at night when the Tube was still running, but the service window was closed. Or when I arrived in Copenhagen at the airport and ended up having to withdraw cash to buy a train ticket to the city, because the only way to do it via credit card was at a machine, and the machine wouldn’t take non-chip cards.
          My recollection is that clerks, waiters, etc. in Stockholm/Copenhagen looked at my non-chip card more skeptically than those in the UK… but I don’t remember any in-person card transactions being refused. (They’re not allowed to, so if anyone gives you any hassle about a non-chip card, keep pressing.)
          My memory of my most recent Paris trip (I think 2007) is a little foggy on the money front. I don’t remember having problems with a non-chip credit card… but I know I also had euros in cash.

          • Thank you, very helpful. Still seems worth getting to minimize hassles.

          • In Canada, the only consequence was that at every transaction the clerk/waiter would say, “Oh, you’re American!” because it required an extra verification step on the credit card machine.

        • Bank of America will give you a chip and PIN debit card. There travel rewards Visa is also great and there are no foreign transaction fees.

      • But be alert to the extra fees you’ll probably be charged by your credit card company – it will add significantly to the cost of everything you buy. It’s not likely to be worthwhile for one trip, but if you’re going to spend a lot of time overseas look into credit cards with no foreign exchange fees (e.g. Capital One).

        • Yep, I got a Capital One card a few years ago for this very reason.

        • With a non-Capital One-type credit card, the fee for foreign transactions is 3%. So it does add to the cost of what you purchase, but I’m not sure that qualifies as “significantly.”

          • As I said, it’s not worth getting a new card for one trip, but over time or by using it for every purchase even 3% can add up to real money, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

        • epric002

          +1- call your bank/CC company about the fees before you go, and consider getting it in writing/finding your agreement. i had a phone rep tell me there weren’t any international fees only to get back to a ton of fees that i then had to fight them to credit me back. i was last in france in 2010 w/o a chip & pin card and didn’t have any problems. husband was just in france & germany w/o one last month w/o problems. though if you have time, you can call your banks/CC companies and see who has one and will send you one before your trip.

          • you might also want to call your credit card company and tell them that you’re traveling. I used to travel all over for work, and my credit card company’s algorithm never flagged my international travel as suspicious and then last year i got a new card with no international fees and the first time i tried to use it in mexico, it got suspended because they suspected fraudulent activity. i had to make an annoyingly expensive phone call from my cell phone in mexico back to the US (hello roaming charges) to get the card turned back on.

          • Very good point from mexico! Yes, call your credit card company AND your bank (or credit union) so they don’t flag foreign transactions and foreign ATM withdrawals as suspicious.

        • As I mentioned above, all but certain we’re going to get chip and PIN cards before our Europe trip this summer. We never carry balances, so APR is largely irrelevant. Top priority is cards without foreign transaction fees, which you can find. Some cursory research shows, of all places, Pentagon Federal CU has chip and PIN cards that are very highly rated/reviewed. You don’t even have to work there or have a DoD affiliation like USAA to join. Anyone have experience with PenFed, especially their chip and PIN cc offerings?

    • Here’s my best travel tip: make two or three LAMINATED copies of your passport. Hide your passport, a CC and some cash somewhere discrete in your luggage — I have a stealthy compartment that works well. Stash the other copy elsewhere. Then, carry a one of your handy copies of your passport, cash you need for the day, and a card or so. This has got me through being pickpocketed without much disruption.

    • Yikes, I would not want to walk around with everything on me all the time. Where are you headed?
      My wife and I always leave our passports in the hotel safe, and take money for the day, a credit card, and ID (driver’s license or copy of passport). We use ATMs every few days so we aren’t traveling with a ton of cash, and split up the funds and cards between us so that one person does not have everything. Whenever I see someone whip out one of those neck wallets (or I spot the neck strap) I always think it makes them a target for robbery because they are obviously a tourist carrying money and valuable documents. We also scanned copies of our passports and credit cards (front & back) to dropbox, so if they are lost/stolen we can print out what’s needed at an internet cafe.

    • Everyone makes great points above. Also – don’t just think about cash, cards, and passports. If you’re bringing a camera, laptop, ipod, fancy smart phone, these are a lot of times more of a target than passport or credit cards. So have a plan for what you’re bringing so you can feel confident that you or your stuff are not targets.

      • Appreciate the advice guys! Really I do. We’re going to Paris, Rome, London (quick stop) and Barcelona. Staying at a Best Western in Paris and Rome, which look really nice, who knew Best Westerns were so fancy? Anyway, all the hotels we’ve booked so far have safes and have gotten good reviews on Trip Advisor. I’m a worrier, that’s just me…carrying everything around me even if I make copies sounds like the worse idea in the world. Just reading about the pick pocketing thing has me super stressed out.

        • A British friend of mine was recently pickpocketed in Barcelona. You probably need to be most on your guard in Rome and Barcelona, and to a lesser extent in Paris. (I remember my French friend warning me in particular about the big square (?) in front of Notre-Dame.)

        • Awesome! We were in Rome last November. Don’t stress over pickpockets. Use common sense and you’ll be fine. I kept small bills in my front pockets, and carried a shoulder bag with my wallet in an interior pocket that would be hard to access surreptitiously. If we were in a crowded spot, I’d also keep a hand on the bag until we were clear.

          • If I’m feeling nervous, I carry my camera in a plastic bag from the country where I am to disguise it. Saved my camera the one time I was held up!

        • I got pick pocketed in Paris, trying to get my suitcase through the metro turnstile. That’s when I really kicked myself for not removing my smarttrip card and a couple bucks from my wallet. Luckily I didn’t need any cards or money since I was on my way to the airport and already had my train ticket, but I did need to get home from Dulles.

      • I learned the hard way several years ago in Mexico that DAILY camera memory card downloads are a must! Or if you’re traveling really light (no laptop), worth investing in multiple smaller cards so you can just stash each day in your safe.

    • I think everyone else has this covered, so I’ll just say that the answer depends almost entirely on where you’re going and where you’re staying when you get there. Having said that, it’s pretty much never a good idea to have all of you valuable stuff in one place – for example don’t carry it all in the same backpack, ‘cuz if someone steals that backpack, you’re screwed.

    • Just please remember to clear out the safe before you leave. I forgot to empty ours out once and left a ton of cash and our passports at the hotel. Luckily the hotel wasn’t sketchy and held on to everything until we could get back.

    • If it is hot, I’ll be wearing shorts most of the time. Since I have no fashion style, these shorts are pretty much akin to cargo shorts, but with zip pockets. I put a check card, $20, some local money, and a copy of my passport in a ziplock bag (in case I go for a swim and forget). It is inconspicuous. I keep my passport pretty well hidden in my backpack, which stayed at the hostel on days I am not in transit. On days I am in transit, the passport goes in either my camera bag (always on my person) or in a pocket – I don’t trust leaving it in my backpack in bus storage, especially with multiple stops.
      I wrote the above thinking your handle, domrep, meant you were going to the Dominican Republic. Seeing that you’re going around Europe, most of Europe is far safer than the United States. If you’re worried about pickpockets, keep your wallet in your front pocket (good idea anyway). When in a crowd, keep alert.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Apparently I’m a moron. I travel like I travel in DC. Passport, cards, small amount of cash. I usually only have a max of $100 when I travel b/c I put everything on my card. And it’s easy to get more $ from an ATM. Though I’m not too much of a moron b/c people asked me for directions in Stockholm 🙂

  • Rave: Booked tickets w/ the bf to visit his parents and spend a few days in a nearby city afterward!
    Rave/Rant: Neurology tests all came back normal which means they’re weaning me off of meds! Woohoo! But it also means I need to get spinal tap #2 to make sure things are actually getting better (rather than just being asymptomatic). Blegh.
    Rant: Missing SO much work because of doctor’s appointments. My boss isn’t the most flexible and he’s definitely noticed.
    Question: Does anyone here play the banjo? I want to learn but don’t know much about it. I think I’d rather learn Scruggs-style unless clawhammer is way easier and was hoping for some starter banjo recommendations.

  • Rave: Decision made… Go Blue!
    Rave: Supportive friends, family, professors, alumni, and coworkers. I came into a blue and maize office this morning. 🙂
    Rave: Fun weekend ahead in NYC with friends and colleagues.
    Rave: Got myself up for a nice run this morning.
    Rave: No rants!

    • Yay! Congrats on the decision! 🙂

    • Hooray! FWIW, everyone I know who went to law school there — maybe two dozen people — is wonderful and very well employed 🙂

    • Anonynon

      What are you going to Michigran for? My roommate is starting his MBA there in the fall

      • Law school. The law quad is right near Ross though and I plan to use the business school gym all the time.

    • Mug of Glop

      Go Blue! I just got done spending over a decade there. (Yes, it was for multiple degrees.) That might have been slightly too long for my sanity…

      Let me know if you have any questions!

      • Thanks, Mug of Glop! Hopefully 3 years will be just the right amount of time to spend in AA.

        • Mug of Glop

          Yeah, three years probably would have been about enough. Just remember not to get drawn into spending too much at Zingerman’s! And the eggs benedict at Angelo’s is pretty great. And the best bagels are from Bagel Fragel near North Campus. And definitely never go into Rick’s or Scorekeeper’s. Also, Pizza House > Cottage Inn > Marco’s.

          • Thank you! The law student’s talked about Rick’s A LOT when I visited. I got the impression that it’s the place everyone likes to talk about/bash and not actually go to unless it’s reallllyyy late. I’ll avoid.

          • Mug of Glop

            It’s worth going once to just make sure that it’s a place you’ll hate. The fishbowls are okay in terms of alcohol per dollar, I guess, but it’s pretty not fun, especially if you’re an adult-ish person. You’ll probably be going to Dominick’s a lot, which is okay. The Sangria is a little meh (and really expensive), but the “constant buzz” is a good drink if you’re not allergic to strawberries, and the quesadillas and pizzas are the pro choices for food there.

    • Congratulations – great school!

    • Congratulations on the decision (and on having multiple good offers to choose from)!

    • Woo, congrats!! (I’m glad someone else said Michigan, I had no idea what college Blue referred to, haha).

    • Yay!! Go Blue! Welcome to the Michigan family 🙂 Ann Arbor is my favorite place and I’m sure you will have a great experience!

    • Accountering

      Yuck. Such a horrible football team! Great school, and congrats, but get excited for 11/29/2015. OSU is going to put it on you bums!

      • I’m really going to have to get into the whole football thing… so many references to/jokes about Harbaugh went right over my head when I was there last weekend.

        Thank you!

    • Thanks so much, everyone! I’m really going to miss the PoPville support network– I’ll probably continue to stop by from time to time.

    • I Dont Get It

      Not Big Blue but happy you landed in the Big 10!

    • Congrats!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rant/Rave: Ollie the dog has been found and returned home. They could use some help taking down the Lost Dog posters.

  • Rave: Working from home today.
    Rant: Husband away on a combined work/play trip – visiting family without me!
    Rave: Sun! Need more sun so that the fields can dry up so me and the pony can gallop through the fields jumping stuff this weekend 🙂
    Rant: Managerial issues, expectations and assumptions with internal funding that do not match and have significant implications on my position.
    Rave: Prepping work to start in May in Brazil!

    • Oooh! Where is Brazil? I’m forgetting — is this new role permanent?

      • “Permanent” meaning full-time with salary and benefits. Understanding was 12 months of funding and then the future contingent upon securing further funding (internal or external) – but the goalposts have been moving and there are tons of complicated factors at work.
        Brazil work would be in Rio, Sao Paolo, and Porto Alegre!

        • So exciting — and great cities! I guess what I meant to ask was, are you moving to Brazil full-time with no firm end-date? It sounds like that’s not the case, but that you will be doing project work there? In any case, I’m jealous. I miss Brazil all the time.

          • Ahhh well – I’ll be doing project work there but there is a potential to spend time there for a longer period of time. We shall see! Once it’s fully scoped out, I hope I can count on you to tell me all about the wonderful things I need to see and do there!

          • I’d be happy to share tips! I only really know Rio well, but have a lot to recommend there, especially if you’ll be staying a while!

    • How could I forget!
      Rave: US beats Mexico with two beautiful goals (even though the field was shit!)

  • Rant: People who use gofund pages like a bank acct. No, I’m not donating to send your kid to the model UN when you are part of a 2 parent white collar household, who own a home, etc etc etc.
    Rave/Rant: Guy got 150 yrs for sexual assault, but not one of the male victims faced the sort of questions lobbed at women: what were you wearing, why did you get so drunk, and the list goes on. All victims deserve respect.
    Rave: Walking to work is still happening.
    Rant/Rave: Missed the gym last night, but it gave me plenty of time to chill and cook lunch.
    Rave: Natural chicken breasts on sale! I bought virtually all of them.

    • I was wondering whether the guy would’ve gotten 150 years if he’d raped five women rather than five men.

    • jim_ed

      People’s complete shamelessness in begging for money for things with gofundme accounts continues to leave me awestruck. It’s one thing if its a true, actual emergency and you’re facing choosing between paying the rent or paying for needed medical treatments or something similar, but the seemingly casual reasons people will beg for money from friends and family is totally nuts.

      • I remember when I was trying to pay for something when I was younger (I think money for an academic trio), I hand wrote letters to relatives asking if they would help me and why I wanted to go. Hopefully that wasn’t shameless, but the age of the ‘net has made so many things less personal, it’s easy.

        • I have no problem with what you did. Not shameless at all. Shameless is what I mentioned above. This family makes 2 good livings with 2 kids (no major illness, injury, etc)house, cars,etc, and they asked for 1-2k to send the older kid to model UN or something. Not even something she HAD to do. Another friend asked for money to pay for college when she’s working. She is certainly less well-off, but come on. I went to community college first to save money, and I worked.
          This gofund page was posted at the same time I shared my cousin’s page for her kid with cancer. It made me sick.

          • they still might not have the money to send their kid to Model UN. Asking friends or family to donate for a worthwhile experience doesn’t seem that bad (I mean they definitely could be doing it in a tacky way). It might be a way to show that mom and dad aren’t always going to pay for everything. It’s definitely not as “worthy” as cancer (which should be covered 100% by insurance anyway, but that’s a different issue). But it’s still not like they’re asking for 1-2k so their kid can buy an ipad or go to prom.

          • Mom and dad aren’t always paying, so instead of finding a job (she is old enough), we’ll ask all our FB friends. Something more personal i.e. what you did above is a lot less tacky, and brings in the people you really know and love rather than a bunch of people you went to school with but never see. I’m not questioning whether they have the money, but activities like this can be planned for, imo. There could certainly be things going behind the scenes that leave me partially unaware, but someone driving a brand new luxury car should probably be able to handle stuff like this on their own.
            Cancer has related expenses like food, rent, etc that isn’t going to be covered by insurance. The money was going toward incidentals.

          • Wow I’m so glad I’ve managed missed this trend!
            I have no problem asking for help from family and friends, but damn what ever happened to mowing lawns, washing cars or just strait up old chores to earn said help. At least earn a portion of the money. Much better than just sticking your hand out and expecting a handout. Not everything in life is free, just teaches a bad message to the kids. We’re getting soft. Just shaking my head…

          • What is Model UN and why does it cost so much?

        • jim_ed

          I think context plays a big role in it, and as you mentioned it was an academic trip, I would assume you were either in high school or college, when someone isn’t really expected to fully pay their own way for everything. Also, I think individual handwritten letters to specific family members is a giant step up from broadcasting a website to everyone you tangentially know saying GIMME GIMME GIMME.

          • I have several family members who offer to “help out” with various kid expenses, because they’re kind and wonderful and doing it from a place of remembering their own young-family/ young-career days. We’ve never accepted, but this has got me thinking that when the time comes for my kids to go on their school’s study tour, that i would probably allow them to write a letter to selected family members as part of the fundraising they’re expected to do. Personal, handwritten letters, explaining the trip, and making the request. There will be NO discussion of a website blast emailed to everyone we know.

          • Your family sounds awesome, and they’re offering, so I don’t think asking would be such a big deal…but random folks on FB, No!
            Letters are a lost art anyway.

      • I had some friends use it recently to celebrate their son’s upcoming high school graduation. He wanted to take a two week trip to Japan, it would be his very first trip abroad and his first trip alone. He needed a bit more funding to pay for the trip, so this seemed like a cool way to celebrate his graduation. The parents live in Queens and have a solidly middle class lifestyle. It was pretty cool to see the funding move along and I think a lot of their friends/family appreciated this (rather than just sending him a card with a check for $30).
        People enjoy seeing their money spent on worthwhile experiences.

        • If this is a in lieu of a graduation gift please help fund my trip, that’s fine, but my situation was a random school activity. They are also solidly upper middle and take frequent trips and have new cars (I know because they post about it). I just think they’re different is all.

      • Cosigned on the gofundme page disbelief. I have seen people use them for large purchases for their kids, overseas trips, even repeat offenders who seem to feel entitled to endless bailouts, etc. I’m fine with contributing to people that I know are having a genuine emergency, but this idea that people should donate for things that are just beyond the fund establisher’s means is odd to me.

        • Accountering

          This is gross. If you make $100k family income, you should not be begging your friends/family to help pay for your overseas trip…

          • Becks

            Last year I opened a GoFundMe page and asked my friends to help pay for a trip to China in lew of birthday and Christmas gifts. I figured it would be an easy way for them to give gifts. I didn’t have the money and the trip was very important to me. I had gone to China every decade for my birthday and last year I just didn’t have the money. In the end, no one donated. I closed the account. I was embarrassed that I had asked. I won’t do it again.

  • Rave: Vacation planned
    Rant: One month wait
    Question: I’d like to see the thoughts are on two properties- 716 K Street NE-listed 799k and 1310 Montello Ave NE- listed 709k. I know location location location is everything in RE but does .50mile or 4 Blocks translate into almost 100K difference? Even with the Montello Ave being a brand new reno with basement rental? Is either one a deal?

    • Accountering

      I would say .5 miles or 5 blocks could easily be a 15% price increase. Especially as one is .8 miles to Union Station and .6 to Noma, and the other is over a mile. Also, the more valuable one is arguably in the H St Corridor, and the cheaper one is in Trinidad. All else being equal, I would say the K St is worth an extra $90k. It sounds like the Montello has a rental unit though, which means all else IS NOT equal. I would take the Trinidad and the rental unit any day of the week.

      • A legal basement rental is too much of a gold mine to pass up. The Trinidad place may be the better deal on that fact alone…all things being equal.

        • Accountering

          No one said Legal here… hehe. Either way though, a basement unit, whether legal or not, is a gold mine, and swings this in favor of the trinidad place, I agree 🙂

  • gotryit

    Rave: great weather for bike commuting!
    Rant: ridiculous stupidity I see every day from bicyclists and car drivers.

    The winner from yesterday: a driver of a range rover headed north on 15th st NW, who crossed the double yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane to skip around other drivers waiting for the intersection to clear… and then repeated at the next light. I am so glad for separated / protected bike lanes there.
    Second place goes to the several bicyclists that I saw running red lights IN FRONT OF traffic.

  • skj84

    Rave: Kesha is playing Black Cat on Tuesday. I need a good trashy dance night out, I’m hoping to get a ticket today. Fingers crossed!

    Rant: Company called yesterday and asked me to come in for an interview this afternoon. Then called back this morning to inform me the position was on hold. I can’t even with this job search anymore.

    • Anonynon

      That is pretty rough…I have never heard of anything like that. Hang in there!

    • That is crazy! The good news is that a company pulling that kind of move probably has major internal issues (poor communication between teams/HR, unclear future, etc), so you probably dodged a bullet there. Good luck with the continued job hunt, sorry it sucks so much!

    • I am waiting for noon to snatch up tix for Kesha. No shame for the love of dance music.

  • Rave: Slept 9.5 hours last night.
    Rave: Had drinks with a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer that served in my village five years after me – so cool to catch up and swap stories.
    Rave: The weather – woo hoo.
    Rave: Amy Poehlers book, “Yes Please” – absolutely love it and her. Just read a section on ignoring that voice that whispers doubt in our ears/heads too much. Made me realize how pretty great life is right now, how happy I am, and how lucky I am to have the people in my life I do. Thanks Amy!

    • There were some real gems in that book. My favorite is “Good for her. Not for me.”

    • Just got her book, can’t wait to read it!!

      • Its good – just finished Rachel Dratch’s book – love my SNL ladies of comedy.

        • Bossypants (Tina Fey’s book) is one of my all time favorites. So funny, so accurate. The part about women’s body image is so on point and I die laughing through all the chapters about her childhood/college.

          • skj84

            Love Bossypants. My favorite anecdote is one featuring Amy Poehler: They were doing a readthrough at SNL and Amy said something”unladylike”. Jimmy Fallon makes a comment about her joke was “not cute and he didn’t like it” Amy turns to Jimmy and say “I don’t fucking care if you like it or not” and continues with her joke. THis has become my mantra and should be everyones.

          • Yessss I absolutely love that, skj!!!

          • I would pay good money – like all of it – to spend a weekend with Amy and Tina.
            Sometimes I imagine if certain celebrities and I were friends. Tina and Amy are always on the list.

    • I had very high hopes for Amy’s book but I didn’t like as much as I thought I would. I can’t really put my finger on why. Some parts were great, others were not. I thought Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling’s books were much better.

  • RAVE: my neighbors across the alley (LAYC in Columbia Heights) put up a hand-drawn sign in the window that reads “your cats make our work day!” i am DEAD from how amazing it is. not only do my cats bring me joy every day, but their shenanigans on the windowsill are bringing OTHER people joy too! i wish i could see the show they put on for the school.

  • Random Question: for those that have done whole home renovations or close to it…what type of general price range am I looking at? For a ~1250 sq row home…reasonable finishes while keeping most everything in the original footprint.
    100k? 200k? 300k? – I really have no idea.

    • I don’t know….but I redid almost every aspect of my condo that I just sold. 500sq feet. Over the years of owning it, everything was replaced. Probably spend $30k total on that aspect of it. And a lot of lower cost finishes which still managed to look great. If you’re hiring someone, they should be able to give you a reasonable estimate and if you’re very hands on, they should be able to stay within it.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Do you mean total gut? Removing load bearing walls? Complete rewiring of electrical? New plumbing? New HVAC? New roof? Finishing an unfinished basement? Asbestos removal? Any DIY or all with contractors? Hiring a general contractor to manage whole thing or hiring many individual contractors yourself. Zillions of unknowns here. If not removing load bearing walls, don’t need complete rewire, don’t need all new plumbing, don’t need new HVAC, don’t need new roof, some mix of DIY and hiring contractors yourself, and doing this for your own home to live in and not for the purpose of selling soon and maximizing profit, low end would probably be $50K or so. If you will need to do any of the biggies above…well…those can add quite a bit. If you’re trying to sell soon and are doing this for the express purpose of maximizing profit, disregard the above and look for replies from others who do that.

      • I made a spreadsheet with all our home renovation plans and expected costs. I’m estimating about $70k for our house, which includes all new wood floors downstairs and upstairs, repainting the whole place, replacement of all windows, awning removal, bathroom renovation, full kitchen gut, central air install (including duct work), replace front deck, rip out back deck and make bigger, and a patio. I know it could easily reach $100k though. However, I’d be fine with that as we plan on staying in the house for 10 years, if not forever. We’re not planning to rip out any walls though except for a partial one leading into the kitchen. We’re doing a mix of DIY and contractors.

        • Accountering

          This sounds fairly. I am guessing $5k for floors – 3k for painting, 5-7k for windows, 10k for bathroom renovation, 20k for kitchen, 20k for central air, unsure on front deck, 10k for back deck, and 3k for patio.
          Throw in 7k for front deck (no clue on this one) and my numbers say 85k. If you do some of the work yourself, you could perhaps get to 70k, or if your kitchen etc is cheaper than my numbers. Sounds like some awesome improvements you will be very pleased with!

          • We painted 95% of the inside of our house so it was FREE (aside from the paint). We need to get the trim painted outside, but hoping that won’t be more than $1500. The windows and awning removal were actually 11k (Thompson Creek)…every single window in my house is a different size. Not sure on the kitchen, but I am guessing 20k as well and yes bathroom should be between $8-$10k depending on materials. The central air was only 13k–would have been 17k, but he gave us a discount for doing it in the winter…woo!!! Yeah, I am thinking 5-7k for front deck and 10-15k for back deck.

          • Oh and received three quotes for patio and it should be around $2000, but we’re in the Bloomingdale Watershed and working with RiverSmart Homes so we’ll get about $1200 back for that making the patio only $800! LOL, I am very frugal and like to save money where possible.

          • Accountering

            Feeling quite proud of myself for my numbers being pretty spot on! 🙂
            Thompson Creek is definitely a bit more upscale, but 11k still seems pretty reasonable there. Very cool, sounds like it will be an awesome house once it is done!

    • Accountering

      For a total renovation, I spent $150k for the top two floors in Petworth. Basement was not touched. This included a 50 sq foot addition on the second floor, and making it a 3/2.5. We added 2.5 new bathrooms, and a brand new kitchen, and open concept on first floor and completely new floor plan upstairs. Basically changing everything.
      Shaw renovation is costing $140k. This includes renovating basement to add a full bath and kitchen. Removing stairs from first floor to basement. Rebuilding stairs from first floor to second floor. Brand new kitchen and upstairs bathroom, and a complete rebuild of the entire back wall, as well as all new doors, windows, and stairs from 2nd floor to back yard.
      If you are keeping everything in the original floor plan, I would say you are looking at about $100k-120K or so. With that said, NOW is the chance to fix the stupid things you don’t like about your house. Spend the extra cash to move a wall, or expand your bathroom, or whatever other quirk you don’t like. Partition walls especially are easy to move when the walls are already opened up.

      • Accountering

        Please note, my above response includes all new wiring, new plumbing, brand new HVAC and ductwork, and in Petworth removing multiple load bearing walls. Shaw includes balancing a floor that sloped 5″ over a 30′ run.

        • How are your contractors doing this? This is something that I’ve wanted to fix on my own house and I have gotten wildly different opinions on what will be necessary and how much it will cost.

          • Accountering

            Which one? To do all the duct work and electrical etc, they exposed all the walls and gutted everything. To remove the load bearing walls, we ran a beam the length of the rowhouse, and only needed one post. To fix the sloped floor, we ripped up the entire floor, and replaced/reinforced joists so that they were all level. Then they put down new sub-floor etc. It isn’t THAT difficult, and shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive. They can nail new joists to the old joists that simple raise the height of the joists to be even to the rest of them.

          • Sorry – the floors. I was quoted over 15K to do this on 800 sq. feet and I’m trying to figure out a way to do it more cheaply than that.

      • Would you recommend your contractors/company?

  • Rant: mixed bag of blood test results
    Rant: husband saw a mouse this morning. In our bathroom.
    Rant: We’ll have to move. Again. It’s been 2 months since we first told our landlord about the problem. We will wait until we know what’s happening with his law school options first.
    Rant: The lack of dog-friendly housing back home that make the prospect of moving for law school daunting. Why wouldn’t someone want to house my dog? She’s probably the laziest canine that has no actual disease that is causing them to be tired/lethargic. She doesn’t even bark because it takes too much effort.
    Rave: Beautiful day, at least.

    • General idea that dogs cause damage and ruin the place. It is hard to find it here too without the added pet rent or nonrefundable deposit. The most damage I’ve ever seen in an apt/condo came from a bunny, though.

      • It’s not that difficult. I’ve managed to find places to live here for 7 years. And DC has gotten significantly more dog friendly in recent years. Anything CAN cause damage. That’s what a security deposit is for. And I’m fine paying a deposit for my dog. The first place we lived, my neighbors didn’t even know we had a dog. So I know she’s not going to do anything. At home, it’s not like that. You buy a house and have your dog. But we can’t buy a house.

        • emvee

          I desperately would like a second dog to keep mine company and maybe keep him younger a little longer, but finding housing for one dog is enough of a challenge. I’ve had decent success sending emails that include a pretty solid sad-basset-face photo and saying, “he’s lazy and quiet and just wants to nap!” and people tend to sway. Good luck!

          • yes, this is what I tend to do! I’ve never had to pay a deposit or fee for her yet. But a lot of places are managed communities with weight limits (10lb for a dog? isn’t that just a cat?!) which have less interest in bending their rules. Hopefully something will work out. Not sure my parents will house her.

        • What city are you talking about?

        • I got lucky in my search, but I’ve seen numerous buildings/places that don’t allow over 25/30/50lb or they have over 2 pets already. Under a certain price point, the search is indeed difficult. The whole point of leaving my condo was to save money, so it didn’t make sense for me to pay more than my mortgage with pet fees and non-refundable deposits. Extra deposits are totally fine, but I’m not dropping 300-500 that isn’t refundable just because.
          Hopefully he’ll hear something that can keep you here, so you won’t have to worry about it.

          • hopefully he’ll hear something that can get us out of here

          • And what I never understood about the weight limit thing is that small dogs tend to have more energy. Barking tends to be a breed thing (not always, but some breeds bark more). I’d want a tenant with a grayhound or great dane or mastiff in my property – lazy lazy lazy!

          • Accountering

            Heavier dogs=heavier walking=more scratches in the floor.

          • Yea, my lab mix has a fair amount of energy, and he did bark in my old place (but this was because my schedule constantly changed and it made him go nuts). We’ve had no issues with barking, and his only “damage” was eating the bobble off the window shade’s cord. My old roomie’s bunny destroyed her condo.

          • Accountering: if the places were hardwood, that’s fair, but the places I saw were mostly carpeted. The reason my condo has a weight limit because my neighbors were afraid of someone getting a mastiff/st bernard/etc with no reasoning behind it. Maybe they’re afraid of big dogs?

          • Every place I’ve had with REAL hardwood (not laminate or composite) had zero scratches. It’s the cheap stuff that can’t sustain anything, from dogs to chairs.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Re: finding rental with dog – look on badrap dot org for ideas on putting together a “resume” for your dog to show to potential landlord.

  • Rave: Slowly plodding away on some projects at work. I have been so unmotivated this week.
    Rave: I woke up feeling anxious for no reason. A visit to the gym really helped take the edge off.
    Rant: Allergies.
    Rant: Air conditioning is broken in our apartment.

  • epric002

    rave: weather!
    rave: fun weekend plans including mom visiting me for my birthday, dinner out, and a party at some neighbors’ house.
    rave: ebay. having fun looking for deals on silver pieces to go with the lovely set my husband’s grandmother gave us for our wedding.
    random: stumbled across another clothing company focusing on clothes for curvy women. has anyone tried AJ Rumina? www dot mycurvyclothes dot com

    • Quotia Zelda

      I love to buy silver on eBay. I once got six Francis I flat-handle butter spreaders for $100. The price at Replacements is $30+ for just one. I’ve also had excellent luck with regional auctions houses that put their auctions online.

      • epric002

        that sounds like a great deal! for the regional auction houses- are those on ebay or some other site? i haven’t purchased any yet, but am watching a couple georg jensen acorn pieces. most of it is waaaay expensive, but there are a couple good pieces/prices out there. on a related note, i just won an auction for 12 schott zwiesel liqueur glasses for $9.99!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love buying silver on eBay! It’s a great way to find birthday presents for my Schwesti.
      I also get stuff for me. I got a bunch of spoons in my pattern for cheap b/c they had monograms and IDGAF about monograms. Though later I forgot and QZ and I spent an afternoon trying to figure out which family member the spoons came from. Had great fun narrowing down when the spoons were made and matching the monograms to dead family before I remembered I got them on ebay. 🙂

      • epric002

        ha! i don’t really care about monograms either- they’re not super noticeable. i’ll have to peruse through what i have and see if any of them match up with my extended in-laws.

    • haven’t heard of that website. i tend to stick to asos curve and modcloth though.

  • Interesting article about Jim Graham’s post-Council career:
    metroweekly. com/2015/04/jim-graham-naked-and-unafraid/
    Working for a developer seemed a lot more likely, lol

    • I’m so confused. Is this real? This is not what I pictured him doing post Council. I thought I saw him over there all the time (as recently as this weekend) because he’s friends with the Mom and Pop Antiques owner.
      I will say that I rag on him a lot, but he always parks legally on my block, much to my surprise. Even when he had council plates.

    • Wow – this is quite a change! And at first read I thought that he was going to be one of the dancers….

    • How… unanticipated. The article headline says April 16, but I would not have been surprised if it had said April 1.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Piss poor performance/effort last night. Gave me zero confidence in this years caps team ability to have any success in the play-offs. Goaltending was poor, bad neutral zone play, and Ovechkin was non-existent. If we play like this, we lose this series in 4 or 5 games. Have another chance on Friday, but need to get this thing turned around quickly.

    • Agreed. I was shocked we had almost as many shots as them when we had so little possession in offensive zone. Their forechecking was extremely effective. It was a weak showing all around. I’m hoping Friday is orders of magnitude better.

    • jim_ed

      Is this new analysis or did you just copy/paste this from every other Caps playoff run over the last 8 years?

    • It took me a moment to realize you were talking about the Caps. At first I thought you were speaking harshly about your own performance in some kind of after-work sports thing, and thought, “Sheesh, what is he thinking, trying to do sports while he has mono??”

  • Rave/rant: Sent off an e-mail to roommates about what I’ve been going through, and asked if we could plan a roommate brunch/dinner/etc. sometime soon. Decided to leave off the part about their messages unless it happens again, and then I’ll try to talk to them in person about it. Hopefully clearing the air will help though? We’ll see.
    Rave: Birthday tomorrow!
    Rant: … I am so bad at planning things for myself. I worry about whether people will enjoy it, if the bar will be too crowded, etc. etc. – just really overthink things. Anyone have suggestions for what the best bar in Adams Morgan area would be for a group of about 20-25 on Saturday? Going to try and get there early to stake out a spot, but the group is bigger than I thought it would be.

    • Try the upstairs floor of Johnny Pistolas. I had a group of 20-25 there recently (think it was on a Friday not a Saturday) and we basically had the floor to ourselves, with our own bar. It was awesome! If you call ahead of time they’ll even hold it for you at no charge (it’s not blocked off exactly but they basically gave us free reign)

      • Oh awesome! I love that place but haven’t actually been to the upstairs bar yet. And they have a good late night happy hour…

    • Black Squirrel. Call them and they can set aside tables for you.

    • What time? I hear you on worrying about other people, I’m the same way. Black Squirrel is usually my go-to (usually not overly crowded, decent food, etc). I also like Rebellion. They haven’t been overly crowded, but I haven’t been to their roof in nice weather yet. It’s also a small-ish place, so you may want to give them a heads up since a large group could overwhelm them. Bar Charley is nice, but might be crowded and isn’t open too late. In general I’ve found the bars further south on 18th to be quieter. Maybe you could try contacting places to get a gutcheck on how crowded they may be?
      Not quite Adams Morgan, but I had a semi-surprise birthday gathering for 20ish people last Saturday afternoon at 1905. It was more crowded than even they expected but we were still able to stake out our own corner of the roof deck (partially covered and heated, so good for finicky April weather). Satellite Room also doesn’t get too crowded in the afternoons (they were the backup). We actually wound up eating dinner at the Satellite Room and had no problem getting a table for 10 at 7pm, which I find impressive. Some other random places I considered were Johnny Pistolas, Madams Organ, Local 16, El Centro D.F., DC9, and Solly’s. My main priorities were: not too stuffy, wasn’t overly crowded on a Saturday afternoon, decent drink/beer list, some sort of food/snacks, and possible access to outdoor space since the winter has been way waaaay too long (but not fully exposed because it’s April).
      And happy birthday! The best of us were born in mid-April

      • Thank you so much for all the suggestions! It would be evening, probably getting there around 8:30/9… So I know it’ll be difficult. I should’ve started planning more in advance, but I just haven’t had the energy to spare. Those are some great ideas though, I’ll look into those places!
        Happy belated/soon-to-be birthday to you as well! 🙂

        • Thanks! It’s actually today, so you’re right on time!
          I’d try just giving them a call. If they act hesitant or something then you’ll know it’s probably a bad idea. Black Squirrel has always been pretty accommodating to me, and I heard Johnny Pistolas is as well (and confirmed by Emi G above). We go to the Black Squirrel often for drinks or dinner and it’s usually not overly crowded, particularly downstairs. They might even offer up the extra bar upstairs if they think there will be a crowd.

          • Hope you have a great birthday then! 🙂
            Perfect, I’ll definitely give Black Squirrel or Johnny’s a call.

        • epric002

          happy early birthday, birthday twin 😀

        • Good luck and let us know where you end up going! Don’t forget to take a break from worrying about if other people are having a good time to enjoy yourself (I’m the same way, so I know it’s easier said than done!)

          Happy birthday, AnonAgain! I love Black Squirrel too, making a mental note to keep them in mind for future gatherings!

    • skj84

      Try Roofers Union. 3 floors and if the weather cooperates the roof should be open. Cosign Black Squirrel.

  • RAVE: The drug-dealing tenants across the alley (rant from a few days ago) just got a 30 day notice to evict. MPD and the landlord moved faster than I thought possible! Officers were incredibly responsive and even helped the landlord get all legally required proof together to support the eviction.

    Rant: pretty ridiculous how difficult it is for a landlord to kick out drug dealers and deadbeats. Last time it took 9 months. Only went this quickly now because these idiots left a trail on Craigslist.

  • I’m hearing that I might be expected to leave my career and take over the family business. The family business is awesome and locally loved and very successful. But… it’s never been MY business, you know? Then again, my “career” is really just a series of related jobs. This is a chance to have my own place in the world. Nothing’s happening immediately, but now I can’t concentrate for thinking about this potential huge change peeking up over the horizon.

    • Congratulations on the opportunity, but certainly a change. I have to believe that there are ways to make this business feel like your own (and it will be, once you’re dealing with the problems as well as the joys). Perhaps there are ways of introducing a charitable mission or something else you’re passionate about to the business? Anyway, just a few thoughts.

    • Is this something you can see yourself enjoying doing, or are you in a Nate Fisher (6 Feet Under) situation?

      • I’d never choose it, not ever. Hard work, long days (but flexible!), low-skill employees and associated issues, customer relations stuff, etc. That said, it’s a community standby that makes people happy. And I like to work around happy people. Also, the money is much better than I’ll ever make on my current path. (But also less reliable.) Lots of pros, a few cons. At the end of the day, it’s the family business. I wouldn’t be able to stand by and watch it decline and eventually close as the current generation gets older and less spry.

    • sounds exciting – good luck!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Job application submitted..fingers crossed
    Rave: Nats outing with my company tonight….I think it will be a pretty small group so hopefully can get some one on one time with some management…I want to talk to them about getting involved with a yoga instructor/company who works with veterans who have PTSD.
    Rant: Studying for the GRE has hit a wall 🙁
    Rave: Its already thursday…this week is flying by again

  • Rant: We just had a fire drill. I was chosen to be a floor monitor, its kinda like a safety patrol in adulthood. I even get to wear a bright red head that says: FLOOR MONITOR -__-
    Rave: Its almost 11 am so the day is moving by faster
    Rant: We are on the 12th floor and yesterday was “leg day” I can barely move after going down 12 flights smh
    Rave: Its Thursday. only one more day… and then: 80 degrees Saturday!

    • tonyr

      I know that typo comments are forbidden, but I just can’t get past the “bright red head”. Seeing that would get me moving.

  • Rave: Going to see Priests, Protomartyr, and Gotobeds tonight! Been waiting for this for months now.
    Rant: Definitely gonna run into ghost of dating past. Meh. I should probably acknowledge his existence this time if I physically run into him. Totally over it anyway. Finally.
    Rave: Kesha at Black Cat tix go on sale today. Crossing fingers. Heck yeah I like her.
    Rave: Weather. C’est parfait.
    Rave: no work today. Emancipation Day!
    Rave: going to check out some dogs I may want to adopt today.
    Rave: I am in a good mood. New beginnings all around.

    • epric002

      ooo, where are you looking at dogs???

      • Washington Humane Society. Anyone have experience with them?

        • epric002

          yes! i’m a dog foster for them, and we foster-failed (adopted) one last november. who/what kind of dogs are you looking at?

          • I don’t have any preferences other than a small or medium dog. I want to see if I mesh well with the dog before I get my hopes up about one specific dog.

          • epric002

            what are your age/activity level preferences? are you meeting with fosters or going to the shelter?

          • Going to the shelter to check out dogs. I prefer a younger dog younger than5 years and not one that requires me to run with it often. I’m not a good runner, but I can walk a dog. I live near a park, so I will be walking my dog around there often.

        • I adopted my first dog from the NY Ave shelter – positive experience with the staff and the process.

          • Great to hear! That’s where I’m going. They appear to have more dogs there than the Georgia Ave location.

          • Also check out WARL and Petfinder for dogs in other nearby shelters (or fosters).
            When my previous dog went over the rainbow bridge (RIP Micky Pongo!), I started looking for my new dog in the DC shelters but she wasn’t to be found. Because she was on Petfinder (through Lucky Dog)

          • epric002

            yup, NY Ave is the main shelter and they’ll always have more animals than GA. recommend taking a look at dogs in foster, and also consider emailing the adoptions folks to tell them what you’re looking for and ask them for recommendations. sometimes dogs behavior in the shelter is not indicative of their “real” behavior, and the staff will have a better understanding of how they are outside of the kennel. and foster parents will have an even better understanding of how the animal is in a home. good luck, keep us updated please 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          I got my super sweet kitty from them! The worst part of the experience was picking just one to take home.

  • Can someone explain LinkedIn and strategies for using it? I thought it was supposed to be a networking platform, where you made connections based on existing connections.
    So why do I keep getting requests from total strangers? I get 2-3 a day from people I’ve never heard of, sometimes in unrelated fields. Does anyone accept these? Wouldn’t a high connection count dilute a person’s “value” on a platform like this? It happens so much I feel like I must be missing something…

    • I’ve always felt like LinkedIn was self promoting it’s importance. I can’t for the life of me see how it’s a genuine career tool for most people. I don’t get it, but maybe I’m old?

      • Anonynon

        I have been contacted for interviews from LinkedIn…never got an offer but still. Better than nothing. Its also nice to be able to see co-workers faces (i work remotely)

    • I will also be interested in seeing how other people handle it. I get a lot of those random requests as well-some people seem to be sending requests to every person they encounter, or going through their friends’ connection lists for possible connections. But I don’t feel comfortable accepting the total strangers or people I know only in passing.

    • I live for Linkedin. I use it as a networking tool and have literally met about 10 ppl in my field through the site. I try to only accept ppl in my field though. (P.S. its also great for stalking. lol I’m not really a stalker but I sure do check to see if colleagues are on linkedin just to get a handle on their professional backgrounds. I also use it as a recruitment tool for non profit volunteers. Updated profiles can help you reach your target audience, so you’re actually reaching out to ppl who are interested in and or have experience in what you want them to do).

    • nightborn

      I got my current job thanks to LinkedIn. I wasn’t even truly looking, but kept my profile current and with sufficient details of my education and work experience. A recruiter reached out to me and I thought, “why not”? I had an interview and an offer in my hands within 2 weeks.

    • For me, it has been useful to connect with colleagues (and colleagues of colleagues) in my field, and I’m a member of a few groups that have interesting/relevant discussions. I also use Linkedin to look up people for both professional (and personal) reasons. Some work has come my way via Linkedin even though I’m not particularly active on the site.
      I’ll accept contacts from people I don’t know who are doing similar work, or who are working in areas that interest me. Otherwise I’ll decline.

    • skj84

      I’ve been using Linkedin as a job hunting tool. Applying for jobs and researching companies mostly. While I have connections on Linkedin, I’ve never actually used any of them to network. I will say the job search app has been very handy for me. I can apply for jobs on my phone and not have to worry about attaching my resume.

    • I began seriously updating my profile early this year because I was beginning to get desperate about leaving current job and finding a new one. As a result, several recruiters in my field “connected” with me, even though I did not know them. 2 weeks ago, I decided to direct message one – explained the type of position I was looking for, my background, etc. He called me the same day. Had me set up on an interview the same week. This week I had my 2nd interview and landed the job. ALL BECAUSE OF LINKED IN.

  • Rave: my appraisal just came back and it’s just a smidge over what I was hoping for. Thank goodness!
    Rant: Caps last night. What a way to blow the end of season mojo they had going.
    Rave: going to the game Friday, I’m thinking it has to be better.
    Rant/rave/really not sure: my CEO joined twitter, so I followed him. I should have guessed that would mean he’d follow me. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I guess I’m happy I really don’t tweet that much. Maybe he’ll unfollow me when realizes all I tweet about is Metro and the Caps.

    • Accountering

      Great news on the appraisal! Are you refinancing? Hopefully my nudging from the past few months was the impetus! 🙂

    • Quotia Zelda

      Make a second account! That’s what I did when people I knew from a work context started following me. Since my personal twitter is about 95% being silly with Emilie, I figured no one from work needed to see that. Having a more work-oriented twitter account also means that I see interesting work-related articles people tweet because they don’t get lost in the stream of being silly with Emilie.

    • I was a bit apprehensive about my company’s Board chair following me on twitter until his account was hacked and he sent so many inappropriate messages. Now I figure he can enjoy my Bachelor commentary, metro observations, and my thoughts on strange things people do in airports if he is so inclined.

  • RANT: Waiting to hear about a contract position that’s supposed to be award this week. Not the most exciting job but I dislike being unemployed and I’m not the world’s most patient person. I also hate job hunting so getting this should give me a break.
    RAVE: Pizza taste test for my best friends birthday tomorrow. Five pizzas from places we’ve never tried before and judging on a scientific scale.
    RAVE: So happy to her about Ollie coming home.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Concert tonight
    Rave: Spanish. Every time I need to “talk to a customer representative”, I choose the Spanish option, it’s faster.

  • Rave: Don’t have to escort people around my government building today because I don’t have the right clearance. PHEW! The introverted part of me silently screams every time I have to make small talk while taking people around the building to meetings.
    Rave: Officially opted out of the house situation, felt sad because I really liked the place and location, but relieved that I don’t have to deal with the unclear legal/financial aspect. Housemates were probably annoyed but handled it very well, acknowleding they should have been more clear and organized from the beginning.
    Rave: Awesome weather. And I have a long weekend to finish my finals, calmly, in coffee shops and outdoors.
    No rants today! Phew!

  • Rave: gave unofficial notice that I’m quitting a contracting gig – been a very long time coming. Feels good to pull the plug.
    Rave: Vacation in one month! Hooray.

    • Anonynon

      any plans for after the vacation…I want to pull my plug so badly (been here for two years now) but I am scared to do that without a job lined up

      • I’ve been freelancing for over a decade, but this was a part time contract gig that was guaranteed steady income. At this point, I have had to turn down gigs and extend deadlines for other clients, because I was too busy due to the part time contract. I am confident I can fill in the pay gap this will leave. I’ve been cruising along way too long w/this thing.

  • Phone interview at 3pm today.
    I know it’s just the first step (and might not go any further than today!) but it feels good to get this far at least. Trying to prepare without making myself nervous.
    Night be time for a walk to clear my head.

    • No one can sell yourself better than you! Be confident in your responses. Ask a few questions. I found that reading posts and comments at Ask A Manager was very helpful for phone/1st round/and 2nd round interviews. Good luck!!!

  • Rave1: Slept through the night for the first time in what feels like months! …at least since the time change. Hooray!

    Rave2: This is more of a general PSA… to the fellas who ride metro in the a.m. and otherwise grace this city with your beautiful presence, I appreciate you in your superbly tailored suits. You’re all a great site to see at 8:30a.m. Thank you! Now, this is not to say that those of you who may not be in superbly tailored suits are slobs or anything….but there is just something about a guy in a suit that FITS him that is just such a nice thing to see….ok I’m done now.

    • +1 your second rave. I seriously love men in suits. I especially like when they have nice shoes and ties as well.

  • Rant: Day 4 of migraine. This needs to stop. Granted, it is one of my milder migraines, but I still need it to GO AWAY!

    • Ugh, that sounds terrible!
      I once had what I thought was a migraine, but it didn’t respond to migraine medicine and went on for days and days. It turned out to be a blocked Eustachian tube.
      If your migraines usually respond to migraine medicine, try taking some decongestant and antihistamine and see if that has any effect.

      • epric002

        +1 to decongestant + antihistamine. also, if you’ve been taking migraine meds over the course of 4 days you may have a rebound headache.

    • Gah! I so feel you on this. I usually get a migraine once every two months or so (thanks, imetrex, for preventing more). They are usually mild to moderate but they take a full 4-5 days to go away. So annoying!!!

    • Becks

      I completely understand. I was out yesterday for a migraine. None of the “migraine” medicines work for me. The only things that work are addictive and the doc won’t prescribe them! I usually end up wrapping my head in an ice blanket and taking a Benadryl. Thank goodness for sick days.

  • Rant: Joggers who use busy corridors i.e. 14th street in Logan Circle. I don’t get it, you slowing yourself down, much less annoying others.

  • skj84

    Rant: My last post got eaten, but I did not get Kesha tickets. I was able to get in cue 3 times and still missed them. Oh well.

    Rant: The entitled anger directed at Black Cat by other patrons who also didn’t get tickets. Look, its a popular artist playing at a tiny venue. Tickets were announced at the last minute and there was huge volume trying to purchase at the same time. Not everyone is going to get through. I knew that going in. It sucks that a lot of people were shut out, but the world does not owe you a ticket. Thems the breaks kids. I was getting a rage headache at the amount of indignation posted.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Today reminds me of a boxes of wine and strawberries at Highland Road Park, making clover necklaces. good times. wish I were doing it now.
    Rave: Had a fab time seeing friends’ new apartment last night. It’s amazing and now I want to move into their building.

  • Late Rant: Supervisor just called me into his office to tell me I’ve seemed stress and that people in my office have noticed. Well, DUH — I work full time, it’s finals for grad school, I’m trying to figure out how to make ends meet this summer while I’m on my fellowship (which fills a requirement for my Master’s or I wouldn’t be doing it) including dealing with housing, I have a job thats 80% trying to get my government colleagues to play nice with each other, on top of having no close friends in DC who I can spend some time with to reset my mind. I really wish I worked somewhere that would just let me sit and GET STUFF DONE.
    And I know I shouldn’t bring stress to the workplace and I try not to — but I am exhausted.

    • Did he offer you any support or the rest of the day off or anything? It seems silly to call someone out on such things w/ no offer of assistance.

      • No, he didn’t, which is actually okay because I’m taking tomorrow off for school (which they don’t seem very pleased about — but just yesterday he said he’s supposed to be taking most of next week off when someone else on our team will be out, as well.)
        I’ve calmed down and it’s not a huge deal, it’s just a little like — can you not involve yourself in my stress since I AM getting all my work done, and since you are not really helping in any way!

  • Rave: Thanks for posting this photo. You may recognize the setup from the similar pancake picture of a year ago. Same friend, same table, same place (Heller’s) but a different meal…. (same red sweatshirt too!)

    Rant:Too man g##damned cellphones and computers.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rave: The rhino Toms shoes I read about ages ago are finally in and I ordered some! Possibly buying several pairs because rhinos.

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