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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • laduvet

    Rave: Freckles and sun!
    Rave: 3 day work week!
    Rant: the ridiculous waits for dining and transport over the weekend due to the tourists.

  • Rave: Fun race weekend away, another state down
    Rant: Hills
    Rave: Lots of great messages of congrats from friends and fam – one lucky dude
    Rave: Friend visiting from California and staying with me this week – yeah!!!
    Rave: Sakura view from my window – the blossoms are so pretty!!!!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Busy but fun weekend. And the weather! It could have been about 10 degrees warmer, but so much sun was lovely.
    Rant: The warm weather thermostat wars have begun. Littlest Zelda turned the AC on when it was a lovely 77 in the house.

  • Rant: Twice in a few days I watched a ped almost hit in a crosswalk, at a stop sign, in broad daylight. Once the driver yelled at the ped to watch where they walked…seriously?!? Please save the irony comments folks; I always give peds right of way when they have it.
    Rant: Even though the care for animals wasn’t the best, I miss Arabs (fruit carts). I check in the stores, but somehow missed the holes in my bananas.
    Rant: All the bystanders who watched an unconscious woman get raped and did nothing. Just disgusting!
    Rave: Lizzie Borden Chronicles!
    Rave/rant: Will find out about a very long-term project today.
    Rave/rant: House to myself most of the time because roomie is working 2 jobs. Why is the hill still allowed to work people full time for no pay?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your 3rd rant, wtf?! That poor woman.

      • She didn’t even know until they found the video which was found because of an unrelated case. And people wonder how the nazis controlled such a large country….This!

        • Emmaleigh504

          First, who are these psychopaths that raped an unconsciousness woman, and second apparently they think it’s brag worthy since they filmed it! I just can’t.

          • Holy crap, that’s awful. I spent one typical spring break in PCB during college and we stayed right next door to Spinnaker’s. They’re right, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of people around there all the time during spring break weeks. How no one noticed this is beyond me – though from what I saw when I was there, public…displays like this (consensual I mean) weren’t uncommon. So I guess maybe people glanced over and thought it was just another couple with the friends trying to block everyone else’s view. Ugh how awful for her, though…I can’t imagine getting a call from the police like that.

          • No, people saw it…I guess it might be on the video, and she was unconscious likely from being drugged. You cannot think a limp noodle consented to group “fun”…right, right??? They have 2 guys and are looking for 2 more.

          • @Anon Spock – Honestly, judging from how coherent the vast majority of partiers were 7 years ago when I was there…the thought process wouldn’t surprise me at all.

          • I forget how drunk people allow themselves to get. Ugh!

    • “Rant: Even though the care for animals wasn’t the best, I miss Arabs (fruit carts). I check in the stores, but somehow missed the holes in my bananas.”
      Are you having a stroke?

      • I miss fruit carts because they have better quality fruit than I’m getting from grocery stores see: holes in my bananas. In Baltimore, the horse drawn fruit carts are called “A rabs”. What is your issue exactly?

        • C’mon, you can’t even pretend that that was coherent by itself. I’ve lived in many cities and never seen Arabs selling fruit from horse carts. Nor have I ever found a hole in a banana.

          • The cart is called an A Rab…the people selling are not Arab at all.

            You didn’t understand because you’re unfamiliar. I have explained, and I don’t see any reason to beat a dead horse.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Eh, her meaning was perfectly clear to me.

      • Just move to Miami, well Hialeah. Fruit trucks (vianderos) still drive through neighborhoods with all sorts of produce. And since they’re pulled by trucks, no animal welfare issues to concern yourself with.

    • Last rave/rant, because people hate government employees, so they refuse to increase congressional office budgets slash Congress doesn’t want to be seen as increasing its own budget. In the meantime, the workload has only increased. And I realize we suck at our primary responsibility of actually passing laws, but since I started on the Hill 8 yrs ago, the casework workloads have only gone up; correspondence numbers are through the roof now that people email in addition to write, fax, and call and advocacy campaigns are more sophisticated; the number of bills introduced every year keep going up; Members are expected to be working/visible 24/7; and they also have to maintain an active social media/web presence. All that requires more staff and longer hours, but office budgets have been continuously slashed (we consider ourselves lucky we didn’t get another cut this year).

      • Scrillin

        It’s the long con – ‘Starve the Beast’.

      • Rave: I’m surprised they’re not being hypocrites like they are most of the time. Sorry you have to bear the brunt of it though.
        Rant: Ideologues of all colors suck.

      • disagree -they pay them little because they can. There are a few staffers – CoSs and some LDs – that hog most of an MRA. Some distrisct staff can also be MRA hogs. If you work for a new-ish member, the MRA is already small. So for every LA and below job that is open, offices get…what? 1k applicants? I stopped counting after 500 for my replacement when I was leaving. And I was WELL PAID by hill standards because we had a tiny office and a veteran member. If people are lining up to make $28k a year, there’s no reason to increase the pay. People see it as a means to a greater paying job. Which is overwhelmingly doesn’t lead to, it just sets your low pay for the next few years. And then it perpetuates the cycle of the only people really being able to afford working there kids whose moms/dads foot their bills. Same problem with the House side only paying folks once a month (I think that’s still the way, right?). When you make crap money, once a month is really difficult if there’s an end of month emergency. Nevermind that it’s difficult to get a job if you haven’t been an intern – which again, most people can only do if mom/dad foot the bill. It’s awful. But people do it. I did it, worked two jobs, and at the time…loved it. But I was young and too tired to know better!

        • Well, she is fully unpaid, so that’s even worse. To roomie’s credit, she was living off savings, but it was about to get tight. She also didn’t ask for my help at all. I got her a gig in a restaurant for now, and will keep my eye out if anything policy comes my way.
          I know someone who did hill FT + restaurant FT…and I’m pretty sure he lived in his car at the time.
          I know a few lobbyists who did hill into much better paying jobs. I think that is the only way you can hope to make out post-hill…maybe consulting too.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather, beautiful city, time to relax and be patient with the crush of people.
    Rave: Parents here for a short visit and we had a nice time exploring the city yesterday.
    Rant: They refuse to talk to each other so my husband and I end up having two separate conversations with them all day…
    Rave: Discovered Alpha House this weekend – it’s so funny!

    • Wait, so both parents visited at the same time–and wouldn’t talk to each other? Is this common? That sounds stressful!

      • Yup – it’s become increasingly more common and frustrating. Sad and depressing too. They’re not in a good place in terms of their relationship and haven’t been for a while so it’s either not talking to each other, arguing with each other, or putting the other one down.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My parents only seem to talk to each other when they are in separate rooms. It’s the most annoying game of telephone ever.

  • Rant: Uptick in child unfriendly items in boxes of FREE stuff on stoops and sidewalks — notably old vitamins, plant food, eye drops….

    • Not quite sure why this is a problem — is your worry that unsupervised children might take the items and ingest them?

    • Are you worried about older kids trying out these things? I would hope a younger kid who might go for these things would be with a parent or guardian.

      • You seem to sense the problem without my having to explain it. Also saw plant poison on offer. Anyway, it’s a new trend. No longer just books and old pots — now it’s stuff from the medicine cabinet and garage. Risky..

        RAVE: Martin O’Malley for president! He would be great! :^) Tired of the other two families….

        • Maybe eye drops shouldn’t be out there, but vitamins and plant food/poison.,,,are kids really going for that stuff?
          Well, he can run a country as well as he can hide his skeletons, I’m all for it; but I don’t think so.

  • Rave: Fabulous weekend, with much time spent outdoors and with friends!
    Funny Rant: Usually so glad for kiddo to entertain herself after she wakes up in the morning. Was less glad yesterday when I realized she had wiggled out of her sleep sack, and removed both diaper cover and diaper (and then pulled her PJ pants back up, of course). She was as happy as a clam about all of this.
    Rave: Work-sanctioned cherry blossom walk this morning. Looking forward to a lovely long walk, followed by ice cream!
    Rave: Leftover rice crispy treats. Might need to make some more–they’re so good!

    • Oh–and I knew I was forgetting something. RANT: “free range” kids picked up by CPS again. Seriously? Don’t the police & CPS have better things to do than to bug this family that has made a conscious choice to give their kids independence within certain parameters? Yes, those parameters are broader than those chosen by many in this area, but I’m not sure the latter parameters are necessarily more correct than the former.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        +100 Not only do they have better things to do, they should respect this family’s privacy and let them live as they see fit. I was a latch key kid growing up and I turned out fine.

      • It’s the law in MD that a child under the age of 8 must be supervised by a child 13 or older. Ultimately, they have to set the standard somewhere, as arbitrary as it may seem. I know that CPS would much rather focus their resources on serious abuse and neglect cases, but I don’t think under the circumstances they could ignore the unattended minor law once it was brought to their attention by the neighbor reporting the situation to the police.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          The law as written only applies to kids left alone INSIDE, not outside playing. It is the nosey neighbors who are taking delight in harassing this family at the taxpayer’s expense. I’d move to DC in a heartbeat.

    • Perhaps you could try putting one-piece pajamas on backwards? Worked for my sis.

      • I mean it worked for my niece. My sister is potty-trained.

        • Lol, yup – If it happens again, we’ll try putting the diaper on backwards and go from there as needed. Fortunately, it was mostly just funny 🙂

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Made SinSA’s snickerdoodle apple bread for post-Cherry Blossom race brunch to reasonably rave reviews.
    Rave: Friend came to town this weekend.
    Rant: …to see all the cherry blossoms. Too many people; too many trees.
    Rave-ish: I got forced to walk around town instead of staying in my apartment all day yesterday, which was probably good for me anyway.
    Rave: Friend in town was also an excuse to go to new restaurants. Etto is always good. Jaleo I tried, and maybe was overhyped. #hashtagJoseAndres
    Rant: Wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, and could only run 4 miles. 12 miles of walking yesterday halfway made up for it.

    • RE: Rant; You still did more than the person on the couch. Don’t beat yourself up too much.

      • And that would be me. Bahaha. You did a TON of stuff this weekend, Mug of Glop! I’m impressed.

      • Mug of Glop

        That’s true. My rant was more about feeling queasy and gross and having to turn around than “only” going four miles. Plus I was looking for a new trail and got lost on the search. Dumbarton Oaks and its surrounding parks sure do look nice, though, if anyone’s looking for a place to sit in some grass for a while!

    • Yay the bread! Glad to hear it was reasonably enjoyed! 🙂

    • Agreed on the Jaleo comment.

      • epric002

        +1 i love jose andres’ other restaurants, but have never understood the love for jaleo.

      • Mug of Glop

        The service was pretty meh, as was my “cocktail”, and the food, while good, was either a quarter too small or a third overpriced. Probably will never have a reason to return, given the mountain of small plates I’d have to climb over to get from Logan Circle to Jaleo.

      • Allison

        Yeah, I went and the food was pretty good, but I wouldn’t go again on my own dime. It was kind of… gimmicky. Wine list on an ipad? Please, just gimme a dang piece of paper.

        • Mug of Glop

          Hah! That would have sealed the deal for me! Last night there were all paper/plastic menu books – no signs of iMenus anywhere. And gimmicky is exactly the word I used with my friend in lieu of another word that I knew would apply better, but I couldn’t think of at the moment. That whole place is somewhere between gimmicky and kitschy with an air of too many airs. A group walked by the window a couple of times with a pair of enormous great Danes, though, so the evening wasn’t a total loss.

          • Allison

            Did you use the restroom while you were there? You should see the bathroom floors. I will never forget having all those photos of people staring up at me while I peed.

          • Mug of Glop

            I completely forgot to, no. I guess I’ve lost my chance forever, now…

  • Becks

    Rave: Glorious weekend weather!
    Rave: Green Bell Pepper seeds have sprouted. There are so many sprouts that I will have to relocate them to other pots!
    Rant: There is a leak in the kitchen wall that is amassing in the middle of my kitchen. Plumber is coming tomorrow, but I have a feeling this is going to be a trial!

  • Rave: The weather.
    Rant: Not having time to be outdoors. This past weekend last year I went to see the cherry blossoms with the ex, which was really nice. This year I spend two full days working on finals and trying to figure out breaking leases/signing leases/moving logistics, indoors, while trying not to panic. Literally cannot wait for May to be over.

  • Rave: This happened instagram.com/p/1aqHWlGSf8 #fiftyshadesofGary
    Rave: Fun Saturday brunch with OP Anon and Ms. OP Anon. Plus a long walk with the husband and Gary, catching up on sleep and exercise, and some QT with good friends.
    Rave: I can’t have any rants today because the first rave happened.

  • Any recommendations for children’s destinations not located in Montgomery County? I guess I’m done with Imagination Stage, Wheaton Park, Silver Spring megaplex, and Glen Echo. Too worried about MoCo CPS. I might look away, and have my kids seized.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: according to dad, grandpa is in his 9th inning.
    Funny: word around the old people’s place was that Grandpa had already bought the farm, one of his friends was surprised to find him alive in the care center, “Word of your death has be greatly exaggerated.”

    • Keeping him in my thoughts!

      • Emmaleigh504

        thanks! He’s a tough old guy, but worn out. He still has his sense of humor though! Told my dad that the will and obituary where on his desk, but didn’t plan on needing them just yet. (He’s been writing his obit for about the last 10 years. He’s an editor so he wants it to be perfect.)

        • Quotia Zelda

          He’s also keeping score as to which of his friends come to visit. This is so like him, it cracks me up.

        • Glad to hear that he still has his sense of humor. I like the idea of wanting the obit to be perfect. 🙂
          I know it must still be hard for you and your family, though.

          • Emmaleigh504

            There were so many drafts of my granny’s obit. After about a million everyone was saying, just send it! But he’d want to stop ask about some nit picky word order or comma. He does it a. b/c he likes editing, b. b/c he thinks it’s funny to ask the non-editors silly little editing questions, and c. b/c he likes to be the smartest person in the room. 🙂

      • Me, too. I know this must be really hard for you and your family. In my experience though, it takes the edge off if you can find things to laugh at together, so I you’re doing something right.

    • Keeping you & your family in my thoughts. Yay for the sense of humor, though. Hang in there.

    • Blithe

      You and your family will be in my thoughts — especially your grandpa. His sense of humor sounds delightful.

  • Rant: Manassas guy told me he didn’t see it going anywhere. I was sort of thinking the same, but still a bit of a self esteem blow to be told that. At least it was a step in the right direction for me.
    Rant: Supervisor eventually agreed that I can do the 15 minute flex time for my weekly doctor appointment, but they called me into my boss’ office and made a big deal about how they aren’t supposed to do that and I can’t tell anyone and my boss is sticking out his neck to allow me to do this… So now I feel horribly guilty and worry that I did the wrong thing. Blah.
    Rant: Roommates. Whenever they want me to do something/I do something wrong, I get multiple hostile group texts from both of them. This is the only communication they’ve made any effort to do the last couple of months, and I am thoroughly fed up with it. I think I need to tell them if they have an issue, please just send one polite message. Making me feel attacked isn’t very helpful… I hate conflict though so I’ve been nervous to do it.
    Raves: Gorgeous weather, fun-but-claustrophobic time at the cherry blossom street festival, fun times with friends over the weekend.

    • “Whenever they want me to do something/I do something wrong, I get multiple hostile group texts from both of them.”
      You’re not alone in this. I’ve had generally good communication with roommates in the past, but one time in college I was having a complete anxiety attack over a personal issue and didn’t have anywhere I could go for privacy except my room, and my roommate sent me a paragraph message on Facebook telling me to go outside and cry. You can imagine how that went over. In my opinion, it’s not confrontational for you to tell them that you would respond better/more effectively if they could politely approach you in person, or set up a time to talk with you if you don’t see them often. They probably text you because they’re trying to avoid direct conflict, too.

      • Andie302

        Agree. I think this may warrant an email that says something like “I appreciate that sometimes I do things that aren’t acceptable to you, but I need a single request and the opportunity to fix the issue before I get messages that I see as hostile. You may not mean it that way, but I’m feeling ganged up on, and I’d rather have a chance to address your issues and improve our living arrangement.” Sorry you’re having to deal with this. Especially since it’s sort of the only communication that you’re getting from that. Living with roommates can definitely be tough. And sorry about the boy – at least you don’t have to go to Manassas anytime soon.

        • +1, especially the suggested wording.

        • That is good wording, thank you! I’m fine with them sending me a message rather than talking in person – we’re rarely in the same apartment at the same time – it’s just the fact that they send several ones that are fairly hostile in tone, even after I say “Sorry, I didn’t realize because XYZ, I’ll do that next time.” =/

      • Wow. That is horrible. I thought my old roommate was bad with the passive/not-so-passive aggressive texts. I was the only one who ever cleaned our shared spaces and she would text me things like “Okay, can you clean the bathroom now? Please and thank you!”

        • WTF? I’ve had very lazy roomies, but none would ever have the gall to ask me to clean when they never lifted a finger. The more I hear about other roomies I can say I have it pretty good by DC standards.

        • Oof, that sucks – but I wish the messages they sent were as polite as that! They’ll go on about XYZ not being done, and they weren’t thrilled by that, and just… really condescending. This weekend when Manassas guy came over they sent me a bunch of texts about how I need to give them a heads up if someone is over (okay, fair enough) but when I say sorry, I didn’t realize, they keep going on saying they could’ve been in their underwear walking around, they weren’t thrilled when they realized a guy was there, etc. etc. Just tell me ONCE rather than leaping to the offense… =/
          You think sending a message is okay instead of talking in person? I’ve been waffling over whether I should send an e-mail or talk in person, the latter would just be difficult with our schedules and I… worry I might not get everything out before I get too anxious.

          • I think messages are fine and even more so in your situation with schedules+anxiety. I’ve never required a roomie to notify me simply before a guest came over, but if that is the rule, it should have been established BEFORE it happened. It doesn’t sound like that happened here. They need to relax.

          • I think they had mentioned it when they interviewed me, that they preferred heads up if we have people over at the apartment – but both times he was over I didn’t want to text since it was late and I thought they were already in bed/asleep (one of them goes to sleep pretty early) in case I woke them up. It just hadn’t come up before this, and I thought that it was more of a big deal if it’s people hanging out in the common room, not just… going straight to my room and staying there. So now I know, but they still could have sent a polite message just saying hey just a reminder that we do prefer a heads up when someone is coming over regardless of the time, instead of both of them going on about it in a really condescending way. I may be a bit oversensitive as well though. =/

          • It’s pretty ridiculous that you need to give someone a heads up as to when a visitor is coming over. Especially if it was never discussed as a “Rule of the House.”
            In a roommate situation, I would hope individuals are not walking around in their underwear (unless they are very close friends and it was been discussed/agreed upon by all roommates).

    • Give yourself credit on rant 1: You got involved with someone who was perceptive enough to share your view that it wasn’t going anywhere. That’s a plus! Besides, Manassas/Petworth romances face steep odds on their own.

      • Haha that’s true. I just miss looking forward to texts throughout the day and fun weekends, but oh well. :p Hopefully I’ll find someone closer!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You aren’t doing anything wrong by using flex time to take care of yourself. Your boss is just being an ass.

      • Pablo Raw

        I agree, that sounds a little bit like bullying and please don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself at all. If you don’t do it, nobody else will; and as you can clearly see, they don’t care.

      • Ditto on all of this. Ugh.

      • Thanks. They also asked me how long it would go on for, I said I don’t know maybe a few months. They said “Okay, a maximum of 2 months then.” It’s my therapy appointments, so I really have no idea how long it’ll last. It sucks that they don’t make small concessions like this – and they wonder why they have such a high turnover rate…

      • Maybe the boss handled it wrong, but if the boss is allowing littlen to take flex time against the company’s policy, then how is that being an ass? Sounds to me like the boss is trying to be flexible, but not get in trouble for being flexible. I’m sure s/he could have handled it better, but if it is against policy, s/he could also have just denied the request.

        That said, littlen – the boss granded the request because s/he wanted to, so don’t feel guilty about it. It sounds like the boss is trying to help you out, so take it, and then take care of what you need to.

        • Oh, definitely – my boss (the high level one) is concerned about me, he just has his hands tied by protocol/the accounting department (which handles leave). And since he’s sort of the head of HR, he has to be extra careful. It’s just frustrating that it’s so bureaucratic, and my supervisor wasn’t as sympathetic.

    • RE: 1st rant, Don’t let it affect your self-esteem esp. if you felt the same thing. He just happened to get it out
      rant 2: Don’t let them make you feel guilty…don’t other people in the office have similar arrangements?
      Rant: What is it that you’re not doing or doing correctly? I cannot imagine you’re that big of a roomie f*ck up. I hate conflict too, but you’re already in the middle of one, so might as well try to resolve it.

      • Other people do, but it’s “different” because it’s not medical reasons. It’s things like grad school, which they say are a set amount of time. They said they don’t want to allow it for medical reasons or else everyone will want to start taking flex time for every doctor appointment/child’s doctor appointment/etc., and the most important job of an assistant is to be there during the scheduled hours. Which… I mean, I’m GOING to be gone anyway, I would just rather work 15 minutes later than burn through half an hour of sick leave at a time. Flex time is just a foreign concept to most Japanese work places I think. ._.
        First couple of times were trash – I’m rarely in the kitchen except when I cook for the week on Sunday, since I try to be out a lot with friends during the week, so I didn’t realize how fast we were going through trash. I made a big effort after the first message and I seem to be the one mostly taking them out now; the second one I HAD done the trash a couple of days before but I think the other roommate must have thrown away something that smelled and I didn’t realize, but 3rd roommate got back from a trip and sent nasty messages about how she wasn’t thrilled to come back to a place that smelled like trash, etc. Meanwhile she leaves cardboard boxes by the door that she keeps forgetting to take out to recycle… Most recent one was this weekend when the guy came over, they sent me messages the next morning about how I need to give them a heads up if someone is coming over. Okay, fine. I apologize, say I hadn’t realized he’d be coming over at first thought we’d be going out and I thought they were in bed already. They send several more about how it doesn’t matter, they could be walking around in their underwear, they weren’t thrilled when they realized a guy was there, and I’d had him over a couple weekends back without saying anything as well and they hadn’t been happy about that (but didn’t say anything at the time). Then just say something once, I can’t know if it’s an issue if they don’t tell me! It’s just so frustrating. It’s never something they bring up nicely first. And getting multiple messages from both of them make me feel attacked and put me on the defensive, which doesn’t help…

        • Cultural differences can be huge, obviously, but I think you were on the job hunt already, so hopefully something a little more flexible comes along.
          Are you responsible for trash duty? Even if so, if it stinks, take it out. I had to ask my roomie to help because she hadn’t done it once after 6 weeks, and it smelled REALLY bad, but even if it’s her week, I’ll still take it out when it smells.
          That is a huge pet peeve. You obviously didn’t know the first time, and they hadn’t laid down the law on the guest issue previously, so why not tell you and give you a chance to rectify it? It sounds like they’re attacking you. They have a clique going on already, and you’re the new girl. So high school.

          • How old are these people? They sound very immature and I would never expect a roomie to text me about someone coming over unless you planned on being in the living room/shared space. I don’t know, maybe I had pretty good roommate situations in the past, but we kind of had people come and go as we pleased. I know my gf was over a lot when we first started dating, but we were in my room 90% of the time and spent nearly the whole weekend at her place. Regarding the trash, I used to hate that because we had a trash chute on our hall yet it seemed to be such an issue. When I noticed the trash was full I emptied it, I didn’t care if it was my “turn” or if I had done it the last three times. It was frustrating, but I’d rather walk 50 feet to drop it than let it smell up the kitchen. Sorry about your roomies–they don’t sound too fun.

          • We don’t have a chore list, which I’m thinking we should probably do. We’re just all supposed to pitch in. And I completely agree that if I realized it smelled, I would have taken it out – but since I’d taken it out a few days ago and hadn’t been in the kitchen since I didn’t realize.
            They were quite close friends already when I moved in, but we all got along really well initially. It mostly started falling apart when I found out my ex is seeing someone new and my depression got really bad. That was the first time they brought up the trash; I wasn’t eating and wasn’t really functioning so I had let chores slide. I apologized, explained about my ex, and they were dismissive – said they didn’t understand why I was so upset. I was embarrassed, and have mostly kept to my room. I’ve been a bit hurt that we went from being really social and then when I clearly was going through a rough time they didn’t even bother to ask if I was okay, just started sending the messages whenever I wasn’t doing something right.

          • And ParkViewRes – One is 24, the other is I think 27. I completely agree, no one I’ve lived with has cared about guests unless they were staying for a weekend or it was several people hanging out in the common spaces, which is why I didn’t think much of it. I certainly don’t care.
            They are still much better than the roommates that made me move out of my old place though. ._. I’ve had some bad luck with roommates. Really wish I could afford to live on my own!

          • They sound horrible. Even if they didn’t get your issue RE: ex, they shouldn’t have said anything, and if you’re not in the kitchen to see the trash, they need to deal with it. Like I saw the trash was full/smelly, instead of dealing with it, I decided to complain to the person who hasn’t used the kitchen in days.
            I don’t think I’ve ever told a roomie I was having a guest nor did I expect them to unless it was an extended stay.
            To hell with these means girls.

          • When you are able to live on your own you will appreciate it SO MUCH! I didn’t even have any terrible roommate experiences and the day I moved out was a very happy one.

        • @littlen – Yeah, in the case you described I wouldn’t think notification is super important. My last roommate and I notified each other of guests if we’d be using common space (mostly if inviting someone over to watch something on TV or to cook, so as to “reserve” the TV and/or kitchen) but if I brought a date back to my room or was out with a mutual friend and they came back for a drink/to hang forawhile it wasn’t a big deal. Good luck with everything!

    • palisades

      Noooooo! Manassas guy! That bastard. I apologize on behalf of all former Manassasians

      • Hah! Thank you, but no need to apologize. ;p At least I don’t have to go all the way out there! We are really different people and had very few interests in common, he was just a lot of fun to talk to/hang out with. So it’s not surprising, it’s just with everything else going on it sucks a bit. Oh well!

    • Afternoon rant: My boss said they need a doctor’s note in order for me to do the flex time thing. I ask my therapist if she can do that, and she was taken aback and said she doesn’t feel comfortable having a written note (that would make it clear that I’m seeing her for therapy, given that she’s a psychologist) put in my personal file – and said that with American laws they have to make reasonable accommodations. I admitted that I had been a bit concerned with that as well (especially given the stigma that I’ve heard it has with Japanese culture) but I could also see why they want a doctor’s note. So… I’m probably going to catch a taxi down or arrive late and have a half hour appointment instead of 45 minute appointment in order to not leave work early and not need to deal with all this.
      This has turned into a much bigger headache than it needed to be… Sigh. 🙁

      • Blithe

        Could you explain the situation to your primary care provider — who could write a general note saying that your medically approved/indicated treatment plan includes weekly appointments for an open ended period (or for a specified time period, to be re-evaluated)? This sucks, but I appreciate your psychologist’s position, and I applaud you for hanging in there and doing what you need to do to make this work for you.

        • Oh I completely understand where my therapist is coming from as well, I’m just so… frazzled that things keep coming up to make this more difficult, when I’m not thrilled about needing therapy as it is. Hmm, that’s a good point about my primary care provider – I actually have an appointment tomorrow morning, I’ll try to suggest that… I just found them both separately so I’m not sure how that will work, since the doctor doesn’t have proof that I’m seeing the psychologist as well. Thank you for the suggestion though!

          • epric002

            definitely ask. i’m sure the doctor’s staff could get in touch with your therapist’s staff to confirm the treatment and come up with a generic enough note about how you’ll be receiving treatment X times a week for X weeks/months.

        • +1 to Blithe’s idea.

  • Rave: Tomato grafting experiment this weekend (workshop at Arboretum); will know in a week whether the grafts worked. Two heirloom tomatoes grafted onto disease resistant rootstock – I have high hopes for an overabundance of tomatoes this year
    Rant: USPS not so priority mail — delivery of live plants arrived in DC area early Friday, two days with no attempt at delivery (tracking showed delay in delivery), now plants have been returned to sender. Plants are sold out other places, or it’s too late in the season to order 🙁

    • Had the same issue with certified mail. Numerous letters lost going to Maryland. USPS sucks so hard!

    • There are a bunch of plant sales coming up, if that helps–The arboretum & Franciscan Monastery plant sales are both on the 25th, and there’s one at Green Springs park in Fairfax in May.

      • Thanks – I had the arboretum on my calendar, hadn’t checked yet on the Franciscan one. Lots of plant purchasing opportunities!
        I’d ordered ramp (wild leek) seedlings back in January because last year they sold out early (and are only available in the spring). I just found some available on ebay, just not sure of the wisdom of going this route…

  • Rave: Making plans for long weekend in NYC.
    Rant: Won’t see Girlfriend — who departed last Friday– until 24 Saturday afternoon.
    Question: Non-obvious places to hit alone and in pairs while ambling aimlessly across the Big Apple. Funky independent mensware and “Good Wood” type shops, galleries where you can by good are for less than 10 grand and offbeat eating opportunities especially solicited.

    • If you like Japanese food, there’s a lot of great little places in St. Marks. I like Yakitori Taisho, Kenka, and Oh! Taisho, which are Japanese-style bars with good food, Cha-An is a cute teahouse, and Setagaya for ramen.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: There are times in a man’s life when you need the input from the collective experience and knowledge (past and present) of humanity in order to transcend as a person in both the physical and the spiritual level. So I want to thank PoPville for the advice on how to microwave a potato, which I successfully did yesterday. The sky is the limit now, I feel invincible.
    Rant: Working on weekend, photo gig in Philadelphia but
    Rave: I’m glad I have this extra money to pay the mortgage!
    Rave: I spent some time at the Tidal Basin, decided to go when there was more people there and got some good images.
    Rant: My kitchen was a mess all weekend. I fixed that this morning.

  • skj84

    Rave: spent all day outdoors yesterday! Finally!

    Rant: visit to the cherry blossoms was stressful. I went with friends yeaterday afternoon and it wa peak busy. We could barley walk anywhere with all the crowds. I nearly had a panic attack. Plus my friends colleague was really obnoxious. Just a bit of a loud mouth who turned any conversation into him.

  • Rant: Head cold.
    Rant: Sick kid, possibly with croup. Apparently that’s a thing. But HE doesn’t have to go to work!
    Rave: Nanny agreed to expanded hours a bit to help facilitate my husband going to school in the evenings, so we passed on the preschool spot.
    Rant: Preschool wanted a $4k deposit. Are you kidding me? My college deposit was less than half that. And I wasn’t 2. Insane.
    Rave: GREAT weather. I hope you all enjoyed it!

    • Boo on the cough! Supposedly, cold is good for helping deal with the bronchial tubes being inflamed–given that it’s warmer out, hanging out in front of an open freezer might do the trick.
      Yay on the nanny being up for expanding hours! So glad that you have that option.
      Wow on the preschool deposit, though I’m not totally surprised. Jewish school-type things tend to be super expensive.

      • Not so sure, most of my friends with kids at home send their kids to Jewish preschool and they had never heard of a such a huge deposit. I really think it’s a DC JCC thing. I’ve considered sending a comment to Federation, but I don’t want to be banned from the few things we do at the JCC (like our synagogue).

      • Maybe the deposit is out of whack. Though my wife was surprised (I wasn’t) when she looked up tuition at the Jewish Day School further up 16th street. It was pretty astronomical. I know my tuition for the three years I was in day school was somewhat ridiculous.
        What synagogue do you belong to? We’ve been at a place down in Fairfax Station, VA for the past 13 years (since I moved to the area) and are not wild about any of the closer synagogues we’ve come across thus far. We love the congregation, but it’s so far away that it’s hard to get there, which sort of defeats the purpose.
        As for sending a comment to Federation, I can’t imagine they’d ban you from the JCC for complaining about the preschool deposit. Particularly if you politely couched it in terms along the lines of it being unaffordable & the reason for not enrolling. But I don’t have any experience in this area, so perhaps this is a naive assumption.

        • The Day School is an actual private school, though, in line with others in the area (NCS, CE Smith, ect). JCC is a preschool. My friends who send their kids to the ones at home were seriously like WTF?

          We go to Bet Mish at the JCC. We’ve had all our live events as a couple there – engaged, marriage, rabbi did our bris ceremony (not the actual bris!), pidyon haben, ect. They really want to attract more families, but there’s conflict, I think, from the older gay members who feel like they don’t want to be around families (for a few reasons, I’m sure)…and then people like us, who want a few family options, like a monthly family shabbat or something. 8PM services are too late for us to bring our son to now, but when he was a newborn we did and they were fine with it. I just think the congregation needs to evolve if it want’s to survive since “gay congregation” isn’t really necessary anymore.

    • Congrats on the nanny rave! Does that mean your husband made a school decision? 🙂

  • Rave: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler went great, no pain, finally getting my pace back.
    Rant: It really wasn’t 10 miles as they shaved about 1/2 mile off the course due to some car accident.
    Rave: Binge watched the last three episodes of Broadchurch season 1. Really, really good, can wait to start season 2.
    Rant: Also finally watched Birdman. It was… interesting.
    Rave: Saw Jose Andres finishing up shopping at the Dupont farmer’s market, very cool. He was completely loaded down with bags in both hands. I only wish I could have sampled whatever he made with all that stuff.
    Rant: Completely wasted $20 for us get into the Japanese Street Festival, thinking it would be a good stop for lunch. It was crowded to the point of being dangerous–can’t believe authorities let them keep letting people in. Walked right back out after 30min of hungry futility.

    • I came as close to having a crowd-induced panic attack as I ever have. I spotted a security guard letting some people out one of the emergency exits, but by the time I got there, he closed it refused to let me go. Horrible experience, never again.

    • skj84

      Oh Broadchurch is wonderful. Just really well done. I binge watched season one around Christmas. I fell behind on Season 2, it’s only available for screening on Amazon Prime, which I don’t have or On Demand.

      • Sadly, Comcast only keeps the most recent four episodes of season 2 from BBC America on demand, which is currently episodes 3-6. No problem, hopefully it will be on Netflix in a few months.

    • Congrats on the good run! It was so beautiful out there this year.
      I preferred the revised course – I hope they can find a way to find another 1/2 mile to keep that leg, it was great to run past MLK and more time along the river.
      I was really impressed by how they handled it, especially considering how last minute it was, the course change was seamless for the runners.

      • Agreed, they handled it very well, and I liked that new section better. Hope they can find a way to add it to the course. No wind in East Potomac Park was rare and awesome, too.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Run enough races and it’ll all even out. Were you by any chance around for the 2005 Army Ten Miler that was 11.3 miles long?

  • Rant: The idiot lady who brought her dog without a leash to the Cherry Blossom festival and was surprised when it ran into the street by the Washington Monument.
    Rant: All the idiot tourists who thought it was hilarious to dart into the street with oncoming traffic because they were too lazy to wait at the crosswalks.
    Rave: Got to enjoy the Cherry blossoms and lots of quality time with my mom

    • People who don’t leash their dogs never cease to amaze me.
      Does anyone have any recommendations on how to politely advise someone that not only is it the law to have your dog on a leash, but it’s really dangerous and stressful to other dogs as well (you never know how leash-reactive a strange dog can be) or to children walking around (you’re completely POSITIVE that your dog will handle a strange child lunging at them in an appropriate manner?) It drives me nuts when I tell someone to please leash their dog while I’m walking by with mine, and their response is (almost 100% of the time) “oh it’s ok, (s)he’s friendly!!” That is NOT the point. What if my dog isn’t?

      • epric002

        i agree it’s really frustrating. if we’re asking someone to leash their dog it’s b/c we have one or both of our dogs with us, and we say that our dog isn’t friendly, and if they just keep insisting then we keep elevating our language (not friendly -> reactive -> aggressive -> my dog will BITE your dog!) until they usually relent. we also do a hard stop and quit approaching until the other dog is leashed. i don’t usually address the legality of it, but certainly would if they starting getting an attitude about being asked to leash their dog.

        • The hard part for me is that my dog is not leash reactive at all. He obviously isn’t too thrilled about being approached by an unleashed dog when he’s leashed but he’ll just sniff and move on. I have friends whose dogs are highly leash-reactive though, and I always think about them when I want to tell people to please leash their dogs. I think most people just think that if their dog is friendly enough and listens somewhat well enough that they’ll enjoy the walk off leash more than if they were leashed. They’re not thinking about everyone else.

          • epric002

            but the other people don’t know your dog isn’t reactive, so if you want to go ahead and tell them whatever. my reactive dog isn’t going to bite anyone, but i still don’t want to have to deal with a full-on freak out so i will exaggerate her reactivity if it means that the glassbowl will leash their dog.

      • Agree 100%. Every morning, in order for him to do his biz, I have to walk for an extended period of time my dog is distracted by the multiple unleashed dogs running up to him and also running around the park. The most frustrating part is that there is a fenced in dog park 2 blocks away! You want him/her off the leash go there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I forgot I haven’t talked to QZ so she didn’t have advanced warning of the baseball metaphor. (f***ing baseball) Sorry Schwesti. I’m assuming he told you the same thing, but maybe with a different metaphor.

  • Neither rant nor rave: New temporary sublet person moved in next door this weekend. My building is pretty bare bones- no amenities, small living spaces, but an excellent location on the Hill. Well, this person and her family were alarmed by the small space, using profanities to describe my poor neighbor who is renting the space out to the person. They called the placed “third world,” “from another world,” etc., and were angry. The parents were like, “We’ll come back and move you somewhere else- you just have to give [the original renter] 30 days notice.” I could hear all of this through a shared wall, and I was laughing quietly, since it appears they were not prepared for “city life.” I also couldn’t get over the fact that the parents are moving this 20 something year old in from across the country. Twelve years ago, my own parents dumped me on a plane with 2 suitcases and said, “Good luck.”
    People, unless you have thousands of dollars to burn in rent each month, DC is not a great place for those of you who want: big cars, big TVs, big spaces, lots of amenities, etc… Northern Virginia will probably be more to your liking if you need a lot of “stuff.” Seriously, why do people like this even move here?! Forget the detour on the Hill- just move straight to Arlington already!

    • But if they moved her into a space in NoVA they’d probably be cursing about how it’s not in the middle of things. Go figure. Ugh, people.

    • Out of curiosity, what building do you live in? I’m thinking about moving out on my own but want to stay on the Hill, and since I’m poor, I’m scouting out all the “bare bones” buildings out there.

      • 215 C St. However, I should qualify that it isn’t *that* cheap- without a special deal, rent is about $1600. We are a rent-controlled, older building. You’re not going to find granite counter tops in these studios! Very little in the way of amenities, but we’re only 1.5 blocks away from Cap South metro, and many of the neighbors are pretty nice (which is a big reason for why I stay, along with the safe location).

    • Based on your pricing you listed below ($1600) they wouldn’t be able to find something any better close to a metro stop in Arlington for this person to live by themselves anyway. Welcome to the DC metro area.

  • Rave: Following PGD/PGS, We have a few good embryos to work with, and possibly enough to save for baby #2 if we ever get there.
    Rant: My uterus has issues. The doctors see the issues, but aren’t quite sure what the best course of action is. I already had one surgery to try to correct the problem and might need another one. If it’s a real problem, a transferred embryo may not implant properly or thrive if it does implant.
    Rave: The GW lady doctors are going to discuss my case tomorrow like a case on House. For the second time. I’m hoping they learn good things from my case so they can help other women with similar situations not have so much uncertainty and waiting.
    Rant: For all of the amazing advances in fertility medicine, there is still a lot to learn.

    • So happy for the good news on embryo count. That’s awesome! Sorry to hear about the uterus issues, though. That sounds so frustrating. I hope they’re able to figure things out for you.

    • re: your second rave, that’s the wonderful thing about being part of a teaching hospital! I grew up in the midwest going to a big teaching hospital as my primary doctors, and while sometimes it was awkward (you never want to hear a doctor lean out the door and say “get the interns, they’ve gotta see THIS”), it’s wonderful to feel like you have some of the best and most creative minds taking care of you. Plus your case will often be one that helps someone else, and that young doctors will think about down the road! Best of luck!

    • I will be interested to hear what the doctors come up with (if you share). I have transferred two PGD embryos and both resulted in chemical pregnancies. I have a uterus issue too and all my doctor can suggest is a gestational carrier.

      • Also curious what kind of surgery you had?

      • I will definitely share once I have more information. At this point, my doctor doesn’t think we will need a gestational carrier, but I’m also not sure I can put myself through another round of egg retrieval. So we may end up there if we have no success with our first transfer.

        • egg retrieval sucks, but I DO think there’s something to be said for having been through it and knowing what to expect. The hardest part of that first round is the unknown, and the anxiety that comes with it, I think.

    • YAY for good Embryos! The battle is halfway won! And your last rant….yes, but for all of the amazing advances in fertility medicine, the last 10 years have been going at astronomical speed – so that’s a great thing! Thinking good thoughts as you continue forward….

  • Rave: Great trip. My (fairly made up, slightly closed) mind started to experience at plot twist at around 3pm on Friday and it was all uphill from there…
    Rave: Very close to a decision!
    Rant: Allergies.
    Rant: My introvert tendencies don’t do well with someone crashing on my couch for the weekend. Looking forward to relaxing tonight.

  • Rave: Great trip. My (fairly made up, slightly closed) mind started to experience at plot twist at around 3pm on Friday and it was all uphill from there…
    Rave: Very close to a decision!
    Rant: Allergies.
    Rant: My introvert tendencies don’t do well with someone crashing on my couch for the weekend. Looking forward to relaxing tonight.

  • Question: We are trying to donate our old cabinets (they are in good condition), but we are having a hard time finding an org willing to pick up stuffs in DC. So far community forklift seems to be the only one operating in DC. I contacted them and I waiting to hear from them, do you have any other recommendations on where to donate them? or how to get rid of them as an alternative? So far I contacted Salvation army, Habitat for no avail. Thanks

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Sun burned
    Rave: Getting tons of sun…on sunday (brunch downtown with friends, then softball game (I hit a grand slam, had probably 8 RBI’s and had a few nice plays in the field too), then saw the cherry blossoms.
    Rant: Girl i have been talking to can’t meet on the only day i could this week…hopefully next week (I feel like the window is closing very fast to get this first date in or move along). I hope it works out.

  • epric002

    rave: weather! got flowers planted in the front, and hosed off the front porch, just in time for
    rave: porch drinking/socializing with lovely neighbors
    rave: got my hair done on saturday, so long almost-mullet!
    rave: a good mood monday!

  • Rave: Got to visit with my father (and other family members) over the weekend, and I was so, SO happy to see him (and them).
    Rant: Watching this stupid disease wreak havoc on my dad.
    Rant: Living halfway across the country and not getting all the information I want to be getting about his health.
    Rant: Stepmonster talking about will(s) but playing “helpless maiden” when I asked her specific questions. If anyone knows a probate lawyer that might be able to just clarify a few things for me, please let me know so that when the time comes, I have ducks gathered and ready to line up.
    Rave: Beautiful view flying back to National yesterday evening.
    Rave: Beautiful weather today!
    Rave: I don’t have plans tonight so I can actually go home after work and relax.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Grandmother passed away Thursday
    Rave: She was comfortable, with loved ones, and she went peacefully
    Rave: My family is great. My grandmother made her wishes clear regarding her estate and her memorial service, which made things easy for our family. Everyone is just glad to be together. I’m so glad that no one is fighting over this stuff.
    Rave: Excited to see my cousins on Wednesday
    Rant: I didn’t end up training enough to run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. I was going to do the 5k but missed the bib pick-up and so didn’t run that either. I’m feeling super lazy, but having trouble getting out of the slump.

    • I’m so sorry about your Grandmother. Great to hear that she made it so easy and that you get to be with family during this time.

    • I hope that the raves surrounding the rant make it much much easier. May her memory be for a blessing.
      I’m of two minds on your final rant: on the one hand, getting active (even just some nice long walks) can help you feel a bit better, even while grieving; one the other hand, giving yourself some time to be a vegetable while you’re handling grief and other similar emotions isn’t the worst thing in the world. Either way, just try to be good to yourself.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss. Having your family together and happy to be together is very nice.

    • I’m so sorry about your grandmother. I’m so glad there’s no surrounding drama and that she went peacefully though – thinking of you and your family.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I’m so sorry.

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m so sorry for you loss.

    • Blithe

      I’m sorry for your loss — and glad that things have been as easy as they could be for you and your family.

  • Rant: My closest friend since we were kids was going through financial woes a few years ago. While he was going through these woes he’d always say to me “once I get on my feet, we need to travel and take some some trips!” My job is pretty relaxed about me taking leave so I always told him I’d be ready whenever he is. Just give me the word. About two years ago his employment became stable and since then he’s been in a better place financially. However, about once every two months he says “hey, we need to start taking trips to X, Y, and Z.” I say “hey, I’m with it, you just give me a date and start making plans and I’m in.” He says he’ll look into it and usually about a week later he forgets we had the conversation or says that this money is funny so he can’t go. Kinda annoying. I hope he doesn’t think he initiates the idea and I plan everything.

    • I feel like traveling the world has become a status thing. And to try to fit in, people end up talking about it a lot even if they are in no position to take action. I wouldn’t mind traveling but I know it’s not really realistic for me so I don’t really bring it up unless someone asks me. I’ve met other people, though, who seem to judge people negatively if they don’t express a desire to travel — yet I know they really don’t have the means to take those trips themselves.
      Anyway, my point is, I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe he just wants to look cool or remind you he hasn’t forgotten and will get around to it… someday.

      • justinbc

        I have some friends who post flight prices on Facebook basically every day, to different places all over the world. Like, how about waiting until you’re actually there, rather than just constantly pretending to go places? (and these are people who actually travel a good bit, so there’s really no point in making it seem like they do even more)

      • I don’t think that’s fair, to say that travel is a status thing. I talk about having a farm someday where I’ll take care of dozens of rescue animals and have an idyllic orchard. It’ll probably never happen, but it’s fun to fantasize. Is that status-seeking?
        People dream about far-away places, where the light is different, and the food tastes better, and no one knows them, so they can re-invent themselves without all the old baggage. And that fantasy translates in the real world to “travel”. If we can’t talk about our dreams with our friends without fear of being labeled poseurs, what’s left? Another round of complaints about our bosses and roommates? Wouldn’t you rather talk about trips that will probably never happen?

        • Emmaleigh504

          But travel is a status thing. On dating sites it’s a plus to be “well traveled,” it’s code for plenty of money and free time.

          • epric002

            though it’s certainly possible to be well-traveled w/o being wealthy- like through the military or peace corps. and my bro/his gf’s international travel was all on $25/day or less.

          • Emilie helped to clarify what I meant. It’s one thing to dream and talk about what you’d love to do someday, it’s another to flaunt it or act as if you plan on doing it.

          • Hmm… I suppose it can function as a status thing, but isn’t it also an outlook thing? I.e., having an interest in other places and cultures?

          • Or school funded travels.

          • Emmaleigh504

            sure, people can travel on the cheap, but when you get a group of “well traveled” people together they are going to look at the soldier differently than the tourist travelers. Even traveling with the Peace Corps takes privilege.

          • “It’s one thing to dream and talk about what you’d love to do someday, it’s another to flaunt it or act as if you plan on doing it.” I’m not sure that’s really the difference — I think it’s a more subtle matter of context and tone.
            It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly why, but definitely there are some people whose travel-related postings come across to me as bragging, and others where I don’t get that feeling it all.

          • I know what you mean, textdoc, and I can’t articulate it either. I think some people behave as if their travels are notches on their belt, boxes to be checked. And others demonstrate their appreciation for less quantifiable aspects of the places they visit.
            I just can’t get down on the dreamers, you know?

          • Oops — meant “at all,” not “it all.”

          • justinbc

            I’m fairly certain this kind of person is what FridayGirl is referring to:

        • epric002

          i’m still with WDC. i don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to travel, or to talk about it even if you can’t afford it at the moment. that doesn’t mean that people are doing it for status- some of us love traveling or really want to travel (again) someday.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t think it’s bad to want to travel or not to want to travel. It’s nice to have dreams/goals whatever they are. I’m just saying that some people absolutely use travel as a status symbol. And yes, as wdc & textdoc have said, you can usually tell b/c it seems icky or off, when those people talk about it.

      • Pablo Raw

        I think it is a status thing for some people, for me personally it has been a wonderful cultural thing and has helped me understand the world a little bit better; because of that, I wish I could do it more often.

        • The only time I get irritated with the traveling nonsense is when someone brings it up, and then the next thing is “like Miami or something.” The world is so big (and yet small) so to resort to traveling to places like Miami or Mexico, where everyone seems to go, why not go across the globe…Brussels, Berlin, etc? I don’t get the mindset, Miami isn’t cheap. For a grand, you could probably go to Barcelona for a couple of weeks, explore and get introduced to a different culture.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think wanting to see the US is a nice goal. It’s a huge country with lots of different cultures and sights both man-made and natural. My goal is to visit every state.

          • Now, see, THIS smacks of status-seeking. Insisting that Barcelona must be better than Miami or Mexico? I’ve never been to Miami. I’d talk to the people who love it, find out what they love, and go explore. There’s a ton of “different culture”, right there in one place. Just because I don’t need a passport doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.

          • what’s interesting is that when I was a child, my parents took us to Europe instead of the whole Disney park thing because it was cheaper (at the time). It might still be, given the cost to get in to those parks. But I DO think seeing America is a great goal. There’s so much to see, to do, to eat! I’m lucky my folks prioritized when I was young – it’s cheaper, so lets go to Europe – but I would have liked to see America. And now I have no time.

          • +1 to wdc’s comment!

          • I think I understand what domrep is getting at, though. My mom used to talk about visiting places like Krakow, but ever since she took up with her current boyfriend six years ago, she hasn’t vacationed anywhere further afield than Florida (the same spot every time). Her boyfriend has zero interest in traveling anywhere that’s new/unfamiliar.
            Of course, given that I disapprove of the current boyfriend for many other reasons, this is just one more mark against him. If I liked him overall, I might think, “Well, he’s not particularly adventurous, but that’s OK.”

          • justinbc

            You can fly to Fort Lauderdale and catch the shuttle down to Miami and be there for under $100. You can’t do that for Barcelona. And depending on where you’re from Miami could be just as different culturally as Barcelona. I agree with Emilie, the U.S. has a wealth of awesome things to see, discounting them would be silly.

        • Pablo Raw

          In Turkey, I stayed with a muslim conservative family; that was an amazing experience. I hope I can do more like that in the future and not only going to the places where everybody goes.

          • WDC – never said Barcelona was better than Miami or Mexico. When I say Mexico, I’m referring more to the resorts, i.e. Cancun, etc. Last I checked, only 38% of the US population has a passport, I’d be very interested to see of those 38% how many travel to destinations that aren’t the Caribbean or Mexico. Travel is cheaper than it ever has been before, I saw it on several occasions in going to the Bahamas or Jamaica where American tourists would get angry b/c the people working at the hotel didn’t speak English very well. I’m not pointing to anyone here at Popville, but I feel like the vast majority of Americans are either afraid to try something new or are ignorant and would only like to travel to places they feel safe in.

          • Justin/Emilie, I guess my point is this….people can visit Miami any time they want to, it’s always going to be there. How often would you ever get the chance (if the person can afford to) travel abroad?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Abroad is always going to be there, too. And there is nothing wrong with traveling to places where you feel safe. Not everyone has to be a thrill seeker. Let people enjoy their travels to Miami or the Outerbanks if it makes them happy. What do you care?

          • Pablo Raw

            Miami is not always going to be there! isn’t it one of the first places to slowly disappear under the rising of the waters due to climate change? I guess it’ll still be there, but you’ll need a snorkel.

        • Agreed. It’s also about priorities. I bring lunch everyday and drive a really crappy car so I can travel. It’s not a status thing for me, it’s my priority so I cut costs elsewhere to do it.

          • SouthwestDC

            Same here. I also use 100% of my leave on travel, even if it means going straight from an international flight in to work. Some people use their leave to play golf, or run errands, or celebrate holidays. I forgo things like that in order to squeeze in a couple trips a year.

      • My first DC roommate was always citing travel as her hobby. But it was easy for her, because her job gave her a seemingly unlimited supply of free airline miles to use for whatever she wanted. So she go to Paris for a weekend just to check Paris off her list, or Iceland because it was a long weekend and why not? I always wondered if she would have been such an avid traveler if she had to sacrifice a lot of money and PTO for it like everyone else.

      • I have been around people who actually look down on people who aren’t well-traveled too. They say things like “I think everyone should visit as many countries as possible in their lives; I’ve visited 40 so far” or whatever.

        I’ll admit I can be a little judgmental of people who have NO desire at all to even experience other places. I think people should *desire* to want to travel and experience new cultures/things. But desire does not = actually being able to do it. Not everyone can afford it! These people I’m talking about seem to take off a few months a year off to travel, which is impossible if you only have 2 weeks vacation (not to mention money). Do they just think everyone has so much time/$?

        So yeah it irks me those kinds of people are judging me for not traveling a lot, when I want to be doing it. It should be your personal experience, not something to brag about/push into people’s faces.

        • Some of the most cultured people I know don’t do any travel at all. You can learn a lot about the world from books, TV shows/movies, language studies, and interacting with people from other countries (there are many here).

  • RAVE: amazing weekend – wonderful Seder on Friday, lady’s family are all very lovely, great yoga + brunch on Saturday, and spent the entire Sunday in Baltimore
    RAVE: Baltimore Farmer’s Market – 10x better than Dupont and 50% cheaper. Cross Street Market for a wonderful seafood lunch. So much good food in that town.
    RANT: The rip-off that is DC.
    RANT: I can’t live in Baltimore with the current job. I love it there, but no way in hell I would survive the Marc train commute 🙁
    RANT: got a bit sunburned at Saturday’s brunch 😡

    • justinbc

      There are very few good prices to be had at any DC area farmers markets really. The one by the USDA isn’t too bad, but most all of them just have crazy mark ups.

      • It’s just absurd how marked-up the prices are at DC farmers markets. The only thing that was really expensive in Baltimore was the smoked fish from Neopol (they are based in Baltimore, but have a stall at Union Market). But yeah, that’s smoked fish. The produce, olives, and desserts were waaaaaay cheaper. I have a massive bag of home baked cookies for $4 – the cookies would be $2 each at Dupont.
        We ended up walking into an open house facing Federal Hill (with a view over the inner harbor) and were totally blown away by what mid 6 figures will buy you in B’more. Lovely place.

        • but then you have to live in Baltimore….which is WAY more problems than DC

          • I was about to say, anyone I’ve known who moved to Baltimore did not stay long at all. Even if they had a good job right there.

          • Maybe….but maybe not. I’d venture that Federal Hill has less crime than Columbia Heights or Capitol Hill. Neither city is particular great to raise kids (unless you have damn near unlimited amounts of money…..)

          • Blithe

            I’m sorry for your loss — and glad that things have been as easy as they could be for you and your family.

          • Blithe

            Sorry for the unfortunate double post at 2:41. Definitely NOT where it was supposed to go.

    • I would totally make the move to Baltimore too if it made any sense at all with work for me and the mister. I love it too.

      • emvee

        +1 eggs. I appreciate knowing I can count on you for Baltimore love!

      • Another fan of Charm City here – family members have lived in Baltimore for many years. Big city = big city problems but I don’t see the problems as significantly worse than DC.

        • As someone from Baltimore, I can assure you it’s not SO MUCH WORSE than DC. That is a common DC misconception, and it is rarely shared by anyone who’s lived there any significant amount of time.
          There are crime pockets, drug addicts, etc…no different than DC; but housing is drastically cheaper; metro is cleaner, cheaper and more reliable; two stadiums right downtown; and a winning football team. What more do you need? 🙂

          • Is the public transit really more reliable?. My girlfriend’s brother tried living in Baltimore when he was working there. Got an apartment in Mount Vernon for only $700 a month! Then he discovered his commute would be 50% faster if he lived in DC and drove to work, so he slept on our couch and used the money he would have spent on rent to buy a car. Even though his Baltimore apartment was near the bus stop, the buses were so infrequent and unreliable that he was spending three or four hours a day on the commute.

          • schools. Jobs. Had a boyfriend that lived there – and while there are great areas, unless you actually have a job in baltimore, it’s a stretch. I love baltimore, but it’s not really a place to live unless you work there (as in, coming to DC every day would make it very difficult to live there – MARC isn’t reliable)

      • Blithe

        Sorry for the unfortunate double post at 2:41. Definitely NOT where it was supposed to go.

        • Blithe

          Ugh!!!!! Mad posting issues. I just want to add one more vote for the charms of Baltimore. I lived in Fells Point for years, and loved it. There’s a lot that I miss about living in Baltimore — that really doesn’t seem find-able or do-able in DC.

          • Fells Point – what a great area! It was one of my favorite places to hang out when I was living in Baltimore. And one sib is living in the neighborhood now

  • Stopped by Maketto this weekend. Very odd set up. The ambiance feels more like CityCenter or 14th Street than H Street. Paid $10 for a small house coffee and small latte. Retail is VERY expensive….$160 for backpack, $20 for a magazine, etc. I did not get a chance to try the food but I’m a little skeptical of the operations as a whole.

    • I hope they’ve managed to stock the bathrooms with toilet paper by now.

      • Funny you should say that, were there any bathrooms inside the cafe/store? The only ones I noticed were from the outside and down a set of stairs. I didn’t go in but I thought it was odd to configure your bathrooms like someone was taking a trip down to a sketchy cellar.

    • Anonynon

      I was across the street at red rocks…I was tempted to go in but i knew i wouldn’t buy anything. Hipster retail is expensive!

    • justinbc

      They have different lunch vs dinner menus. Lunch is quite reasonably priced, in my opinion, and dinner will run you about $100-150 per couple, if you get drinks and small dish + large dish each. The food is outstanding, I just wish the seating options were more conducive to that type of meal.

      • How do meals “work” there? As in, is it all seated? Or is any of it grab-and-go? And is it possible to go at night for a small meal, or should we plan to drop $100-150 if we go after 7 PM? I have too many questions about this place….

        • SouthwestDC

          I couldn’t figure that out. I was sitting in the room where they were cooking the Asian street food and was told I had to go through the courtyard area to the room on the other side to order any of it. The courtyard looked like a nice place to have a drink but I guess you had to go somewhere else to get one. I’d just picked up my photos from the Exposed closing and it was too much of a pain to move around to all these places while carrying them so I just left.

        • justinbc

          I guess you technically could get the dinner items to go, but it would be difficult to eat while walking or something like that, you would definitely want to be sitting down somewhere to eat it (just like you can get Toki to go, but really need to have a table to set your bowl down from time to time). The lunch items are much easier to eat on the move. They also have a fair amount of pastry / cookie / dessert type things during the day you can order with your coffee (although the coffee is upstairs and the pastry is downstairs, a bit inconvenient). It seems like the whole setup of the place is designed to encourage you to explore the whole thing (at least on your first visit), rather than just going straight back to the kitchen for food. There are maybe 5 different types of seating arrangements in the whole space, but I feel like only 1 is truly conducive to a typical dinner service. I really like the communal table, but the stools are too high for me to get my legs under, so I couldn’t sit there long for a meal.

  • Rave: Got my passport in the mail this past weekend. Not sure if some remember, but my app was put on hold b/c my picture was blurry. The turnaround was about a week, so if you guys have issues with your pic, the process goes by pretty smoothly. From what I was told, the app is like 95% processed. All they need is your pic and it should be finalized about a week after.

    Rant: It’s Monday :/

    Rave: I’ve got…26 days to go before my Euro trip with my girlfriend. I’m a nervous wreck. Still have to ask for her parents blessing and get the ring insured.

    • So glad your passport came in! I guess my blurry photo didn’t matter, as I got mine on Friday. Did you get your old passport back? I did not, but not sure if that’s arriving later.
      I’m not sure I put together that you were proposing, that’s amazing – best wishes for smooth sailing!

      • It will come back to you separately. I think new one comes priority and old one is regular mail.

      • I recently renewed my passport and the old one came after the new one (in a separate envelope, obviously).

  • Rave: excellent weekend all around, except for my friend shutting a trunk on my forehead. I look like Gorbachev.
    Rant: I was beyond thrilled to see that I’ll be at our big off site meeting on bring your kid to work day instead of at the office, enduring the insanity. I think bring your kid to work day is worthwhile and can be a good learning experience, especially at a science organization, but ours get a little crazy with like 100 kids here all day and programming (including diet coke and mentos in the courtyard) for only part of the day. Now one of my big off site meeting volunteers seems to think that because he is scheduled for a volunteer shift at our big off site meeting on bring your kid to work day, that he should being him to his volunteer shift. The kid is 13, so it’s not a huge problem, but really?
    Rave: I am so thankful to whoever started the hotdudeswithdogs instagram account. You are salvaging my morning.

    • Oh, I had my appraisal this morning and it was about 15 minutes, even with measuring the whole place. He said my unit has a weird layout, which isn’t a big deal, but didn’t really rub me the right way. I had to ask him if he wanted to hear about the upgrades I’ve made and he said he didn’t think there would be any because I haven’t been there long. Good thing I asked because there are a number of things I’ve improved. Now I nervously wait til the end of the week of the report.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: QZ, we are talking about the dog, right?
    Rave: doggie!

  • Rave – Such a fun weekend! Did some wedding planning, purchased my wedding shoes at a thrift store for $6, went to the ballet, ran around with the dog in the Arboretum, and had my first Oberon of the season outside in the sunshine.
    Rant – Skipped the cherry blossoms this year, didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds.
    Rave – May had her last reactive dog training class yesterday and she has made so much progress! I am so proud of her and the folks at Spot on Training are amazing. And someone recognized May from her appearance on Animal Fix. 🙂

    • epric002

      yay, may! so glad to hear the reactive training is paying off for you guys- congrats! we finish up beginner obedience w/formerly foster puppy this weekend, after which he’ll go on to intermediate/CGC and grouchy corgi will start beginner 🙂 yay, training!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave Finished assembling the king-sized bed I ordered on Amazon.
    Rant: I like it, don’t love it especially after seeing the bed of my current dreams made with reclaimed wood at West Elm.
    Rant: Maybe the reason I don’t love it is because it isn’t the bed I originally looked at online? Not sure how somewhere along the way put a similar bed in my cart.
    Rant: I’m officially a moron. And wasn’t it the wise Shawess who urged be to buy a bed that I could return locally?
    Rave: I’m skipping the office Cherry Blossom death march today and I’m not feeling guilty about it.

    • I Dont Get It

      be=me. I wish we could edit posts!

    • Uhh, IDGI, I feel you. If it makes you feel any better, it’s taken me three or four times of messing up on this myself to make me not rush to buy big things from Amazon. And I still do it sometimes, practicality be damned.

  • Late Morning Advice/Question: Regarding group houses, if the lease does not assign people to specific rooms or specific rents, how have you all guarenteed that you 1) paid a fair rent, and 2) had rights to the room you chose and weren’t asked to move later on? [I have a reason for my madness here, but I don’t want to share details.] Do you just have to trust people? Or should I look at this as a red flag? (Although I figure most houses work like this.)
    Apologies for all my housing related inquiries over the past few months. After this summer I vow never to speak of it again.

    • I can’t speak from any experience with group houses, but could you get them to add a description of the room to the lease (like “second-floor back bedroom”)?
      I used a friend’s roommate lease as a model for a basement lease I was putting together; it had a section named “The Premises Defined” that specified which room was being rented.

      • I asked the property management company directly (the new roommates introduced us via email so I could ask if it would be possible to add a description with dates, since there’s going to be some room switching happening after I move in) but the property manager said they don’t deal with that — just the house as a whole unit.
        But, I could see if there’s a way to have a separate agreement between us if it seems needed. The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m probably overreacting.

    • topscallop

      Regarding the amount paid, we looked at the square footage to come up with a fair breakdown. My roommate who has the master suite with her own bathroom pays more. I live with friends, though, and we agreed on who would take each room. I’ve never been asked to change! If someone moves out, I would think the current roommates would have dibs on taking over that room before a new roommate is selected, but otherwise that is a new one for me.

    • In my house, we each need to sign the lease. We are jointly responsible for paying the rent on the entire house; so if a roommate dies or suddenly leaves, we are all jointly responsible for that person’s rent. That said, the lease does not describe the rent for each room or who is to live in a particular room. The landlord left it us to up to work it out since we are, presumably, adults.
      All he cares about is (1.) getting the entire rent amount each month and (2.) letting him know if anyone is moving out/moving in, so he can re-draft the lease and pay out that person’s deposit.
      Personally, I would want to know what the entire house is renting for and what each room costs in the house. If they won’t share that information, they are probably playing a game of “rip off the newbie.” For instance, if someone with a private bathroom is paying less than someone with a shared bathroom, I wouldn’t want to live there. Those are the types of people who will eat your food, use your stuff without permission, etc. They simply are not trustworthy people.
      As for asking/telling you to change rooms after the fact – how will they enforce it?

      • “As for asking/telling you to change rooms after the fact – how will they enforce it?”
        Good point, thanks. There are actually two rooms opening in the next couple of months. When they offered the first room, they asked if I wouldn’t mind moving into the second room when the other person leaves so they could put a friend in the first room. I don’t really care either way, so I agreed, but I am paying a little more for the second room once I move into it, so I’m just feeling a little uneasy about the complexity of the situation.

        • “When they offered the first room, they asked if I wouldn’t mind moving into the second room when the other person leaves so they could put a friend in the first room.” Something about this doesn’t sound right to me, especially given that the second room costs more than the first one.
          I don’t know how much furniture you have — are they offering to help you move the furniture from room #1 to room #2, or is that all on you? Have they given any reason for why their friend can’t just move into room #2?
          You’ve already notified your landlord that you’re breaking your lease, right? Is it too late to undo that? Do the housemates seem OK other than this weird request? If they’re already friends with each other and are bringing in yet another friend of theirs later, might they end up ganging up on you like Littlen’s roommates are ganging up on her?
          Not meaning to be a wet blanket, but I think you’re right to perceive this as odd/strange/worrisome.

          • Textdoc, thank you for confirming my thoughts. There will be two guys and they’re trying to get them to share the same bathroom, so I see the rationale, but I just feel like they should have thought it through better (i.e. by advertising the first room only to guys, if they wanted an only-guys bathroom).
            They will help me move my furniture from room #1 to room #2. The housemates seem great except for this, although you never really know people until you live with them. And it’s in a perfect location.
            I also thought of staying where I am, but aside from not being able to afford it, I’m going to be away on a fellowship this summer. If I finish out the remainder of lease, I’ll only have about 2 weeks to secure a place and move once I’m back in DC. I am not sure if this is a smart move. I will also need to sublet that apartment this summer, then, since it’s so much more expensive.
            BUT no, it’s not too late to say “whoops, offer fell through, I’ll be here another x months” if that’s what it comes to. My gut is usually great about this stuff but it’s really not giving me a good answer this time…

          • I understand your frustration, as this seems to just be an issue of timing of rooms opening up. I’d still stick with it, as long as you like the people and the location is good. I think you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you left now.
            That said, you also agreed to this move and they were upfront about switching rooms after a few months. It’s tough to blame them for that, as they are striving to have single gender bathrooms. I think if you put up a stink about the issue – especially after you already agreed to these terms – you’ll come across as a “difficult” roommate.
            Good luck!

          • Thanks, Group House Expert. I see your point.
            I guess the difficult part here is that I’m already only moving because of money, and moving is expensive, and I’m worried that something — who knows what — will come out of this confusion that will end up costing me in the long run… except that I don’t have any more to spend! Once I move, that’s that and I’m going to be stuck with whatever it is I end up with.

    • I always describe the room in my lease. Asking for that seems reasonable for reason you mentioned + damages in rooms later on. I guess they could come after you for another room if it’s a combined lease, but you’d have recourse if it was detailed more. Paid a fair rent is another issue, and I really don’t know how you’d figure it out without doing some research.

    • Allison

      I’d write an addendum to the lease that covers those things for you. If other people don’t want the security for themselves, that’s on them.

    • Pablo Raw

      My group house experiences were under the trust system, but I’m wondering if something like paying via PayPal would work for you, since at least you’ll have a record of what you paid, to who and when in case something happens.

      • A receipt would seem to serve the same function, no? I’ve always given them, and I’ve found it useful when someone “forgets” what was paid and when re: lateness.
        FG- Is the 2nd room bigger, have more windows, etc? I’d feel less uneasy if I was getting more bang for my buck.

        • The second room has a private bathroom, which is a plus. But it is on the main floor (with the kitchen/living room, will visitors want to use my bathroom all the time?), isn’t any bigger, and it’s a little darker because it faces other houses. The bathroom is definitely worth it, but I don’t know if all the hassle to get there is.

          • Private isn’t visitors use the bathroom but housemates don’t. I had this issue in my 1st share, and people were wiping their hands on my bath towel because I thought it was private, so I didn’t bother putting up hand towels.
            If the difference isn’t a lot, then why can’t the friend take that room? I don’t think all these hoops are worth your it doesn’t sound private at all bath. I don’t think you should pay more for this room unless the bath is en-suite. How else can you be sure no one is using it when you’re not around?

          • Very good point. Thank you, Anon Spock.
            And thank you to everyone else, too. Your feedback is really helpful in both helping me realize I’m not crazy, and also putting things in perspective.

          • +1 to “I don’t think all these hoops are worth your it doesn’t sound private at all bath.”
            Are all the other bathrooms upstairs (no half-bath on the main floor)? If so, I’m wondering if the housemates — let alone their guests — are really going to bother going upstairs when they can just pop into your supposedly “private” bathroom on the main floor.

          • Here’s the ultimate question: would you be more or less comfortable sharing a bathroom than taking the second bedroom when it comes available? And is the increase in price worth the additional comfort? To me, it would be likely yes (assuming it’s reasonable), even taking into account the occasional usage of my bathroom for guests. I don’t think you’re crazy to wonder about this, but it doesn’t sound like these guys are trying to mess with you, at least intentionally.

          • Textdoc — Exactly. I don’t believe there is a half bath downstairs (at least not that I saw). I’m going to sit on this for a day and then maybe bow out. Really too bad — cute place, perfect location. Blech.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I suspect this is typically handled differently in the case when the homeowner lives in the houses and rents individual rooms to individual people versus when the owner lives elsewhere and hires a company to take care of the property, in which case it is of no import to the owner or the management company whether the house is rented by a single person who wants a lot of space, a married couple with children, or a bunch of unrelated people, and usually would not involve themselves in matter of the financial dealings between roommate A and roommate B and roommate C any more than they’d involve themselves in the financial dealings between a husband and wife and their kids. There are certainly exceptions, but I suspect they are rare, especially when the tenants (again, be it a single person or a family or roommates) are dealing with a company rather than with the owner personally.

  • Rant 1: drug dealers in the alley are back and they’ve expanded their “business” to stolen electronics that they sell on craigslist USING MY ADDRESS. I’ve had random folks knocking on my door asking for iphones. Everyone knows which house & tenants are responsible – they are successfully living up to every negative stereotype about Section 8 voucher recipients.

    Rant 2: different sh*itty neighbor has decided that instead of dealing with their plumbing issues (as ordered to by DC Water) they are just going to run a house into the alley that dumps sewage into the alley and street daily. They also managed to flood the basement of another neighbor, a retired vet on a limited income, who had to pay to clean/fix the damage to his home.

    Rave: MPD and DCRA have bee incredibly responsive. Patrols of the alley started the same day I called and VICE is looking into the house and tenants. DCRA has already scheduled a plumbing inspector to come and inspect/fine the property dumping sewage. I know it will take a while to get either house to change their behaviors, but at least the process got started quickly!

    • OMG. Can I ask what neighborhood you live in?

      • H street/Atlas area. I should add that the rest of the neighbors a great, but there’s always that one (or two) house has to cause problems.

        • Ah, I’m so sorry to hear about that. I would be so furious, I’m not sure what I would do.

          • Thanks! Luckily last time (2 years ago) all it took was MPD patrols to get rid of the problem. This time I also called the owner of the house – she’s a MD realtor and seems genuinely upset to hear what her tenants were doing. Maybe she’ll actually so something about it?

    • Whoa. Good luck with resolving all that!

  • Rant: Still feeling groggy.
    Rave: My daffodils are looking great!
    Rant: I did some investigating under the landscaping fabric, and it turned out there were a couple of daffodils that had been growing under the fabric rather than through the slits I cut. I managed to free them and cut new slits in the fabric… but broke some of the trapped daffodils AND some of the untrapped ones in the process.
    Making-lemons-from-lemonade rave: Put two of the broken daffodil stalks (from untrapped ones) in a vase. The one that was already open looks great, and the one that hadn’t yet flowered looks like it will still flower.

    • Additional plant-related rants and raves:
      Rave: Scored a bunch of daylilies from the Craigslist free section.
      Rant: The most logical place for me to plant them is also a place where the soil is tough and digging will be laborious.
      Rave: I keep see gorgeous perennials at Home Depot. The other week I bought a white hyacinth and a lithodora (looks a bit like creeping phlox, but with dark blue flowers). This weekend I bought some creeping phlox with white flowers edged in violet.
      Rant: Not sure which plants to use where, and wondering whether ground-cover plants are compatible with landscaping fabric.

      • Emmaleigh504

        You can add to the color with some scent using lemon thyme or regular thyme. I saw this movie once where they had a chamomile lawn (possibly called the chamomile lawn) and ever since I’ve wanted one. But I have no lawn, so I suggest it to you. I have no idea how to achieve a chamomile lawn, all I have is the suggestion 🙂

    • Remember to change the water in the vase daily! I learned this a couple years ago– that daffodils are toxic even to themselves– and they last SO much longer with fresh water every day. 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • Something that I forgot to do when I put a bunch of daffodils in a vase – lasted a short (but glorious) time.

      • Blithe

        Thanks for this! I just dumped a wonderful bunch of daffodils out yesterday. I guess I was lucky — since I didn’t change the water. I only added to it since I put some of that flower saver stuff in it and didn’t want to dump it out.

  • Rave-ish: Third date with a girl tomorrow, hope it goes well! She’s ridiculously intelligent, sweet, funny and beautiful. And there’s a small spark! Keeping expectations in check, because she’s also insanely busy.

    Rave: Excellent 12 mile Rock Creek Park hike this weekend. So beautiful, so glad it is spring!

  • Rant: having some plumbing issues and my plumber retired. Anyone know a good plumber? i have a minor leak in a toilet (turned off the water, so this can wait a bit) and a dripping noise in my ceiling whenever I turn on the water in my kitchen.

    Also – anyone used TaskRabbit? I want to have a dimmer and a timer installed, and thought it might e a good taskrabbit thing, but never used it before.


    • Andie302

      I had a similar problem early last week and used Matt Smith (443) 996-7686…he’s great and his prices are reasonable!

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m having a bad case of the Mondays. The wifi in the house keeps dropping. I haven’t heard anything from the 5 interviews I went on last week, nor do I feel motivated to send out applications. I’m pretty sure I have carpal tunnel or somthing horrible in my right arm. The whole arm hurts like I pulled something. And I’m missing the guy I was into. I need to rally.

  • Rant: Our 3rd IUI attempt failed. It looks like we won’t be having a kid in 2015. At least I’ll be able to have a drink tonight.
    Rant: Multiple work emergencies for my spouse totally killed all our of plans for the weekend. Getting the plants for the garden will have to wait until next weekend.
    Rave: Spouse’s naturalization paperwork is filled out! Just need to get photos taken and we can mail it all out.
    Rave: Amazing (and relatively inexpensive) anniversary fun last week. Woohoo! 4 years of marriage!
    Rave: Springtime weather!

    • I’m sorry to hear your IUI news. Feel free to email me (at the address I posted higher in this thread) if you ever want to rant or swap info.

  • Question: Should I be worried that my prospective renter’s gross annual income is less than 3x the annual rent amount? Renter has no outstanding loans, but would be paying 35% of gross income in rent.

    • Um, doesn’t everyone do that here? Unless they make a ton…

    • I think that’s pretty normal here.

    • If it was closer to 50%, I’d be more worried, but if no other debts, that seems ok to me.
      @Sassy, no everyone here is not living beyond their means. I’m at about 25% of NET income for rent+utilities, for example. I know a fair amount at that level or less who live in decent/central places.

      • Mine’s 45% for mortgage and I’m not living beyond my means. For one thing my salary is high so the remaining 55% is more than enough for other living expenses and savings. And I prioritize living in a nice place over things like eating out frequently or driving a new car.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I realize that this is a well-established rule of thumb, but I don’t understand the fixation with arbitrary percentages. Somebody who spends 40% of $100K gross on rent has a larger number of dollars left for other expenses than somebody who spends 10% of $30K gross on rent.

      • Point taken, but in this case, the gross is closer to $40K. I haven’t run into this scenario before, since the previous tenant was making 4.3x the annual rent (spending only 23% of gross on rent).

        • HaileUnlikely

          Will this be the tenant’s first place or does he or she have established rental history? As others noted above, at $40K, it is difficult to find a place where rent will be less than 35% of gross income in DC.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. I realize the risk analysis is different if this is your only property than if you manage several buildings with hundreds of units in total…

          • First place in D.C. (after renting in college, etc. in other, cheaper markets). I am relatively new to landlording (less than 2 years) and this is one of two properties I rent out, so I just want to make sure I’m not making an unwise decision.

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