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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.


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  • Does anybody know what has become of the development on the old Colonel Brooks Tavern property? There has not been any activity for some time now. However, the structure close by along the metro tracks is moving right along. Is this building a part of the project or something separate?

    • 901 Monroe – Zoning reaffirmed approval of the PUD, so now it goes back to the court for approval.
      The property on 9th that’s mostly built is unrelated – commercially zoned, no retail. I believe they said they already had tenants lined up but not 100% sure about that and no idea who tenants would be. There will be two-over-two townhouses on the adjacent property that just broke ground.

  • mini-Rave: Texted former ladyfriend last night, and she responded immediately. She’s out of town next week, but she proposed meeting the following week. No details yet, but it’s going down the right path so far.
    Rave: Considering starting a military rejects club/meet-up for people like myself who were rejected through no fault of their own. Maybe we can do the fun stuff like orienteering competitions and shooting.
    Rant: Having the old wound reopened after only recently accepting that it will never happen. There are gangbangers in the military right now, but not me, and yes, I would want to join even with none of the benefits like loan repayment or access to VA loans. 🙁
    Rave: Seeing the next generation of ladies doing martial arts, and being able to help them improve. My professor watched me breaking down some movements, and he approved.
    mini-Rant: Letting teenagers manhandle me is probably going to cut into my dancing time this weekend. Ouch!

    • there are plenty of folks who were allowed in the military after getting PRK. Or with other issues. Perhaps it was the wrong branch. There are age limits that you can get around. A unit mate of my husbands, who was since killed in action, joined at 42. Sorry it’s a wound, but it’s possible. There are also non-combat roles like nurse or chaplain that have very, very lax requirements. Even lawyer in the reserves has pretty lax requirements. And there really aren’t “gangbangers” in the military. Assholes, sure, but the criminal record issue is pretty strict in the post-surge force. We all make choices – you can keep trying.

      • Yes, there are people actively involved in gangs or white supremacist/paramilitary groups who have no criminal records who have joined the military. There have been articles on this topic: bad guys going to get trained up then coming back and sharing the knowledge.
        The age for enlistment was raised to 42 for some time, so yea, your husband’s unitmate met the standard. Going into JAG (even res or nat guard) is very competitive because of the crappy legal market, so that is no guarantee. Nursing & chaplainary would require many more years of school after both I’d be too old, and I’m an atheist, so I’d have to lie to do the latter.
        You have no idea what condition I have or what I’ve done to determine it’s not happening. It’s called keratoconus. If you decide to look it up, and come up with some way I can show I never had it (past or present evidence is disqualifying) I’d love to hear your thoughts.
        Jin, I’m sure you’re a much nicer person IRL, but your sweeping proclamations about things you’ve heard about but clearly haven’t researched are rude, IMO.

          • Sweet, sweet irony.

          • That doesn’t mean what you think it means.
            Generally when I make a statement of fact as you did above, I have researched at least something about the topic to be able to back up that statement.
            Gangbangers+criminal records implies all gang members have records (not true), and that no gang members are in the military (not true).

          • What I think it means is that you’re looking for sympathy on a forum where you recently, repeatedly denied it to others whose situation YOU don’t understand. Can’t fix that with semantics.

          • Scrillin

            You post your whole life on here, it’s not really a generalization when you’ve painted most of the picture for us.

          • LOL Thanks for the clarification. I don’t agree that it’s ironic, but we can agree to disagree.

          • wdc- I don’t think that was what you meant or she would have said irony on my original post rather than when I said her statements were inaccurate; I could be wrong. I am sympathatic to the plight of mothers that is why I fully supported proper, cost free rooms at jobs. I’m sorry that doesn’t swing into stadiums, but even still I was pretty much for it if it wasn’t free, open to other medical situations, and kept it basic.
            No semantics needed just a proper use of the word “irony”. It’s one of those often misused words. Yes, even if everyone disagrees with my opinion, my facts are accurate and yours should be too.
            Never sought sympathy either. I post here because I want to vent, and I read/post because I have down time.

          • palisades

            Maybe that article doesn’t paint the whole picture, but I don’t think I’m getting the same thing as you.
            It says that gangmembers are being recruited while in the military. It doesn’t imply anything about active gangmembers joining the military.
            Also, it says a lot of gangmembers join the military to get away from ganglife. That could lead to some skewed statistics….
            Finally, what exactly does all that have to do with you? If you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to join, that’s just the way it is.

          • Gangbangers was my word for an undesirable able to live the life I want to live even though I’ve done everything right. I was pouting, nothing more.

            Yes, but I took jindc’s advice to heart and looked up my condition across services which provided the same results BUT…my procedures are going up for FDA approval which would force a rewrite of the regs, so maybe in 6 months-year I can give it another go. Knocked down 9 times, stand up 10.

    • You should look for a VSO to get involved with. For instance PVA holds trapshoots, air rifle competitions and other sports and rec events that are open to the public.

  • Rant: Bf’s friend said something inconsiderate that made me feel insecure and I’m letting it rent way too much space in my brain today.
    Rant: Spoke too soon. Puerto Rico stagette is a go. I told the bride I can’t afford it and she’s been giving me the silent treatment for about a week now. This is my life for the next 8 months: buzzfeed.com/rachelwmiller/moments-every-bridesmaid-loathes#.slkAYBb664
    Rant: This hangover.
    Rave: It’s Friday and my boss is out of the office.

    • 8 months? I haven’t been following the saga too closely (this is the bride requesting the labia dress, if I recall correctly?), but is it possible to back out of being a bridesmaid?

      • Yep, same bride. I think it’s too late to back out so I just have to file this under lessons learned the hard way. I’ll really think about the costs and stuff before agreeing to be a bridesmaid next time!

        • It is not too late to back out. Especially if you don’t care whether the friendship survives. And the way she’s been treating you (silent treatment, really? Is she 14?) I don’t think I would care.
          I once tried to back out of a wedding party because I lost my job and couldn’t justify the dress and the plane ticket. The bride said she couldn’t get married without me there (I introduced them) and paid for everything herself. That’s a friend. A friend doesn’t freeze you out for your lack of funds.

          • A week is a freeze out? That’s just breathing room, probably not even aware of it. Let that go.

            Here’s my tip: drop out of the wedding party, but go on the stagette to Puerto Rico. I mean, the wedding seems like a formal stuff hassle, but the trip sounds like fun. La Playa!

        • If the wedding is 8 months away, I don’t think it’s too late to back out. It may (likely will) torpedo the friendship, but if you’re willing to risk (or embrace) that, they get out while the getting is good. Caveat – I have not been, and never will be, a bride or a bridesmaid, so what do I know.

          • It’s not too late – if you really have issues with the travel/costs/whatever – back out. My BFF had a horrible bridesmaid who refused to pay for/do/show up for ANYTHING – my BFF OFFERED to let her out of the wedding, she didn’t take the out, was horrid at the wedding and their friendship is over – would have been easier to remove expectations and no one would have felt put-upon. I think it’s easier to salvage a friendship with a mature backing out discussion NOW then let 8 months of resentment poison a long-time friendship.

        • It is *not* too late to back out! Do not make yourself miserable for 8 months. If you aren’t worried about maintaining the friendship after the wedding (and really…do you want to, after all this isht?) then just apologize and say that you think it would be better for her if she had a bridesmaid who was all in or whatever you feel like you need to say.
          It might also make her wake up a little and realize that her day (yes, it is only ONE day and not the next 8 months) is not the #1 priority in everyone else’s lives.

        • Agree that it isn’t too late to back out. Also consider that she may be counting up your “transgressions” – not going to the uber expensive, in her mind completely sane and necessary, party in Puerto Rico and whatever else – and may drop you anyway after the wedding for being a bad bridesmaid/friend. Then you’ll have put up with it for 10+ months for nothing. Not that I know from experience.

        • When I said it’s too late to back out I really meant that I don’t have the balls to back out. I know you’re all 100% right, though. :-/

          • Understood completely. How close are you to her at this point?

          • I understand. For what it’s worth, I’d think that it’s a mark of a good friend to recognize their limitations and cut it out when it gets too close to that mark for them. Hopefully she would be able to recognize that it’s too overwhelming for you. The only things required of you as a bridesmaid are to show up for the wedding and stand next to your friend in support of her marriage. That’s literally it. Everything else is “traditional/cultural/blah blah blah” but the POINT of a bridesmaid/groomsman is to stand up for your friend as a witness in support of them. That’s it.

          • Any possibility you can split the difference — back out of the Puerto Rico bachelorette party, but remain a bridesmaid and wear the (already purchased?) labia bridesmaid dress on the Big Day?
            If you don’t think you can back out completely, maybe that would save some of your sanity.

          • Thanks guys.
            eggs – it actually really helps to see it written out like that so thank you.
            textdoc – that’s my plan as of now! I’ve told her I’m out for PR (which she isn’t happy with but I’m hoping it’ll blow over soon) but I’ll still be there for her wedding in the labia dress!

          • I Dont Get It

            On other topics what did you get at the Farmers Market?

          • I ended up having to work late that day and didn’t make it in time. 🙁 The bf got some carrot juice, garlic chevre spread, and daikon… We ordered pizza for dinner. : P

          • I Dont Get It

            I check online and Kuhn Orchard does sell there but they didn’t have a lot of produce yet. Asparagus should be coming soon though!

          • I’ll definitely get some Kuhn Orchard asparagus there soon! 🙂

    • Sorry the bride is being a zilla, but that buzzfeed was hilarious. The pregnant one is the best.
      My hangover cure is: a liter of pedialyte; half before going out and half before bed. It is $5 well spent.

    • Mug of Glop

      I always feel bad for women in wedding parties because of the ridiculous nonsense I’m always hearing about like in that gif menagerie.

      My go-to for a hangover is shotgunning 20-ish ounces of lemon-lime Gatorade with a pair of ibuprofen. (Gatorade flavor may not matter.)

    • Definitely not too late to back out. I attended a wedding where the Best Man backed out a month before the wedding, and my fiancé was asked to be the Best Man.

    • Wait so the trip is 8months away? Come on you have plenty of time to save!

      • I abhor this type of comment. Some of us live paycheck to paycheck.

        • Regardless of how many months off the trip is or what people’s spending/savings habits are like, SKT’s friend is being a bridezilla. The problem isn’t so much whether SKT has the $ for the trip (although that might well be a problem too); it’s more that the bridezilla is asking her bridesmaids to spend so much $ (and time) in the first place.

          • Really well put. No one is going to want to sacrifice and save when the person is being ridiculous.

          • Word.

          • Exactly. It sounds like the bride should have laid this out early on – hey, I’m thinking of (travel, expenses, whatever) – is that going to work out okay? Last wedding I was in, bride was pretty upfront about what she wanted and asked us how much we could spend on dresses, etc. It always ends up being more than you expect but at least we had a ballpark.

      • I’m waiting for someone to call you insensitive.

  • mtpgal

    The article about protecting the cherry blossoms in WaPo this morning kinda bummed me out. It never occurred to me before that people would break off pieces of the trees as souvenirs. Their living things! Why would you do that??

    • mtpgal

      * they’re

      The grammar shame.

    • Spend any amount of time in one of the groves, and you will see person after person snapping off branches. The one time I said anything to anyone about it resulted in a lady screaming at me.

    • GiantSquid

      I would volunteer for the NPS to dress in official-looking khaki and yell at people touching the trees. All they have to do is give me a hat.

    • Pablo Raw

      Somewhere I have a photo of a little girl being photographed by her parents, she is carrying the blossoms in her little hands and the photo is taken right next to the sign that ask people to not cut them 🙁

    • And people wonder why we hate tourists…
      (Not that local people don’t do this too, probably. People just have no class.)

    • Quotia Zelda

      One year, my daughter was on crutches so we drove through Kenwood instead of going downtown. Blossom enthusiasts were parking on people’s lawns, traipsing through their yards, and breaking off branches from their trees. It was icky.

  • Bear

    Rant: This weather is putting a serious damper on my week off.
    Rave: The sunshine this weekend will hopefully make up for it! Looking forward to finishing at least one of the garden projects I’ve started, brunch and pedicures with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while, and a Sunday afternoon BBQ.
    Rave: Getting landscaping quotes for the backyard. This might not be a rave when we see the actual estimates, but it will be so exciting to have a proper patio and more usable space. Especially for the backyard wedding reception we’re planning!

    • +100000 on the backyard wedding reception. I want to go to one SO BADLY. I bet they’re the most fun.

      • Bear

        Fun is what we’re aiming for! We decided we’d put the money we’d spend on renting a venue into fixing up the backyard.

        • epric002

          that sounds like a great idea! did you get in on that wine sale to stock on on the veuve?

          • Bear

            I didn’t. We have a bunch of friends in the service industry, though, so we’re hoping to take advantage of some connections to get our booze at wholesale cost. With any luck that will include some veuve!

    • Backyard wedding reception = the best idea ever.

      And you have very lucky friends. 🙂

  • Rant: Regretting not having a house meeting re: the kitchen this week. It’s still a disgusting mess and I’m too p*ssed off to think rationally anymore.
    Sidenote: The other day one of my kids asked me if “p*ssed off” is a curse word.
    Rave: bought a weber grill off of craigslist for $30 and a picnic table that’s going to be delivered Sunday for our backyard 🙂
    Rant: I’ve allowed this spring break to be incredibly dull. I’ll do better next year
    Rave: Talib Kweli show tomorrow with my work bestie.
    Rave: homemade matzoh ball soup is the only thing that makes Passover tolerable.

    • So is it a curse word or not?
      I don’t know how you deal with that kitchen. I’m no chef, but being able to prepare food in a clean and clutter-free space is one of those things that I enjoy same thing with a clean bathroom. I think you definitely need to have a meeting or something.

      • Yes, I plan to next week. One roommate will be out of town until Tuesday and I’d like us to all be here for it.

      • As for the curse word, I told him I do not expect to hear it from him again and if he were to use that phrase in one of his papers, I couldn’t display it on the bulletin board.

      • +1
        You need to be explicitly clear iindsay. Bring up concrete examples of what to do and what NOT to do. Spell it out to them, as if they’re your students 😀

    • My roommate leaving the kitchen dirty has been the single biggest source of stress in my life the last three years. I finally moved out because I had gotten to the point where I was irrationally pissed off about it 90% of the time. I brought it up a few times but wish I had been more clear…I shouldn’t have let it take up that much head space.

      • Yeah..that will be me next week. I’m the only one in the house on the lease so I’m not going anywhere, but I’m going to need to be very direct about it. I am a little resentful that I have to be a b*tch about it though.

        • Well, if you’re direct and they still don’t get it, don’t let them use that grill or picnic table until they clean up their act! But that’s just me also getting irrationally angry at kitchen sloppiness.

        • Being direct and vocal =/= being a bitch
          “Being a bitch” is when you’re passive-aggressive and spiteful and no one understands why.

    • Pablo Raw

      One of the things that bring me more pleasure in life, is to see my kitchen nice and clean.

    • Mr. Eggs and I moved out of a wonderful living arrangement with very dear friends soley due to their inability to clean the kitchen. I get it. We’re not clean freaks by ANY stretch of the imagination (just scrubbed the stove last weekend and it’s way whiter than I remember it being…) but there’s a point where it’s ridiculous.

      • Yep…this will definitely teach me to screen better in the future.

        • Although most people are honest as a default, it’s very hard to screen out many undesirable traits. I had a roommate who left his personal cleansing device laying about the bathroom. I’d never think to ask about such a thing.

    • iindsay, if the roomies are just slobs that can’t see dirt, would it be worth bringing up the idea of getting bimonthly housekeeping that everyone pitches in to pay for?

  • Rave: Still happy after my first French class on Wednesday. I barely remembered anything from my high school days but the professor was nice (a native French woman) and insisted on practicing our pronunciation rather than just rote memorization of words. Depression is at bay because this is something that I always wanted to do.
    Rave: Now focusing on other stuff that I’ve always wanted to do like……….
    Rave: Getting contacts for the first time ever today. I have hidden behind my glasses long enough.
    Rant: Census Bureau shooting. My agency works closely with the Census Bureau and I go out there for meetings sometimes. I know I should be nonchalant since I write about workplace violence stats for my job but it kind of felt close to home for me.
    Rave: Renting The Imitation Game from Redbox. I know it’s just s Redbox movie but I’m looking forward to a good movie night tonight nonetheless.

    • I’m so jealous that you’re taking French! I’ve studied just enough French to totally misunderstand everything I read and hear. 🙂 One day, I would love to be at least somewhat fluent.

    • laurelo

      Good luck with the contacts! Don’t expect them to feel normal right away–use eye drops and such. You’ll be a pro at putting them in and removing them in no time, but give yourself some extra time in the morning to get ready.

  • Rave: it’s Friday and I have vacation next week!
    Rave: my family is coming for a visit and then we’re heading up to NYC for a few days!
    Rant: I still haven’t heard back from colleagues on two huge grant proposals due the day after I get back from vacation 🙁

  • Rant: Children’s birthday parties. The timing never works, they’re exhausting, and I really just want cake and wine. I can have that at home
    Rave: the one this weekend is at a farm, so that’s totally great.
    Rant: Still waiting on ONE law school response so we can plan our lives. Have to decide about preschool by Monday – pay a huge deposit or lose our spot. Uncertainty sucks. Just want to have a response, as the preference is to GTFO of here.
    Rave: If it doesn’t work out, there’s a good chance husband will get tuition free at GTown. Which is awesome. Thanks, great test taker!

    • I recently went to a kid’s birthday party where the parents had scheduled some sort of entertainment (magician, balloon animals, characters, pinata, face painting) for every minute of the party. There was no time for kids to run around and be hooligans, and there was an open bar for the parents. It was kind of fantastic.

      • haha sounds both great and awful. For my kid’s, it was just do whatever, eat/drink/have Pablo take your picture of your kid in a halloween costume. Nothing formal. I like the idea of a children’s farm.

        • I used to do the birthday parties at a farm (not here though). It was a good time and the kids are generally so excited about everything on the farm, especially if there’s a hay ride, that they don’t have time to be hooligans.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Tons to do this weekend!
    Rant: Too much to do this weekend.
    Rave: Grad school friend visiting from out of town.
    Rant: …to see the cherry blossoms.
    Rant: Tourists (I assume) have booked up every reasonable seating at every reasonable restaurant in Logan Circle-ish already for Saturday night. Looks like we’ll be waiting at no reservations places.
    Rant: Not enough time to make coffee before the morning meeting in my office.

    • Mug of Glop

      Oh, and super big rave! Game of Thrones on Sunday! And I managed to snag some of the new GoT beer for the occasion!

      • Also, veep and silicon valley!

        • Mug of Glop

          Indeed! And Last Week Tonight continues! But Game of Thrones is the most important thing.

          • GOT is my husband’s thing (he plays the board game with friends – it’s pretty funny and sad at the same time, but they all love it). We can’t watch Sunday because we stream and it just does the stop and go until I can’t deal with it anymore. He watches Monday.

      • Winter is coming.
        Although, as an early reader of the series, I am mildly disgruntled that Martin is allowing the show to overtake the novels. Apparently, there will be some scenes (maybe not this season, but the next?) that have not yet occurred in the books. Harrumph. Though I suppose it’s only fair, given the glee with which the readers anticipated the watchers’ responses to the Red Wedding and other pivotal moments.

        • See, now I’m *excited* about that! I sort of feel like I’m missing out on parts of the experience by knowing what’s coming next. I’m so excited to be able to experience those moments with my friends from here on out without knowing what’s coming, and then also getting an awesome book to read. Two stories are always better than one!

          • That’s a very positive way to look at it. My fear is not so much that it’ll spoil the experience for me, but that the HBO production crew will start to drive the story, not Martin. I still really enjoy the show, but they (understandably) have to cut/change more and more from the show because the novels are so intricate (much less of an issue in seasons/books 1-2). I fear a dumbing down of the novels.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The Red Wedding was beautiful 🙂

        • did you see Kit Harrington on Meyers? funnnnny

        • There’s “new” content this season. I’m excited about it. I read all the books between the first and second seasons so have experience each side of it and like the anticipation and surprise.

    • I Dont Get It

      Cherry Blossom tourists have discovered Logan Circle restaurants? 14th Street you’re dead to me!

      • Fortunately, there’s the up and coming Dupont Circle neighborhood nearby 😉

      • Mug of Glop

        I don’t know? Maybe it’s this way all the time. But I was trying to make reservations several days ago for tomorrow evening, and every place I tried had no more bookings available on Open Table. I can only assume everyone wants to have their visiting parents take them to Le Diplomate? (That’s what I’d do!)

  • Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: I need to finish a final this weekend so I can work on my other final, but I can do it!
    Rave: Actually slept through the night last night! First time in awhile.
    Unknown: Really excited about the room I plan to move into but really overwhelmed by the logistics. Emailed landlord because I will be breaking the lease, but haven’t received a response yet. House is waiting for me to say I’m 100% in so I can sign the lease,etc. but I want to wait until I hear from my landlord. And moving is crazy expensive. How do people afford this? It seems like an oxymoron that one must spend so much to move in order to save money.

    • It’s so expensive! I just keep thinking to myself that at least we aren’t in NYC or Boston with broker fees, and where my friends seem to move every year.

    • Moving is the worst. It seems like even if you think you’re doing it cheaply (with friends, ect) there’s always something that sucks the money out of you. It’s the moving trolls, who are friends with the borrowers.

      • I’m glad this is not just me! Last night around 11pm I said to myself, “What have I gotten myself into? Am I doing this wrong?” But I guess it’s just how things are.

        • For me, it’s that trip to Target/Container store/Whatever. “I totally need more lysol/new curtains/ect”. I also purge a LOT when I move and replace it – mostly kitchen stuff. I never move whats in my fridge. Which is ridiculous. It’s just annoying to me to move half opened stuff that I probably won’t use anyway. That’s a big money suck right there. I’ve moved so much in the last few years, though, that I just have stopped unpacking a lot of things!

          • Me too! We always just pitch whatever’s in the fridge for the most part and replacing that stuff is so expensive.

        • It’s a big outlay upfront, but I imagine if you’re moving you’re saving something whether money or time, so I’m sure it’s worth it long-term.
          On food: assuming the move was planned in advanced, am the only person that either takes the food with me if it’s easy to carry or buys less leading up to the move, so I’ll run out before I move?

  • Rave: it wasn’t exactly picturesque, but the cherry blossoms were lovely this morning. I got to the tidal basin at 7:15 and it was practically empty. It was still pretty light tourist-wise when I left at 8:15. Thanks bad weather for keeping the hordes away and letting me wear my jaunty hat!
    Rant: at the Jefferson memorial an older couple walked by me and said, so I could hear, “everyone here is looking at their devices.” So, I informed them that there’s a great National Mall app with all the day’s events. Access to info, it’s an awesome thing.
    Rave: refi is moving quickly, I have my appraisal Monday morning. Is there anything I should be prepared for? He said it will only take 15-20 minutes, which sounds kind of short to me.

    • When we refi’d, our appraisal was also pretty short if I recall correctly. They mostly check number of bedrooms/bathrooms & whether various rooms/appliances have been “upgraded” or some such thing. It was a pretty painless process in my anecdote of experience.

    • I was in my apt when an appraiser came back, and it didn’t even take that long. They are looking at comps too, so they’re just seeing what you have relatively speaking…how much space, how many bathrooms, are things in good condition, etc. It’s pretty straight forward.

    • Nope, 15-20 sounds right. Good luck!

    • Becks

      Rave for Jaunty Hats!!!

    • When I had my coop appraised to get rid of my PMI (should have done it earlier, was lazy), it was painless – the appraiser spent less than 5 min in my place – quick walk-thru. But then, when I rode with him to the copy shop a few blocks away to copy my coop’s documents for him, his car was filled with pot smoke – so I don’t think serious diligence was needed or wanted by him. Then again, the gain was hundreds of thousands, so a no sweat appraisal.

  • Rave: First horse show of the season next weekend!
    Rant: Ground needs to dry out fast so I can ride out in the fields!
    Rave: Making fajitas tonight and hanging out at home.
    Rant: Home already a mess following the cleaners due to dishes and work schedules.
    Rant: Forgot a bag of groceries and left them out overnight so lost veggie sausages, soy milk, cheese, etc.
    Rave: Fun weekend ahead. With SUN hopefully!

    • Emmaleigh504

      My Swiss colleague says that cheese is fine even if it’s been left out over night. Do whatever you want with that information.

    • soy milk is shelf stable until it’s opened, right? I think the veggie sausages would be okay too.

  • Rave: Slept the best last night that I have all week!
    Rant: Still tired this morning.
    Rave: COFFEE!
    Rave: planning a gathering with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.
    Rant: Cognitive dissonance of blooming cherry trees and damp, chilly weather
    Funny [If you like stories about kids, if not, AVERT YOUR EYES]: My kiddo telling me to hug my roommate this morning when I was giving goodbye love to kiddo & my wife. Apparently she didn’t want “Auntie E” to feel left out 🙂
    Happy Friday everyone 🙂

  • Rave: Just realized Delta Rae was playing at 9:30 club tonight.
    Rant: No one really to go with/not feeling people right now. Maybe I’ll go alone and drink at the bar.

    • Becks

      I could join you in silent drinking if you’d like.

    • If you feel like being social, you can find a meetup group for that event. I know I keep talking about meetup groups, but I’m a fan now. Never going to a show alone now.

    • skj84

      Oh man. I already have something to do tonight. Otherwise I totally would be down to catch Delta Rae.

    • Slightly off topic, but I saw The Bright Light Social Hour last night on a whim, and they were amazing. I recommend going to the show, even if you’re alone. Music lifts all spirits!!!

    • 9:30 is a great venue to see a show solo. If it’s a band that you want to see and no one is interested, go for it!

    • Thanks internet! I think I will go – you’ve given me the nudge. I’ll be at the bar drinking – and they just released their new album this week if you haven’t heard it!

  • epric002

    rave: friday!
    rave: started rewatching kimmy schmidt last night, this time with husband. he also thinks it’s hilarious.
    rave: HH after work!
    rant: dreary weather. at least it’s going to be warm?
    rave: hair appt on saturday!

  • RAVE: Delayed Seder tonight! The menu is PACKED with good stuff.
    RANT/RAVE: meeting The Family for the first time tonight. Oooof. 😮
    RAVE: yoga and a hot brunch double-date tomorrow 😀
    RAVE: Great weather this weekend.
    RAVE: Action packed Sunday in Baltimore!
    RANT: I have a metric butt-ton of work to finish before heading on vacation to MEXICO on the 21st
    RAVE: working from home today and not having to commute in this mess.

    • lol at “metric butt-ton”. I need to find a use for that phrase sometime.

    • Ooh what are you doing in Baltimore?

      • Deep Sugar afterhours –> brunch + oysters/crabs/beer at Cross Street Market –> Orioles game or Visionary Art Museum or maybe Hampden (I have no idea what to do there, but always wanted to visit).
        We’re pretty open, if anyone has suggestions for food and/or Hampden

        • I had an awesome dinner at Woodbury Kitchen for my birthday a few weeks ago. I think it’s actually in Hampden although my Baltimore geography isn’t the best, and the google is telling me Hampden is a bit east of there. In any case, it’s delicious food, great atmosphere, and at least somewhat close to Hampden.

        • when we were in Baltimore we also went to the casino…it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, but if you do like to gamble it’s an idea of something to do that you can’t do in DC.

    • YAY for hot brunch double-date tomorrow! (party hat emoji, two white couple emojis) And good luck with The Family Meeting!

  • Rave: Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast, which has all kinds of useful tips for how to live a happier life. The newest episode has a segment about the frustrations of dealing with people who have an “oppositional conversational style.” I wish the podcast had some better tips on how to deal with this frustrating way of communicating — it’s one of the things that bothers me most these days, including right here on PoP — but I’m glad she raised the issue of how difficult it can be, and how many of us can do it without even realizing it.
    Rave: The new iPhone emojis and emoji layout. I want to text all of the emojis.
    Rave: My dog is still a cuddle beast and he makes every day markedly better.

    • I can’t update IOS because I’m out of space, but as long as they keep the stonehenge, poop, and manicure emojis, we’re good!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Stonehenge? when are they going to get a rhino emoji is what I want to know!

      • Can someone use (Stonehenge) in context? I have no idea how I would use that.

        • “Who the f*** builds a Stonehenge?”
          Sorry I still love it. The song gets stuck in my head randomly.

          • I had a little trouble taking things seriously when I finally saw Stonehenge in real life because I kept thinking of Spinal Tap.

        • Emmaleigh504

          We’re supposed to use emojis in a sentence and not just to make texts pretty? Also do not have stonehenge! *pouts*

          • Sorry – I just ruined your day. Easter Island head!!! I randomly text my sister ridiculous emojis. That’s the only reason I can assume the easter island head / smiling poop / manicure ones exist

          • Haha emojis can be used however the emoji writers please, of course! And now that I think about it, I think the actual emoji isn’t stonehenge, but an Olmec head statue (no?). I’m thinking a text with one could read something like “I’ve tried to reason with her, but she’s totally impossible. I’m freezing her out for my own mental health (Olmec head).”

          • Emmaleigh504

            Whew! I was afraid I was getting too old to text for a minute there. I do have the Easter Island head! And I would like to know who to harass to get a rhino. I mean seriously, there’s a wart-hog, but no rhino!

          • I think there -should- be a way to create your own emoji. It’s nuts that there’s an Apple Watch emoji and no rhino emoji. Nuts!

          • I love it when I get emoji texts when I’m driving and it reads them, especially becaseu my best friend loves to send them in duplicates. “Throwing kisses, throwing kisses, throwing kisses, throwing kisses” is a good thing to hear on the way to work.

          • jeslett, does that means that all of the emojis actually have official English names? I have to say, I would LOVE to know the names of some of them.

          • Only losers use emojis 😉

          • Shawess, I had no idea and I never would have known! I presume there’s an iPhone to Android issue with some of the translations which could make it even more hilarious.

          • … says the guy who literally texted me every single new emoji today at 8:15 AM, including Santa Claus and the may with the turban in all of the different skin tones. (You knew I’d have to share that, right?)

          • Emmaleigh504

            texts before 9am that are not an emergency are grounds for death.

          • OP Anon is allowed to text me at that early, but only because I’m already awake and his texts crack me up. Everyone else should keep their texts to themselves until at least 10AM, but preferably lunchtime 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            So maybe not death, just a little maiming.

          • HAHA! Yes, I already know she’s up and caffeinated. And I know to keep it lighthearted at that hour 😀
            Omg, the various skin tone emojis are incredible. The turban one is great. Endless hours of fun. I wish we could add skin tones to the Peach emoji.

          • “I wish we could add skin tones to the Peach emoji.” I almost just spit out my coffee. If so, we should be able to change the skin tone of the eggplant and the melon, too. And maybe the rocketship.

      • It’s probably a good thing that you can’t update, if you have an older phone. My previous iPhone 4 had five miserable months once I updated it to iOS 8. The functionality for everyone slowed down drastically, even just typing a basic text message was agonizing slow.
        Once they release an iPhone 6S, I will probably stop updating the iOS for my iPhone 6. They optimize the iOS for the newest processor available, so any future update will inevitably slow down your older iPhone. My friend who’s an engineer for Apple confirmed all of this for me.

      • It may be smaller if you update while hard-line connected to your computer. Mine had the same issue – apparently over wifi it’s much larger than over a wire.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Front and back doors being replaced tomorrow. Entreating the Ceiling Cat that it goes smoothly and the handymen do good work.
    Rant: Have to babysit the handymen and landlord is expecting progress updates when the weather is supposed to be really nice.
    Rant: Haven’t heard back yet from job I was hoping I’d get. Trying not to be bummed.
    Revel: Brunch date on the calendar with friends for next weekend.
    Rant: Can’t tell if lower back is pissed off because of dance class earlier this week, because we need to replace our mattress, both, or neither. Help me out Advil.

  • Rave – Going to see Swan Lake at the Kennedy Center tonight!
    Rave – Went for a walk yesterday to see the cherry blossoms. Still so pretty, even in the gloomy weather
    Rant – Gloomy weather. Also my Comcast cable box broke yesterday and I have to wait a week for them to ship me another one.

    • are they crediting you a week for your inability to use cable?

      • They should if they don’t have them in stock at the in-person offices, but if it’s a matter of her being unable to go (not because she’s disabled or whatever), then that would be a much harder sell to make.

        • I believe they no longer give or take returns of boxed in person. We tried and were told someone either had to pick it up or we had to ship it back. We couldn’t drop it off.

          • That changed in the last few months because I took an old box to the Brookland facility in January. They also offered me the option to just pick up a new box in Jan-Feb when I switched X1 equipment.

      • Yes, thankfully they are crediting my account. I’m not able to go to their offices to pick up a new box, so they have to ship me another one.

  • Rave: all the awesome tips from popville about what to do/where to stay in London on yesterday’s RRRR. Thank you all so much!
    Rave: Dumbarton Oaks with the bf tomorrow, whoo hoo. He’s never been, looking forward to introducing him to its splendor!

    • DOaks is my favorite place in the city to see cherry blossoms – much less chaos than the Tidal Basin, and just as purty!

      • Agree! And Sunday April 12th is the 74th anniversary with special events from 12:30 – 3:00. From Washington Gardener:
        “A free event open to the public, the 74th Anniversary Celebration will include a gate reopening ceremony with remarks by Rock Creek Park Superintendent Tara Morrison and Conservancy President Lindsey Milstein; exhibits from park partners focusing on urban environmental protection and conservation landscaping; children’s arts ‘n’ crafts activities; a wildflower walk led by expert naturalist Mary Pat Rowen; and a park history and restoration-focused Secret Garden Stroll led by author-historian-Conservancy staff member Scott Einberger”

  • Rant: Rain and mugginess is messing up my hair! Have had to wash it 4 times so far this week when I normally wash every other day. Always so frustrating when it looks great at home and is a frizzy mess by the time I walk into the office.
    Rave: Going to be in the 60s tonight!
    Rave: Great weekend planned. Seeing an improv show tonight. Couple friends are seeing Delta Rae at 9:30 club closeby so will try to meet up with them before or after the show. Game night tomorrow at a friend’s place.
    Rave: Decided I’m going to Naan and Beyond for lunch to get my monthly Indian fix. So much cheaper than ordering in from Himalayan Heritage, as much as I adore their samosas.

  • Rave: FRIDAY and pizza for lunch
    Rant: whatever traffic fairies make yesterday’s morning commute so short turned into devils and made the evening commute back into the city a cluster
    Rant: Traveling again this weekend, not by choice. Always hope I’ll end up next to someone interesting on the plane but usually end up with a stressed out mom with a screaming baby or Mormon missionaries.
    Rant: Another friend’s going away party tonight. Feels like so many people have left in the past few months.
    Rave: Really loving DC in the spring time but also starting to look into other cities I might consider moving to.

    • What other cities would you consider? I’m always so curious to hear other’s takes on this, and reasons why!

      • My biggest thing is finding a place that is more laid back and ideally less expensive than DC. Places I’ve been thinking about recently are Boston (not too much different but lots of friends there), Chicago, Denver, Philly, Seattle/Portland. I’m also toying with the idea of moving abroad again, potentially for grad school, but that would be a much bigger commitment. I have at least a couple of friends in each city, so a lot of it will depend on how much effort I want to put into “starting over” as well as job prospects in each place. I’m in no rush to leave DC but definitely not tied to staying here and I’m leaning towards spending the next few months seriously doing some research and applying to jobs not in the area. What about you?

        • Mr. Eggs and I have no plans of ever buying a place in this area, but we’re also pretty much always stumped as to where we would go from here. It’s a great spot for both of our careers (and the further I get into mine, quite possibly the only good spot for it) and we have a wonderful group of friends here that really are our family now. We don’t particularly want to leave, but this isn’t really our long-term plan. It could very easily turn into a long-term thing, though, we just haven’t made any solid decisions.
          We have considered Denver as well! Also, Tampa and Phoenix. I don’t know, we may end up just never leaving. lol

          • Denver is pretty high on my list right now. I’m not sure I could do Tampa or Phoenix because I like seasons too much. Denver gets cold and snow but it is sunny most of the time!

        • I’m in love with Brussels. I visited there for the first time two months ago and it reminds me A LOT of the good things I like about DC, but cheaper, safer, and they’ve completely figured out public transportation.

          • Ooh, can you share tips on Brussels with Mr. Shawess?

          • Yes, I will tell him on Saturday. It’s such a nice, lovely place with reasonable real estate prices, health care, and parental leave benefits. It’s pretty much what the U.S. should be.

          • Interesting! I’ve never been there but it does sound like a great place. If only I had an EU passport…

        • Emmaleigh504

          Before I was born my parents decided to move to a town for a few years, for funsies. Fifteen years later we finally got to leave that hell-hole. It’s funny how people wind up where they do.

  • Rave: Naps after taking care of business are the best.

  • Rave: finally tried brewing my own cold brew coffee (Starbucks got me hooked and that’s an addiction I can’t afford) and it turned out great!
    Rave: two happy hours tonight. Back to back. Not dangerous at all.
    Rant: weather is threatening the location of one. We were thinking Cantina Marina but may have to move it indoors because spring can’t make up its mind!

    • Cold brew coffee is the BEST. The only time I make anything else is when it’s below 30 degrees.

    • Awesome! I really need to try my own. I’ve gotten completely addicted to Starbucks’ version, but it’s so easy to forget how expensive it is when you just scan your phone.

      • Yes, try Smitten Kitchen’s recipe! Super easy and you don’t really need a cheesecloth or a sieve, a regular old coffee filter would work.

  • RANT: Although my job doesn’t exactly do flex time, a couple people have arrangements to work half an hour into lunch in order to leave half an hour early for grad school classes, etc. I thought that I would be able to do the same thing for my therapy appointments – I just need to leave 15 minutes early for lunch break, I always get in about 20 minutes early or if that’s not enough I could work late.
    NOPE. I was told that, while grad school classes are approved for this arrangement, medical reasons are not and I will have to use a full half hour of leave to leave 15 minutes early! WHAT. They said if it’ll be months then they could, but not if it’s just weeks, and I said I don’t know how long it’ll be.
    I am so angry right now. It seems inconsistent and ridiculous. If it was applied consistently, then fine – but 2 of the 3 people doing the slightly flexible schedule are not on grad classes (one just wanted to leave early every day, for the other his department prefers him to work later instead of earlier anyway).
    At least this is incentive for me to really get moving on finding something else. I am trying to decide whether to just do it and use leave, or cancel it (the appointments have been getting me down instead of helping me so far anyway…)

    • I agree, that’s BS. So frustrating when rules can’t be applied consistently.

      • +1. That’s really not right. My coworker comes in early, by choice, and adds it up for “informal comp time” (my department does not approve any comp time) and my other coworker, who also gets in here early, never had that benefit. I was like whaaaat? I will never for the life of me understand why offices can’t be flexible – happy worker, good worker.

    • Wow. Just wow. I always knew I’m lucky working in a place that treats us like adults and lets us “move time” around as needed to accommodate appointments and things, but this just drives it home. Unbelievable.

      • It’s largely that Japanese culture doesn’t believe in flex time, but… I absolutely don’t understand why it’s so arbitrary. I’m sure they’ve been flexible in the past for people who needed physical therapy and that sort of thing, which is temporary… I’m keeping it vague (“minor chronic health problem”) since there’s also a huge stigma about depression in Japanese culture, which maybe makes them less understanding as well.
        I miss my old supervisor – he would’ve had no problem with it. The new one is a stick in the mud.

        • And actually, I especially don’t want to mention the reason to this supervisor. We were talking once about the current issues stemming from the tsunami in 2011, and he mentioned he lived through the huge Kobe earthquake in 1994. He said he knew a lot of people who were depressed and committed suicide (PTSD, having livelihoods disrupted, etc. which is also a problem now) and he didn’t understand the value of trying to raise awareness of mental health issues/bring in mental health professionals to deal with the PTSD of the tsunami victims, because “anyone who would kill themselves is just the person who would do it anyway, no matter what.”
          So yeah, he’s not exactly a very understanding guy…

      • And to be accounting for 15 minute increments is already absurd. Do you have to work late if you spent too much time in the bathroom that day?

      • shit, there’s someone in another office here whose supervisor said she couldn’t take any more sick leave because she has taken “too much” lately. She recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. WTF is wrong with people.

    • epric002

      total BS. who told you you couldn’t do it- your boss or HR? you could always go back and say that you checked w/your dr and oh BTW it will be months. if it doesn’t turn out to be months, they don’t have to know that you’re just going to lunch and not to a med appt.

      • We don’t have HR (this guy kind of is, but he’s also my immediate supervisor, who would act as the intermediary to my higher level boss – weird hierarchical Japanese workplace). He was very reluctant to talk to the higher level boss about it. I think I’m going to ask a Japanese colleague what she thinks and if she has any advice on how I should approach it. When I mentioned I might be needing to see a doctor regularly she said she was sure that Mr. X (the guy who said no) and my boss would be fine with working with me on it, so maybe she’ll have some ideas. They’re just all incredibly busy and stressed this month, so it’s sort of a bad time…

    • Hey littlen, I may have an idea for you but prefer to discuss it off the forum. Can you email me at shawessdc at gmail?

    • I would question this. I’m definitely no expert, but it seems to me that it is a reasonable accommodation to make, especially since they are already accommodating others for non-medical reasons. If you work in DC, this type of thing is covered under ASSLA.

      • That is good to know, thank you! I’ll look into that.
        I do get a good amount of paid sick leave, but I just would prefer not to use it once a week – I would rather keep it for if I get the flu (as several people in our office have this week) or that sort of thing. Since it’s just 15 minutes and not an hour or anything I thought they would be fine with this… Grrrr inflexible work places.

        • That’s frustrating — good luck with it all.
          Tangential: Get a flu shot! The flu can be miserable. The last time I had the flu, I missed two weeks of work and was even more exhausted than when I had mono in grad school.

    • “Ask forgiveness, not permission.”
      -My motto for everything in life. Ain’t no one got time to deal with other people’s stupidity.

      • Seriously. This is the best thing my current boss has taught me.

      • As much as I would like to, that wouldn’t really fly here. I’m their assistant so it’s noticeable if I duck out early (we have set lunch hours) and I often have to bring them lunch that they have delivered, which usually arrives around the time that I would be leaving. Argh.

    • People like to bash unions (and, sure, there’s corruption, like in anything) but they really do give a way to deal with the different rules apply to different folks problem. Though I prefer what I’ve had on most jobs – nobody monitors when you come and go, you just have a ton of work to, so you end up working a lot if you are diligent – you were about the job you did, not the hours – I did have one (my one govt experience) where we added up a lot of comp time on weekly time sheets, but only the supervisor’s pets actually got to use any of it – now that place could have benefited from a union. Or just fair management – but that seems to be scarce.

    • littlen, an int’l education organization I used to work with (and am still very connected to) looks like they are hiring. If you’re interested, email me via yahoo at sharonwdc.

  • Rave: So looking forward to the weekend. It has been a long week.
    Rant: Furniture built too large for city apartments. I just found the loveliest dining room table, but it is bigger than any kitchen or dining room I think I’ll have for the foreseeable future.
    Rave: Cherry blossoms in places besides the Tidal Basin. All of the beauty, none of the tourists.

    • +1 to every one of your R/R’s!

    • I had a table custom made by someone on Etsy for that reason. It was actually not that expensive. Finally a table sized for DC apartments that is nicer than my college particle-board-bought at Kmart furniture.

  • Rant: I’m a tall, not narrow person and, since moving in with my SO and sharing my queen sized bed in October, have been sleeping pretty poorly. I start waking up around 4am tossing and turning because in order to not be touching/jamming elbows into each other, I contort my arms and hands in some strange position and invariably wake up 30 minutes later because my hands have fallen asleep. A larger bed is not an option in the already crammed bedroom. Will I never sleep well again??!
    Rave: spending the morning in Takoma, a part of DC I’m rarely in. So cute!
    Ruminate: if you know that DC is not a financially feasible solution for you long-term (nor do you particularly want it to be), at what point do you call it quits and leave?

    • I’d love to hear others’ responses to your last point. Mr. Eggs and I know, for a fact, we will never buy a place in this area. However, we’re also not sure when is the right time to uproot and move elsewhere (or where that would even be, to be honest).

    • GiantSquid

      In regards to your last point: Mr. Squid and I are in that spot right now. We are finally able to save to buy, but I think buying in DC is a long-shot. We’ve been here almost six years, I have been able to live in a city, which I’ve always wanted to do. We’re both feeling a need for a place with more light, more space, and a yard for the dogs and gardening. Unless we win the lotto (that we’re not playing) or someone gives us a ton of money, we can’t really afford to buy in DC, especially not on the Hill. We appreciate all that DC has to offer: walkability, public transport, able to have only one car, biking, a close community, things going on. It is expensive in many ways. There’s nothing that says we can’t ever move back if we have the desire and means later on in life. So we’re looking elsewhere. He’s the major breadwinner of the two of us, so it really depends on where he finds a job. I have a bit more flexibility. I’m a proponent of moving where you have a job lined up already, so if you’re thinking about leaving, start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

      • What’s hard is that my SO owns her place and makes quite a bit more money than I do (which is still not tons–she works in govt and I in non-profit). However, we both agree that, given the very high cost of living/childcare here, and the fact that there are plans for a child in the future, and that I will never make as much money as she does, that it doesn’t make sense for us to stay given the things that are important to us (for her it’s a house and a yard, for me it’s enough of a financial cushion to be able to travel and not feel strained and tight–not to mention that I am very very tired of DC, so even though we might be able to squeak by I have no interest in doing so any longer). I’m originally from St. Louis, so Chicago or St. Louis are looking like the most likely next step. The question now is just when do you call it quits?

        • What’s keeping you here? So far it seems you’ve listed reason to go but none to stay. I’m curious why you haven’t already started an exit strategy. Inertia?

          • Some inertia, but largely SO, who loves dc and is employed by the government in a very specific job that, despite many offices around the country, is not easily transferable–as in, one transfer EVER if she wants to stay with this agency (which she does). I know she’s not ready to leave yet, and I was ready to leave the year we met (nearly two years ago). We’ve come to an agreement that since she wants a kid and a house (neither of which are terribly important to me) that leaving this area is part of the deal (which I would want to do anyway, but is a MUST given the two things that are very important to her). I guess I just feel befuddled by the timeline of it all.

          • When I hear somebody contemplating having a kid who also says that having a kid really isn’t terribly important to them, I feel sorry for the potential kid. I suppose some people who don’t have the desire to be parents do feel the love for the kid kick in once the kid is there, but it can certainly go the other way as well – remembering why one really never wanted kids.

          • So the question is really “when does SO call it quits”? You’re ready to go now. But SO is caught between staying (job) and going (kid and house). Sounds like you’d rather leave but aren’t committed to having a kid or a house; while SO would rather stay except in order to have a kid and a house. My amateur and incomplete reading of your situation is that the timeline depends on if and when the two of you decide you’re ready to have a kid and a house.

      • After a certain point in life, people live where they can find the work they want, or just can get hired for. The first time I moved to NYC, it was after college, just for fun and to be with friends. Work was unimportant, just a way to earn on that twenties way station before grad school. After grad school, I moved back to NYC because that’s where the jobs were – would have been happy to stay in Boston or environs (was thinking I’d settle in New England after going back to school there) but due to recession that hit the area hard the year I graduated, back to NYC for the jobs it was. Came to DC later for a job – would have been happy to stay in NYC, but the job offers were here. NYC grew on me, I became a New Yorker, in a way DC never has (yet … I recognize that it might, given enough years.) Looking for a job now, I’d be happy to stay, mainly due to inertia, and rent/real estate is way cheaper, and it is easier to get around, and you see more sun and sky, than in NYC – but I also will be so happy to get a job – so much so, that I’m sending resumes to states I really don’t want to live in at all, but hey, it beats being homeless in DC, which is what I fear most.

    • Decades ago, as a skinny person, I slept all tangled up with (equally skinny) partners in full and even twin beds with no problem. Fast forward to mid-life and some weight gain (not obese) – in my last relationship neither of us slept well together in a queen sized bed – both had noticeable sleep deficit after spending a night together, even when we weren’t otherwise occupied until late in the night. I think the ideal solution if I live with anyone again is one of those houses with two large bedrooms joined by a door – that would take care of any snoring issues as well.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am possibly being a dumbass by volunteering to work this weekend. I’m already pretty tire, but
    Rave: extra cash goes towards my next trip to Sweden!
    Rant: I just realized I forgot to call my dad for his birthday. Quotia Zelda, why didn’t you remind me?
    Rant: Still don’t have a birthday present for him.
    Rave: I’ve finished shopping for all the summer birthdays.

  • skj84

    Rant: not enough time between job interviews to go home. I have a few hours to kill and nothing to do.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Me! I spend too much time on here discussing other people’s lives. I have a mind, I have quality of life issues, I’ve seen a beautiful tree with scuttlebutt, I have random questions and thoughts and I poop. I don’t attack people here personally since that is what Twitter and the WTOP comment section is for. I don’t even bother to correct my own grammar. I need to vent and celebrate my own daily life in DC.

  • Rant: Breakup…
    Rant: Most of my passwords at work are variations of the ex’s name – slight twinge every time I have to login to something (like, seven different systems…)
    Rave: Great evening yesterday spent with my oldest (going on 35 years…) friend!
    Rave: Better weather this weekend – hoping to take a long walk to let spring clear my head and funk.

    • Rant: Apparently I use ellipses too much….

    • I’m sorry, breakups are so tough.

    • You’re forgiven for the ellipses; post-breakup can be a ponderous time. Though it sounds like it’s time for a purging of the ex’s name–change all your passwords! Even better, change your passwords to something that will make you laugh or smile.

      • Great idea! I have to change passwords every 30/60/90 days depending on the system, so I think most of them will be due to be changed soon. Otherwise I might just go in and change them before they expire. Another Rant – My office is freezing!! Why is the AC on??

  • Rave: Bus we empty and had my own seat
    Rave: Spring is here!!!
    Rave: Great happy hour last night with friends new and old
    Lets hope all this raves calm my nerves for Sunday’s marathon….

  • Rant: almost an entire bottle of antifreeze/coolant spilled all over my cars trunk. How do I clean this? Can I get this done at a car wash/detail place?

  • Advice: I’m adjusting prices for my room rentals and checking values within 4 blocks of my house has yielded crazy ranges in what folks are charging. I have 2 rooms each with a private bathroom, large double-door closet, and the current price includes all utilities (including FIOS) and a biweekly cleaning service. Plus one room has offstreet parking. The house is in Kingman Park, about .7 miles from the metro.

    What seems like a fair price? My taxes went up a crazy amount, so I need to increase what I’m charging, but some of the prices I’m seeing are outrageous.

    • “My taxes went up a crazy amount, so I need to increase what I’m charging” — The rent you’re asking should be in line with the market rate, regardless of what your mortgage is or how much your taxes went up.
      It sounds like the market rate is tricky to figure out because of the wide range you’re seeing, however. I don’t know much about the going rates in Kingman Park, but with more information, perhaps other PoPvillagers can help. Is this a 2-bedroom apartment you’re looking to rent out? A 2-bedroom house? (Or rooms in a group house?) Rowhouse? Semidetached house? Fully detached house? How recently renovated? Square footage?

      • Texdtdoc, I’ve always charged less than market rate because 1) it’s allowed me my pick of tenants and I’ve had excellent folks as a result and 2) as someone who rented in dc for decades before buying I wanted to cut renters a break since I was lucky enough to have landlords do the same for me in the past.

        That said, the increase in taxes means I need to get closer to market rate now, but I’m having trouble determining what that is given the range.

        • Ahh, OK. I didn’t realize that you were coming at it from that perspective (currently being under market rate, and wanting to stay under market rate). You can always charge less than the market rate; you just can’t charge more. 😉

          • You can as long as someone’s willing to pay it. 🙂

          • When I’m a renter, I don’t mind paying the going market rate for a new place that’s nice, but I really like it when the increases from then on are really nominal or non-existent – I’m a great tenant, and take good care of a place, and I like to have landlords that recognize this and aren’t trying to do big increases every year. Though that means renting from individuals, rather in managed buildings, and that usually brings its own form of crazy in some form or another. Was dealing with some of that just yesterday. It’s a trade off, I guess.

    • When i just checked CL room/share for kingman park the highest was 1000+1/3 utilities for basement room, parking, private bath 1/2 block from the metro, but there was a dog and a room left open for guests. Lowest was 500 but the owner said he specifically wanted commuters, so the price would be higher if someone was there full time. Parking was additional, and room is furnished; same distance to the metro as you. I think you can defintiely get the higher end of this range maybe 900-1000 or more depending on room size and such.

      • Thanks Spock! The rooms are large (5 windows in each, large closet, a skylight and large bathroom). Current tenants have queen size beds & regular bedroom furniture plus room for couches and exercise equipment.

        I was charging 800 for the room with a separate entrance and 600 for the room with offstreet parking. Guess that’s within the range already.

        • If they’re that big, I agree with Anon Spock on the 900-1000 range. Especially the room with off street parking, most apartments that I’ve seen charge at least $120-$150 extra a month just for that.

          • But parking is very neighborhood specific, so how much it’s worth can vary wildly. I’ve seen $100 in neighborhoods with ample street parking. I’m not sure where Kingman Park falls, though.

          • Kingman Park has tons of available off street parking, so it’s not likely a big benefit.

          • Kingman Park has tons of available off street parking, so it’s not likely a big benefit. Hell, we put feelers out for off-street alley parking in a prime area of Columbia Heights (an ad on CL) and we had zero bites at $125. Standard rate for outdoor alley spot around here seems to be $100. Kingman Park? $50, if that.

          • Thanks! I think the garage parking has been attractive for folks who aren’t planning on staying more than a year and don’t want to change their registration. Also some new folks have been weirdly concerned with parking on the street, so they liked the garage too.

        • I believe you can get more than 800 and 600. The first place I mentioned could easily be 1150-1200 with utilities. So if you charged +/- 1000 (for the formerly 800 room) w/ utilties included, you’re still cheaper than the most similar place which is in a basement even if it’s close to metro. Fios and a maid are big too.
          I think separate entrance and parking (esp. if it’s hard to find there) are pretty comparable.
          Those were just off a search for kingman park. I don’t know the boundaries, so I’m sure there are other comps to see that may be right on the border between kingman and the next neighborhood.

    • Those are some great perks. As someone who looked extensively for housing last fall, including in this area, I think you could get $1000 and anything less than that would be reasonable and would still give you your pick of tenants.

      • Have you spent any time in Kingman Park? Some blocks are cute, but it’s also still very very sketchy. If you’re a single female, you’re probably not walking home alone at night level-of-sketchy.
        I pay $1000 to live in a similar space in prime Columbia Heights. And my deal isn’t that rare. If I’m moving to Kingman Park, it’s because I want to take a big discount on my price. I’d say $800 would be a fair price. I know the OP wants to make up for his/her taxes, but right now buyers are paying a premium over rents for the privilege of owning (especially in gentrifying areas, like Kingman Park).

        • Kingman is close enough to H st and Eastern Market in some places to garner a higher price. It’s always hard to base things off an ad alone…you never know what is the ultimate rental price.

          • Meh, it’s still pretty removed from those amenities if walking. Hell, Carver Langston is pretty much in the heart of H Street but I don’t think you’ll be paying $1000/bedroom there. I wish the OP luck, but some of the prices being tossed around here are a pipe dream. And if you do manage to rent it for that much, I guarantee the person will be gone in a year for a cheaper deal. The OP’s plan of renting below market price is best if his plan is to minimize turnover. I’d say raise the rent of each room by $50-100, but no more than that.

          • I’m really ignorant of the neighborhoods over there, but the upper edge of your suggestion were in line with my first thought 900-1000. I think she could do the lower priced room more than 50-100 but only because I think it’s too low right now.
            I’d love to hear what she settled on, and how long it took to rent.

        • Yes, some folks find it too transitional for their tastes. Personally as a single female I’ve been walking home at night every night since I bought a few years ago without any problem. Most of my tenants have been women and none of them have had an issue. It’s all relative I suppose.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Citizen Cope last night…had third row seats thanks to my good friends who saved them for me
    Rant: What the heck is up with people and technology at concerts? Its gotten out of control…people were literally video taping the entire concert via their phone…a few things 1) How good is this video/audio quality on your phone 2) How many times will you rewatch this video 3) Can you already watch a similar video of better quality already on the internet? 4) People walking to the front of the stage at lincoln theater and posting up for 30 seconds to a minute to take pictures and record videos, NO people just NO sit down and enjoy the show and stop distracting people (they weren’t in my way because I was in the center but still). They seriously need to make an announcement like at the movies to politely take a picture or two and then keep your phone away.
    Rant: Guy in front center 2 rows ahead of me taking the most shameful selfies of himself throughout the show…so cringe worthy….I think he was not from America (his shirt said “Got Bulgaria?”…so i guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Rant: Seriously people do we want to be that generation? SMH
    Rave: Its friday and lots of fun activities planned 🙂

    • I was just at a concert where there were signs saying something like, “To avoid distracting other listeners and the musicians, please put cameras and devices away after the second song.” Seemed like a nice way to let people snap some pics but then get them out of the way. Not sure it would work at a 930 type space, though.

    • Agreed! I was at the CC concert, too. I was sitting in the front row in the balcony, and light from folks’ phones was really annoying. Like you said, take a quick pic or two (if you must) then put it away! I could look down and see people texting, tweeting, on facebook… Just sit back and enjoy the show for goodness’ sake!

      • Anonynon

        I was at Fast 7 last friday and this guy has like 6 different text convo’s going and was on tinder the entire movie! Excuse me sir, 1) how do you have cell reception 2) You are really going to miss this kick ass fight between the rock and Jason Stathem for a tinder swipe? get real!

        • That really was a kick ass fight. His loss.

        • The guy had his phone out during the entire movie?!? I would have been apoplectic with rage.

          • palisades

            Cool word! I looked it up (apoplectic) and at first thought it seems like the way you used it is redundant.
            But all the examples show it with a corresponding noun such as “anger” or “rage”. Weird. In my mind, it seems like you would just need to say “I would have been apoplectic,” considering the definition is filled with rage.

          • I think people tack on the rage or whatever because apoplexy used to be a medical term, for what we now call stroke. So in ye olde days, you were more likely to be apoplectic for reasons other than anger. Like having had a stroke.
            Agreed, tho. Good word.

          • palisades

            Thanks wdc! Love learning little things like that

    • palisades

      Effing infuriating. I went to the Jessie Ware concert a couple weeks ago and the chick standing in front of me was all by herself. This means that she can’t go 30 seconds without texting people saying how she can’t wait to meet up with them in Clarendon (yes I looked over her shoulder and read her texts!). She also spent entire songs holding her phone up and recording. What is the point? Bright lights ruining everyone else’s experience – and worst of all, the person recording doesn’t even live in the moment. Wasting everyone’s money.

    • No one has ever offered to show me a video of a concert they shot with their phone, but if someone did, I would reject the notion vehemently. No one wants to watch/ hear that!!

  • Not a rant or rave, but question for you all: Does anyone know where an older gent might find a job in DC (particularly upper NW). A friend of mine, in his mid-late 60s is looking for work in the restaurant industry (ie waiting) where his experience is, but is having a tough time. In fact one restaurant even told him they would not him due to his age! He has a strong drive to work, and has been looking constantly for places that are hiring, without any luck. Just wondered if anyone if anyone might have some advice! I don’t know that area that well, but wondered if there might be some little mom and pop type places that might be more senior friendly?

    • hm….not sure, but Dean at Dino is exceptionally nice – if he knows anything about wine, he might consider there?

    • I don’t know specific places, but many of the fine dining/old world places have older services. I think the youngest server when I visited the monocle was 40s. I’d shoot for higher end definitely.

    • Agreed – look for more fine-dining type places. Well-established hotel restaurants might be the ticket (Willard, Hay Adams, Jefferson, etc.)

    • “In fact one restaurant even told him they would not him due to his age!”
      Well, he’s got a lawsuit right there. Perhaps some winnings will tide him over.
      It’s illegal to discriminate for employment based on old age (but completely legal to discriminate based on young age).

      • Age and ability can be taken into account if the person cannot meet bona fide occupational qualifications of the position. In DC, it is illegal to discriminate based on age starting at 18 years, federal law starts at 40 years.

        • Problem is trying to prove what people said to you. It isn’t usually written, or said in the company of witnesses. Worth filing a complaint, but that can be a distraction when job hunting. Feel for him. As a person in 50s, appearing 40s on resume and in appearance looking for very different work, I can say age discrimination is very pervasive. I’d say check a higher end downtown and hotel sorts of places, the ones that tend to have older male waiters (due to decades of pervasive discrimination against women – but you gotta do what works for you.) The trendy new restaurants seem to have young ones. Had an older server at Coppi’s in Cleveland Park recently.

    • Sometimes Al Dente near AU has some older servers.

  • Rave: I’m enjoying Ann Arbor so far! Apparently tornado warnings are just a suggestion to ignore here.
    Rave: Ordered a salad and instead of a side of bread, they gave me froyo as a gluten-free alternative. Froyo instead of bread = +1 for Michigan in my book.
    Rant: Having a hard time wrapping my mind around the size of the school. I went to a small public school and this is all very new to me.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yeah Midwesterners get tornado warnings so often they ignore them until they actually see a funnel cloud. The first tornado I saw I was out in the country with my mom and she was teaching me to drive. Good times!

      • Oh wow! I was so nervous when learning how to drive… Seeing a tornado probably would have made 15 year old me just up and quit.

        • I Dont Get It

          I’ll never forget when it hit the ground and there was an explosion of corn stalks into the air (this was Indiana so of course there were corn fields). We really weren’t worried for personal safety since it was northeast of us and most tornadoes travel from southwest to northeast. However, our house was northeast also so we were a little worried about what we would find when we got home!

    • If the weather is decent and if you have time, take a walk in the Nichols Arboretum. It is my favorite place in Ann Arbor. Enjoy! I wish I could go back in time and relive my days in Ann Arbor. 🙂

    • Yes, took a long walk in the arboretum when visited there. Also kayaked on the river. Nice outdoors stuff.

      Large public universities always seemed so big to me, too. But law schools (as most professional schools) tend to be very, very insular – you don’t deal much with anyone outside the law school. Went to law school at a private university that was huge, as big as the publics, but the law school was small, like way less than 200 per class, so it never felt like I was at a big school. Don’t know how big the law school is a U.M. – my impression from friends who went there is that it may be larger and more impersonal – but that can have two potential benefits – more classes in more subjects, cause the school has the population to support having them, and more alumni to network with when you are older and find yourself looking for jobs as I am. For that, region can be very important – I know UM is top ten, but where are the cities/regions with heavy alumni numbers working?

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Amazon order of random unnecessary-but-fun things: vegetable spiralizer, dog tennis ball launcher, adult coloring books.

    • +1 adult coloring books. I’ve really enjoyed mine over the last couple of weeks.

      • SouthwestDC

        I think they will be the perfect sitting-outside-with-drinks activity, and also good for long flights. I got the “Color Your Own Japanese Woodblock Prints”, and another with designs from Tibetan scroll paintings and mandalas, so we can get a cultural education at the same time.

    • Best kind of Amazon orders. My parents just got Echo…oh the crap I’d buy with that!

    • Rave: Adult coloring books!
      But rant: The three I want are on back order (and I ordered them almost a month ago).

      • If you’re looking for The Secret Garden, you might be able to find it in a brick-and-mortar store today. I know some who found one at Paper Source on the same day I got mine from Amazon — a few weeks after I had ordered it.

        • I checked B&N downtown and Politics and Prose, looking in other bookstores is a good idea. The Secret Garden is one of the books I’m looking for 🙂 — also the Enchanted Forest and Color Me Happy.

      • Someone is going to have to provide a definition of adult coloring books. My speculation is going far afield.

        • SouthwestDC

          Not what you’re thinking. 😉

          • SouthwestDC

            (I did come across some truly adult coloring books, but decided against them because I didn’t want to wear out all my flesh-colored markers)

          • LOL!
            I keep thinking it every time I hear “adult coloring books,” even though I know that’s not what the term is supposed to mean. 😉

          • That’s where my mind went too. Especially with names like The Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rant: Shooting at Census. I work at Census and missed lockdown by minutes. Sorrow for guard and his family.
    Rant: Tried to login from home to telework but Savannah jumped on the keyboard repeatedly and got me locked out of VDI
    Rave: Came into work anyhow and found we get 2 hours late start. Also townhall meeting. Folks who got locked down get the day off.
    Rave: Weekend with nice weather and no plans.
    Rave: Got into Crate and Barrel catalog to upgrade furniture with $$ from inheritance and “lost” money that was “found” Great Spring cleaning project.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Being in control of my kitchen. Keeping it nice and clean.
    Rant: Still not as minimalist as I need to, but working on it.
    Rave: Going to photograph and event tomorrow in Philly, client treating me like a rock star.

  • Rave: friends from NYC coming to DC this weekend. Cherry Blossoms.
    Rave: my current job is being nice about me leaving since they know I’m going to work for a great new organization.
    Rave: almost over this cold
    Rave: it’s FRIDAY! Time to play!

  • Question: Does anyone know of ADA-accessible bars in DC for both the inside and outside spaces? I’m trying to find a bar to hang out on Saturday. Thanks!

    • Logan Tavern or Commissary are both good options if you are ok doing happy hour away from the bar or can handle bar stools. They offer a communal table and lounge area respectively where happy hour is available, and the tables are big enough to fit in a wheelchair if needed. If the usual patio chairs wouldn’t work, they’ll grab an interior chair for you. Restaurants not bars persay, but they have good drinks and bar food.

  • Rave: A house recently sold just down the street from us for WAY WAY more than I’d ever imagine a house in our neighborhood would sell for. It’s similarly sized to ours (ours might be a tad bigger) and doesn’t have a garage. However, it has a much bigger yard than ours and the finishes are slightly better.
    Rant: Totally makes me want to drop some dough and finish up a few projects around the house.

  • At Pentagon City Mall today a fat older white man ran up to me, and then started rubbing his belly on me while snorting and yelling “piglet.” Seriously. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


      • It was the weirdest of the weird things that’s happened to me walking around the DMV since I moved here nearly 5 years ago. I’d like to alert mall security if this guy is a persistent problem, so they can be on the lookout.

        • SouthwestDC

          I swear, the weirdest shit happens in NoVA.

          • Yesterday in DC a homeless man started yelling and swearing at me to stop “insulting the religion” as I was walking from lunch (and definitely not talking about religion, just admiring the new City Center) – thankfully one of my male coworkers intervened and told him to back off. So it’s not just NoVA.

          • SouthwestDC

            Yeah, but that’s just run-of-the-mill crazy. The really strange things seem to be exclusive to VA.

          • Yeah I posted this particular incident (and not the numerous other instances of being harassed by men that I’ve experienced) because he actually touched/rubbed on me, and because what he did was so unique/strange that if it’s happened before it’s probably the same guy.

    • epric002

      as in old enough to be experiencing age-related decline???? that is bizarre.

      • Not that old, I should have been more specific – he was probably in his mid-50’s to early 60’s.

    • WOW!!! Someone didn’t take his meds this morning!
      So sorry but this made me laugh.

      • SouthwestDC

        Me too. 🙂 I don’t think locals really shop at Pentagon City Mall anymore– it’s just become a place for buses to drop off huge groups of tourists. I’m sure it’s a total madhouse this week.

        • It was a total madhouse but there was NO mall security – unfortunately my shortest walk to the Metro is through the mall.

          • I’m sorry about your experience, but I have to say, this made me almost lose the soda I was drinking just now. Perhaps you were just part of an Impractical Jokers episode? I sure hope you signed the waiver!

    • Pablo Raw

      I was just there! (nobody came to rub their belly on me though). There are millions of tourist at that place, I only went because my eye doctor is there.

  • Rave: Bought a nice raincoat, raspberries, and pretty tasty kosher-for-Passover rainbow cookies at Costco!
    Rant: Sometime between when I left my house and when I came back the keys to both my classroom and my house fell off my keychain (they were on a separate ring attached to my giant-ass keychain)

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