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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Will this crazy weather never resolve itself into spring?

  • Rant: Poor kiddo woke up at 2:30am & apparently had a giant poop. That *never* happens–hope her tummy is feeling ok!
    Rant: Took at least an hour for both mommies to fall back asleep. Moving super slowly this morning.
    Rave: Still super stoked about positive genetic screening news yesterday. Still sort of in disbelief that we’ll be going through this again already. I imagine it’ll hit me for real in about 6 months or so 😉

    • Thanks for the bowel movement update.

      • Sorry guys. Brain wasn’t operating sufficiently well to think to use a euphemism 🙁

      • Eh, when you have young kids (or dogs of any age), poop becomes an important topic. It’s one of the few ways to tell what’s going on inside of a person (or animal) who can’t talk or effectively communicate how she feels.

        Anyway, everyone poops!

        • Everyone poops, but not everyone needs to post about it on a blog. Some things don’t need to be shared.

        • I’ve had both young kids and dogs, and never would I thought it to be appropriate to discuss their defecation habits once on a blog/website, let alone multiple times every single week.

        • I guess the negative posters chiding mtpresident for talking about her kid’s BMs didn’t grow up with a gastroenterologist in the family. BMs were frequently discussed at the family dinner table when someone was feeling ill (“well, what are your BMs like right now?”). mtpresident should be able to discuss this as much as she wants- it’s a natural part of life!

          • Working in developing countries, this was also a regular topic of conversation. Giardia/amoebas/bad food — always something to talk about!

          • Yep. You’re correct. Most people did not in fact grow up in that situation.

          • Agree with MPinDC – when I lived abroad in Korea people talk about it all the time! Although, yeah, it’s a little weird to talk about it here out of context.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’ve put friendships on hold because I don’t want to be around people who think it’s ok to talk about their child’s bowel movements (especially while we’re eating!). I’ll just get back to them once the kids are out of diapers.

    • I Dont Get It

      You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

      • I’ve made it a habit to just skip over mtpresident’s posts bc they always talk about her child’s sleeping habits/stomach/bowel issues. She has a right to say whatever she wants, but it’s never anything I’m interested in reading. To each their own.

        • Accountering

          +1 to this. She can say what she likes, and while I personally am not interested, I am happy she has a place to rant/rave about her kid. I believe I saw said kid at the Jack Rose HH, and if it makes anyone feel better, he/she is a very cute kid.

        • +1. There are plenty of posts I skip over, either because I don’t care to read more or because I’m just too busy to read everything. Either way, I think this should be a safe place for mtpresident and everyone else to share what’s on their mind.

    • Thanks for the support homsar, anonymous, and IDGI–and apologies to those I’ve grossed out. It’s been a sh*tty run for the last couple of weeks, but I’ll try to keep that crap out of my posts in future in deference to those with more delicate sensibilities.

    • Ha ha if you are feeling self concious about it you could post over at DCUrbanMoms where we “get” poop updates.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Day off tomorrow, getting new sound system put in.
    Rant: I’m so tired of the fake outrage that’s rampant everywhere now. It just seems like everyone is desperately hunting something to be offended by. Instead of looking for abstract possibilities of racism / sexism / fat shaming / wtfever other thing you want to be internet-angry about, how about diverting some of that energy to actual, legitimate, proven cases where those things exist and are a problem? I don’t know if it’s just the current generation of people who’ve had so little real world problems to encounter that everything becomes the next biggest problem ever, or it’s just the internet era has made it so that hyperbolic language to describe anything you disagree with is de rigueur, but it seems like anymore no matter what someone does or says there’s someone taking offense to it, even if they’re not personally offended, but worried someone else just might be.

    • wtfever – Wet Tiger Fever? Leave the poor tigers out of this, @sshole.

    • Justin, did you see that Slate dedicated a huge amount of space to the subject of internet outrage at the end-of -year roundup last year? slate.com/articles/life/culturebox/2014/12/the_year_of_outrage_2014_everything_you_were_angry_about_on_social_media.html I thought it was an awesome piece and think about it all the time.
      That said, I think there’s still a bit of an open question about how to best negotiate real, legitimate differences of opinion online. Because not all differences of opinion are trumped up or only abstract, and there should be a way for people to discuss those issues in open forums. I have a lot more to say about this and am too busy this morning to put it all out there right now, but would like to bookmark this subject for more discussion later.

      • justinbc

        I did not, but I’ll definitely be reading it at lunch today, thanks for sharing. I think there are definitely constructive ways to share disagreements, or possible improprieties, but so often that’s not the avenue taken. It also seems like so often the place chosen to have those discussions is poorly chosen, so that it detracts from what the actual discussion should be about. People get so hung up on one word a person might use that they completely lose the context of the statement, or even forget about what they should be talking about to begin with. It’s counter-productive to everyone involved.

        • “I think there are definitely constructive ways to share disagreements, or possible improprieties, but so often that’s not the avenue taken.” I agree completely. I guess the question I often have is how to break that pattern. On the one hand, I wouldn’t recommend _super_ vigilant work on the part of site admins to weed out all instances of this because that would stifle the overall conversation. On the other hand, I’m not sure that something like a general code of conduct would work either, except in a bare bones form like the one we have for RRRR.
          Where I end up (FWIW) is that it’s useful to just ignore flame wars to the extent that you can. Avoid reading them, avoid adding to them. Just don’t get sucked in. If the flaming is truly noxious, the admin can and should step in, but otherwise, just try not to add to the fire by making another post on the subject. Obviously, this is easier said than done in some cases, but adding to the flame war by participating in it is also counter-productive.

          • justinbc

            I don’t think it’s a site admin’s job to regulate that kind of thing, unless someone is just blatantly name calling with no substance, or something of the sort. I honestly wish there were controversial topics left up here, but I know some people just can’t even handle the discussion (I’ve lost count of the number of people who post ridiculous things like “I don’t read the blog because of you”). It’s certainly not a problem limited to this site though, and that was far from my intent or what frustrates me the most. I frankly don’t care about anonymous people being angry about things, my actual friends who do the same crap all over Facebook or Twitter are much more annoying.

            I went back and read the piece you linked (well, so far about halfway through all the editorials) and have thus far really enjoyed it. A lot of it captures how silly I think this whole culture of outrage has become. It’s also harrowing to be reminded how quickly we jump from things like the torture report to the Paper magazine photos. There is no scale, because we seek constant stimulation. And outrage is stimulating to our receptors. Sigh. I don’t see an end or a cure to this dilemma, which I guess is what exasperates me the most about it. Although the topics change (many of them actually valid), the overall reliability that every day someone will be furious about something trivial just seems a glaring sign that we could be so much better as a species if we better applied our resources.

          • “I don’t see an end or a cure to this dilemma, which I guess is what exasperates me the most about it.” I don’t see an end either, and for me it alternates between being exasperating and heartening. It’s exasperating because there are a lot of times when I think conversations go totally off the rails and devolve into blood pressure-raising time-sucks with no real benefit. (Like online discussions of abortion — are people -really- going to change their position?) But on occasion it feels like this is sort of a sign of the times, in a way. Like the way that real people in 2015 work out their daily problems and questions. It might not always be pretty, but life isn’t either.

      • Shawess, is there anything in the URL after “on_social_media/ “? I’m getting a 404 Page Not Found when I copy-paste it.

    • You insensitive, white male privilege-having, cis-normative, gentrifying, hipster beard-wearing, to girlfriend as partner-referring, Restoration Hardware-coveting, trendy meat cuts-cooking bastard HAVE NO RIGHT to denigrate the honest outrage of the marginalized womyn, minority, white male blue collar Christian, gay-wedding non-cake-baking caterers, microaggressed, LGBTQ, wounded victims of all types including imaginary, sensitive humanities major communities.
      When you are denounced on Twitter and your Facebook page defaced with righteous outrage, you will have only yourself to blame.

    • palisades

      Oh boy this is a topic that could be debated for years and never be resolved. I’ve definitely noticed lots of faux anger on this website. Maybe it’s the anonymity. Maybe internet helps people find others that agree with their views, and that wouldn’t have been possible before internet.

      It’s also easier to be outraged about those topics you mentioned then say world problems like child-soldiers or human trafficking. Hard to relate to those, and honestly they don’t have much of a day-to-day effect on us. On the other hand, it just takes a couple minutes of typing on your keyboard and you’ve proven your point that being shamed for weight or race is wrong.

      • I’m still outraged about mid-19th century enslavement of Chinese men to mine Guano on the Chinchas Islands for fertilizer. It saved half the world from starvation and no one now even remembers it. But you can read a great adventure novel about it – “Son of Fortune” published by Knopf. (See how I worked that around for a pitch?)

  • Rave: Going to London for the first time in June! Tips on best places to stay/visit would be much appreciated!!

    Rant: Red line commute. As per usual

    • Woohoo! I love London and did my masters there. What are you interested in? If you’ve never been, touristy stuff is fabulous and the way to go (Tower of London, Tower Bridge, British Museum, British Library, Buckingham Palace (it might be open to tour in June), Parliament). Things I’d skip are Greenwich/Prime meridian – it’s beautiful, yes, but takes a while to get there and your time is valuable!
      Otherwise, do a bike graffiti tour, get out to the Columbia flower market and explore East London, spend a day in the park (Regent’s is my favorite – they have an outdoor theater so check if there are shows while you’re there!), head to Hampstead Heath and swim in the pond (it’s cold but awesome), I could go on and on!! Definitely head to Tkts in Leicester Square to snag discount tickets to see a show.
      Spend the money and stay central – you’ll make it up through time and tube fare savings. I’d recommend Fitzrovia (my old neighborhood – there’s cute pub with great rooms in a great location called Fitzrovia Belle) or Soho (snag an apartment from AirBnB).

      • Awesome, thanks so much! I’ve never been before but am traveling with a friend who has, so we’d like to do a mix of touristy stuff with more off the beaten path stuff (like Hampstead Health and the bike graffiti tour — sounds awesome!) I haven’t done any research at all about where to stay- we just got plane tix- so this is a super helpful starting point! And we def want to do a fancy high tea at some point too

        • Oh man – do Fortnum & Mason high tea – if you’re willing to spend the money (I think 45 pounds) – it’s gorgeous and so yummy, and you get free refills on everything and it’s the Diamond Jubilee Tea Room.
          Otherwise, for around 25 pounds, hit up the Orangerie in Hyde Park – a beautiful greenhouse building next to Kensington Palace and beautiful high tea as well.
          Some blogs that really got me psyched to move to London were Aspiring Kennedy and RhymeandRibbons – check them out for other great ideas.

          • Thanks so much for all the great info, I’m so excited!

          • For a cheaper and still very classy option, you can do tea at the Orangery in Kensington Gardens. It’s a beautiful setting, amazing scones, all the bells and whistles, for much less. I LOVE markets and food, so I’d make it a priority to go to Borough Market (you can do this when you do the touristy Tower of London and surroundings stuff) and Spitalfields in the East End. Ugh, I studied abroad there and it is my favorite city on the planet. You need years to cover it all. When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!

          • The restaurant on the top floor of the National Portrait Gallery also does a nice tea (with cream scones) and has a great view.

      • Andie302

        All of your suggestions bring back great memories! I would add a visit to the Tate Modern and a trip over the Millenium (foot)Bridge located right out in front of it.

        • I second all of these suggestions. A great way to get off the beaten path is by going on one of the London Walks walking tours. On one, we explored the unknown-to-me Little Venice area of London with all its canals; the last time I was there I did an Oscar Wilde tour with a guy clad in a cape and green carnation. See walks.com or pick up a brochure in any pub.

        • Ooh yes, I def want to check out the Tate Modern!

      • When my dad came to visit me, we found quite a few affordable options in Bloomsbury (just north of Covent Garden, where I was living at the time, and Soho, close to Oxford Street). There are a ton of B&Bs there. You might be able to find a cool apartment in Chelsea, Kensington, or Notting Hill for a taste of posh London.

        • Thank you so much for the helpful info!

          • Hard to figure out where you’d like to stay since you didn’t mention a budget. My girlfriend and I will be going over there in May and we’re staying at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. We’re only there for a couple of nights but we found the search so overwhelming, and nothing’s cheap. It’s kinda like DC, if you stay near a metro, you should be OK. And that’s what we did, it’s literally across the street from the tube.

    • Hang out in Hackney if you’re interested in street art, DIY culture, and weird restaurants/parties/happenings/art events. It’s cheap, filled with young people, and a hot bed of creativity.

    • I went for the first time last year! Got a studio apartment on Air B&B. London is SO expensive, and being able to cook/ eat in helped some.
      Best thing we did was Hampton Court. Get tickets online in advance, and plan to spend a whole day there.

    • My all time favorite restaurant, Food for Thought, is in Covent Garden and definitely worth a visit. It’s an inexpensive vegetarian restaurant with communal seating that prepares two of everything (appetizer, salad, main and dessert) and you choose whatever sounds best. Last time in London, I ate there at least one meal a day (sometimes two!).

    • Check out the Leake Street Tunnel. It’s a dedicated street art space near Waterloo station. You might just run into Banksy.

    • Becks

      There is a coffee shop in the basement/ catacombs of the church next to the National portrait gallery. The city of London museum is amazing and full of fun facts about the history of London. I wandered about to locate sets from Harry Potter. Diagon Alley is a lot bigger and cleaner than I expected. The Tower of London Tour is a must not miss! Picnics in the park are a must. Nottinghill Market was fun and full of interesting people and stuff. The London Eye is a bit expensive but well worth it! As for lodgings, I stayed in a hostel across the Tower Bridge: St.Christopers Oasis. It is a girl only dorm. They offer free breakfast and it is right next to a good Metro stop. There is a library up the street where you can use the computer for free. Perfect area and not too crowded.

    • I LOVE london. Went a couple years ago. Stayed here: http://www.radissonblu-edwardian.com/london-hotel-gb-wc1b-3qd/gbmarlbo at a decent price (at least at the time).

      Might also try air bnb

    • Wow, people have really good suggestions. Makes me want to head to London. I visited my wife there when she was getting her Master’s, and I would add the following:
      – Gordon’s Wine Bar on the Strand is (literally) an underground wine bar. It’s pretty cool.
      – We rode the London Eye with a guide on my first night there. It was a good way to get a lay of the land and general history overview.
      – Wander through Harrod’s and check out the food hall.
      – 5th View Bar atop the Waterstone’s Building in Piccadilly has great views.
      – The Savoy Hotel has a famous and beautiful art deco bar called the American Bar. I’ll bet the Savoy also does high tea.
      – Tate Modern has a nice bar on high floor overlooking the Millennium Bridge.
      – Churchill’s war rooms are supposed to be really interesting if you have any interest in WWII history.
      – We got around by bus a lot. It may be worth it to learn the bus system a bit. You see so much more. And look into their version of a SmarTrip card, the Oyster card.

  • Just a response to someone’s question about my new Meetup group, I joined the indie and local music Meetup. They have regulars who meet up at shows and before shows. It’s nice getting to know people who like what I like. Everyone was friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know each other. Highly recommend joining if you have a show you want to go to and can’t find a friend/bf/gf who wants to go with you.

  • Rant: Things you shouldn’t have to say to a roomie…please police your used bandaids, so I don’t have to pick them up off the floor. If I didn’t have a dog, I wouldn’t bother.
    Rave/rant: Getting in touch with former ladyfriend tonight. Whichever way it comes out, I can at least say it will go down as the nicest breaking off ever.
    Rant: Online dating! The only people to initiate with me are at least 3 hrs away, and when I ask if they come here (which I think would be natural to discern), they go off on some diatribe about me needing to be more open-minded. I do not want a pen pal, sorry.
    Rave: Pants getting a little less snug even if my scale says I gained weight since Monday.
    Rant: My office has a thief!

    • Andie302

      I had an old roommates that would throw her used contacts all over the place…so strange.
      Internet dating never worked for me. I got a lot of older dudes from Bowie that were very interested, but otherwise, not a whole lot of action. Meeting people on planes, totally different story 🙂 Good luck with the lady friend!

      • I think she just lost them, but it was like 3 things in barely 24 hrs. How do you go from being bandaged to not, but never bother to see where it went? They were all over the apt.

        I met former ladyfriend online, so FWIW, I’m a fan. I don’t travel nearly enough to make planes viable, but I do have a trip at the end of May. If it doesn’t rekindle, I’ll hope for an attractive lady nearby. Even better if she’s covered in rainbow flags. LOL 🙂

        • Allison

          Heh, I like to imagine that her body just spontaneously rejected the bandaids and they simultaneously flew off her at maximum velocity all over the house.

        • Ugh, I’ve had the used bandaid issue, also, when the roommate was sick, used tissues under our coffee table FOR DAYS. It was disgusting. I recently had to tell roommate to clean the stove off when she cooks and leaves gobs of cheese all over it. I’d file that in the things one should not have to say, but she looked at me like I was an alien. It’s funny, she thanked me for speaking up about some of the things she does that bother me, because she had roommates who wouldn’t say anything and seethe. Hmmmm, might make you think the problem’s with you???

          • One benefit to my roomie is that she never uses the common space except to cook and shower, and she keeps the bathroom spotless. Her staunchness with the bathroom is such a contrast to the kitchen where I almost always find sauce or something on the stove or counter. I have to believe people under 25 just have poor eyesight or tall people just don’t look down, so they won’t see what I see. It’s not too bad, so I have chosen to just ignore it, but the bandaids were just too much.
            Yea, some people are just so damn oblivious I have to question if they’re mentally handicapped. I had to ask her to help out with the trash even though sometimes it smelled so bad you could smell it at the front door…very far away. After I mentioned it, it seems her nose turned up a few notches which is great.

          • To clarify, the trash situation would be it didn’t smell in the morning, but it smelled when I came home, and she had come home from work first. Not simply me ignored it or anything.

    • To paraphrase Sartre’s “No Exit,” hell is living with other people.

      • It can be, but even with my issues, what I’ve seen here tells me it can always be worse. I’ll take my busy hermit who is a little sloppy when cooking any day.

      • Hell is also a depleted bank account

        • Some people live with others simply because they hate the quiet. Ultimately, I don’t think I could do more than 1 other person unless it was really cheap. Someone here was having kitchen issues…much easier to deal with that with 1 person vs 3-4 others. No one can play the blame game in my house.

  • Rant: Bus driver that thought it was a great idea to swerve around me, honk wildly, and lean out his window to tell me to get off the road. As I sat calmly on my bicycle, with my left arm out, waiting to take a legal left turn.

    Rave: Bicycling in this city. I smile when I hit bike rush hour and bikes are stacked up waiting at a light.

    Rant: 95 year old grandfather is starting to lose a bit of his sharpness.

    Rave: He’s 95, absolutely wonderful and healthy, and he was SO tickled when we skyped him from the Strait of Magellan. “You sound like you’re right next door!”.

    • JayKay

      +1 to your first rave

    • sorry to hear about your grandfather. We lost both of my dad’s parents in a 6 month period, and I think sometimes it’s a mixed blessing….watching my Bubbie decline because of parkinsons (with some memory loss) was awful. My PopPop was like just “nope, I’m going now” and did, while he had his faculties. It’s bittersweet. Hugs.

  • Becks

    Rave: Spring weather that is cool and rainy is wonderful!
    Rant: My office has turned on the heaters again and it is too dang hot!!!
    Rave: I made tacos for dinner last night and brought leftovers for lunch.
    Rant: I forgot the taco shells! Maybe I get a small salad and top it with the taco meat.
    Question: I want to explore historical places around DC. I have been to Harpers Ferry and am going to Williamsburg weekend after next. Can you suggest other places of interest around DC?

    • I Dont Get It

      Winterthur, Monticello and UVA, Richmond just to name a few.

    • Emmaleigh504

      There’s a Waltons museum in Schuyler, Va. I have no idea where that is, but I am amused that the museum exists.

      • saf

        I’ve been. No, not my idea. We were with a friend who is a huge Waltons fan.

        It’s ok.

      • I not only visited, but got an autographed copy of the book on which The Waltons is based. The museum appears to be the personal project of an extremely enthusiastic gay man, the root of whose passions I can’t guess and who seems delightfully out of place there in the backcountry. Pa is a bit of hard drinker and John Boy loses his virginity and gets into VCU, among other highlights.
        There’s a very cool church about a hundred yards up the road, if you take the detour.


    • jim_ed

      Depends on how far you want to go and how nerdy you want to get into history. Gettysburg is only an hour and a half from DC, and the battlefield is an enormous site to explore. It can be paired with a stop at the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on the campus of Mt. St. Mary’s University, which is an interesting Catholic pilgrimage site in the middle of nowheresville, Maryland. In Virginia, I much prefer James Madison’s Montpelier over Monticello, but they’re close enough to each other than you can hit both in the same day. In the same general area, Rapidan, Va is a tiny 19th century hamlet with some interesting architecture and really pretty scenery along where the old mill used to be.
      That said, if you’ve got more specific tastes, let me know and I might be able to recommend other places to go.

      • The National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is a lovely place to visit! And nowheresville = Emmitsburg, MD 🙂

    • Fredericksburg, particularly if you’re interested in Civil War history. The town itself was a battlefield, and there’s 4 more sites nearby (Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville, Jackson Shrine, and one more I’m missing…Wilderness?). The town itself is also cute, good for a short day trip to walk around and get lunch. Aside from the Civil War stuff, they’ve also got a few more historical sites (Washington was born there, I think they’re working on African American history), cute shops, and nearby there’s wineries, a brewery, and distillery if you’re into that.

    • Frederick (MD), Ellicott City outside Baltimore, Assateague Island

    • Becks

      Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am writing down a must see for the area list and you have added quite a few places.

    • The Annapolis.

    • – Annapolis is a fairly short drive. Check out the State House (formerly our nation’s capital, and where George Washington resigned his commission). On a nice day, a harbor cruise is fun.
      – Frederick, MD has seen a lot of history and has some nice restaurants and bars.
      – Philly has lots of colonial history.
      – Baltimore for Ft. McHenry.
      – Antietam National Battlefield.

  • epric002

    rant: doing boat to canoe sets in yoga last night re-aggravated an old bulging disc in my lower back. ugh. no more boat to canoes w/o modification.
    rant: tender back has made me cranky.
    rant: cold gloomy weather.
    rave: tomorrow is friday.
    rant: i was going to buy myself a consolation doughnut but goddammit they’re not dairy free.
    rave: i am going to order myself a fabulous something from sticky fingers for my birthday later this month.

  • Rave: today is my “Friday”
    Rant: People who lash out to me and are obnoxious before they actually have an understanding of the situation – who are just looking to cause problems where there are none.
    Rave/Rant: I get to see some of my family this weekend, but I also have to face some hard realities and I am not looking forward to that part.
    Rave: gel manicures. For Impatient me who messes a regular manicure up about 20 seconds after getting one, this is a lifesaver.
    Rave: house cleaners are coming today to do spring cleaning at my condo – my home will smell like fresh lemons later and I love it!

    • Oh man – I’m the same with manicures! I was in a wedding this weekend and ruined my nails so so quickly. I’ll have to try Gel – but don’t you have to go back to the salon to get it removed?
      As for the spring cleaning – enjoy! We had cleaners come yesterday and I rushed around the house cleaning for the cleaners…does anyone else do this?!

      • epric002

        i did a gel once for my own wedding and it was great until the salon incorrectly removed it. it ruined my nails for months afterwards so i haven’t gotten one since.

      • There is remover that you can buy for gel manicures, I’ve used it and it works fine. They sell it at CVS.
        Of course I clean for the cleaners!!

      • We always try to declutter for the cleaners, and it’s often a frantic rush the night before. If we don’t they can’t clean as well and/or we end up not being able to find some of our stuff. (just because they put it somewhere out of the way that we don’t expect) So you’re not alone!

      • I love gel! Mine usually last 2-3 weeks. I prefer to take it off at home because sometimes the people in the salon are rushing and can ruin your nails. You can google it to find out how, but basically you just soak cotton balls in acetone remover (regular nail polish remover won’t work) and let them sit on your nails for 10ish minutes. The gel comes right off after that.

    • Rave: Exciting weekend in NYC later this month is taking shape. Have reservations at one of my favorite restaurants of all time and tickets to see The Heidi Chronicles. (<3 Elisabeth Moss)
      Rave: Lazy weekend at home planned for this weekend. I hope to not schedule a single additional thing so I can sleep in late and do nothing productive.
      Rave: Garfunkel and Oates. I didn't expect to like it, but ended up watching the whole season and was laughing out loud for most of it. Highly recommended, especially for single ladies in their late 20s/early 30s.

    • I Dont Get It

      After reading the manicure comments once again I’m glad I’m a guy. All we need is a pair of nail clippers and a Metro car!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Eldest Zelda ordered her prom dress last night. It’s very pretty.
    Rant: Just realized how quickly my college reunion is coming up. Need to find a white dress!
    Rant: Soooo tired. Why can’t we have a nap room at work?

    • I want a nap room too! Theoretically I can go take a nap in the nurse’s office, but I feel weird doing so.

    • I Dont Get It

      Actually we used to have nap rooms here although we didn’t call them that. I always thought they were kinda creepy. Now they’ve been converted to lactation roomsand if you need directions let me know.

  • dumped last night after 6 weeks. really wanted this one to go somewhere. it was abrupt and kind of unexpected after it felt things were going really well. I want her to come back. I wish this were a bad dream. I don’t want to find someone else. And I don’t want to do anything but wallow.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: After I had cooked dinner in the kitchen and ate dinner in the kitchen, Wicccan Dog Sitter informed me that he had had sex in the kitchen that afternoon.
    Rant: I’m fairly certain my therapist, “Skippy”, dozed off on me for a few seconds during our session and
    Rant: Quite frrankly I don’t blame him so
    Rave: We went back to our usual safe topic which is discussing personal shortcomings of mutual acquaintances.
    *Just to be clear this is not info gleaned from his profession, just bear chit-chat.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Grandmother (that recently had to move in with my parents because she cannot take care of herself) was recovering from a trip to the hospital with pneumonia. She was rapidly improving all last week. Then yesterday she couldn’t breathe, hospice came in to suppress pain with morphine and it’s is making her loopy/out of it. She has had such a hard end to her life. She’s been unhealthy for the last 15 years, but her mind is still so sharp. This is so hard for my family, and I feel debilitated being this far away. Part of me wishes she would pass peacefully, and then I feel so guilty about that. I am hoping she is at least comfortable, and I know that by staying with my parents she is well cared-for.
    Rant: Friends parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary yesterday. Her dad had a massive aneurysm, nearly died, and now has a totally different personality complete with early onset alzheimers. She posted that she couldn’t bring herself to wish her mom a happy anniversary because of how hard things are for their family right now. They were my neighbors growing up and I just remember her dad always being happy, always having a joke ready, always taking us kids out on their boat…just so full of life.
    Rant: I’m not great at dealing with this stuff and so I think it just manifests in a crappy mood.
    Rant: Accountering has mono
    Rave? Leaving work early to get tested

    • Hugs. It’s such a helpless feeling being far away from your family when they’re going through things like this.

    • Don’t feel guilty for wishing things would end peacefully. My grandmother went out on her own terms, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sorry for all the loss.

      • Agreed. Be gentle with yourself, and do not feel guilty. Don’t we all hope for a quick and comfortable end, for ourselves and for our loved ones?

      • This also. I think that’s something we can all hope for ourselves and our loved ones, ultimately–suffering is hard on everyone.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sending you all the hugs.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that your g-ma is ailing, Andie. And I hope you can let the guilt about wanting her to be at peace go (that’s such a natural thing to think/feel, and it doesn’t mean that you love her any less).

    • I am so, so sorry to hear about your grandmother and everything your family is going through. 🙁

    • I’m so sorry to hear all of this. Is she in reasonable traveling distance? Would it make sense to try visiting her sometime soon? You could probably spell your family on Grandmother-care for a little bit and catch up with everyone. Could be helpful for all involved, including you.
      That said–don’t beat yourself up over it if you can’t make it work. Phone calls to your family and letters to your Grandmother should help everyone involved as well. Sending many hugs.

      • Andie302

        Heading there tonight after work. Things have gotten worse. My mom did say she’s comfortable, and I got to spend some quality time with her last weekend, as did the rest of my family. My aunt and uncle are coming in from Wisconsin. Thanks for all the warm wishes guys – it really does help.

        • Oh good. I’m so glad you can make it out there, wherever there is. While hard, it can be very comforting to be surrounded by family at times like these. Glad, also, that you got to spend quality time with her last weekend. Take care of you & your family–sending more hugs.

        • Sorry to hear that things have gotten worse, but I’m glad to hear that she’s comfortable. I hope you have a good visit, and please don’t feel guilty for wanting her to pass peacefully — it’s hard to see someone you love suffering.

  • Rant/Rave: I injudiciously mentioned to coworkers in the past that I did a little ballroom in college… One of them just came up to me and asked if I could help the head of our organization practice the waltz later today in preparation for an upcoming ball. @____@ …eep. I am now looking up youtube videos trying to remember the basics.
    Rave: He didn’t really know who I was before, so at least now he will, I suppose!
    Rant: I only ever did the basics, and not very well at that. We’ll see how this goes!

  • Rave: I slept in this morning rather than going to the gym. My body was so grateful for the extra sleep.
    Rant: Still waking up 4-6 times a night. WTF. This never happens to me.
    Rant: Allergies. I love spring, but oh the pollen!
    Rave: macha, spinach, pineapple, almond milk smoothie this morning for breakfast

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Citizen Cope tonight with friends and my brother
    Rant: General Admission seating at lincoln theater, I don’t want to have to wait in line!
    Rave: I can walk to the theater in 5-10 minutes
    Rave: Potential date coming up next week! Haven’t been this excited about one in a while 🙂

  • Rave: Suicide Machines absolutely killed it last night
    Rant: battered, bruised and hungover.

  • Rave: nice blanking of the Bruins by the Caps last night. Holtby looked awesome.
    Rant: I thought my car no longer smelled of dog pee. Turns out it just wasn’t warm and damp enough to smell it until now.
    Rave: presented a proposal to the CEO yesterday at a big wig meeting and got my stuff approved. My boss said he thought it went well. Work is oddly good lately.
    Rave: I think I’m going to drag myself out of bed early tomorrow to see the cherry blossoms.

    • My dog hasn’t had a car accident in a while, but a fitted sheet does wonders. It’s big enough to have space, so even if my dog peed on it, it should stop some of it from reaching the seat.

      • Well, after it happened I got one of the seat liner things. But apparently no amount of cleaning and fabreeze has remedied the situation.

        • I’d look into a company that says they can clean up home pet odors. They can probably help with the car too.

        • There’s an oxyclean product that is supposed to help with getting pet-related stains/odors out of carpet. I suspect it might help with fabric like car seats as well, though I haven’t checked? Perhaps another thing to check out if you’re trying to not contract out the problem. It’s worked on our carpets for both cat & kid-related issues.

    • Regarding the cherry blossoms, get there around 7:30 or earlier. Went for a run down there around 7-7:30 on Tuesday morning, which turned into more of a walk/take photos session. Really nice and quiet, totally worth the awful wakeup time. At 8am I passed a line of tour buses unloading the crowds on 15th. Not sure if tourists wake up earlier on Friday, though…

    • Have you tried using Nature’s Miracle to get the pee smell out of your car? Its a enzymatic cleaner specifically made for pet odors and stains.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I just resuscitated my meetup account
    Rant: I need to decide which group(s) to join

  • Rave: Spring weather may be a little slow, but the blossoms are a welcome sight on the morning run.
    Rave: Finishing up a great 9 part book series – don’t really want it to end.
    Rant/Rave: Mom and I commiserating on brother’s lack of communication and wedding planning – learned that they are doing a second rehearsal dinner so now wedding is turning into a four day affair…
    Rave: Was late leaving for work, had to go back and grab something so was really late – grabbed a CaBi and had a quick zip to the metro – so much faster than bus.

    • Second rehearsal dinner? Does the wedding need to be rehearsed twice??

      • No shit! They are doing a family rehearsal dinner one night, then a friends rehearsal/”wedding they would have had if parents weren’t coming” next night (aka lots of booze a bit of food at a shitty dive restaurant they like), and then the (hungover) wedding. I normally wouldn’t care but brother has epilepsy and shouldn’t drink. So now I’m all worried that he’ll have a stress, lack of sleep, booze induced seizure; and they are forcing parents to cancel family dinner for the visiting family because of this stupid 2nd rehearsal. And they have a friends brunch the day after, so can’t do a family party then either. I’m all for seeing friends but 90% of friends are local and 90% of family is visiting…shitty priorities.
        Just need to remember, its not my wedding and all I need to do is show up, smile, give a toast and let it all play out as it will.

        • Emmaleigh504

          More people need to elope.

        • How irksome. Yeah, definitely a moment to invoke the serenity prayer — if your brother is set on doing a bunch of unwise things, it’s not like you can stop him.

  • Rave: I’m digging that Atlantic Plumbing building. And I’m not a fan of large places like that – to live in, that is.
    Rant: Not sure they’re looking for a family with a toddler to move in – I gather it’ll be a bunch of young folk (probably with their parent’s money?)
    Rave: There are so many exciting projects coming to DC like that.
    Rant: Uncertain future making it hard to enjoy what the city has to offer

    • RE Atlantic Plumbing: I’m sure they’ll take anyone’s money. That said, can you handle paying twice as much for half the space of the condo you just sold? The apartments are teensy tiny and very expensive. Sounds like hell for a parent with a toddler.

  • Late Rave: I got the room! The search is over! Hoopla!
    Rant: Need to figure out logistics since I’ll be breaking my current lease.
    Rant: Stomachache in the middle of the night and today. It’s not bad, just annoying. And it’s not nausea, so… I don’t know. Co-worker had the same problem yesterday.

    • Woohoo! on your rave! How long did your search take, end to end? I seem to remember you talking about this months ago, so I imagine it’s a huge relief to finally have a place lined up.

      • Thanks, Shawess! Originally (last year starting around May/June) I was trying to find an affordable apartment where I could live alone, and then I gave up on that for awhile and started searching for a room right after the holidays ended. So it’s only taken a couple months for a room… once I realized that affordable apartments don’t really exist. Hah!

      • Yea, it took her a while because of the specific location requirements: work on one end, school on the other, so she wanted to be in the middle.
        I hope you had already given roomies the head’s up even if you didn’t have a set date in mind. Can you eat the rent if they don’t find someone quickly?

        • Precisely. The room I found is really in a perfect location. I got really lucky. And no roomies currently, my old one moved out last fall and we were sharing a 1-bedroom (bah!) so that’s why I just stayed put. I’m working with my landlord to mitigate any hassle to him and am hoping to stop paying rent once a new tenant is secured and plans to move in (hopefully mid-May).

          • He cannot make you pay rent once he’s gotten someone new, and he’d be hard pressed to get money out of you if he isn’t really looking.
            Sharing a 1bed…2 in the room or one in the living room?
            When I saw a dog-friendly room for under $700 w/o windows (my preference actually), I immediately thought of you and the discussion on affordable housing from last week. Even though I’m not looking to move, I had to apply. I’m sure it was scooped up immediately.

          • That is true.
            We both slept in the bedroom — the living room and kitchen were pretty open so it would have been difficult to make them two separate rooms. Tolerable, but would not do again at my age. (I recently saw three undergrads advertising to share a studio with a fourth undergrad. HOW?!)
            Also, that is quite affordable! I’m impressed!

          • I assume the $700 place had something wrong with it. 🙂
            4 ppl to a studio= beds on the perimeter, dresses or clothes racks in the middle, and that is all besides whatever is in the kitchen. I guess some people don’t care about privacy if it’s a “deal”. I’m squeamish about changing in the locker room; I couldn’t imagine. It’s also illegal based on occupancy limits, so I hope for their sake, the LL never finds out.

    • Give your current roommates as much notice as possible. If you’re moving out May 1 you really need to let them know tonight. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I actually live alone now but I’m planning to notify my landlord this afternoon. I’m actually looking forward to having some roommates again, though!

        • I’ve always wondered about ppl like you. I’m relatively new to roomies, but I’ve had at least one person say they preferred grouphouses over single or living with one person. Why do you like roommates? I have nothing against them just not a preference, and I generally don’t hang with roommates and become friends.

          • I’m not exactly sure. I mean — I like having my space (my own room, and in this case, my own bathroom, too). But I do like having the option to be around people. Sometimes I think living alone is too quiet. I’ve spent pretty much my entire life living in my own room but with people sharing common spaces (college, abroad, at home) so maybe that’s just what I’m used to.

          • Fair enough. I guess us loners just like to be alone. If I could get the same bang for my buck, I would live alone in a heartbeat.

  • Rave: It’s almost the weekend!
    Rant: I am really starting to get frustrated with my job. I feel like my only feedback is getting yelled at or lectured for the 1 thing that goes wrong while no one acknowledges the 100 things that have gone right. It is really demoralizing.

  • Late-in-the-day rave: Saucer magnolias!

  • What are Scooby Snacks? I saw the tail end of Fox 5 news and they mentioned that the police are concentrating on Petworth convenience stores for the illegal sale of them.

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