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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • World Series or bust

  • Rave: Forced mother to drive from Baltimore to dc, and she got an A.
    Rant: People going 30 in the left lane on the hwy.
    Rave: Losing weight even though I’ve slacked a bit.
    Rave: Got roomie a pt job.
    Rave: Even though lesbians who pop didn’t, by keeping up with what’s happening around town I’ve been able to meet a great group of ladies. #winning

  • Rave: Saw room in house. Loved room and house. Fingers will be crossed until later this week when I hear.
    Rave: Random text from OkC guy I met last December. Nothing bad happened, it didn’t even really fizzle. Not sure why neither of us contacted eachother again after the holidays. I’d hang out again, though.

  • RIP Jeffrey Prosser. Probably the nicest, sweetest guy in DC.

  • Rave: Badgers made it to the Championship game tonight!
    Rant: I will be very, very tired tomorrow.
    Rave: SPRING!
    Rave: Feeling the tiniest flicker of hope on the relationship front.
    Rave: 4 day workweek
    Rave/Rant: Flying to see family this weekend, which is always nice. But, cancer is stupid and I hate it.

  • Rave: beautiful spring break
    Rent: missing bagels and all other bready foods
    Rant: had to say goodbye to a piercing yesterday.
    Rave: lots of free time this week = a good time to stay gardening. We have lots of space but I don’t know where to begin.

  • Rave: My Badgers won!!!

  • Rave: Badgers!
    Rant: Probably won’t have the stamina to stay up to watch the game tonight.
    Rave: The weather!
    Rave: The Nats!

  • Rave: SOOO beautiful outside!
    Rant: My body has hit a quarter-life crisis, and among other things, my hangovers are getting significantly worse every time I drink. By significantly, I mean worse than when I’ve had food poisoning in the past. Other than instituting a new “no mixing – period!” rule for myself, I’m really not sure what else to do. I can drink 3-4 beers and be fine, or I can be throwing up. Ugh, my body hates me.
    Rave: Mr. Eggs is seriously the best for taking such good care of me this weekend while I died from that hangover. He deserves all the awards, and I need to come up with something to say thank you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      beets. Eat some roasted beets before drinking and you will be fine*. They have magical powers.
      *I discovered this by accident and have tested it many times on myself. It works! But to my knowledge no one else has tried it.

      • Just don’t get so drunk you pee red and think you’re dying.

        • Emmaleigh504

          It doesn’t take that many beets, just a small serving. TMI: not enough to make my pee red 🙂

          • I didn’t like beets until a few years ago. I went hard on the beet eating for a while and definitely thought I was dying of an upper GI bleed. I was embarrassingly close to calling my doctor.

          • TMI: One very hungover morning in college, I was viciously awakened just as I was about to flush the toilet. I blacked many details from the night before, so I couldn’t quite explain the blood-red stool. WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?!? Images of horror flashed inside my head until I remembered eating my mom’s delicious beet salad prior to going out. Fun times. At least the momentary panic helped me avoid a hangover.

      • Interesting…I’ve gotten into roasted beets this past winter so I might have to give it a try (though without fail they always cause certain things to change color for a few days).
        Regarding the hangovers, do you notice any particular trend in what you’re drinking that makes you sick? I have a good tolerance in general, but champagne is the devil. One glass and I’m a mess. I’m not sure if it’s just making me drunker faster (apparently it can do that) or also triggering a migraine and/or some other reaction to something in it. To that end, if you get migraines your trigger might be changing to include certain alcohols, which can manifest itself as stomach issues.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Cheap champagne is the worst. Back when I was young and in training (for Mardi Gras) the only thing that made me sick was cheap champagne. As I’ve gotten older and can afford better champagne I don’t have a problem with it (in moderation).

        • Yeah I’m thinking it’s the cheap champagne. We made French 75s with Andre, then I just had beer. I think it’s the extra sugary drinks for sure. I do think it’s triggering a migraine, the base of my skull is still sore today.

      • Beets huh? I will try this out soon! Thankfully I really like them. Also, LOL at jeslett’s comment about peeing red.

    • SouthwestDC

      My girlfriend’s going through the same thing– for a while she thought she must have picked up a parasite when we were in SE Asia, but after it happened a few more times we determined it’s linked to drinking. Half the time she’s fine though. It’s really frustrating!

      • Yeah I have NO idea what to really do to keep it from happening. I definitely did not drink a crazy excessive amount, and didn’t drink more than I have in the recent past. Two glasses of French 75s and then probably around 6 beers (over the course of 5-6 hours). I’m thinking mixing is the culprit here, and possibly cheap champagne. I hope she starts feeling better soon! My husband went through this same sort of thing when he hit 25/26 too and it took him about a year to figure out where that point was for himself and for his body to level out.

        • “Two glasses of French 75s and then probably around 6 beers (over the course of 5-6 hours).” The mixing is probably the culprit… although the total of eight drinks could be an issue too, especially given that it was more than one per hour. That’s a lot of alcohol.

          • See, rationally I KNOW that haha! I can’t help but think that it’s never been a problem before. I’m having a hard time accepting that I’m getting older I guess.

          • Mixing can make you ill even in smallish quantities. I had never been sick from alcohol until I was almost 30 and inadvertently (longish story) consumed different kinds of drinks at a wedding reception (a cocktail, two glasses of wine, and a shot of something revolting that I think was tequila).

    • Could it be an acid reflux issue?

      • No, it’s definitely linked to the awful headaches/possibly migraines I get the next morning. My stomach will feel fine but my head will hurt so badly that I’ll throw up anyway. 🙁 Good thought though!

        • Some types of alcohol are worse for causing migraines. I have chronic, terrible migraines. I’m not supposed to drink at all, but I’ve found that the lighter in color the alcohol is, the better. I can’t drink red wine at all, but white is OK in small amounts. Vodka is OK, but whisky is a no-go. Beer is the devil for the most part. This is going to suck because it is hard to do when you’re drinking, but keep a migraine diary to see which specific types of alcohol you react to the most, then avoid those.

          • Good idea! I’m thinking it also may be time to go see a doctor. I haven’t had migraines NOT triggered by alcohol since I started getting regular massages so that’s been good. But I think that it’s probably a good idea to talk to a doctor about it sometime. I’m one of those people that never, ever goes to a doctor for like, anything…I recently had an ovarian cyst that required emergency surgery (that I opted out of, and ended up healing up just fine) that I ignored for over a month because I didn’t want to go to a doctor. I need to get better about this…

    • GiantSquid

      I noticed in the past year that I was having hangover symptoms even after just a glass of wine or one other drink. A bit drastic and for a lot of reasons, I’m trying to go a year without drinking. It’s tough but I’m appreciating not having rough mornings.

      • Oh man that is rough. I kind of swing back and forth. I can have a glass of wine in the evening with dinner and be fine some days, and then other days wake up and feel like crap from just that one.

    • I’ve had luck with alternating drinks with water to stay hydrated when I’m drinking. And having lots of Gatorade or a smoothie on hand to rehydrate before bed and the next day. Those things seem to alleviate the worst of the symptoms for me.

      • Yeah I need to get better about having something BEFORE going to bed. Mr. Eggs is in the habit of buying me a Gatorade so it’s there when I wake up just in case, but there was no saving me this weekend.

      • Gatorade works well for me. My boyfriend swears by eating scrambled eggs before bed after drinking.

      • +1 staying hydrated is key for preventing nasty hangovers for me. I also alternate drinks with water now. And I drink plenty of water before going to bed, and immediately when I wake up.

      • epric002

        large glass water + 1 multivitamin + 2 advil/tylenol/aleve before going to bed = minimal or no hangover

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant1: New bed from Amazon Prime still mostly unassembled. Don’t ask. Seriously don’t ask.
    Rant2: Wiccan Dog Sitter told me he wasn’t didn’t think he should have to pay rent the week he is in San Francisco ‘cause he won’t be living here.
    Rant3: The Doordash.com driver who insisted I come out into the street to pick up my food Friday night ‘cause she couldn’t find parking.
    Rant4: Duke. Ugh.
    Rave: Wisconsin! Even IDGI Sr, who is a huge UK fan, thought the better team won. As a former educator he doesn’t approve of John Calipari’s reputation for “One and Done” system.

    • To be fair, Calipari is just doing what he’s paid to do. He has the top recruiting class again for next year. I would pin the one and done reputation on the ‘University’ of Kentucky.

      Rant: The NBA needs to give high school grads that want to skip college a viable alternative path to the pros so that the NCAA can get out of the minor league business.

      • I don’t begrudge these players using colleges and the NCAA they way they are being used by the colleges and the NCAA. No one would say a free education is a fair tradeoff for the billions of dollars these athletes generate.

    • I had to chuckle at the WDS-related rant. On the other hand… if he’s paying you a reduced rent overall because he’s there only x nights per week, I can kind of see his logic.
      Or did you say he’d gone from being a part-time housemate to a full-time housemate, because of the guy he was taking care of getting 24-hour care?

    • … but I really want to ask.

      • I Dont Get It

        Don’t stir up more frustration!

        • In happier business, I think I’ve watched enough Kimmy Schmidt at this point to have entire sections memorized. We’re approaching Clueless and Mean Girls territory already and it’s only been a month. Something tells me you might be in a similar place.

          • I Dont Get It

            Maybe 😉
            “The last time I had two men fighting over me I was a table at a Fire Island arm-wrestling match.”
            There are so many jokes I missed the first time like when Kimmy calls Matt Lauer “Bryant”. And what did you think of actor who popped up in some of the final episodes (I’m not going to spoil it)? I thought he gave an amazing performance!

          • Totally agree. He’s amazing in everything he does, IMO. I also liked the cameos from the actress who has famously played his daughter. (BTW, why isn’t anyone chatting about -that- show today?)

          • I didn’t know she played his daughter before but I never watched “Downton Abbey”.

        • I Dont Get It

          I know, I want to have Kimmy chat every day! Plus the other suprise/not surprised appearance by an actress in the final episodes. Hilarious!

          • The wig alone would be enough to make me laugh, but the female condom line kills me every single time. (Which is four times, if you must know.)

          • Sorry to post on a sad topic now, but this is directly related to the KS guest star discussion: nymag.com/thecut/2015/04/man-who-made-botox-ubiquitous-is-dead.html

          • I think this may be Lindsay Lohan’s comeback!

          • OMG I thought that was the character! Who knew it was based upon a real doctor?

          • I had no idea either and the likeness is a bit too good. No wonder the real doctor was upset by it.

  • Rant: Insomnia.
    Rave: This weather! I plan to soak up some sunshine during my lunch break today.
    Rave: I successfully hosted my first Easter dinner this weekend. Great food and company.
    Rave: Spring.
    Rant: Allergies. All. The. Allergies.

  • Rave: Furious 7

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Shin splints
    Rant: someone has too much scent on and it’s making me want to puke!
    Rave: Jefferson Lecture tonight!

    • Ugh. I hate it when people are perfumed/cologned to such a degree that there’s like a 9-foot radius of stink around them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s way bigger than 9 feet. I’m inside my office and he’s on the other side of the small library. I can also smell it in the hall by the elevators.

        • Eek, that’s pretty strong!
          I’ve occasionally had to move to the other end of a Metro car — or sometimes even to the next Metro car — because someone was overscented, but this sounds worse than anything I’ve experienced.

        • Whoa that is excessive.

    • Shin splints are the worst. I used to freeze little Dixie cups full of water and then peel off the top of the paper and rub them on my shins. Or do ice baths. Though the Dixie cup method is less alarming. I hope you start to heal soon!

    • I’ll see you there. You can find me hovering over the beer/wine stand after the lecture.

    • Shin splints are a bummer! When was the last time you bought new sneakers? What kind of shoes/ what activities are you doing in them? That makes the biggest difference for me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t even know what I did to get them. Last week I noticed my legs wear getting achy when I took my normal walk to the metro. On Saturday I couldn’t even make it to the metro b/c of the pain. Dr Google said it was shin splints. I wear saddle shoes to commute and have for years and years. The ones I have now are about 6 months old, so nicely broken in, but not worn out. I really haven’t changed my routine at all.
        The only thing different is a switch in medications about a month ago, but I haven’t found leg pain as a side effect. I am going to the doctor for a follow up this week, so we’ll what she says.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hmm I also started taking a belly dance about a month ago. Maybe that’s what did it. : /

  • Rave: Great long run Sat morning, although the wind rounding Hains Point was beyond brutal. Should have reconsidered my route.
    Rave: The Pietasters were a total blast Sat night. Combined with Sloppy Mama’s BBQ (why have I never tried them before?!? So good!), made it worth braving the crowds and drinking $5 cans at DC Brau.
    Rant: Psycho tour bus driver who cut across four lanes of 395 and nearly ran me off the road because he decided he needed to exit NOW.
    Rave: Stonewall Kickball Sundays. Don’t even play, but it’s just amazing how it makes the neighborhood come alive.

  • Rave: Brother’s wedding was beautiful and wonderful and now he’s off onto his honeymoon.

    Rave: I’m not moving from Washington DC for at least the next couple of weeks – yay for making plans at home to enjoy our beautiful city in Springtime!

    Rant: Sickness in the family – both mental and physical – has put lots of stress on relationships. Wish I could be there and support more.

    Rant: Lots of need to consistently reach out to good friends who are going through tough times but I just can’t seem to do anything with consistency…

    Rave: Took a deep breath on my bike ride to the office, and committed to the life i want (biking is so good for thinking!). Let’s see how I can make it happen.

  • Rave: last week I was complaining that I haven’t had ham in forever because my sister is Jewish, so my coworker brought me leftover ham. I am currently sitting at my desk eating room temperature ham with my fingers and I feel no shame whatsoever.

  • Rave: Spring weather and wearing a pencil skirt without tights!
    Rant: The run around the lake out in the burbs was horrible. ALLLLLL the pollen, grass, dust, etc.
    Rave: Learning that a Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie is being filmed at Tryst.
    Rant: I’m at work and not near Tryst.
    Rave: Made a really simple, tasty, not boring chicken dish over the weekend.

  • Bonus rant: walked to the far away Starbucks, realized I forgot my wallet, thought “nbd I’ll just reload by phone”. Starbucks app decides it’s going to decline my PayPal account (I have no idea why. Plenty of money in there and that’s how I always reload). Now I’m walking home, uncafffeinated.

    • I once read that Starbucks baristas are trained to always give you your drink if you forgot your wallet or money. It’s happened to me a handful of times, but I’m a regular in one location. I tried to find an article to reference, but I can’t seem to find one this morning.

      • Huh, that’s interesting. I definitely would have gone back there and paid – I’m in the area a fair amount. But I just came home and made my own iced coffee with coconut cream (they were out of coconut milk at that location), so it’s all good!

    • GiantSquid

      I had my Uber app decline my PayPal account on Friday and it’s all squared away. Wonder what’s going on.

      • Weird. I did get 3 email notifications from PayPal saying that I’ve authorized a payment. I hope I don’t end up with $45 on my Starbucks card!

  • epric002

    rave: this weather!
    rave: got tons of isht done around the house/yard this weekend, and even found time to frisbee the dogs in rcp. i love tired doggies.
    rave: anniversary dinner at marcel’s on saturday: amazing!
    rave: after a 2nd round of antibiotics, husband is finally almost normal again.
    rant: soy yogurts- gag. daiya “cheddar” shreds- triple gag.
    rave: tofutti’s faux cream cheese- not bad! so delicious dairy free ice creams, especially the chocolate & pb one- amazeballs. tofutti cuties- so yum.
    rave: grapefruits. their french name is even better: pamplemousse 😀

    • Womp. Sorry about the yogurt and cheese fail– they are the toughest thing to fake! What did you use the “cheese” in?

      Pamplemousse is one of my favorite French works <3

      • epric002

        i used it on tacos- so gross. like a nastier version of the orange stuff inside combos. i threw the whole bag away. i also bought a bag of “mozzarella” shreds to try on a pizza, and now i’m scared to… also, vive les pamplemousses!

        • Hmm I’ve only tried it melted. It wasn’t horrible on a grilled cheese (using Earth Balance “butter” — have you tried that? I like it) or melted over pasta (the mozz). Good luck, I know it’s tough!

        • Where did you pick these up? I’m upset I will have to go somewhere other than Giant for my general shopping needs.

          • epric002

            yes! organic. i had planned to do an instacart order for whole foods, but the site wasn’t working. i expect they have an even larger selection.

    • Tofutti cuties are delicious! I went through a brief vegan phase in college and ate them all the time.

      IIRC, one of your dogs wasn’t very dog friendly. How does he do at the park? Do off leash dogs run up to him to say hi? I want to take my dog-reactive mutt to RCP but I see so many off leash dogs there and I’m afraid what she’ll do if one of them runs up to her.

      • epric002

        i’ve never been vegan but i also discovered them in college when i was vegetarian and i’ve been a fan of them ever since. i’m re-embracing all the yummy faux foods now that i’m trying the dairy-free thing.
        so, grouchy corgi is reactive towards other dogs, but not aggressive. formerly foster puppy will generally ignore other dogs b/c he’s so obsessed with his toys. if we’re hiking/walking sometimes he’ll want to say a quick hello and be on his way. we only take them off leash if there aren’t any other dogs around. we take them to an open grassy area and throw frisbees, but if we see other people and definitely if we see other dogs we leash them up. and if we’re hiking with them and see off-leash dogs we always stop and yell to the other people and ask them to leash their dog while we pass.

      • epric002

        oh, and we try to go during off times too just to avoid the general weekend rush of dogs & people.

    • Tofutti’s cream cheese is a great alternative, imo!

    • SouthwestDC

      My girlfriend and I decided to start doing vegan at home, and I’m just going to skip the fake animal products entirely. I didn’t even miss the cheese and sour cream on our tacos last week, they were stuffed with so many other delicious things. It does help that the only animal products we really love are eggs.

      • epric002

        i may just have to give up entirely on cheese and yogurt. i actually think there are a lot of pretty decent faux products out there. husband made a delicious hachis parmentier with morningstar farm crumbles, and even mixed some of the tofutti “cream cheese” into the potatoes. we were both pleasantly surprised with how good it was. and now for an additional rave- leftovers for lunch! 🙂

        • SouthwestDC

          I eat so few packaged foods that all the faux products taste too processed to me. But I’ve made a fake cheese sauce with coconut milk, sweet potatoes (or butternut squash), and nutritional yeast that’s pretty good. And homemade coconut milk ice cream is a million times better than dairy ice cream!

          • epric002

            that sounds like it would be pretty sweet w/the coconut & sweet potatoes- no?

          • I’d second that rave for butternut squash-nooch cheese sauce. Here’s another unsolicited recipe 🙂 ohsheglows.com/2011/10/03/butternut-squash-mac-n-cheeze/

          • SouthwestDC

            I guess it’s a little sweeter than the dairy version. I don’t think coconut and sweet potato are particularly sweet though.

    • I find coconut milk yogurt delicious. Really expensive, but delicious. Might be worth a try…

    • Have you tried making nut “cheeses”? It’s easy to make cashew cheese at home, and there are some fancier varieties at places like Whole Foods and Glens Garden Market. I think they taste great and like that I recognize all of the ingredients.

    • I can’t remember — did you decide to give up yogurt and cheese to see if it made a difference for skin-related issues? Or was it for a different reason?

      • epric002

        yup. lots of anecdotal accounts that the hormones in dairy can cause acne. i haven’t wanted to curse it, but so far things have improved moderately. on the one hand i am cautiously optimistic, on the other hand i am going to be seriously depressed to have to permanently give up yogurt and cheese.

        • Hmm, bummer.
          I don’t know if this makes a difference for dairy-related skin issues, but isn’t yogurt different from milk/cheese in many ways (e.g., lactose intolerance) because of its being cultured? If it were me, I would be tempted to reintroduce yogurt after x months and see if anything happened.

          • epric002

            yes, and when i discussed w/my doctor she didn’t see the harm in cutting out dairy *except for* yogurt, b/c it’s so beneficial in other ways. one of the articles i read said you need to go totally dairy free for 6 months before reintroducing anything. i don’t know if i’ll make it that long w/o any, so i’ll just take it 1 month at a time and see how it goes 🙂

    • Aw, I love Daiya. More for me!

  • Rant: totally spoiled saturday with the migraine of my life. Never had one so bad it put me in tears + repeated vomiting. Really afraid it will happen again on a less convenient day. Couldn’t identify any triggers, other than maybe eating bad kale. Or too much kale? Maybe I’m allergic to kale.
    Rave: easter brunch with my folks. And not having to go to church on easter either.
    rant: potentially lost check in the mail
    rave: it was for a dollar and it was a test check sent to myself so at least it is not for hundreds of dollars.

    • epric002

      🙁 so sorry about your migraine- they are truly the worst. do you have an RX?

      • Not yet, hoping to get one this week at least so I don’t get caught off guard if it happens again. It was just such a nasty afternoon.

    • Get a brain scan done. Please please please. Migraines (my dad and I both have chronic migraines) should not be that bad.

      • Don’t freak this person out. I get migraines from time to time that involve vomiting, and I don’t have a brain tumor. I’d mention it to your GP, but don’t freak out that you have a malignant brain tumor. Some of us migraine sufferers do indeed have bad ones that result in throwing up, etc. You and your dad are apparently lucky that you don’t have them on the scale where others have them.

        • epric002

          +1 if they’re always like that then you need to revisit your doctor for either a neurological workout and/or a med change, but i have definitely had them that bad before and i don’t have a brain tumor.

        • It’s not “freaking them out” to encourage them to get tested. They should get tested, if they haven’t already done so.
          One of my best friends suffered from debilitating migraines for 8+ years. She saw over 10 different doctors before a specialist at NYU found the tumor in her brain. The doctor estimated that the tumor had been growing slowly for many years, intertwining itself in her brain matter rather than in one large lump (thus is was very difficult to identify in MRIs). So yes, the OP should be taking steps to identify the issue with his/her doctor (if they have not begun that process).

          • epric002

            i think our point was that asking for a brain scan should not be the first request when going to see a doctor about migraines. but absolutely, see a doctor.

    • My migraines were triggered by spring pollen. I am now on allergy shots. Haven’t had a migraine in years.

      • Several years ago, I had what I thought was a migraine but which didn’t seem to respond to allergy medicine. After five days off work and two (or was it three?) doctor visits, the doctor — not my regular one — figured out that it was a blocked Eustachian tube. It was weird, because I didn’t feel congested at all, but ever since then I’ve tried decongestant if I have a migraine-ish headache that doesn’t seem to be responding to migraine medicine.

  • Sooo did I miss the post about Wale giving a free concert in the Autozone parking lot on H st. this past Saturday? Just curious if that was ever mentioned here.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Now I want some champers.
    Rave: I can get a French 75 at dinner tonight.
    Rave: Jeslett is forever my favorite person.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Back from Detroit!
    Rant: Stupid early flight…
    Rave: Morning off – gonna get lunch from somewhere that’s not my refrigerator.
    Rant: Super tired.
    Rant: Ate too much at home.
    Rant: Maki Shop seems to be opening just late enough that I can’t make it there before heading to work. Poop.

  • Rave: Long, relaxing weekend.
    Rave: Trekked out to Manassas on Thursday evening to meet up with the guy before he went out of town. He makes a big effort to stay in touch in between dates – I’m probably more surprised by that than I should be. Really enjoying hanging out with him, and although I doubt there’s much long-term potential (he’s trying to leave DC, and we’re very different) for once I am not over-analyzing things and just… enjoying things as they come.
    Rave: Yesterday was so gorgeous! Had a picnic with friends, and it felt so good to be outside in the sun all afternoon. Yay spring~
    Rant: Work is going to be craaaazy for the rest of the month. Eek…

  • Rave: Diamond Club access and great seats for the Nats season opener this afternoon.
    Rave: Leaving work early to head to the game – short day.

  • Rant: Seven month relationship seems to be over. He’s realized that he can’t be in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t share his faith. Totally legit, just wish he had realized it sooner. Also wish he hadn’t told me over the phone.

    • justinbc

      Ack! Sorry to hear about that, but at least you know the reason.

      • Yeah, I guess that’s true. It just sucks since other than the faith issue, we share the same outlook on life, politics, culture, etc. We discussed it before, of course, and it’s not an issue for me – I respect his beliefs – but he really wants to be able to share that part of his life with a SO. I get it, but it still sucks.

  • Rave – Family visit to DC was so much fun!
    Rant – They’re leaving today.
    Rave – The family, including my 4-year old nephew, loved my new dog. She was so sweet and friendly to everyone. And she was gentle and patient with my nephew, even when he got loud and jumpy. I’m so proud of my girl for being so well behaved! At the end of the day she curled up on the couch with my dad and fell sleep on his lap.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Maketto preview party was excellent. Can’t wait for the space to “officially” open this Friday. The Cambodian rice bowl was particularly good on the food end, and really exciting to be able to regularly get fresh roasted Vigilante beans for the house.
    Rave: So much nice weather. Broke in the front yard swing for the season yesterday with lots of day drinking.

    • palisades

      I know where I’m going this weekend!

      • justinbc

        I was surprised how big the space was. I really hope they bring in enough business to justify it. The retail area was a lot smaller than I had anticipated.

        • palisades

          Were you there for the Chuck Inglish show too? I’m going to be honest, the crowd I have in mind for that place doesn’t seem like the kind of people I’d picture you hanging out with!

          • justinbc

            Possibly? I’m not sure which music acts were which honestly, I think we left around 9:30 so I could come back for the Wisconsin / Kentucky game. I’ll be going back primarily for the food, anything else is just kinda a bonus.

  • skj84

    Rave: Whirlwind Easter weekend! Closed my show, Church and Brunch with my family. I was up to 3am last night tearing down the set with my cast. So sad my show is over, though I’m glad to have my weekends back. For now.

    Rant: My siblings couldn’t make it to Easter. Sister is in MN, youngest brother had to work, and my middle brother was sick. As much as I love having one on one time with my parents, I missing hanging out with my sibs. And they would’ve made the two and half hour long church service way more tolerable. That was a surprise. Usually the service is an hour.

  • Rave: UCONN!!!! Apparently they didn’t fear the turtle.
    Rave: Not a Badger fan, but am one now! Fantastic win and now time to beat Duke!!!!
    Rant: Allergies. Yuck! But hopefully the rain this week will help with that.

  • Rave: Excellent weekend for cooking: braised pork cheeks (got them from Harvey’s butcher in Union Market, Justin) in red wine-stock reduction broth Friday, crispy whole fish and Sichuan eggplant Saturday and linguini with scallops with asparagus tossed in a lobster cream sauce Sunday.

    Rant: Bad weekend for sleeping — I seem to wake up for rowing practice every morning, whether I have practice or not. Never made it past 5:30 three days straight.
    Rant/Rave: Good weekend for not drinking.
    Rave: Excellent weekend for music with Chopteeth (“the quintessential Takoma Park band”) opening and Galactic featuring a brilliant “new” vocalist, Erica Falls, tearing up the joint as headliners.
    Rant: Bad weekend for Easter dinner. I miss having a full table with wife, kids and friend on a beautiful Spring day.

    • justinbc

      Oh nice, I didn’t realize Harvey’s had them. I’ve gotten them from Red Apron before and there’s a significant price premium there vs Harvey’s in general that I would love to avoid (even though the quality has been great).

      • It’s not a regular thing, but I always like to swing by Harvey’s and see what kind of unusual stuff they have out — lamb stomach, beef cheeks, whatever.

    • Oh man – if I knew that Chopteeth was opening for Galactic I definitely would’ve made it to the show. They are incredible!

      • I feel a little sheepish for never having even heard of them but I am keen to see them again. One advantage of being musically ignorant is that there’s always a new discovery just around the bend. Girlfriend, who was very skeptical about the whole adventure (I think she only came along to chaperone — she worries that my rock and role girlfriend could be a bad influence in a number of ways), was very impressed and she’s far more a jazz girl than that Afrobeat thing.

        • Wait… so, you have a regular girlfriend (“Girlfriend”) and a female friend who’s really into music and whom you refer to as your “rock and roll girlfriend”? (Just want to make sure I’m reading correctly.)

          • “Rock and roll girlfriend” may inadvertently imply a more intimate relationship than exists, but RNRGF is kind of the go-to for 9:30 Club shows and also close cooking friend irresponsible drinking friend — areas in which Girlfriend is less passionate than I.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Baseball is here!!!!!!!
    Rant: I’m at work instead of cracking an AM Beer in prelude to today’s game.
    Rave: After hemming and hawing on what to do with our awful looking front porch, I covered it and the front walk in a nice thick bright white masonry paint. It needs another coat, but so far looks dramatically better.
    Rave: Painting it white allowed me the opportunity to annoy my wife by spending the rest of Sunday making jokes about how white our porch is.

  • palisades

    Rave: I was inspired by the pictures of the Congressional Cemetery that we’re on here a few days ago, so I decided to make a visit. Awesome spot! So many people with dogs. Obviously had to take the cliche picture of the cherry blossoms. Best part was that its RIGHT next to the DC jail. So bizarre. I don’t know much about that area of DC so it was really interesting.
    Rave: NATS HOME OPENER!!! I’ll be in Section 107!

    • I’ve never been to Congressional Cemetery. Your post reminds me that I should put it on my list of D.C. places to visit!

      • palisades

        It was very cool. Kind of funny driving past the masses of tourists hanging out around the monuments and the tidal basin and going to this little oasis in southeast. Worth the trip.

    • Ha, I also went this weekend! Drove my scooter down there, after first stopping at the Tidal Basin and Hain’s Point (FYI – they are nowhere close to blooming – should be interesting this next weekend) and Cantina Marina. The jail and psych ward make for a very interesting back drop. I really like the Hill East ‘hood, seems very quiet. Lots of people with dogs and young families.

  • emvee

    Rave: Heathen Easter with brother and SO. Lots of ham
    Rave: A beautiful weekend for walking around the city with the pooch, my first visit to the arboretum, and a solid five mile run.
    Rave: SO got a postdoc!
    Rant: Spent my morning at the Adjudication Offices on C Street to contest my ROSA violation from a rental car.
    Rave: Apparently all it takes for them to clear you is a copy of your rental agreement. Victory is mine!

  • laduvet

    Rave: weather and the fact that i got to hike and run a combination of 15 miles over the weekend in the rock creek 🙂
    Rant: my stuff on craigslist isn’t moving 🙁
    Rave: Horses with bunny ears and tails at the equestrian center was too cute!

    • Not sure what you’re trying to move on Craigslist, but unless it’s something truly still valuable, I give it about two shots max at making a few bucks until it goes into the free stuff section. It never, ever fails to astound me what people will take off your hands for free.

      • laduvet

        nice and new crate and barrel lamps, a mirror, and curtain panels. Reducing all my stuff for my move in august!

      • It might make sense giving it more than two shots, depending on how high you’ve priced the items. I’m always surprised when I’m browsing Craigslist and I see people trying to sell used items for full price (or occasionally even more than full price!).
        I put a bunch of things on Craigslist over the weekend and nothing moved. I’m not sure if I priced them too high, or if fewer people were looking because it was Passover/Easter weekend, or if it was some combination thereof. I’m planning to reduce the prices every two days or so until I get some interest.

    • Andie302

      It may be worth listing these items separately. I know when I’m looking, it’s normally for something specific. The moving sale title may be putting off someone because they don’t know the specifics. You could cross-link in the ads and offer a small discount for anyone that takes multiple items. It also might just be that it was a nice weekend and not as many people were shopping. I find that my mileage varies depending on when I post. Good luck!

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Hungry Harvest, the CSA that gives you surplus produce that the farms would otherwise throw away. I got my first delivery yesterday and it looks great– two red peppers, a grapefruit/pamplemousse, two cucumbers, a big carrot, two pears, two broccoli crowns, and a cute little mango. Not bad for $13, and they make a matching donation to a family in need.
    Rant: This is going to be a slow week, I can already tell.

    • laduvet

      hungry harvest looks amazing! thanks

    • justinbc

      Was it bruised or near maturity or something? Curious why they would otherwise throw it away.

      • SouthwestDC

        Sometimes farmers overproduce and can’t sell it all. Other times they can’t sell items because they’re too small or have cosmetic defects. Some of the produce I got in my order was smaller than what you’d see in a grocery store, or not perfectly shaped. But most of it looked completely normal.
        I should probably hold off on my rave until I get more deliveries– some Yelp reviewers complained about items being overripe– but so much food in this country gets discarded before it even makes it to consumers and I’m glad someone’s taken the initiative to recover some of it.

    • What local farmer is growing mango and grapefruit? And pears and broccoli in April?

  • Rant: it’s been really difficult to find a contractor/carpenter to do a smallish job at the house. anyone have a good rec for a carpenter that an frame interior walls, repair joists, and/or build in shelves?
    It seems as there is so much contractor work in the dc area that nobody wants to take small jobs.

  • Rave: Finalized surprise proposal plans in Paris. I’m so nervous, but in a good way. Funny that my girlfriend and I took pics yesterday after Church and she was asking why I had old photos of us in my album (got a new phone and didn’t transfer pics). Don’t think she had any idea that those were the ones I sent to the photographer. Can’t wait!

  • Rant: Monday. ‘nuf said.
    Rave: I may have barely gone outside yesterday, but MY ENTIRE APARTMENT IS CLEAN AND SMELLS AMAZING. #springcleaning is done for now. Even the laundry is put away.
    Rave: Game night at Argonaut. Played a game I hadn’t before — Avalon. It is awesome (and way easier for me to play than Werewolf, because frankly I am just the worst liar ever.
    Rant: Taxes are due. Like, soon.
    Rave: Finally found myself a tax guy. Kind of terrified about this power of attorney thing. Does that mean he can kill me if I’m a vegetable? Not that it’s an issue, but still terrifying.
    Rave: Still finding new things I love about DC. Well, old new-to-me things.

    • Nope, your tax guy won’t be able to pull the plug on you. Assuming this is the standard IRS power-of-attorney (Form 2848), this is not a general power-of-attorney, but merely a specific POA that authorizes him to talk to the IRS on your behalf and negotiate on any issues. Primarily this is used by tax accountants (I used to be one) to extract information from the IRS – for example, to see what estimated tax payments they have on record for you. It also means that, if there is an IRS audit, they talk to him rather than to you.

      • And a general power of attorney wouldn’t let the tax guy pull a plug either – for that, you need a durable/medical power of attorney. So. Carmie should be just fine.

  • skj84

    Rave: putting my heavy winter stuff into storage today and taking out spring clothes. Hopefully we don’t get surprise cold snap.

    Rant: Allergy eyes and contacts do not mix.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Group texts about fabletics with the roommates. One just said “How to Lose a Customer in 60 Days” (referring to their monthly charge that you have to do something to avoid).
    Rave: Great afternoon riding bikes all over the city yesterday afternoon/evening
    Rave: I already read my book club book this month, so I’m getting to catch up on my backlog of things I want to read. Win/win
    Rave: Spring, baseball, all the things related to being able to be outside again

    • justinbc

      That sucks, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Fabletics stuff.

      • really? i feel like i’ve only heard bad things about fabletics.

      • Andie302

        I’d say my reviews are mixed. The pants I got were great. The top was too big, despite following the size chart, and I can’t return it because it was clearance. All three of the girls in my house ordered an outfit. My one roommates’ pants were so small that we’re joking that she can never wash them. I think the third roommates stuff was okay – but only because I don’t remember her saying anything. The pants I got were great, and I paid $25 for two pieces, so I wouldn’t say I have a complaint, but I don’t think I’ll order much again. I’m also preparing to move into a smaller space so I’m trying to get rid of things, not acquire new things.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Slow relaxing weekend with no big plans…saw Fast 7 on friday, saturday got my hair cut at eastern confederate/watched the basketball games, sunday spring cleaning/got air in my bike ties
    Rant: This weekend was almost painfully slow
    Rave: This week is busy – Nats game wednesday, citizen cope thursday and then play offs for my basketball league is this weekend

  • RAVE: taxes done!
    RANT: owed both the Fed and DC a little bit of money. I need to buy a place so I can start getting money back!
    RANT: student loan interest deduction does not apply to me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That said, we don’t need to incentivze universities to raise tuition even more.
    RAVE: gorgeous weather, lots of outdoor fun this past weekend. And delicious, healthy cooking!
    RANT: pollen and seasonal allergies are winning the war against my face.

    • Yeah I think that my husband and I won’t be able to claim the student loan interest deduction next year. Maybe, I’m not totally sure yet. It’s annoying so I feel ya.

      • FYI – the limit is $80K for singles, $160K for couples

      • Eggs, if you file married but separately, you may still be able to take the student loan interest deduction. I have friends who do that.

        • Yeah we looked at it this year (we weren’t anywhere close to not being able to claim it on the income limits, but bonuses are different every year and stuff like that so who knows for next year) but filing separately makes literally zero sense for us. We tested it both ways this year and would have owed thousands if we filed separately.
          I’m pretty sure we’ll test it every year, though, just in case!

    • Accountering

      It seems so silly to me that student loan interest caps as you make too much money, but home interest loan deduction doesn’t. A family that makes $200,000 can deduct up to $1,000,000 in home value interest on up to two houses, but they can’t deduct any student loan interest. Agreed, we should not be encouraging school to get any more expensive, but this seems wrong.

      • Totally agree. It’s utterly perverse. Something like 80% of the notional amount attributed to the mortgage interest deduction goes to the wealthiest 5% of households. It’s stupid and is essentially welfare for wealthy people. Most wage earners don’t pay enough in interest to even surpass the standard deduction.
        Then again, Generation Debt is gonna get f#cked by the Boomers every which way to Sunday. The fact that PLUS Graduate student loans at at 7.21% fixed interest rate without ability to refinance is just plainly criminal.

  • Rave (?): Trip home to see my family this weekend was so comically awful that it actually ended up being more comic than awful. Best examples: we went to a second-night Seder held by my parents’ temple at a hotel that featured breaded chicken as an entree and included a musical interlude of women lip-synching to a mens’ rendition of the Frozen song “Let it go” with the lyrics changed to “Let us go.” An older lady also spit large chunks of food on me while talking.
    Rave: Returning to 70-degree weather and an exhausted, darling puppy.

    • Oh, and neither rant nor rave, but I recently walked by a many with a little girl and the man said “Don’t yuck my yum” to the little girl as we passed each other. I’ve had the phrase in my head ever since. It’s such a nice way to say “please don’t tell me that you think my food isn’t good — I like my food and that’s what matters.” I also think it really applies to a lot more than food.

      • I might have occasion to use this on my mom, who is visiting at the moment. 🙂
        For the most part, her visit is a good thing… but she keeps on trying to convince me to (e.g.) rearrange all my deck furniture.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: To add to our craptastic 2015, the car just died on Mr. Squid. You were so reliable for 100K Subaru, don’t crap out on us now!
    Rant: Creative block and lots of creative work to be done.
    Rant: Will find out about a job I really want this week. Trying to be optimistic but lately it’s super hard.
    Revel: BASEBALL!!!
    Revel: warm sun outside

    • Re: your first rant – oh no!! I’ve heard similar things from other Subaru owners, that the newer ones are starting to give out so much sooner than the older ones ever did. I hope it ends up being ok.

    • Andie302

      So sorry about your year so far! Fingers crossed that the tides turn with this job that you want!

  • RANT: I had a horrible weekend and am in need of a counseling session with my therapist. So I’m walking down 17th street to said appointment and I get cat called by 4 different men on my way to the building. I’m Litterally crying, like I have tears running down my eyes because I mean, I’m depressed and that what depressed ppl do. Yet in still these fools must talk to me. Ughhhhhhhhhh

    I had to just cross the street. 🙁

  • Rant: Went on a second date this past weekend. It was alright. I don’t know why, I’m just having trouble getting excited about romantic prospects lately.

    Rave: Spent a lot of quality time with my parents and brothers this weekend. So great to hang out with them and see them doing well.

    Rave: It’s looking to be an excellent April from an activity perspective!

    • Anonynon

      Why do you think you are having a hard to getting excited? Is it the guy turns out to be boring? The venue of the date? Just curious…trying to improve my game 🙂

      • Hey LANY, I’m a guy! 🙂

        As for why, I’m not sure. I just haven’t been feeling any sparks with women I’ve been going on dates with.

        • Anonynon

          hahah sorry about that…what kind of dates are you taking these women on? I have been there i mean theres nothing extremely romantic about casual dating and ‘grabbing drinks’ on a week day…I have tried that plenty of times and not felt much spark either. Its a fine line between casual and so casual theres no romance.

          • Maybe I’m weird, but I’m not looking for romance in the first few dates. Crazy sparks either. The latter is great if it happens, but I’m still in the feel it out stage, and if I haven’t found out any damning info, I’m likely to keep things going to allow things to develop. Some great ppl make crappy first impressions too.
            I do try to stick to classier places for first or second dates if for no other reason than that’s my personal preference, and it’s probably less loud and crowded.

        • I know how you feel about the no spark thing. I haven’t felt a spark with any guys I’ve gone out with lately. The sad part is, I met a guy a few weeks back that I had insane chemistry with who I still can’t stop thinking about but he didn’t get my number 🙁

          • And I assume you didn’t get his either? No other way to get in touch with him? Facebook? Mutual friends? Go back to where you met him the first time?

  • Rave: “Wolf Hall” finally being on TV.
    Rave: PBS.
    Rant: Groggy. Crazy nightmares last night.
    Rave: As soon as she heard me up and about, my cat came running upstairs to demand cuddling.
    Rave: Spring! More things are blooming!

    • Rant: A little disappointed with how my crocuses turned out. Each opened bud stayed up for maybe a day or two, and then each flower stalk flopped over sideways and got all mushy. (But maybe this is typical? Paging MPinDC…)
      Also, I could’ve sworn the bulb box showed three colors (purple, lavender, and maybe white?), but only the purple and lavender ones have bloomed. Perhaps the white (?) bulbs are on a later timeline, and/or squirrels ate the white bulbs.
      Rave: My daffodils are continuing to bloom.

    • Anonynon

      Its not a nightmare but I have this recurring dream that I am in this biology type class (assuming its during HS) and somehow I can skip this class…every week. And then I have this fear that I am going to miss the announcement for the exam and fail out. I freaking hate this dream and all other dreams involving school. I guess school was pretty traumatic for me, even though I did well.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Was Wolf Hall any good? I had 3 shows I wanted to watch at that time and I panicked and didn’t watch any of them. (I did DVR them.) Wolf Hall is the new comer so if it’s not so good I could maybe dump it and have panic-free Sundays.
      WTF do all the good tv shows come on ONLY Thursdays or Sundays?! Mix it up networks!

      • “Wolf Hall” was good! Much better than “The Tudors” (not that that says much). I never got around to reading the book (or “Bring Up the Bodies”), so this spurred me to putting a library hold on it.

        • Textdoc, the books are so worth taking the time to read. “Wolf Hall” was the best book I read in 2009.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Hey! I really liked the Tudors. So much eye candy. yum! But I don’t expect WH to be like it. I’m not sure I can get on board with Soames Forsyte being anyone but Soames. It disturbed me greatly when Soames and Angela Chase had sex in Homeland.

          • I was seriously weirded out when I saw a clip of Damian Lewis giving an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes (? – I think) and discovered that his regular speaking voice is not the same as Soames’s.

  • Rave: the sweet pair of cats that I fostered for 10 days got adopted at their first adoption event! Hooray for Tanner & Topaz!
    Rant: Fostering took a little more oomph & effort than anticipated, and one of my cats got pretty stressed out even though the fostered pair were sequestered. May not be able to pitch in for awhile.
    Rave: Family drama wasn’t as bad over the weekend as I’d anticipated. Still exhausting, though.
    Rant: My Terps got totally demolished last night. It’s a young team, though, so maybe next year. Or the year after. We shall see.

    • We need to have words if you’re going to root against UConn, mtpresident.
      Yay for the cat adoption though!

      • I knew I’d hear from you! Can’t help it–fell for the Terps while in grad school in 2006 when they had that amazing run through the NCAA tournament. And can’t help but feel that UConn’s dominance is a little bit much–takes some of the fun out of it. But I haven’t lived in CT in 17 years (almost as many as I lived there), so maybe the pull has lessened over time as well.

    • epric002

      i saw the adoptions news- congrats foster mom!

  • Any recommendations on therapists in downtown dc or northwest? starting the search. would prefer a female, and one that deals with anxiety. Been in a funk lately and finally acknowledging. Thanks in advance!

  • Andie302

    I meant to post this earlier. My sister-in-law adopted what she thought was two adult female bunnies for my nephew. Fast forward to a couple weeks back, and it turns out she has a male and female. She now has one baby that’s getting close to full-sized. And of course, this past weekend, another litter arrived. There are now 3 (more) babies. The adults are being separated to avoid any additional breeding, but if anyone knows someone that would like a rabbit as a pet, please let me know. Two of the babies are mostly white with a few brown/black spots, and the third appears to be a little grey/brown mix. It would be a few weeks until they would be mature enough to be taken away from the mother.
    Rant: Accountering won’t let me keep one. I KNOW he’s right, but that first baby is adorable and I really enjoyed my old roommates bunny.

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