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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Question for the horde: Does anyone know of any writing groups in DC? I am looking for something informal where you could meet up, write, and perhaps do some workshopping. I’ll look into meetups, but the times I’ve gone to any type of meetup event, it’s always weird and awkward.

  • Rave: im on spring break!
    Rant: my polite and firmly worded email to my housemates about the state of the kitchen has gone ignored except for a thank you from one. I guess I’ll need to be even more direct.
    Rave: just learned Bethesda Bagel opens at 6:30 during the week, just minutes after I leave my house for work. This is a game-changer.
    Rant: too bad I’m finding out just before Passover.

    • I found my snow shoveling email worked best when I was direct and told them I wasn’t going to deal with it (I was very sick at the time). I even told them where they could and could not find snow melt based on my last purchase. Something like that may work better. Not simply saying the kitchen is dirty but x, y, z thing is dirty, and I haven’t used it in a week. You also may to consider getting a maid. Less headaches and not too expensive with 5-6 ppl.

      • I was pretty specific, as far as saying “there are dirty dishes out from the weekend. please wash them or put them in the dishwasher. there is old food that is sitting out for days. please wipe down the counters. when the sink is full, it is difficult for others to wash our dishes”. I wouldn’t mind getting a weekly/biweekly housekeeper, but I’m not sure if anybody else would be willing to pay for it. But this is a 4-5 days worth of filth piling up situation – do you think a housekeeper would make it better?

        • Housekeepers won’t help this situation, except to embolden your roommates to stop cleaning before s/he comes. Housekeepers are great so you don’t have to vacuum, clean bathrooms, dust, etc. as often. This is a whole different issue. People have to do their own dishes and put food away. Full stop.

          • That’s what I’m thinking. I’d love to get a housekeeper to do the deep cleaning, but that won’t help out in this situation. I sent an email yesterday morning and the kitchen is just as disgusting now as it was then. I guess the next step is to just say something face-to-face.

        • I agree with dcd. Housekeepers would only make it worse. It’s now Friday, and they have dishes out since last weekend. Yuck! And you have a dishwasher. WTF!?! The old food I’d probably toss rather than smelling the stink.
          I’d call a house meeting outlining what you expect. It may suck to find other roommates, but plenty of people can maintain basic cleanliness, and if you had to find someone else, this would be a good time for you. Maybe this is a big leap, but I cannot live in a filthy home nor with people are just too lazy to run a dishwashing cycle. This situation can also lead to pests.
          Full stop indeed.

          • When I say old food, I mean scraps from the cutting board like the ends of cucumbers, the stems of peppers, and whatnot. I think it’s just one person, but a house meeting may still not be a terrible idea.

          • Hopefully you just have one bad apple. Some people are just oblivious even to things that we’d say are obvious. Like my roomie spilled a bunch of sauce in the fridge, but she never saw it because she never looked down low enough to see it. Once we talked, and I gave clear examples of things that were lacking I haven’t had a problem beyond the occasional splatter which I can easily wipe up. I hope your chat goes just as well.

          • I totally agree with Anon Spock on this. Completely unacceptable. If the meeting doesn’t go well, I’d find a way to replace the person. Or just throw their 5-day old dishes out. (But that’s probably not a good idea.)

  • Rave: Jergens natural glow moisturizer. I started using it at the beginning of the week so I wouldn’t look unnaturally pale (or orange) without tights now that it’s warmer, and I succeeded!
    Rant: Rain.
    Rave: Going to see a room in a house in a perfect location tomorrow. Huzzah. The catch is that I need to figure out how to juggle possibly moving in a month with subletting my current place this summer while I’m gone if this room doesn’t work out. Time is ticking and I’m getting a little nervous.

    • epric002

      sorry if this hijacks your rave, but does anyone have any recommendations for cruelty-free (not tested on animals) self tanning lotions?

      • I’ve never used it before, but all of Tarte’s products fall into that category. I’m 99% sure they still have a self tanner.

        • epric002

          they do, and so does alba. it’s so hard to find any good self tanning lotion, i hope someone out there has a recommendation for one? 🙂

          • The reviews for Tarte’s self tanner are all really positive! It’s a lot of money though IMO especially compared to Jergens. I’d want a personal recommendation too.

      • You could check Jergen’s. I could be totally wrong, but I think their moisturizers are cruelty-free, so perhaps the tanning lotion is too.

    • FridayGirl, you needed to find a place on the western side of the city, correct? Or were you open to neighborhoods in the eastern part of NW?

      • Western is better, but my general radius is anywhere west of 16th Street and south of Florida Ave. (I’ve been looking more along bus/metro routes to make sure I can get home from class late in the evenings without it taking an hour plus). In a year this will all be easier because no more school! Yay.

    • If I end up asking my roommate to leave due to being sloppy, I may have a (tiny) space available.

      • ^_^ I saw your rant below. It made me so frustrated! I’m sorry you’re having that problem. And I hope it gets fixed! (And thank you! Haha.)

  • justinbc

    Rave: Already getting hits on my available unit one day after it opening up. People really do try to snag up “affordable” housing here ASAP.
    Rave: So much awesome stuff going on this weekend. It seems like once spring hits the weekends are completely filled until October.
    Rave: Lots of 70s in the forecast, finally.

  • Rave: The boy comes back today for the weekend.
    Rave: My nephew’s birthday party is tomorrow and it’s at a science museum. Super Cool!
    Rave: The office is super quiet
    Rant: The office is super quiet… why am I here?!???!

    • My office is the same. My boss is out, his boss is teleworking, and the top dude is out of here at 1 PM. I definitely will be saying adios earlier than usual today…

    • Emmaleigh504

      My office is empty b/c everyone is sick 🙁

  • One more rant: reading/listening to the commentary on the attorney who was killed at the Donovan has been hard on me. I have a relative who died in a similar way (was lured to a house by two prostitutes where two men robbed him and he had a heart attack and died as a result of the assault). The victim-blaming comments were/are very hard to read and listen to, especially for the surviving wife/daughter/other relatives.

    • I Dont Get It

      I felt the same way and finally had to stop reading them.

      • Plus I feel it’s even sadder that he may have been concealing his true sexual orientation and living a double life. Terrible story.

        • Or he and his wife may have had an understanding about their relationship which permitted him to pursue this aspect of his sexuality.

          • Maybe. But then why the secrecy? He could have gone on Grindr, OKCupid and still been anonymous…not displayed a photo. Craigslist is so sketchy and unfortunately things like this happen.

      • It’s just sad all around.
        And I don’t even want to think what the comments section in the Washington Post looks like, and the comments for WTOP’s website, local TV affiliates’ websites, etc. are no doubt even worse.

        • I really think that reading the comments in the Detroit newspapers were the worst thing I could have done — lots of people suggesting that he deserved it, “one less john out on the streets”, and other comments from people who knew him professionally, claiming he was a schmuck.

    • I just really feel for the widow. To lose your husband is hard, to do so young and in a violent manner, even more so. Add in all this other stuff, and the fact that now the whole world knows about it, and it boggles my mind.

      • Exactly! In my case, it was my uncle who was married with a 17 year old at the time. It was crazy – news media was coming over to their house during the shiva (mourning period) and having to field hundreds of questions from everybody who are just nosy.

    • I haven’t read the commentary admittedly, but from what I gathered, he hired a prostitute and was killed. If this is correct, then while he is a victim, he is certainly not blameless. He was potentially exposing his wife to disease. I cannot equate him with the person who is killed walking home from work. If you deal drugs, hire prostitutes, or play in illegal card games, you are opening yourself to a certain bad element. I do not believe he deserved to die, and I feel for his widow, but if you deal with bad people sometimes bad things happen.

      • Oh, he absolutely contributed to his own death, but a lot of commentary suggests that he was a bad person who deserved to die because he was cheating on his wife. These situations are not so cut-and-dry.

        • Oh no. I don’t believe that. Honestly, I’m glad she found out he was cheating that way rather than the he gave me a STD way. There are so many married men being reckless with random men. CL is full of these guys. It’s so sad.

          • Wait…you’d rather she have found out he was ‘cheating’ by being murdered rather than her getting an STD? I certainly don’t think there’s any good way to find out your spouse is sleeping with other people if you were unaware of it in the first place, but I can’t imagine she feels the same way you do.

          • I’d rather her emotions be hurt than her being hurt physically. I’m looking at it from a lesser of 2 evils perspective. Yes, it was my personal preference on the issue. I have no idea how she feels or if she knew in advance.

      • As far as I know, it had nothing to do with prostitution.
        The WaPo is reporting that he placed an ad seeking a hookup with a man. The woman who allegedly killed him pretended to be a man while chatting with him via email. They arranged to meet one night at a hotel. She arrived, something went down, he ended up being stabbed 7 times and died.
        So maybe your warning should be “if you seek casual sexual encounters, you can end up with a bad element” – assuming you believe that people who seek casual sex are inherently a “bad element.”
        As far as all of this speculation about “cheating” – you have no idea who he was or who his wife was, and you have no idea what the rules of their relationship were.

        • Agree with most of this, except you don’t have to assume that people who seek casual sexual encounters are a bad element. You just have to assume that casual sexual encounters (especially secret ones) leave you vulnerable to a bad element. I think that’s precisely what happened here – the “bad element” wasn’t someone seeking an encounter, it was someone looking to take advantage of a person in a vulnerable position.

        • I do not believe that people seeking casual sex are inherently a bad element even if they are cheating, but the nature of meeting strangers is that you never know who you’re meeting. In this case, he met a woman instead of a man who happened to kill him. He could have lived and gotten a disease, robbed or assaulted in some other way. The behavior (meeting random people from the internet) is inherently risky. Bringing in drugs, gangsters or prostitution only makes it more so.

  • epric002

    rant: broke one of our schott zwiesel wine glasses last night- DOH!
    rant: darling husband bought OJ with extra pulp.
    rave: took dogs to rcp for frisbee fun after work yesterady and ran into neighbor and her pup who joined us 🙂
    rave: very tired doggies.
    rave: the weather. i don’t even mind the rain when it’s warm out. happy friday!

  • RANT: Red line!
    Rave?: Living in Tokyo prepared me to squeeze onto packed trains.
    lol: I woke up to 12 drunk texts from the bf.
    Rave: He gets back tonight after being away for 10 days, yay!
    Rave: Had a fabulous time catching up with friends last night.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working at home with a kitty on my lap.
    Rant: I want to get a glass of water, but there’s a kitty on my lap.

  • Rave: Its Friday
    Rave: The AWESOME biker this morning on R st. NW, who followed all the rules of the road. Kudos to you sir. I wish there were more of you.

  • Rave- I fixed my slow toilet!!!
    Rave- maybe a rant – yesterday I realized the shirt I was wearing is twenty years old. And I’ve had it the enire time, not some “vintage find.”

    • mtpgal

      I am in the same boat, except with most of my clothes. I am so out of touch with fashion. Where are all the mid-30s ladies who still want to look stylish getting their clothes?

  • Rockandroar

    Rave: Found out that my therapist also treats John Hinckley Jr! I really want to tell everyone I know, but thought better of it.
    Rant: The humidity is here.

  • RANT: Rain. I should have brought an extra pair of pants. Mine are soaked and now I need to sit in them while they dry. Gross x 1,000.
    Neither rave nor rant: Today’s StoryCorps was, um, interesting? I don’t “get it,” but then again it’s never right to assault someone because they are different. There were shades of the Matthew Shepard saga in today’s story, unfortunately.
    RAVE: Better weather this weekend. And fun plans. And special lady friend is back in town 🙂
    RANT: Having to shell out another $150 for sunglasses. So pissed that they fell out of my pocket two weeks ago. Despite my best efforts to locate them, they have not been found 🙁

    • I love Story Crops. I keep saying that I’m going to take a few *boxes* of tissues and head to the Folk Life Center some time and just listen to Story Corps all day.
      I liked today’s story. I don’t think you have to “get it,” by which I assume you mean understand why does what he does, to either empathize with him or be really touched by the actions of the people around him. That’s what I love about Story Corp.

      • “I don’t think you have to “get it,” by which I assume you mean understand why does what he does, to either empathize with him or be really touched by the actions of the people around him. That’s what I love about Story Corp.”
        This is a very good point and you’re right, I was empathetic toward him and his wife. She’s probably been through a lot. And I don’t even want to imagine what the son went through as a child – ooof.
        I’m sure the right wing trolls have come out on the NPR comments for this story.

        • My only mixed feelings were from the part about him not disclosing pre-engagement. His entire class dressing up in solidarity at one point was awesome, though.

        • I agree, there are probably lots of terrible comments, sadly.
          Sproc, you’re right, I kind of overlooked that by the end of the story, but that was rather questionable.

    • Rockandroar

      Thank you for mentioning StoryCorps. I’d never heard of it until today, and now I can’t stop listening.

  • Rant: I have Spotify premium and use it for all of my music needs, including my running playlists. I also have an iphone 6 plus. Over the winter, running on the treadmill was easy, but now I want to run outside – and running with an iphone 6 plus is practically impossible. An ipod nano is out because then I’d have to re-purchase all the music I already pay for on Spotify. Is there any tech solution for people like me that want to listen to Spotify on their runs?
    Revel: FRIDAY.

    • Can you get a comfortable armband case for the iPhone 6+? That would seem to be the best solution.
      When I see people running with an iPhone in their hand, I always get worried that they’ll drop it. It looks really uncomfortable. I need my hands completely free when I run.

    • I don’t use Spotify all that much but can’t you just log out of your account on your iPhone 6 Plus and log into it from an iPod?

      • There’s no logging in to an iPod nano.
        I have one of the previous generation ones, the clip on nano, and I love it (you can still get them on ebay). It’s why I never started listening to music on my phone. I don’t need to buy an arm band because it clips and it’s so light I’ve never carried my phone running. But, that doesn’t help bdale now. I think it’s an unfortunate trade off, but it seems like an arm band is the way to go, though I can’t imagine it’s comfortable having something that large strapped to your arm, bumping up and down for miles.

        • Yeah I definitely wasn’t thinking of a nano, I was thinking just a standard, lighter-weight iPod. Could be worth getting an old school one just for running I’d think!

    • I’m pretty old school, I have a huge digital music library built up over nearly 20 years, and just load up an iPod Shuffle for working out (love it because it weighs nothing). However, if you really want to use Spotify as you describe, maybe a small, cheap and older used Android phone might worth picking up just for running? You can use the cheap prepaid data services or look into something like FreedomPop, which lets you bring your own device. As long as it runs the Spotify app OK, it really doesn’t need to do much else.

    • Mug of Glop

      Instead of an armband, you could try a running belt. They come in many types, from fanny-pack-ish things to stretchy material that I’ve seen people use to some pretty good success. FlipBelt is the brand of the latter that comes to mind at the moment, but there are others as well. And since they’re not built for any particular phone model, or even phones at all, specifically, you can load them up with whatever.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Amphipod makes a wide range of very good products for carrying stuff while running. They are mainly known for their little pouches that clip onto your waistband to carry keys/ID/cash, and I wouldn’t put something as heavy as a phone in there, but they also make some excellent belts with built-in thin stretchy pouches that work great. I generally don’t do music while running, but if traveling for a race and checking out of my hotel before the race, I’ll put my phone/keys/passport/etc in there and wear it during the race and notice no bouncing or chafing or anything. I have not seen any comfortable ones that are water resistant, though – so if you go with one of these, I put my phone in a little plastic bag.

    • Thanks all – I’ve tried armbands. They’re distracting and just don’t work for me. What I really want is a small device that will just stream spotify. Come on technies!

    • skj84

      I have an armband. Granted I also have an iPhone 5c which is much smaller than the 6. It has a pouch I can stick my id and keys in as well.

    • I have wireless beats for exercise and I love it!

    • Someone else said it, but a running belt? I have a Camden Gear belt I like (a bit smaller though, so may not fit an iPhone 6…my Samsung Alpha has trouble). It’s light, slim, and doesn’t really move when I run, which would drive me crazy. I also got a little FuelBelt bottle to clip on the side for the summer since I’m paranoid about getting heat exhaustion.

  • Rave: The Passover/Good Friday 1-2 punch made for a quiet commute and inbox.
    Rave: Wore short sleeves all the way from my front door and it was glorious.
    Rave: I miss my better half, but I’m genuinely excited about a rare weekend all to myself. Thinking a nice long run followed by baseball, beer, and whatever else I’m in the mood for!

  • Becks

    Rave: Dumplings! I do love Chinese dumplings!
    Rave: It’s Friday and I have My Godmother’s Banana Nut Bread at the Post Office just waiting to be picked up and devoured!
    Rant: I went to the Post Office last night and the Banana Nut Bread was not in my box. Meaning I have to go all the way back again tonight! My Godmother said I should try calling them, but they don’t answer the phone! In the five years I have had the box, they have never answered the phone. They are keeping me from the deliciousness that is the Banana Nut Bread!

  • Curious, would anyone be interested in a popville running group?

    • Potentially, yes. With the weather finally changing, evening run/social would be particularly appealing if there’s somewhere with a patio that doesn’t mind a little ripeness.

    • YES! As long as being slow is okay.

    • Yes! I’m with AliceInDC, definitely on the slower side.

      • How slow are you talking?

        • I generally run about a 9 minute/mile pace. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower depending on the mileage and how I’m feeling.

          • I’m around the same. Once I get over 4 miles, I tend to hit a 10 minute/mile pace these days.

          • We should try to get together for a run! Most of my friends run much faster than me but I prefer to run with someone else so I actually go. Thinking about trying out one of the Pacers Fun Runs or something like that as well.

          • That would be great! I have the same problem– my friends are all way too fast but I need the motivation. I’m traveling on and off until the end of the month but would love to get together when I’m back.

          • Sounds great! Shoot me an email at spdc0987 at gmail and we’ll make some plans. Anyone else who is interested and runs at our pace is welcome to join as well!

  • Rant: Men who loads the squat racks and smiths machine with tons of 45lbs plates and then just walk away without putting the plates back when finished.
    Rave: I’m seeing results from being consistent in the gym.

  • Just a thought – does it make sense to move or temporary close bus stops in heavy construction areas? Seems like it’s a win-win for everyone. Buses don’t bunch up, and traffic runs smoother. This would be contingent on a stop being close by but not in the construction zone.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Coupons for prescription drugs! I will save about $800 this year on co-pays.
    Rave: My doctor’s website has links from the My Prescriptions tab to said coupons.
    Rave: DC Bulk pick-up! Never a problem and this morning they hauled off that POS killer IKEA bed.
    Rave: All raves!

    • I Dont Get It

      Bonus Rave 1: Jelly Beans on sale Monday!
      Bonus Rave 2: Unlike last year the cab driver this morning didn’t ask why they call it *Good* Friday.
      Bonus Rave 3: I had Chipotle delivered last night through DoorDash.
      Minor Rant: Learning that Ethiopian Easter is a week from Sunday from my cab driver. Do retailers know this and will that delay Jelly Bean mark-downs?

      • re: Minor Rant, probably won’t delay your Jelly Belly sale. I’m guessing they’re on the Orthodox schedule, which most people here don’t know/follow. It’s almost always about a week after the mainstream holiday (Christmas is also later)

  • Rave: Friday! Sleeping in this weekend.
    Rave: Going to try making some snickerdoodle apple bread tomorrow. Found a recipe and it looks easy.
    Rave: Meeting new, fun people last night.
    Rant: put on a few pounds from all the eating out/drinking over the past week or so, need to stay in and be mindful of that. (But it was fun going out eating/drinking, so I regret none of it).

    • OMG. What is snickerdoodle apple bread and why have I never heard of it?!

      • My friend made it at a party a few weeks ago and I stalked her until she gave up the recipe. 🙂 It is like a piece of your life that you did not know was missing until you have this bread. Hopefully I can recreate it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

        • Oooh snickerdoodle apple bread sounds delicious! I think I’m going to try making applesauce bread this weekend – I need a change of pace from banana bread and have some applesauce that I need to use.

    • Mug of Glop

      Well, I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to make bread now…

    • Yes! That’s the recipe! Didn’t realize there was an actual website (going to look at all the other delicious things I can make from this). I’ll see how it turns out!

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rave: Even though it’s rainy, it’s warm! I didn’t wear a jacket today at all!
    Rave: Spent yesterday evening after work on the patio with the pup and a beer.
    Rave: Mr. Eggs managed to wrangle two bottles of Founder’s KBS after work yesterday at a store with a 1 per person limit. Excited to have 2015 KBS in 2016 while not having to give up having it now too 🙂

    • Where did you find the Founders? I love that stuff!

      • He found it at the Total Wine in Chantilly. He works out near Dulles and stopped on his way home – asked me if there was anything he should look for while he was there, and just happened to overhear an employee telling someone that they had it at the customer service desk. I heard the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom and on P St had it (the one on P St was filling growlers of it too!) but I’m not sure they’d still have any.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Only 4 people at my office today, most people are celebrating Holy Friday
    Rave: All Fridays are Holy
    Rave: feeling like a human again after being sick
    Rave: Pablo excercise program 2015 starts today

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave/Rant: Going home to Michigan to the parents’ for the weekend. And just when it’s starting to get nice around here! May there be enough bourbon there to get me through it…
    Rave: Finally have enough time at work to make myself a whole pot of coffee for the first time since Monday.
    Rave: Friend’s birthday party tonight.
    Rant: The latent effects of celebration might make tomorrow’s early flight interesting. They serve bloody Marys and corned beef hash in coach still, right?
    Rave: Science machine was working pretty well yesterday.

  • JayKay

    Rave: It’s Friday!!

  • Bear

    Rave: Impromptu BBQ at the house last night. Lovely weather, wish it would last through the weekend!
    Rant: Two surprise RFP drops means my stay-cation plans are most likely getting cut short. And I have received zero acknowledgement from my VP or from HR about my transfer request.
    Rave: Still taking a week off and I don’t plan on checking email at all.
    Rave: Almost all my seedlings are sprouting – I hope they make it once I put them in the ground! I may have been a little overly ambitious – lots of things I haven’t tried growing before – but I plan on getting the raised beds in place next week and hopefully things will be ready to be planted in a few more weeks.

    • Your 2nd rave: DO IT. And feel NO guilt. And if you try to check your email (you’re probably sneaky like that), your partner should be allowed to swat your hands 😀

      • Bear

        That’s the plan! My project director in Uganda knows how to get in touch with me if there’s some kind of emergency and that’s pretty much the only person who’s allowed to call.

    • I’d love to hear what you’re growing for the first time. I was very ambitious this year and started artichokes (almost certain heartbreak, but I can hope) and I’m going to sow some oats and amaranth without a clue how to harvest either. I’m sure it will be an adventure of one kind or another. Good luck with your seedlings!

      • Bear

        I started artichokes too! They are one of two things that haven’t sprouted yet. Other than that, eggplant and cantaloupe are the big ones I’m worried about.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Teleworking yesterday
    Rave: G Sandwich shop on going sandwich competition. got the Cuban Love Machine yesterday. It is so ginormous I could only eat about 1/4 of it.
    Rave: This morning’s commute – super easy. Office – super quiet. Glad I am Unitarian and can celebrate which ever holiday I want.

  • Rant: Family dog is being put down Tuesday. She’s lost about half her body weight but isn’t in pain. Probably the right decision, I just wish we could make her better. Don’t have the money to go home/my mom won’t let me see her since she was shaved to see what was going on. Horrible end to a hard month.
    Rave? She’s not suffering, and it probably is the right decision. I just wish I had spent my last weekend at home with her for every second.
    Rave: Friends and boy are all being supportive and loving. And it’s Friday, and I don’t need to set an alarm for tomorrow.
    Rant: All the small annoyances in my life are piling up. I hope it’s lack of sleep/too much stress, and this weekend will help me cope with everything plus losing my puppy 🙁

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I am so so sorry for your loss. It’s been over 2 years since I had to put my 16 yo Aby down and I still miss him tho I have “new” kitties.

    • I’m so sorry about your puppy. It’s so hard to lose a pet. 🙁

    • epric002

      i’m so sorry 🙁 i don’t know which is worse- being there for the end or not being there for the end. sending you peace and healing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry about your dog.

    • I’m so sorry about your dog. It’s so difficult, and can sometimes be harder than losing a human family member in my opinion. It’s so hard to tell yourself that you’re making the right decision for them when it’s so easy to keep second guessing yourself. Focus on all the good times and the amazing life you all gave to her!

  • Rave: it’s work from home Friday and I get to take a mid-day work related field trip.
    Rave: it’s next to Dangerously Delicious Pies, so I might be eating more pie for lunch. Pecans have a lot of protein, so I’m good, right?

    • Pablo Raw

      The DDP pulled pork pie is just out of control irresistible, (I just imagined saying “irresistible” with foreign accent for some reason). Now I want/need one! or 2

    • Late day rant/rave: I got a great refinancing quote, like way better than I thought I’d get. I had a good chat with the lender and was looking forward to her email with all the info…..until I got it…..and it’s in comic sans.
      I mean, I’m probably still going to take it, but seriously?

      • Hahaha! I understand your reservations. 🙂
        This reminds me, I need to get out of ostrich-with-head-in-sand mode and look into refinancing. Aaargh. Sometimes I don’t like being a grownup.

        • Yeah, I’ve been dabbling for months, but now that the Fed has removed “patient” from their bi-monthly report I’ve decided to get on it.
          Also, I’m partially in it to have a reason to pay for an appraisal. It hasn’t been super long since I closed, but I’m dying of curiosity.

  • Rant: Got a package with shoes stolen yesterday. I have small feet; I can’t just walk into a shoe store and find something like a normal person so now I have to reorder. And in the meantime continue to grind down on my old heels which desperately need the tips replaced.
    Rave: I do all my shopping online, unless it’s groceries or something I can get at a small local business, and this is the first time something’s been stolen.

  • Rave: Parents are out of town for the weekend so we are going to stay at their house in NOVA to watch the dogs. As much as I don’t want to live in the burbs right now, I love taking a break from the city for a few days to run around the lake, go grocery shopping without the masses, and drive on open roads.
    Rant: Dramatic work week.
    Rave: Now that I noticed my hair is longer than elbow-length, time to cut it on Monday.

    • Ha, they must live really far out if you can go to a grocery store that’s not jammed with people and drive somewhere without being stuck in traffic.
      I moved to DC from Annandale, and I always appreciate how everything here is significantly less crowded in comparison. 😉

      • Fairfax but close to Clifton and Lorton. Much emptier 🙂

        • jim_ed

          So is the lake the Occaquan Reservoir? That’s my favorite place to take a break from the city, rent a jonboat at Fountainhead Park, and do some fishing. The wildlife on that lake is terrific and just adds to the tranquility.

          • That or Burke Lake. I like prefer to go relax at Occoquan/Fountainhead and run at Burke Lake since I raced and practiced there in high school quite a bit.

          • palisades

            Fountainhead has great biking trails too. Love that area.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Awkward team building meals. At least I found the table with people who tried to make conversation.
    Rave: My coworkers complimented my socializing and meeting people skills. I’m a social butterfly 🙂
    Decision: I need to be healthier so that when I get brain dead from a metro accident my organs can be donated. Or when Be The Match calls for a marrow transplant I have good marrow to donate.
    PSA: If you can, please become an organ donor and/or a living marrow donor. #SaveLives

  • Anyone know what happened around 9th and Jefferson last night? I heard about a million cop cars with lights and sirens wake me up around 2am. Just wondering if anyone knows what was going on?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Seeing all these new avatars on Popville!

  • RANT: Anyone know what was happening at the townhouse on V between 13th and 12th this morning at 845am? At least 4 firetrucks, cops blocked off all street access for multiple surrounding blocks. Looked bananas. Yet I did not smell or see any smoke/fire.
    RAVE: PubLIZity skit from the Kroll Show. So stupidly hilarious. Please watch the BANGS video – dying of laughter.
    youtube. com/watch?v=4gJldDNe4Kg
    RANT: The Kroll Show is ending 🙁

    • Hahah. Jenny Slate is my absolute favorite!

      • Seriously, all I want is to hang out with Jenny Slate for a day (and then convince her to be my BFF and then we hang out forever).

      • Ah yes, that’s her name! I just remember her as the lady who got cut from SNL after a season. She’s hilarious on the Kroll Show. I definitely have a huge crush on her 😮

  • Rant: Finding out a mentor supports bigotry masked in religious freedom.
    Rave: Seems he may have been the outlier on my friends list.
    Rave: Enjoying my week off before the next projects starts. Lots of necessary stuff done.
    Rave: Going out with friends this weekend.

  • Rant: It’s been a year since my ex and I broke up and I still miss and think about her every day. I stay active doing various social activities and try to be open to new opportunities to meet new people, but I still feel lonely at the end of the day.

    • Everyone takes a different length of time to feel better. Good for you for staying active! I still miss my ex, not in a way that makes me feel lonely or sad, but in a way that’s comfortable and not particularly emotional.

  • Rant: Anyone use OWA for iPhone to access Outlook mail? All of a sudden yesterday the delete, move, go back, etc buttons were replaced with things like clocks (there are two clocks, with different times), clouds, a trumpet, a coffee cup, a guy’s face, a golf hole. I now have no idea what buttons to push to deal with my work email. Anyone else having this problem? It is entirely frustrating and I haven’t seen anything about it on the ‘net.

  • Revel (rant for my coworkers…): my standing desk makes dancing at work much easier. I’ve taken my chair dancing to the next level.

  • Rave/Rant: I can not get “Gonna be famous and burn off my skin tags” out of my head.

  • skj84

    Rave: Ratzapper has finally lured in mouse victims! Hopefully the other mice in the house get the message and vacate the premises.

    Rant: I missed a job call yesterday. I didn’t even see the voice mail until this afternoon. Its my own fault for not checking my phone. I called the recruiter back, hopefully she will respond.

  • Rave: Got an issue with the DC govt resolved which is a relief.
    Rave: Got a big issue with the IRS resolved which is a BIG relief.

  • Rave: Angora show bunnies (and quite possibly the best internet quiz ever created): nytimes.com/2015/04/05/magazine/the-cuddly-fluffy-surreal-world-of-angora-show-bunnies.html
    Rave: Date night tonight to tie up a banner week for the Shawess family.
    Rave: Good Friday holiday, which means a day at home snuggling with the baby dog and eating yesterday’s kale salad.

    • Emmaleigh504

      All I see is clothes and lunch.

      • “They are basically already sweaters” / “loser stew”

      • And in case it wasn’t totally obvious already, I’m Terri’s Prince Charming.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m Sophie.

        • Emmaleigh504

          If you could be a Golden Girl, which would you be?

          • Realistically, Dorothy. You?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Rose. I would like to Blanche, but I’m totally Rose.

          • I Dont Get It

            I’d be Ethel. Dishwater blonde, good with a snappy comment and married to a pocket gay. Oh wait, wrong show. Sorry.

          • I Dont Get It

            Alice. Wears comfortable shoes every day and has deep appreciation of men with a good source of meat.

            (I’m tired and just want to go home)

          • Rave: Still really happy with the number of embryos we might have at the end of the five day wait.
            Rant: It’s going to be weeks, not days until I know if my uterus can handle the egg transfer this month. If not, we may have to wait as long as three months before we can take that step.
            Rave: We’ve waited so long already that I’m sort of becoming numbed to the additional waiting.
            Rave: I’m learning so much about (in)fertility in this process that I’m seriously considering trying to work in the field. If I can’t find a job working in the area right away, I’m thinking about getting an MSW so I can be an infertility therapist. I think I may have found my calling.

  • Reposting in the “right” place. Sorry for the double post.

    Rave: Still really happy with the number of embryos we might have at the end of the five day wait.
    Rant: It’s going to be weeks, not days until I know if my uterus can handle the egg transfer this month. If not, we may have to wait as long as three months before we can take that step.
    Rave: We’ve waited so long already that I’m sort of becoming numbed to the additional waiting.
    Rave: I’m learning so much about (in)fertility in this process that I’m seriously considering trying to work in the field. If I can’t find a job working in the area right away, I’m thinking about getting an MSW so I can be an infertility therapist. I think I may have found my calling.

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