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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Today is going to be beautiful, I’m starting to believe it’s turning into Spring!
    Rave: Going to (attempt to) check out the Atlas Brewery takeover at Fireworks tonight.
    Rave: Almost Friday!

  • Rave: Almost time to go home and have my mom’s matzo ball soup. YESSSS
    Rave: Watched previews of Lip Sync battle. Mike Tyson doing ‘Push It’? YESSS!
    Rave: Seems closing on the sale of our condo is still on track and going well. Hard to believe it’s that easy, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed
    Rant: Have to return to mouse house Sunday 🙁 But, so far, I think a lot of the mitigation has been helping. No critters seen on our dropcam last night, as far as I can tell.

  • Disappointed rant: I applied for a job I’m very interested in yesterday and received a call from the recruiting company while attending an after-work function. I thought it was my friend who said his cell phone had died calling from his office, so I stupidly answered and could barely hear the recruiter. We arranged for me to call her at 9:00 this morning so we could chat and she said she would email me her contact information but never did. I’m worried I blew it by being in a noisy place when she called. I don’t know her name and the number she called from is a generic line. I’m not sure if it would be too pushy to ask the operator for help connecting the dots when I really don’t know much other than the job description and that the recruiter is female. I’m hoping she realizes she never sent me her info and reaches out today, but then again, maybe she was just turned off that I wasn’t readily available the first time she called.

    • wow, that would be terrible if that’s why she didn’t email you the information. I’ve had similar happen, only I’ve been at the metro. If the recruiter is calling after work hours, what should she expect? You’d be home waiting for her call? People have lives. Can you get any info from the contact on the job announcement?

    • I’ve never worked with job recruiters before, but here’s my two cents:
      A.) You’re human. I doubt anyone expects you to wait in a vacuum of silence for a call from a job recruiter. I really wouldn’t worry about this.
      B.) I don’t see why you shouldn’t call the recruiting agency back. First of all they probably have your name in a database and can connect you to the person you were speaking with or perhaps the recruiters are somewhat interchangeable and the person you do end up speaking to can help. Second, I think calling them and doing some digging shows initiative on your part and if you really want this job I don’t see how that can hurt.
      Best of luck!

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been worried about being obnoxious but what do I really have to lose? If it works, great! If not, I’m not getting anywhere right now either, right? I

    • binpetworth

      I would certainly hope that the recruiter wouldn’t hold it against you for being in a loud space after work hours. God forbid a potential employee has a life! Speaking of awful recruiter behavior, I once had an HR person call me at 11 pm for a quick screening chat. I was living in Europe and he was in Atlanta, but he knew a) where I was because b) he dialed my international number with country code on my resume.

    • I don’t think that you blew it at all. Calling after work hours is unfortunately really normal for recruiters, and they expect to not be able to chat immediately all of the time. Chances are that she’s just a normal, run-of-the-mill, crappy recruiter and hasn’t gotten around to following up with you. I can’t even begin to tell you how many recruiters have just forgotten or not bothered to get back in touch with me in the past, and reach out a day or two later with apologies about being so busy. You’d think they’d want the commission. Definitely give the recruiting company a call, I’m sure they can fix you up.

    • Check your junk folder. I had interviewed and waiting for the writing sample prompt (which had a 24 hour clock), and realized that the email went into my junk folder! Thankfully I had enough time to complete the prompt (and get the job:)).

  • epric002

    rave: twining’s jasmine green tea. i’m addicted.
    rave: this weather! legs w/o tights!
    rant: pale legs.

    • I have the same last two as you today!

    • Agreed with your last rant. Also, have to start actually shaving again… >_>

      • Shaved for realsies for the first time in a while this morning. Had been shaving just around my knees where boots ended and a dress started. That was a new low for me.

        • epric002

          haha, i only shaved to right above my knees 🙂

        • uh, while my now-husband was deployed for the first time, I was like “F it, no need to shave ma legs”. Then I had to go to the Pentagon for part of job inprocessing and they asked me to raise my pant leg to check my ankles for weapons (I know, right?) and I was like “ummm…..don’t judge! My boyfriend is deployed!”. Never went that long again lol

          • Or, don’t judge because why should a woman *have* to shave her legs?

          • It’s not the not shaving…it’s the “clearly I stopped” look of it – which is, IMO, gross (not shaved, fine…but the half way there…gross – to me!)

    • I’m wearing patterned fishnet type tights because of your rant.

  • Rave: mere hours away from spring break
    Rant: the teachers in Atlanta who are found guilty of racketeering. No they shouldn’t have cheated but this is the result of high stakes testing culture, when people’s livelihood depends on student’s test scores, not to mention students being promoted or retained and their self esteem.
    Rant: had to send out a b.tchy “the kitchen is gross” email to my housemates
    Rave: I can eat lunch at a normal time today!

    • There’s also A LOT of racial undertones in that case. Finger-wagging white Southern politicians setting schools/teachers from poor neighborhoods up for failure; a terrible and despotic chain-of-command between administrators and teachers; the prosecutor using Mafia laws to punish teachers is a terrible overreach; and then a judge looking to make a name for himself and taking teachers immediately into custody without giving them the opportunity to resolve their person affairs (this is extremely unusual).
      Everyone in this scenario looks bad. But business as usual for Georgia, IMHO.

      • Yep, that sounds about right. I teach in a low-performing school in PG with high poverty and a high ESOL population. It’s scary stuff…

  • Does anyone know of a place that doesnt upcharge ladies drycleaning? I live in the Meridian Hill area. Thanks!

    • Anonynon

      me and my roommate just figured out that when you take your clothes to get dry cleaned they are actually just doing a gentle wash and press…dry cleaning costs extra and needs to be specifically stated! We are going to do a 60 minutes special on it

      • Ugh yeah, this is why I only take things to get drycleaned a couple times a year. The rest of it goes in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle of the wash and gets hung to dry. I haven’t had any issues with anything marked “dry clean only” ever.

    • I live in the Meridian HIll area too. I go to 7 Brothers in Adams Morgan for affordable dry cleaning. I would bring clothes that are crazy expensive, but it’s good for general dry cleaning needs. Best prices in the area.

      • I meant “wouldn’t” bring super expensive clothes there. If you have regular dry cleaning needs, it is the most affordable.

    • Oh my gosh. I had no idea what this “French 75” thing was. I think it’s probably about to be my new favorite drink. Gotta go get some champagne this weekend, I have everything else I need!

  • Rave: SPRING!
    Question: French 75 lovers! What food do you think would go well with that drink? I’m looking to cook something this weekend and serve French 75s along side. Pretty much open to anything.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Cheese burgers!

    • Oh my gosh. I had no idea what this “French 75″ thing was. I think it’s probably about to be my new favorite drink. Gotta go get some champagne this weekend, I have everything else I need!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I would like to thank Jeslett from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to them. They are lovely!

    • French 75s are my favorite drink! If you’re looking for apps:
      -endive boats with smoked salmon
      -green chile shrimp – served warm on skewers
      -sriracha popcorn
      -parmesan crisps (Giada has a good recipe)
      -and if you’ve got the big bucks: oysters rockefeller

      I also second the quiche or cheeseburger options if you’re looking for something a little more filling!

      • Wow thanks guys! I too learned about the French 75 from this site, and decided on a whim to make them with a meal this weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    • I would like to take full credit for the PoPville French 75 movement. May we all feel as though we’ve been hit with a 75 caliber French machine gun!
      I’m late to the game, so I’ll echo previous sentiments, which is to keep it light. I do not agree that it’s a brunch drink. Not all champagne cocktails are brunch drinks.
      If you are planning to serve a lot of them I recommend making a French 75 punch because there’s really no feeling in life that compares to measuring out 2 cups of gin, then dousing that with a couple bottles of champagne. It’s also very adorable and useful to slice up lemons, freeze then, and garnish the punch with them. I use Brokers and I skip the bitters- http://www.chroniclebooks.com/blog/2013/06/26/from-the-chronicle-kitchen-cocktails-for-a-crowd/

      • My sister still asks me if there was gin in “that house warming punch you made.” I consider this a win for #teamgin

      • I agree with you, Jeslett. I have been known to order a French 75 with a steak dinner. In fact, I have never had one at brunch!

      • Drooling over that “punch” recipe! I know exactly what I’ll be making this summer when we have a gathering.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: A tour bus almost hit me in the crosswalk. I hate DC in the springtime.
    Rave: My SIL and her husband are coming to DC in a couple of weeks. So I guess it’s not all bad.

  • Rave: Harvested a big haul of greens from my little backyard garden this morning. There were amazing birds in the yard and the sun was shining.
    Rave: Homemade steel cut oats with squash-date-lemon compote for breakfast, along with another free Compass Coffee.
    Rant: I left the delicious massaged kale salad I made in my refrigerator at home.
    Rant: I really want to get back in the habit of exercising regularly and Just. Can’t. Motivate.

    • justinbc

      Go to classes, it’s the best way to encourage activity!

      • I do 🙂 The tricky part (and maybe this is just an excuse?) is that the classes I like are almost always full by the time I have a chance to book them. And if I book in advance, I almost always develop a conflict and have to cancel. I really need to find a way to motivate myself to just work out at home, but always find an excuse like I need to cook a meal or play with my dog.

        • Allison

          I realized I have the same issue. So I started combining my commute with my workout. When the weather’s nice, I change my clothes after work and jog home a couple days a week. That way I feel like I’m multitasking and it doesn’t require me to leave my house after I’m already there (which is what I have no motivation to do.) Only works if you work within a few miles of your house though. (Or you could like, jog to a certain metro or bus station, I suppose.)

        • I’ve been maintaining a 20lb weight loss for over two years now and from my personal experience variety and fun are key. I do make a habit of going to the gym for group fitness classes (I’m very fortunate that I have one around the corner from my office that has really good free classes for members during lunch), but I don’t think one’s idea of exercise should be limited to going to the gym or jogging. Everyone is different, so what may work for others may not work for you. What may have worked for you in the past may not work for you now. I find that once I get into the habit of moving, whether it be walking, biking or dancing around my apartment in my underwear, I want to do do more movement. I think playing with your dog can be a great form of exercise. Now that it’s getting nicer out, perhaps you can start taking him/her on longer walks. I also have found that doing some exercise at home can be useful when I’m not feeling particularly motivated to go to the gym or am crunched for time. There are so many free workout videos on youtube that are great to follow along with. Or, maybe you can get a jump rope and do that. The key is to find what you like, not what you feel like you have to do. If it’s not fun to you, you’re not going to be motivated to do it.

          • Also… gardening is great exercise!

          • Thanks to you and Allison! Yes, I think I need to find an activity that really excites me. I’ve been walking a ton — like 4 miles a day, on average — but need to do something that raises my heart rate more. I wish I enjoyed running more than I do. I think I need to find some good online workout videos because I’m a bit bored with the routines I have.

          • Now that it’s nice out I like doing as much as I can outside – doesn’t necessarily mean running, but even stopping at a park or two through the course of a walk to do some higher intensity exercises to get the heart rate up. Going with a friend is great for motivation generally (and reducing awkwardness you might feel doing lunges or burpees by yourself outside 😉

    • The beauty of kale salad is it’ll still be good when you get home. or tomorrow! Ahh, I love kale

    • Forgotten rave: the HBO show “Togetherness,” which I binge-watched in one glorious session this week. I want all of the Mark Duplass I can get and now want to watch him in everything he’s ever done. “The One I Love” is also great, even though/because it’s pretty twisted.

    • Tell me more about this squash-date-lemon compote?

      • It’s this: bonappetit.com/recipe/squash-date-lemon-compote . I’m putting it in everything this week and it’s magnificent.

    • Wow – When did you plant your greens? I planted mid-March and they are just starting to come up!

      • They were transplanted in the late fall, then kept under cover. Almost all of them survived! The only victims were a few lacinato kale plants and some bok choi that went to seed. Spinach, red kale, mustard greens, mache and leaf lettuce are all growing like gangbusters and elephant garlic is just starting to send up green shoots. So exciting.

  • Rave: Kiddo is at school again today. Yay for that!
    Rant: Still cautious about giving her fruit–which is sad because she keeps asking for melon. Poor kid.
    RANT: Family drama when said family is coming to town for holiday celebrations. Yuck. I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with this crap.

  • Rant: Just got home and heading back out of town – I may have had a mini-meltdown last night surrounding by packed bags, unpacked bags, laundry, dirty dishes…
    Rave: heading out of town for my brother’s wedding.
    Rant/Rave: At a job where they want to me think and create and produce instead of (right now) doing operational and administrative/managerial work. What now? I have space to think and write and you’re paying me?! Must get on that… But also, kind of missing the “easy to check off your to-do list” tasks. These big huge tasks like “strategy”, “framework”, “analysis” are hard to break down into little, manageable pieces.

    • A friend recently suggested a way to organize her day that I have found really helpful. If she has a to do list, she physically blocks out time on her calendar to do each task. I find that it has really helped me. Strategy and Analysis are definitely more abstract, but perhaps it can break down like this: 9-11: background reading on X issue, 11-12: draft outline for creating mission statement. I don’t know if that helps, but trying this method has made me so much more productive at work (and at home).

      • +1. I also have a hard time motivating myself to dive into major strategy and analysis work. I have a big whiteboard in my office and physically write out a list with timing blocks (similar to Artemis’ suggestion) and check the tasks off in another color as I go. It seems more manageable when I can check off a portion of a report in the same way I can check off “call so and so”.

        • Same here – I find a detailed to do list really helps me – read this, annotate that, write 2 pages, review outline, etc. That way I feel like I’ve accomplished something (also easier to report out on progress when needed).

  • Rave: Indiana and Arkansas backing down, at least somewhat.
    Rant: Juvenile and asinine manner in which too many responded to the pizza place in Indiana. It’s counterproductive and allows the growing pro-equality movement to be defined by the jerks, thus making it easier to ignore and dismiss. Worse, it drags our side down to the level of theirs.
    Rave: Pork cheeks in the fridge for Saturday night. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe kung pao pork cheeks, or just an Italian-ish braise.

    • justinbc

      I’ve made both of these recipes and they’re both outstanding:

      Re: pizza place, it was funny reading through the Yelp reviews as they came in (which will all be subsequently deleted), but that place making that declaration had to know they would invite that kind of thing, despite the fact that the particular place making that choice was basically a non-factor. I think it’s good that people stand up to hate and bigotry, even if it’s done in a hyperbolic nature. It’s better than being quiet, at least.

      • I Dont Get It

        And what gay couple would serve pizza at a wedding anyway? I read this morning now that Memories Pizza is closed for a couple of days due to threats and from some jerks. Also someone set up a Kickstarter campaign for them that has already raised $50,000.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, that’s kinda what I meant by a non-factor. You’ve got to figure that in a town of 2200 people the gay population is at most 40 or so (if national trends are followed), and of those few who could manage to find the others (because I doubt it’s an accepting town for coming out), what are the chances they would have this craphole cater their wedding?

      • That first recipe may be the way to go…Thanks.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I obviously do not know the owners of the pizza place, and I personally disagree with their sentiment, but I think it is worthwhile to acknowledge that they come from a very small town that is waaay out there in the middle of nowhere. My point is that most people there are unlike anybody you would meet in a major metro area in just about every way imginable – education, life experience, everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t even met more than a handful of people who have gone to college. Where they live sure ain’t a place to which people from elsewhere move to, nor is it a place to which kids leave for college and then come back to. I would not assume that they “had to know” anything (not just about public response to their comments, I mean literally anything). I have no problem with people piling on the governor and the state legislature, but piling onto these individuals is ridiculous, and making Gamergate-style threats against them (or anyone) accomplishes nothing but setting back one’s own side of the argument.

        • I Dont Get It

          21 miles to South Bend, 23 miles to Notre Dame University and 80 miles to Chicago so it’s really not in the middle of nowhere. Having said that I agree that they shouldn’t be bullied or threatened since that just plays into the story of how evil gays and their twisted agendas are persecuting Christians.

          And can we all agree that there is NO good pizza in Indiana?

          • justinbc

            I’ve only been to Indiana once, and I definitely did not have any good pizza on that trip. Just to be clear, I’m not saying they should have been bullied, but rather they shouldn’t be surprised that it happened. I mean, come on, the Internet exists, you can’t really claim ignorance anymore.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Assuming that others should know what you know, because, well, um, you know it, so how can it be that somebody else doesn’t know it, is as foolproof of a route to recurrent frustration and disappointment as any I can think of.

          • I Dont Get It

            Indiana inflicted Noble Roman pizza on the world!

  • Rave: Spring flowers. Even if the weeds are already taking over.
    Rant: My breakfast is sitting all alone on my kitchen counter, while I’m in the office.
    Double Rant: MD drivers who decide to use the parking lane as a traveling lane when there are already two travel lanes. You’re an a**, sir.
    And an apology: Mr. Motorcyclist going south on 9th, sorry I did not see or hear you and thanks for beeping when you saw me put on my turn signal. It was a stressful commute.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: Somehow, over the course of the winter, I went from a size 0 in pants to a size 6. I feel like I’m about 5 pounds heavier than I used to be, and I’m surprised that translates to such a difference in sizes.
    Rave: Crafting daffodils out of sugar and bunny ears out of wool.
    Rant: The springtime tourists never used to bother me. But now that I work in Crystal City, the epicenter of annoying tour groups, I get why people find them so offensive.

  • Rant: Street harassment seems to be on a major upswing as it gets warmer. I’ve had issues when walking my dog almost every night this week and during my runs. So gross.
    Rant: Awful run last night. The weather was great but the pollen really affected my breathing.
    Rave: Grabbing drinks tonight with a good friend I haven’t seen in months.
    Rave: I’m not a coffee drinker but I treated myself to an iced vanilla latte this morning. Happy.

  • Rave: Glimmers of spring
    Rant: first day back in the gym after five days away. I almost died this morning. It is always amazing to me how even a short drop off in working out feels painful when getting back on the proverbial horse.
    Rave: Passover dinner tomorrow night and Easter dinner on Sunday with good friends.
    Rant: I haven’t even thought of menu planning for Easter. Oy. I hope the grocery stores aren’t completely out of hams.

  • Rant: I hate the wait, tomorrow we will know if our 2nd IVF cycle resulted in a pregnancy
    Rant: So far it doesn’t look good but there are still some hope, please pray for me
    Rant: Trying to get pregnant seems like the hardest thing I ever had to do
    Rave: Hope, Hope, Hope

  • Rave: Happy Hour at La Tasca last night. Holy Empanadas! I’m in love with those things
    Rant: Happy Hour at La Tasca last night. I tried to put myself on a happy hour ban but boyfriend wanted to go.. and I have plans to meet friends on U st for another one tonight. :-/
    Rave: We are have a pizza party at work to celebrate the end of our performance report process. YAY! I feel like a kid again!
    Rave/Rant: Dacha Beer Garden. Drove passed after leaving La Tasca and thought, “Why wasn’t I there” the place was packed!

  • KSB

    Rave: Easter Bunny thinks it would be nice to bring each child a porch railing planter box with flowers and just a few pieces of candy this year.
    Rant: This Easter Bunny has a black thumb and is pushing herself way out of her comfort zone to execute said plan.
    Rave: Pretty flowers on my porch! And Home Depot right up the street to replace pretty flowers as needed…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Grandpa had a mild stroke. He’s 92 so I don’t know how “mild” it is.
    Rave: He’s pissed he has to stay in the hospital. That’s got to be a good sign.
    Rant: He has to stay in the hospital b/c he’s lost some function in his right hand.
    Rave: He’s ambidextrous, so if it’s permanent he can still write.

    • justinbc

      Ambidexterity has to be one of the most underrated skills a person can have.

      • Emmaleigh504

        word. I tried so hard to make myself ambidextrous as a kid, but my handwriting always looked like a serial killer.

      • It’s up there with knowing how to drive a manual car. So many Americans can’t do it.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, that can save you a lot when traveling internationally. It’s like 3x more for renting an automatic transmission vehicle everywhere outside of the US.

          • My boyfriend tried to teach me how to drive his stick (he he..) a couple weekends ago. It did not go so well… that ish is hard!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Plus stick shifts are more fun to drive!

          • Someone tried to teach me on a first date… on their brand new car. That was a horrible idea!

          • justinbc

            There’s no way I would trust someone I just met to “learn” how to do something like that in a brand new car. He’s brave.

          • Tell me about it. My boyfriend talked me into getting an automatic for our trip to Europe next month because he can’t drive stick and doesn’t trust my skills (to be fair, I haven’t driven stick in at least 10 years). I’m a little sad, I kind of wanted to drive a manual again, even if it meant stalling out all over France.

          • justinbc

            I technically know how to drive a stick, although it’s been quite a long time. But after driving through the madness that is Casablanca streets I’m so glad I had an automatic and not having to deal with shifting on top of that nonsense.

        • I Dont Get It

          I learne to drive on a stick shift–sometimes miss it!

          • epric002

            me too. the only car my parents were going to let me drive was the 84 volvo station wagon. i thought they were bluffing and kept putting if off and so i had to learn stick in like 2 days before my 16th birthday. but i was the only kid of 4 who actually learned to drive stick!

        • They’re surprisingly difficult to purchase in this area. We bought one last fall, knew we wanted a manual, and ended up getting judged at every single dealership we visited. Except for the one where we bought it from (which was 90% of why we bought it there). “WHY in the world would you want a manual here?!” or “Well we don’t have any manuals of (insert make/model) here, do you want to test drive an automatic instead?”
          Ended up driving all over the freaking DMV trying to find used models to test drive and then had to special order it and have it driven from Southern VA.

          • My mom has always had manuals and has also had a tough time finding them around here. She did buy a manual Camaro as an “I beat cancer” present to herself and that was pretty easy to find in a stick. She’s way cooler than me.

          • She sounds so cool Alice! Yeah I mean sports cars are the exception…you can always find those in manual (as it should be!) but this wasn’t anything like that. Mr. Eggs just REALLY wanted a manual this time around. It’s a normal car lol.

        • I’ve always driven stick shift – fun to drive, and I figure no one will be able to steal my car (break in yes, steal no).

      • skj84

        agreed. I’m better at holding silverware than writing with my left hand, but at least I do have the skill to do both.

      • Nothing like necessity to help it along – I have major shoulder surgery on my right arm while in college so learned to write, put my contacts in, brush my hair, etc. with my left hand. Has served me well ever since!

      • Exactly! Why, I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope he recovers quickly and fully!

      • Emmaleigh504

        thanks! My Dad and Aunt are going down there, so he’ll be well looked after. Plus his old people’s place (his words) is amazing and will look after him.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! Hope he recovers well!

    • Oh, I’m sorry, Emilie! Glad to hear he has good care and hope he has a quick, full recovery!

    • Oh no! I hope he is OK. And yes, I think that being mad is a very good sign.

    • I Dont Get It

      Get better soon Grandpa!

    • Oh no, I am so sorry. I hope for a speedy recovery.

    • So sorry to hear this–hope it was indeed mild and that he’s on the mend soon.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Feeling good about committing to be more active and healthier
    Rave: Contractor acknowledged that things aren’t getting done at the pace they should, and committed an additional guy to help catch up
    Rave: It’s my Friday.
    Rant: Starting to pack all.the.things

  • justinbc

    Rant: One of the contractors who was bidding on our bathroom remodel decided to pull out today, after stringing me along waiting on his proposal for two weeks.
    Rave: We had basically already decided who we wanted to go with anyway and were just being nice by waiting on him. Now we can actually get started with the firm we chose!
    Rave: Found plans to build an elaborate catwalk for the incoming kittens, should be a fun project that will keep them entertained and out of my face.

  • RAVE: The weather. 70s today!
    RANT: The pollen. Claritin is having no effect. At all.
    RAVE: Fun date planned for this weekend – scoping out cherry blossoms at Hains Point via my scooter on Saturday! Will bring some noshes.
    RAVE: Fun Easter Sunday planned – re-creating Le Boum Brunch at my house. Lots of champagne, French 75s, quiche, and waffles. The roommates are on board. Need to get some more tunes for the turntables.

    • That last rave is the best idea ever!

    • skj84

      HOLY AMAZEBALLS on your last rave!!!!! I need to do that. La Boum gets so freaking expensive.

    • Emmaleigh504

      What time should I arrive on Sunday?

    • Andie302

      Re: your last rave: Heading there for the first time in early May and thinking maybe we should just do this in my living room instead. 🙂 Let us know how it goes (or if you’re up for this again in early May haha).

    • I Dont Get It

      Am I the only one who had to google Le Boum Brunch? I feel old today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I had to google it the last time it showed up here. It made me feel old too.

      • epric002

        no, i just did too. how old are most of the people that go to this?

        • Mid 20s to mid 30s. It’s mostly large groups of friends – bachelorette parties, grad school friends, etc. It’s stupidly overpriced and the food is mediocre. I went once for free, thankfully. Still, the atmosphere is fun and silly. People consume waaaaaay too much bad sparkling wine and dance on the bar.

  • Rant: women who pack their carry on luggage so heavy that they can’t lift it to put in overhead bin.
    Rave: I get back home today after what seems like the longest work trip ever.

    • Why is this rant just about women?

      • +1

      • justinbc

        I’m guessing it’s based on some anecdotal experience he/she just encountered.

      • Because its my rant and that’s what I wanted it to be about. Because it’s always my experience where I have to help a woman lift her luggage above her head. Thanks!

        • Still sounds misogynist to me — you could have easily said “people” instead of “women” — but your rant is your rant.
          I will now rant that rants about “women” and their bad judgment and weakness annoy me.

          • I could have also mansplain to her that she shouldn’t have packed her bag so heavy that she wouldn’t be able to lift it above her head…..but instead I helped once again and just decided to rant about it….so be annoyed all you want.

          • SouthwestDC

            I’m guessing most men are tall enough that they don’t need a hand getting their luggage (which is probably just as heavy) into the bin.

          • I agree with Shawess, your rant is your rant but its not very nice. Also — frankly, even if my luggage isn’t especially heavy (just slightly unweildy), I’m just short and can’t always manuver it up there efficiently, so sometimes a nice guy will offer to help. Which makes my day. (Thanks nice guys!)

          • Why does his rant need to be “nice”?
            This place is so strange. First, you ladies want to be able to rant freely without opposition, but god forbid someone says something you dislike, and you’re all over him/her. Stop beating people up who don’t agree with you.
            As a woman who’ve been stuck helping ladies plenty of times, I feel his rant. Unless you’re a little person (and my mother is technically, but she still manages), then you should be able to handle your carry on luggage or check your bags. Counting on nice guys to come along and save you is setting women back quite a few years.

          • “Stop beating people up who don’t agree with you.” That isn’t what’s happening here. I noted that I disliked expressions of misogyny. I didn’t disagree with the premise of the rant, which Redheads have even more fun covered in a spot-on way, without any whiff of anti-woman sentiment, at 11:34.
            You are all welcome to disagree with me here. And no one — especially me — is suggesting that we all have to be nice all the time.

          • Calling this misogynistic is over the top – rant is about a specific behavior encountered with the women travelers who can’t get their heavy carry on luggage into overhead bin.

          • Anon Spock, I can lift my luggage over my head easily, but do you really want me to be hurling it into the overhead bin? I’m too short to do anything except throw it and hope it makes it in. Since that’s kind of dangerous for the people nearby I do need a flight attendant or someone with longer arms who can place it in normally.
            I’m sorry my lack of height is setting us women back quite a few years, but there’s not much I can do about it. I manage fine without men in every other area of my life, but I’m not carrying a stepstool around with me when I travel!

          • justinbc

            Just be glad you called them women and not gals, you would really feel the wrath.

          • I Dont Get It

            This is why god(dess) gave me freakishly long arms in order to assist others getting their luggage in the overhead bins. Now can we get back to discussing how awful pizza is in the state of Indiana?

          • IDGI, you are my heeeeeeero!

          • “Just be glad you called them women and not gals, you would really feel the wrath.”

            @justinbc, sooo funny. Everytime I read that I’m busting out loud.

        • I respect your right to rant even if no one else does which is ironic because those same folks would ask you to respect theirs. LOL
          And yes, I’ve only seen this issue with women not just on flights.

          • I respect the rant, just not the misogyny in it. There’s no irony there.

          • You can call is misogynistic, but I’d say it’s just the facts. I know plenty of short men. I’m 5’3, and I know guys my size and smaller who are fully capable of getting things overhead without assistance. I don’t like women playing damsels in distress.
            It goes along with the men should pay for first dates to show interest idea.
            My issue is this sort of mentality comes my way too even though I’m a chick. I happen to be a bit less femme than my counterparts, so they put all the hetero crap on me. It stinks. If his rant was about men needing help, you wouldn’t bat an eye. Would you?

          • This may make for juicy reading (hi, PoPville!), but it’s super boring conversation.

          • justinbc

            Has anyone ever actually seen a guy needing help with this though? (And I mean specifically the overweight lifting part, not help because he packed like a clueless idiot.) I certainly never have, and I would bet that the ratio is disproportionate enough that it’s no different than complaining about “women who breastfeed” versus “people who breastfeed”.

          • Older men, sick men, disabled men, and child-men may need help. I don’t think people should necessarily be able to lift their luggage over their heads – that’s why they have wheels! What’s wrong with lending a hand to fellow-traveling strangers when you can? If you can’t, someone else will.

          • +1 dcres. This is exactly what I was thinking while reading through this thread.

          • justinbc

            @dcres, yes, may need help. But have you ever actually seen it? I can’t imagine an elderly man stuffing a bag so full that he can’t lift it. Most elderly people I see flying have little carryon luggage at all. I’m always happy to help people with their luggage, but it’s not my gripe. I can totally understand how the OP might have singled out women, because that is in fact the only sex I ever see asking for help in this scenario.

          • justinbc

            Oh, and I fully support the concept that rants need not be “nice”, although the line of “offensiveness” in this city is far greater than most. Generally when you’re pissed off about something you’re not inclined to worry about political correctness.

    • People who stuff their stupid carry-ons so full they won’t fit in the bin. People with backpacks crammed so full of crap that they become the size of a checked bag. Flight attendants that don’t enforce the carry-on rules.
      People who spent 20 minutes getting settled in their seat for 45 minute flight to Boston. People who have small children on flights who don’t bring anything to entertain small child.

      Don’t get me started.

      • justinbc

        +1 on flight attendants. It seems like so much of the on-plane drama could be avoided by this stuff being enforced before boarding. Then again, that would likely just wind up in people arguing and delaying everyone else from boarding, so really it’s just passengers who should be less douchey.

      • binpetworth

        Let’s not forget the extreme seat recliners! Why yes, I would like to have consume my drink and peanuts on my lap.

        • binpetworth

          D’oh! And then there’s the people like me who pack sentences with too many verbs.

        • I don’t get this recent internet outrage on seat recliners. The seat reclines, deal with it. It’s not like they’re gaming it to recline more than it’s supposed to.

          • Ditto. If someone wants more legroom, they know where they should be sitting (Economy Plus, Business, etc). Yes, it’s annoying when someone reclines and I’m trying to work on my laptop, but that’s on me. I made the choice to have my laptop out. That said, I really only fully recline on longer flights where I need to sleep..

          • justinbc

            Yeah that seems like more of an issue with airplane space planning. I can’t see the seat behind me, so I assume that whatever rate I’ve reclined my seat to is an acceptable amount.

          • I agree, to a certain extent. I do get irrationally irritated when someone reclines in the middle of the day and doesn’t sleep, or even try to sleep. Yes, it’s their right, but it’s a jerky move. You know it’s a huge pain for the person behind you, and if you want to snooze, fine. But the increase in your chatting comfort is dwarfed by the decrease in the comfort of the person behind you.

          • You don’t know that for sure, dcd. Reclining allows me to curl my legs up on the seat (otherwise they’re just dangling which is uncomfortable after a while, even for chatting). I always though there should be a tray that slides out from under the seat cushion to make the seat more like a chaise lounge.

          • Sorry @dcd, it’s not a jerk move. Seats were designed to recline, therefore passengers should get no grief for doing so. Like others have said, if you don’t like it, buy economy plus, or business class. There are things in this world to be outraged about, but this is not one of them.

          • Where precisely in my post do you see outrage? I even said that I was “irrationally irritated,” signaling to anyone with even a tenuous grasp of the English language that I recognize that there’s no sound basis for my irritation. It’s a pet peeve, is all, not a federal case, and not one that I would ever mention to the passenger. Lighten up, Francis.

      • Also, lets not forget about the people who put just one sweatshirt in the overhead, rather than letting someone use that as their bag space!

        • Isn’t that the flight attendants job to readjustment the overhead space? Or someone could ask who’s it is and ask them to move it, so they might use the space for a bag? It seems like an easy enough situation to fix.

        • I always (gently) move their jacket/sweatshirt, if I see that. I’ll just place it between bags or place it on top of my bag. I don’t even bother to ask at this point (nor do they notice if it’s been moved). Ask forgiveness, not permission.

        • UGH! This fills me with so much rage. A few weeks ago on a fully booked flight I asked a guy if I could move his jacket so I could put my carry-on bag in the overhead. He give me such an attitude, like I had just ruined his life. I also love the people that shove their bags in sideways, taking up the space of 3 bags with their 1 bag.

        • I just rearrange stuff without asking if I need to. If it’s so precious that other people shouldn’t touch it then it does not belong in a general use baggage area.

      • Just yesterday I found the Instagram @passengershaming (they’re also on FB), which is just pictures of ridiculous things that people do on airplanes. Yesterday’s photo was a woman clipping her fingernails on a plane! It’s amusing but also slightly enraging.

    • I’m 5’0, and if I packed my carry-on full of helium I would still need help getting it into an overhead bin. Lighten up, and don’t help if it makes you too cranky.

      • YES. THIS.

      • Why not just check bags if you aren’t physically able to handle your own stuff? My short mother (4’9) can barely reach the bin, and she still gets it in there.

        • Um, because I don’t feel like paying $50 for a checked bag, which is precisely why so many people use carry-ons.

        • Why don’t you check your bag? That’s the same reason I don’t, either. Because I can handle my bags for the other hours of my travel, just not the 3.5 seconds it takes to hoist it overhead. Because I don’t want it to arrive 3 days after I do. Because it contains something fragile that is too large to fit under my seat. Because I don’t want to pay the baggage fee. Because I don’t want to waste time at my destination waiting at baggage claim. Because I’m not going to inconvenience myself when I’m not inconveniencing anyone else by bringing a carry-on to the plane. If you don’t like to help people, don’t help people. It’s really that simple.

      • Me too! I think this guy is just jealous of all us fragile little ladies who can sit comfortably on a airplane and aren’t bothered in the slightest when the person in front of us reclines their seat.
        But to be totally serious for a moment, I am that 5’0″ woman who will climb up on the seat to grab my bag out of the overhead. I get so many offers from everyone (male and female) to grab it for me while I’m in the act, but I’ve gotten it down to a science and I’ve already retrieved my bag before I can politely decline.
        I wonder how this guy feels about us little ladies who ask for help with things on high up shelves at grocery stores… because that is where I do ask for help frequently. Maybe he needs to move to Saudi Arabia where women are already accompanied by their own men, so he’d never be bothered.

        • +1. It’s not that I haven’t retreived mine before, I do it plenty. It’s just nice when other people take the initiative if it looks like I might need some help. It’s being courteous. I’ve grabbed things for older people, as well, just because it was the polite thing to do.

        • justinbc

          I love when little old ladies ask for things in the grocery store, it’s so cute and feels old fashioned like when people used to be more neighborhood-ly friendly (at least my idea of it, from old tv shows).

          • Ugh, seriously?

          • justinbc

            Yes, seriously. Helping people is fun.

          • I Dont Get It

            So one time this sweet little old lady at Giant asked me to get something from the top shelf, which I was happy to do. Then I started babbling and said something lame like “We should shop together and I can get the stuff from the top shelf and you could get the stuff on the lower shelf.’ She asked me what I needed so I pointed at some low hanging salsa (which I didn’t need but I wanted her to feel needed and less invisible by society) and she bent over and picked it up and then dropped it smashing glass and salsa everywhere. As I was running off I’m pretty sure she said something like “Here’s another jar of salsa.”

            This is why I should never leave my house.

          • justinbc, I am so happy you’re on the same page with me about these things.

          • Yes, it’s so adorable the way she can’t reach anything on the high shelves!

          • justinbc

            Oh please, go troll bait somewhere else.

          • #TeamSassyLesbian #ILikeYouTooJustin

          • Emmaleigh504

            Well little old ladies and little old men do get the dwindles, hence the little part. I happily help both when they need it. But I don’t normally see little old men at the grocery store. Probably b/c they die before little old ladies do.

          • Hahaha, I can always count on IDGI to subdue my reading-rage with the giggles. 😀

          • I Dont Get It

            My story about the old lady with the chicken at Whole Foods is better but is best told under the influence.

          • And this is why you need to come to a happy hour, IDGI– we need the stories best told under the influence!

      • I don’t really think that men are immune to not realizing quite how heavy their luggage is once packed. They’re just more equipped to deal with it because they have more upper body strength than women do. Most women manage their luggage just fine, so I don’t get the hate for women occasionally needing help or the accusation that they’re playing “damsel in distress.”

    • Yeah, WOMEN, amiright?!?! Gosh dangit, those women. Hope you mansplained to her that you were being CHIVALROUS when you helped her lift her bag. Sorry you had a seat partner that couldn’t talk sports or the news, cause, you know, women.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Comcast! I have cable and internet, no premium channels yet my bill this month was $189, usually it is around $170. I know I should call instead of ranting on a neighborhood blog, but I was wondering if $170 sounds like a lot for what I’m signed up for and what strategy do folks have for keeping their bill low.
    Rave: My new bed and box springs arrived in four large boxes so expect a
    Rant: Monday about the hassle of assembling it.

    • That does sound like a lot! I have cable (no premium channels or DVR) and internet with Comcast and my bill is only $74/month. I do call them every couple of months or so and ask what deals are currently available and they’ve been good about letting me keep my low rate.

    • I Dont Get It

      I also have DVR, forgot about that.

    • Andie302

      I called verizon and told them I was leaving and they reduced my bill by $30/month. I’m sure comcast will do that too. That sounds high to me.

    • That’s a lot for cable and internet with no premium channels. I made the switch from Comcast to FiOs last year and have not looked back. I did not switch because of problems with Comcast, I switched because FiOs was a better deal. By way of contrast, I pay about $200 for cable (with every premium channel), faster internet, and phone.
      In terms of keeping your Comcast bill “low,” step one is to call and ask for the best deal possible. It doesn’t hurt to threaten a move to FiOs if you don’t get a good enough deal. All of Comcast’s deals have limits – typically a year. When the year is up and your bill explodes, call again and repeat the above negotiation. It’s a cyclical pain to do, but I did it for ten years or so with decent results. I was always able to get some kind of deal, though the deals got less generous in recent years.

    • SouthwestDC

      I had a similar plan, except it also included phone, and it mysteriously went up from $149 to $193. I called them in the fall and got it down to $63, although somehow it’s crept up to $75 now. You might have to try calling again if negotiating doesn’t work the fist time. Some of the reps are reasonable, while others are bullies who refuse to budge.

    • That sounds like a huge amount to pay to me. We’re around $110/mo for Verizon FiOS, which includes internet, basic cable, a premium sports package, and DVR rental.

    • I pay $127 for comcast with DVR, no prem channels, and internet. I called a while back, and I got an existing customer deal. You may want to try that or get the cable in a new customer’s name. If my price goes up again, I’m going to put it in someone’s name.

    • Blithe

      For about half that ($79 + fees) FIOS has a package for new users for two years, that includes TV, internet and phone, plus a visa gift card for $300 (I think). This might include some bonuses that only last a year — even though your package lasts for two years — so at the end of the first year, you can negotiate a bit, and they may either continue to give you credits or will give you faster internet speed. If FIOS isn’t in your neighborhood, it could also be worth checking to see if the Verizon DSL service would meet your needs. If you’re happy with your Comcast service, you might want to call them, possibly even speaking with a retention specialist, to find out why they’re charging so much — when you can get the triple play from Verizon for half of what you’re paying. Although it’s easiest to get good deals as a new customer, Comcast should be able to give you a much better deal than what you’ve got now.

  • Becks

    Rave: Asparagus, bean sprout and tofu noodle stir-fry last night! I brought leftovers for lunch!
    Rave: I love this weather! Cool and warmer with a lovely breeze!
    Rave: My Godmother is sending one of her amazing, homemade, Banana Nut Bread Loaves! She usually only makes one a year for my birthday but for some reason I get two this year!!! Woo Hoo! I got me some Banana Nut Love!

  • justinbc

    Random: Just got a notice from my property management company that one of our tenants gave notice to vacate on the 30th. If anyone is looking for a place (about 600 sqft 1br/1ba) for about $1200 let me know.

  • Rant: Car2Go wouldn’t open this morning
    Rave: Car2Go customer service fixed the issue and then credited me with 20 minutes
    Rave: The weather!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: this picture! It’s beautiful. thanks John Sonderman!

  • Rant: salary negotiations for new job. unionized position means little room to negotiate.
    Rave: still taking the job offer either way but shhh don’t tell them that
    Rave: weather
    Rave: feeling good about myself. super confident. maybe willing to get back into dating. it’s weather. the sun brings out the best in me.

  • Want to buy some plants online for delivery, but am reading mixed reviews about quality? Any sites out there that Popvillers have used with success?

  • Rant: My difficult coworker has crossed over into incredulously impossible and hostile. If she could bottle her passive-aggressiveness for sale, she’d be a millionaire.
    Rant: Management doesn’t want to deal with it.
    Rave: I have a steady job even if it makes me want to put my head down and cry some days.

  • skj84

    Rant: my iPhone has started to reject the new charger I purchased less than a month ago. The original charger won’t work either. I’ve had this stupid phone for less than a year. I hope I don’t have to get it replaced. Not do I want to drop $30 on another apple charger that may or may not work.

    • I’ve had that issue too, with non-Apple products. Somehow the phone KNOWS it’s not an official Apple product after I’ve used it for a while. I gave up and shelled out for an official one.

  • RANT: Read all ten bazillion pages of The Emperor of All Maladies only to see it turned into a three-part, easy to watch Ken Burns series :^0 The German term for this is…??

    RAVE: Cool spring, not too hot — no intimations of impeding swamp and stew. Whew!

  • Rant: my presentation to the CEO had to be postponed.
    Rave: on the bright side it made my packed day a lot easier.
    Rant: I forgot to put my salad in the fridge, so now I’m hungry and waiting for it to get cold.
    Rave: I am slowly converting you all into gin drinkers, or least just French 75 drinkers.

    • You prefer to eat your salad cold? How funny–I prefer mine room-temp. My teeth are sensitive to cold, so maybe that’s why? Funny though. Hope your salad cools soon!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: rediscovering salsa music, makes me wanna dance
    Rant: long wait for next metro

  • Late rave: kids are gone, grades for the third quarter are in. I’m on spring break!

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