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  • brookland_rez

    Most are closing down due to their chapter 11 bankruptcy. The one in Gallery Place is staying open last I heard.

  • So piggybacking off the rumored Chik Fil A, why don’t they just take over the old lime space and radio shack? Or would it be too big?

    • That Lime Fresh space was huge. I remember walking in there, getting a burrito that tasted like what’s left in the fridge after a frat house party the next morning, and thinking, “They really overestimated how popular this venture would be.”

  • The radio shack closing makes sense, the company is re-structuring and closing most of it’s retail.

  • Definitely not going to miss paying $30 for an HDMI cable. Radio Shack is an antiquated concept in a post-Amazon world. Evolve or die sadly.

  • Did… did they just forget it was still open?

  • It would be great if we had a councilmember developing an economic plan to bring businesses to Ward 1. DCUSA has been empty for too long. But then again, it would be great if our councilmember would do any number of things.

    • Thought, do you ever post about anything other than Brianne Nadeau?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        It’s true – we are fast approaching “Thanks Obama”…

        • Nice to know I have a following, but I also know I speak for a growing number of my neighbors.
          (And as a strong Obama supporter, you won’t see snarky “Thanks, Obama” comments from me)
          But testdoc, do you not feel a councilmember (or any politician) has a role in addressing quality of life issues or promoting a vibrant business district? Isn’t that more important than the self-serving reliance of merely mobilizing tenant groups to keep you in office (as Graham did and Nadeau is sure to follow)? For what it is worth, I was just as hard on Graham.

  • jim_ed

    Oh great, now where am I going to get new dongles for my Tandy?

  • This surprised me, because the Columbia Heights location was not on the big list of closing RadioShack stores. It was my understanding that this store was to survive the restructuring.

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