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  • Maybe I’m a romantic but a baseball game is the last place I’d propose to my girlfriend.

    • saf

      I dunno, my husband would find a proposal at a ballgame romantic.

      As long as it was between innings.

    • palisades

      There is nothing more unoriginal or un-romantic as a sporting event proposal.

    • Ally

      I’d say it depends on the couple. If it’s in some way special to them, it works. Maybe they had their first date at a Nats game, or something similarly sentimental. Either way, congrats to the happy couple!

  • Party poopers! If he wore a tux and tails to a baseball game she would know something was up! I love baseball and go to a lot of games with my bf- and I think it is cute and romantic! Congrats to the couple and best wishes!

    • That’s why I wear a tux 3-5 times per week. Much easier to pull off a fancy surprise when people already expect to see you dressed that way.

    • Was someone complaining that he’s not dressed nicely? I’ve had friends propose after hiking up a mountain or something and I doubt they looked any better. I think it’s a lot more special if you choose a place or activity you and your partner both like.

  • epric002

    oh for pete’s sake people. if you’ve nothing nice to say…

  • Congratulations!!

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