&pizza Dupont Location Opens Monday

1215 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From a press release:

“&pizza, the collection of local pizza shops known for their gourmet handmade pies, inventive flavor combinations, localized store design, and dedication to the Washington-area community will open its seventh Washington, D.C. location Monday, April 13, in Dupont Circle.

This, the brand’s 12th location in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area promises to integrate itself into Dupont’s rich cultural landscape without disturbing the area’s widely recognized communal oneness. Paying homage to the affinity for art and culture, and its importance in advancing the rights of the American gay community, &pizza Dupont features an enormous wall graphic inspired by the equality icon. But that’s not the end. It complements the neighborhood’s ideals around togetherness with two large wooden community tables that rest under schoolhouse lights, bookended by coke bottle chairs, adding an element of youthful flare.”

Oh yeah the pinkberry next door closed too:


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  • Right across the street from my office! Awesome!

  • This pic needs a caption contest. I’ll go first:
    “4 out of 5 Traktor DJ’s prefer &pizza”

  • The PR stuff is funny. It’s just a new way to repackage the kind of bland foregetable pizza that DC has always tolerated.

    • Bashing DC pizza is old news. For a quick service joint , their stuff is pretty darn good. Kudos to &pizza for changing the game and growing their business.

    • God forbid they brand their product?

      &pizza is pretty good. Is it so bad to like fast, customizable pizza with good ingredients? Most people I talk to love this place. Don’t know why some people have to be so snobby.

      This isn’t New York and it never will be. Get over it. Although, if you want a really good NY slice, Wiseguy’s is always an option. But sometimes I don’t want an authentic NY slice, and &pizza is really good for what it is.

      • xinbermz

        +1 this! I’m a native New Yorker and have long accepted NY pizza will only be available in New York (and Wiseguys). &pizza is freaking awesome.

    • I agree that &pizza really isn’t amazing, but for fast casual pizza it is very solid. And the price is very reasonable for how much food you get.

  • I’m diggin the Rex Riot and Basscamp picture. These guys play on the venue level of rock and roll hotel every Saturday night starting at 11:30 btw. They put on a fun show.

  • To integrate into the community, will it be open late night on the weekends?

  • BRB – I need to go sync up with ‘the area’s widely recognized communal oneness’

  • I can never go to this place for the sole reason that their name drives me bonkers.

  • I’ve only been to the one in the U street area……me likey. I’m more excited for the one opening in the Eastern Market area. Much closer to me.

  • Ledo Pizza still rules.

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