Original Beau Thai becoming BKK Cookshop in May

1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW at R Street

From a press release:

“The principals behind the award-winning Beau Thai restaurants of the Shaw and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods of Washington, DC, announced their plans to open a unique new Thai restaurant at 1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW. The new concept will be known as BKK Cookshop (BKK is the airport code for Bangkok) and will showcase international influences on Thai cooking.

Executive chef and owner Aschara Vigsittaboot has spent the past two years planning BKK’s menu. She has traveled to Thailand on several occasions to determine and refine the offerings. Among the dishes planned for the menu include house-made Chinese steamed buns, pomelo salad, grilled meatballs, Thai style chicken wings and several rice and noodle dishes. A handful of made-from-scratch sauces will be a stand-out accompaniment to meals at BKK.

“The dishes I plan are both playful and tasty. I’m going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen, and I think customers will share in the fun when they eat here” notes Vigsittaboot. “The small menu will be completely different in substance from Beau Thai, but, like Beau Thai, will feature made from scratch dishes and excellent quality ingredients.”

The beverage program at BKK Cookshop will feature Singha on draught, an Asian beer list, a handful of interesting wines and sakes, and a limited cocktail menu.

BKK will occupy the original location of Beau Thai Shaw, which moved to a larger space at 7th and P Streets, NW, in December. An extensive remodel of the interior will bring a completely new look, including all new finishes, furnishings and lighting.

The planned opening date for BKK is May 2015.”


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  • Sounds good. They’ll be doing takeout, yes?

  • My wife will be happy. She is always on the lookout for steamed buns. Now she might have them around the corner!

  • I LOVE the addition of BT to my neighborhood….but in nice weather, I’ll definitely give this a try. The folks at BT are lovely – always welcoming (yes, even when we have a *GASP* child when we go out to eat). The other night we wanted take out, they said there would be a wait…so we went to ThaiTanic. And they totally f’d up our whole order. That’ll learn me. Sticking with BT and I hope they have lots of success with this new venture.

    • Dining out with your child is going to become the new Mt.Pres’s kiddo poop updates. LOL

      • which one bothers you more? I’ll stick with that….(and you’ve never seen us dining out, so your good, don’t worry – but I do look forward to more parenting advice)

        • How do you know I’ve never seen you dining out? I’ve worked in restaurants in both your neighborhoods for several years, so the chances that I’ve seen you dining out is actually VERY good.
          It it unclear if I know anything about your parenting abilities, but some parents are bad parents. Plenty of parents here agree with me on this point and would like to enjoy a pleasant dining experience too.
          While you appear to have a vendetta of some sort against me, I do not have any such thing against you. I do hope you’re able to get sleep at some point; it might pick up your spirits.

    • You should probably let it go. You’ll feel better, I promise.

  • Hopefully it will be better than the Beau Thai currently in Shaw. Very friendly but completely disorganized staff serving dull, generic and greasy Thai food in one of the loudest restaurants I’ve ever eaten.

    • Agreed. Quality quickly went downhill at their new location.

    • That is very sad to hear – I love the BT in Mt. Pleasant. I hope they are not getting too big too fast!

    • I disagree, actually. I’ve had nothing but great meals at the new location and think it’s actually better than the one in Bloomingdale was.

      • It’s always interesting how multiple people can have such different dining experiences. Hopefully the bad ones were just an off night or 2.

      • agree – it’s not as greasy as Thaitanic, to me, and it’s not too loud – we go with my deaf MIL when she’s (always) visiting. But it might depend on how late you go, as they seem to have larger groups of people after 7PM

      • It’s previous location was also in Shaw, not Bloomingdale.

        • Good catch. I have no idea why I thought/wrote Bloomingdale.

          • As someone who lives right next to this location, it’s an easy mistake. I believe NJ is the border between Shaw and Bloomingdale, so it’s almost there. Plus, I always feel that “Shaw” is a shortcut for the 9th and 7th St. restaurant scene. So while BKK is technically in Shaw, it’s east enough of most of the “Shaw” restaurants that it’s easy to think of it as Bloomingdale.

          • Bloomingdale is east of 2nd Street NW and north of Florida Ave. Truxton Circle is across New Jersey Ave. from Shaw and south of Florida. And Ledroit Park is west of 2nd and north of Florida and Rhode Island. The Florida-RI-NJ intersection is sort of exhausting that way. 🙂

          • I think I compounded the mistake by imagining that this location was a few blocks east of its actual location, too. But the original post clears calls the old location Shaw several times. Silly me!

  • A decent pomelo salad would easily make me into a regular.

  • Always craving some house-made buns! Now, just a block away whenever I want.

  • Excited to see how this looks…and hope they do open next month!!! I love their outdoor seating and delicious (yet not pretentious) food!!

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