Official Hunt for Final Christmas Trees Begin


I’ve been getting nominations since late February but I knew that was way to soon to start. But now that we’ve hit April – I think it’s fair to start the hunt. Though keep in mind, last year, we had a bunch in August. Anyway, this’ll be the first nomination a reader sends in from Georgetown “Merry Christmas!”.

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  • I saw a guy throwing his Christmas tree into the actual creek in Rock Creek Park, right off the roadway in Georgetown just yesterday….

  • Also spotted this weekend: A slowly melting, but still alive mound of nasty black plowed snow by the Pentagon in the shade of a 395 underpass. Die winter, die!

  • This makes me sad. An entire family died in a house fire in Annapolis this winter because their dried out Christmas tree caught a spark. For safety’s sake, get rid of your Christmas trees people!

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