New Push to Find Lost Rescue Dog, Ollie, Owners Face Fine for Fliers – New Facebook Page Launched


First things first – please continue to keep your eyes peeled for Ollie missing since March 30th.

A reader sends in a NBC report saying the owners could face a $750,000 fine unless the removed the missing Ollie posters:

“The couple said they got a call from a D.C. officer, saying the signs had to come down or they’d face a hefty fine.”

Anyway, this morning I got word that a new facebook page was launched if anyone has any sightings.


4/11 Van Ness/Forest Hills: 2800 block of Davenport St NW
4/10 Petworth: 1300 block of Gallatin St NW
4/3 Howard U: Douglass Hall (NW)
4/2 Howard U: Jackson Building (NW)
3/30 Bloomingdale: 200 block of Bryant St NW”

The important thing is, please continue to keep your eyes peeled for Ollie.

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  • is this fine also levied against political campaigns that don’t take their signs down months after the election?

    • They have different rules. They have to come down 30 days after the election, and the fine is only $150 each. I think it’s lightly enforced at best though.

  • Three quarters of a million dollars? That’s obviously untrue. Moving on.
    I’d like to see some enforcement of this vertical littering. Sure, put up a flyer when you lose your dog. You’ve got a week. There are lost pet flyers that have stayed up in my neighborhood for MONTHS. I don’t see why litterers get a pass just because a pet is involved.

    • yeah, a week should do it.

    • Scrillin

      Yeah, it was $350, and *technically* that could be per-flyer, so it got extrapolated, but no one ever has had to pay per-flyer.

      • so, at $350 per flyer, to get a $750,000 fine they’d need the city to find and fine them for over 2100 flyers. I’m guessing the city employee is wrong about his threat.

    • It’s true because it happened; they received this ultimatum. Whether or not it would be enforced is what is unknown but I don’t blame the owners for not wanting to find out the hard way.

      You have seen flyers up for months because pets can be missing for months and, thanks to those flyers, are reunited with their family.

      I would love to see people who actually litter without cause and with complete disregard for anything be held accountable.

  • Why doesn’t DC say that to the We buy Houses and the We pick up junk people-cause they have a lot more sign up than Ollie’s owners?

  • I really hope they find this dog. I also think DC could be more aggressive about pursuing illegal posters of all kinds of signs. They litter our neighborhood and damage our trees.

    • yeah, I just tore away all the excess electrical tape and left over cardstock from the barely removed signs the contractors on our street kinda-sorta removed last week. They even put them on our pretty cherry blossom trees. I was really disappointed by the huge mess they left behind. They did a nice job finishing the blacktop, but a job isn’t finished until it’s finished and cleaning up after yourself is part of finishing a job.

  • What about cigarettes. They are not biodegradable, and I actually have heard of a few people receiving tickets, but its just accepted to throw them wherever.

  • samanda_bynes

    a great PR move for the gov – don’t enforce this on janky shit like movers and we buy houses people – go fine some people who just lost their dog. that’ll go over well.

  • My neighbors at 7th and Taylor have been illegally dumping their household trash every single night in the public trash can filling up and over flowing it during the day 7 days a week. I’ve called and submitted complaints 20+ times and can’t get anyone to do anything about it.
    How are these flyers looking for a lost pet worse than this in any way? Priorities are out of whack in this city sometimes.

    • I don’t get the logic behind using public cans. That is 6-7 trips a week vs 2 trips to and from the curb.

      • I confronted this person and their logic was I don’t want it to smell bad behind my house. Huh? tough Shit? This person also used the logic that it wasn’t illegal because their spouse had worked for DPW for 4 years? You can’t fix stupid but apparently stupid can just do whatever they want.

        • You can try using SeeClickFix. It asks if you know which residence is doing the dumping. It creates a publicly available log of reports and responses. You can reopen the ticket if 311 closes it without action.

      • I hate this. Two public cans on my block would have plenty of space for litter except for the huge, heavy trash bags left on top of (not inside of) them.

  • I get the reasoning behind the fine because if you let this go, our posts would be littered with this stuff. I wish they enforced litter in that manner. Seriously, stand on Georgia Ave for 5 minutes at anytime and you will see one of our prideful citizens throwing something on the ground

  • As inconsiderate as the above-mentioned neighbor @ 7th & Taylor may be by filling up the public trash can near her house with her daily garbage, I don’t think DPW would do anything about it. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s considered dumping or misuse of the public trash can. I even know where that can is, as I often walk my dog nearby & have dropped her waste in it. It’s often full, if I remember correctly & manage to squeeze the bag of dog do in. I guess I pick my battles too & don’t see this one as winnable.

    • If DPW finds anything in the public trash with your name on it….mail, old letters, catalogs, etc., they can and will fine you for dumping. It’s been a number of years but it happened to a neighbor of mine who innocently enough threw away his magazines while waiting at a bus stop.

      • +1! It’s unfortunate that the 7th and Taylor person hasn’t gotten a response yet, but DPW (if you can get to the right person/department) will come out and they do fine people. Have seen it happen many times. Perhaps try your ANC person and they may be able to get you in touch with the right person.

        Also, wondering how much, if at all, the Bring Havoc Home woman has been fined (a lot I hope).

  • If you read the regulations given in the article, if doesn’t even seem like they’re violating anything, except maybe very specific regulations about putting the date on flyers. Am I the only one that reads it this way?

    • There is a law against taping or pasting signs to public fixtures like lampposts because it damages public property. It’s just never enforced. I wish the cops would enforce the no-posting rule in Mount Pleasant.
      Definitely agree about the wheat-paste posters too – sincerely hope someone will catch them and fine them into oblivion.



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