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  • justinbc

    Love this one, right by my house 🙂

  • I just discovered this one as I toured the ‘hood this weekend! Love it!

  • I Dont Get It

    Love it! Where exactly is this?

    • justinbc

      It’s right across from Maury Elementary, where Tennessee meets 13th NE. There’s a beautiful public garden on one of the other corners of the intersection.

  • Yes! Great statue. The window you can barely see between their two heads used to be mine!
    Also, the dog that’s being walked in the photo, a plump yellow lab, lives a few doors down and is easily the friendliest dog in the whole city. Other than the drugs occasionally being dealt in broad daylight right there, I miss that neighborhood!

  • samanda_bynes

    it’s cooler to think she’s just body slamming the dude by flipping him over by the hands, and the cat/hat is just there. but what do i know, i’m a robot who hates art.

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