Meskerem Closed in Adams Morgan – Building Sells for $1,725,000

2434 18th Street, NW

Back in December, many were saddened to learn that Meskerem was for sale. It sold. [email protected] tweeted us earlier today: “Whoa, when did Meskerem close?” @The42BusDC replied: “within the last 3 days.” According to Redfin the building sold for $1,725,000 on April 16th. Stay tuned to see what’s next.

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  • that’s a little sad — Red Sea closing was an earlier harbinger, but Meskerem has been the gateway drug to Ethiopian food for Caucasians for decades.

    • I think Red Sea was the place where Bossa is now, right? If so, it closed something like 13+ years ago.
      But yeah, this is somewhat sad. Meskerem wasn’t the first place I tried Ethiopian food, but it was the first place in D.C. where I tried Ethiopian food (and one of the first restaurants I went to after moving to the area).

  • First place I had ethiopian in DC in 2002 or 2003. havent been back since.

  • Sorry to see it go as well. When I first moved to Adams Morgan Red Sea, Fasika, and Meskerem all did booming business despite being clustered together. Seems like the best Ethiopian has moved over to 9th St now.

  • Been living in Admo for 6 years and never went. Have, however, been to Keren and Dahlak a lot. Would love another Italian restaurant in Admo.

  • This was where you took out of town company for something exotic in the 90s. I forget what was across the street (?Fasika) but it was actually much better.

  • This place was a staple of Adams Morgan is for many years. Surprised when I walked by and saw it closed because it was always full.

    Particularly odd given the number of vacancies on the strip. You’d think it could have moved if someone really wanted to keep it going.

  • The owners of the restaurant also owned the building and decided to retire and sell. They first opened in the mid-1980s so it was a good, long run.

  • Used to eat there at least once a week. Curious to see what becomes of it.

  • samanda_bynes

    huh, gonna be weird walking by and not seeing people there – glad to here that the dude had a good run though. solid food, ate there maybe once or twice a month for something a little different. i just hope whatever restaurant opens up isn’t another goddamn “new american” place.

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