Major Police Response on 7th and O St, NW in Shaw; Shooting with 2 Arrests made (gun recovery) in the 1600 block of Webster St, NE

View from 7th and Q St, NW

Thanks to all who tweeted info and photos to @PoPville while this was all going down around 7th and O St, NW around 9:30pm.

Photo tweeted to us at 7th and P St, NW

It’s not clear exactly what happened as no official police report has been released as of yet but Alan Henney tweeted:

“7th & O Sts NW, police calling for BACKUP, lge crowd, surrounding police van, need help from adjacent patrol districts. Injuries and arrest.”

“u/d 7th & O Sts NW, DC, DISTURBANCE, police trying to clear area ASAP. 1 PD car in crash, also ATVs involved. Angry crowd.”

“u/d 7th & O Sts NW, police have 1 arrest + 1 man injured; need tow trucks for 1 DC police SUV + maybe 2 ATVs. PD trying to get out of area”

Other tweets from readers:

“At least 30 sirened police cars + firerrucks + ambulances FLYING down U from http://14th.WTF ? @PoPville”

“What the hell is going on in shaw right now – seen 10 cops speed by and choppers circling with a search light #shawdc @PoPville”

“Riot-like atmosphere at 7th and O NW right now. Hundreds of unsettled witnesses, cops have the block locked down.”

“Hey @PoPville huge police presence at the 7th and o st complex. We heard maybe some gun shots? Now tons of police. Any idea what’s going on?”

Updates when more info is known.

From MPD:

“On April 18, 2015, at approximately 11:47 PM, Fourth District officers were dispatched for the sounds of gunshots in the 1600 block of Webster Street, N.E.

After canvassing the area, a victim was located in the 4300 block of South Dakota Avenue, N.E. The victim was found to be suffering from gunshot wounds to the lower back and neck. Pursuant to a preliminary investigation, it was determined that the victim was shot during a robbery that occurred somewhere in the vicinity of the 1600 block of Webster Street, N.E. The victim fled the scene in his vehicle, and crashed into a pole and a fence in the 1600 block of Webster Street, N.W. The victim later stopped his vehicle on South Dakota Avenue. The victim was transported to a local area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

As a result of the preliminary investigation, Fourth District officers made two arrests and a loaded handgun with an extended magazine was recovered from the scene.

Additional evidence has also been recovered, but the investigation is continuing as several suspects are still at large. Anyone with information about this offense is asked

to call the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099. Thank you for your assistance!”

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  • heard 6 or 7 gunshots

  • I’m guessing the 7th street thing is atv gang related? That really has to stop they were all over ga ace last weekend. It ties up police for hours and is extremely dangerous.

  • Anonynon

    and the cops are worried about breaking parties up in glover park last night (true story)

    • Believe it or not, the police respond to both major and minor incidents at the same time. This is because the police is divided into what are called districts. Within each district, there are multiple officers with cars, enabling the police to respond to different incidents. Technology is wonderful!

      • +7… At least. Maybe the original commenter doest think enforcing the law in a neighborhood like glover park is as important than in a neighborhood like shaw? Hmm wonder why the may think that…

    • Why can’t they do both? It’s not one or the other

    • Clearly someone is just bitter.

    • An easy solution would be not to have parties so loud and outrageous that police need to be called to break it up. Just a thought.

  • Predictably, due to the weather, there was an exceptional amount of drunken idiocy all over town last night.

  • Where’s the Honorable Muriel Bowser? I have seen her, DC Councilmembers, or Eleanor Holmes-Norton speak publicly regardless the recent violence in the District. I think a lot of D.C. residents are feeling hopeless. Where’s Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and what is she doing to address the violence? However, there’s a serious police shortage and the COP has limited manpower. What can we do?

    • Correction:

      I haven’t seen her, DC Councilmembers, or Eleanor Holmes-Norton speak publicly regardless the recent violence in the District

      • Your second try to make a coherent statement wasn’t any better than the first one FYI. And Kathy lanier has like a 90% approval rating so a lot of people in this city disagree with you.

        • It’s Cathy, not Kathy. Are you incoherent?

          • This is uncalled for… especially given that Eleanor Holmes Norton doesn’t use a hyphen with her last name(s). Let he/she who is without spelling or typographical errors cast the first stone?
            (It is puzzling to see an original post with a correct spelling and a subsequent post with a misspelling — I’ll give you that.)

  • This is the second incident in as many months where a DC officer was surrounded and accosted by a mob. The first was reportedly an ATV gang – not sure about this case. Anyway, it’s clear that DC criminals know that MPDC is no real threat.

  • Not sure what’s going on, but we called 911 Saturday evening (thankfully for a non-life threatening emergency) and were on hold for 5 minutes before an operator answered.

    • Holy shmoly, that’s not okay.

    • Yep, similar story for me reporting gunshots a few months ago. Called twice, was on hold for 3 minutes each time before giving up. Figured someone else had phoned it in…

    • This is my worst nightmare. I didn’t even think this could happen.

      • This is an issue to bring up with councilmembers, Cathy Lanier, and anyone else. 911 and 311 are operated by the Office of Unified Communication, which is separate from MPD. But MPD can’t do its job well unless OUC does *its* job well. So the more pressure on that, the better.

        • Not according to Mike. He says Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier have an approval rating of 90%, and this isn’t true. Cathy Lanier’s approval rating last year was 75%. With this being said, where is Mayor Bowser and what’s her feelings on all the violence going on? Shouldn’t a mayor serve and be accessible to the citizenry?

    • I called 911 a few weeks ago and was disconnected after waiting on hold a few minutes

  • justinbc

    ATVs were all over H Street on Saturday night between 7:30-8PM. Was eating outside and heard / watched them blaze through red lights for 10 minutes straight.

    • Are these ATVs not illegal to operate on city streets? They are a menace to public safety and must be stopped. They are driven around with absolutely no regard for human life.

      • Accountering

        They are illegal – when the police try and stop them, they run. Police do not pursue, because these idiots wind up killing themselves or someone else during a high speed pursuit, and then there is crap like what seems to have happened here. Also, lawsuits after the fact. Essentially, it is illegal, but MPD has decided as a departmental policy to not pursue them.

      • It shouldn’t take a genius to get these off the streets. The police and others know where they hang out (5th and Buchanan for one). They should be able to go there, make some arrests, and seize the ATVs. At the very least if they keep seizing the vehicles the perps will run out of cash to subsidize maiming people after a while.

  • Shot fired near my block on Saturday night (4/18) a little after 12:40am (so technically 4/19 I guess).

    The police were already pulling up by the time I got on the line with the dispatcher. A ton of cop cars stuck around in the area for at least an hour looking for shell casings I assume.

    Didn’t see it written up anywhere… it’s just been a rough go lately for the 4000 block of Illinois Ave NW!

    Still a great place to live, just not for the past couple of weeks!

  • The thing at 7th & O St was insane. I was eating a Beau Thai a block north and some idiot was riding an ATV up and down 7th which really added to the ambiance. A few minutes later a kid ditched his bike in the street, beat on the door of a white Cadillac, jumped in and it took off with the police right behind them. Soon after some guy on an ATV was heading north on 7th tried to make a turn onto P where there were bunch of police. He ditched the ATV and ran into a park with handful of police right behind him. This other guy then casually crossed the intersection, grabbed the ATV and started walking it down the street…but was immediately arrested.

    A lot of the spectators were being total assholes; it seemed like they were trying to antagonize the police who were more or less trying to keep people out of the street and deal with whatever they had to deal with.

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