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  • They’re trying to get outdoor seating back there but alleys are legally classified as roads not sidewalks so they’re having some trouble. Have to go through DDOT before ABRA, maybe. That classification may be something that could be amended for alleys of a certain width, or maybe L&F could be granted a variance.

  • Is it still hot as balls in there? The first few months they were open it was super muggy inside. Hope they got that figured out

  • The alley side of 9th street back there is looking -good-. It looks like the Gang of Three building has made a ton of progress in the last few weeks. It’s going to be a gorgeous building/complex/whatever.

  • Shhh! Way to tell everyone about the underused, awesome back entrance.

    As much as I love outdoor setting, I don’t think a patio setup is feasible back there– Longview Gallery is always bringing in trucks to that portion of the alley, and the trucks have to turnaround somewhere.

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