“ISO examples of tasteful screened in front porches”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Annie Miller

“Dear PoPville,

We can’t do a screened in back porch, but would love to be able to use our front porch for more than the week or so that there is good weather but no mosquitoes. So, we are looking for examples of screened in front porches done tastefully. Either permanent or seasonally removable screens.

I’ve been keeping an eye out but there are very few at all and I haven’t seen any yet that are tasteful – though of course that is in the eye of the beholder, I understand : )


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  • justinbc

    Check out Houzz for great design ideabooks, as well as Pinterest. Should be pretty easy to search for.

  • On this topic, we are looking for some sort of awning option (that retract and not be obvious when not being used) for our front porch. Has anyone had any luck or suggestions for some retractable awnings?

  • If mosquitoes are your main concern, have you considered spraying? It is the best money we spend all summer – our backyard was unusable due to the mosquitoes but we are now able to enjoy it all summer long.

      • We use Mosquito Squad– we have them spray the chemical version in the backyard where it is the worst and is primarily patio (no bees or butterflies really)- and an organic garlic concoction in the front where we have a veggie, herb and flower garden. We have had NO issues with bees or butterflies dying- there are dozens of them in our pollinator garden all day every day in the summer and the garlic hasn’t been a problem at all. We pay for this service seasonally; it is +$400 or so- and they spray every three weeks. Because of this we can BBQ in the back and can sit on our front porch with few to no issues :).

        • 5th and Catsworth

          I’ve been wondering about the effectiveness of the garlic spray – I won’t use the chemicals b/c of my veggies, bee & other “good” bug health. Thanks for posting this! I might try it this year – we couldn’t use the yard at ALL last year because of the mosquitoes.

    • Anonomnom

      I too would be very interested in the person you used…. Did you have to spray multiple times in a summer? What was the cost like?

    • Please don’t spray. The spray is indiscriminate and kills many things other than mosquitoes such as butterflies:
      If you haven’t, read Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”.

  • Allison

    I noticed this one at 4352 Nebraska avenue near Tenley circle the other day. If you like it maybe you could ask the owners who did it for them: https://goo.gl/maps/CKHNZ

  • We have a great screened in front porch in Brookland. It was one of the major selling points in the house. Not sure I can send a pic on here though.

  • Please don’t spray for mosquitoes. Sprays that are used for controlling mosquitoes are hazardous to other “beneficial” insects – like bees. Bees are suffering from hive collapse and other environmental pressures…and we need bees. Also, sprays effect butterfly and lightning bug (firefly) populations as well.
    Screen in your porch, eliminate standing water, ask your neighbors to help as well…rows house have small yards and mosquitoes are mobile.

    • Thank you for saying this!

    • epric002

      has anyone tried mosquito barrier or garlic barrier sprays, which aren’t supposed to harm bees?

    • If you live in a transitional neighborhood, getting your neighbors to help may be an uphill battle. Where I live, some of the rowhouses are poorly maintained overall (rotting porches, gutters missing sections, etc.). It’s not like those owners are going to get their gutters cleaned, etc. just because YOU want them to.

  • I don’t have pics, but sometimes I walk from Crystal City to Pentagon City and have noticed that a lot of the houses in that area have tasteful screened front porches. Might want to take a look down there for inspiration. Of course, they’re all SFHs; it might look different on a rowhouse.

  • I have see people put up sheer drapes on the inside of their porches that can be opened/closed during the summer months and taken down during the rest of the year.


    • I was thinking about trying this. I’m not sure how early you’d have to close them to be able to sit comfortably in the evening.

    • I don’t remember what street I was on but on a walk last summer I saw a woman opening floor to ceiling screen or mesh around her porch. Before she started I couldn’t even tell it was their and when she was finished her entire front porch was screened in. I stopped to talk to her because it was such a genius idea. She said her husband got the idea from malaria netting and just built it him self based on the front porch curtain look. She says after closing the screens that she lights a couple of citronella candles and they have a mosquito free area.

      We are just starting the renovation process on our house now and we plan to something similar with our porch.

      • Google “retractable screens”
        There are all sorts of DIY and professionally installed products out there for porches and garages, including manual spring-loaded and motorized retracting screens.

  • no such thing.

  • I feel OP’s pain, but assuming s/he has a row house, I’ve never seen one in DC with an attractive screen porch in front. IMO they work much better in the back of a row home. The idea of sheer drapes that a previous poster floated sounds interesting, though I’m not sure how effective that would be since there will inevitably be some gaps.

    • +1 to “I feel OP’s pain, but assuming s/he has a row house, I’ve never seen one in DC with an attractive screen porch in front.”

  • I’ve found that a fan works well to keep the mosquitoes away.

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