Interesting Choice of Real Estate Photos

DC8589264 - Basement REC RM/BEDRM

A reader writes:

“A great case of “what was the real estate agent thinking?” The photos are pretty bizarre , especially #6 (cookies on the stove?), #8 (wtf?), and #9 (not sure what’s going on here).”

You can see the full tour here. This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $630k.

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  • Seems pretty clear that it is a group house now. I’m guessing the realtor just needed photos for a listing ASAP and couldn’t get the renters to clean up anything. The photos are messy, but it seems like a pretty decent deal actually.

    • The agent could have at least put the toilet seat down! Regardless, it’ll probably go pretty quickly.

      • Apart from being something that one notices, I can’t imagine putting the toilet seat down makes any difference whatsoever. I’m fascinated that this is something people point out so consistently. “It was the house we always wanted but we had to pass because the toilet seat was up.” Has anyone ever said that?

        • I doubt it, but it’s so easily remedied. A photo with the seat up contributes to an impression of sloppiness/carelessness.

        • Lol when we went to look at the house we now own, not only was the toilet seat up, but there was URINE in the toilet. The house itself was great other than being dirty (it was used as a group rental) and for the price and location no one was going to pass it up because of a little grime (we beat out 6 other offers).

        • It’s sloppy. I’m equally as annoyed by the open kitchen cabinets as I am the toilet seat. The agent doesn’t need to clean up after the residents, but there were a few things he/she could have done in minutes to make the place look a little more put together.

          • In this particular case, there is so much sloppiness that to specifically mention just the toilet seat makes pretty much no sense. But again, I find it hard to believe that these things matter at all to people who would genuinely be interested in purchasing the house.

          • justinbc

            It’s honestly so easy to sell homes in some neighborhoods that it’s kind of like why bother making any effort?

      • Anonomnom

        OR at least put the shower curtain rod up!

        But yeah, formstone front aside, this house seems to be in pretty decent move-in ready shape, has some interesting features (the potential of that garage top deck!!) and is in a good location. If I were thinking about moving, I would seriously consider this place.

      • Allison

        Hah, the one that stuck out to me was just leaving the kitchen cabinets ajar.

    • justinbc

      Yeah this is really not that uncommon. It’s obviously occupied, the potential purchaser really doesn’t / shouldn’t care.

  • Maybe they don’t actually want to sell?

    Also LOL at the fact that these photos are associated with “Savvy Reality and Appraisal” Nothing “Savvy” about these.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I once saw a hanging sign below a “For Sale” sign from one of the major national real estate companies that read “Below Average Value!” This was on Harvard Street, between Georgia and Sherman, in about 2006 or 2007. The sign was probably accurate, as most things on the market at that time were below average values.

  • HaileUnlikely

    The photos of the house that I bought were much much worse. For example, some of them appeared as if they were going out of their way to highlight the dried dog poop on the carpet and stairs, cracked bathtub, large hole in the wall in the master bedroom, etc. Granted, the house in question was a foreclosure and the asking price was significantly less than half of this, but still, it was “you couldn’t make this stuff up” quality.

  • Completely agree. Do you think the house comes with the “rage” hat in photo 12 and the styrofoam cooler in photo 14? If so, where do i sign?

  • Its actually a great house. I know the folks that live here. hahaha.

    • How do they shower with the shower curtain laying on the floor??

      • They hold it up while showering, duh!

      • SkeptiDC

        I’m still trying to figure out if someone was taking a shower, slipped and fell, grabbing the curtain on the way down. And then said f*ck it, I’m leaving it there.

    • I Dont Get It

      But knowing that friends might see how they *really* live, isn’t that reason enough to clean up for the photos?

      • Yeah — even if the tenants didn’t feel obligated to help the landlord sell the place, I’m surprised there was no “OMG, this place is a mess — I don’t want ANYONE to know I live like this” reaction.
        My house is a former group house. The first time I went to see it with my real estate agent, most of the bedrooms and the entire basement suite were locked. And although the house wasn’t cluttered, the showers were in desperate need of cleaning.
        It was still dirty enough at the walk-through that my agent described it to the other agent as “filthy” and said that (in addition to some other stuff, like disposing of a left-behind futon) it would need to be cleaned before we could proceed to closing.

  • SO much potential though. I love the outside brick and with just a little bit of elbow grease (and not even that much money), this could be amazing

    • I’m not sure if you’re being serious but the exterior is pretty clearly formstone.

    • wow. finally we’ve found someone who likes formstone! You came to the right town. But, you could get formstone at 1/10th the price by just buying a place in Baltimore!

  • Have system looks old. Def gonna have to replace that. Think the suit case next to it is part of the deal?

  • I’m just glad they love America

  • Speechless!

  • ooo! It has a furnace AND a hot water heater?

  • If – as a renter – I was about to lose my place, I probably wouldn’t put in the effort to clean up. Then again, I’d never live in a mess like this.

  • Did the roommates have a contest to see how jacked up they could make the real estate photos?

  • Eleven years ago, we went to the open house for the place we ended up buying. There were dirty dishes in the sink, undewear on the floor, and a guy asleep in a bed; and these weren’t renters, these were the homeowners trying to sell the house.

    • Yeah when we went to look at our house, there were people still living in the basement apartment and we weren’t even allowed to go in the bedroom because someone was sleeping in there. Upstairs there were piles of discarded clothes left in the bathtubs and trash scattered everywhere. It didn’t matter though because we ended up redoing the entire house anyway.

  • I’m guessing the realtor was probably not allowed inside and the renters were asked to take the photos.

    • We can only hope that is the reason, but I think more likely that renters didn’t feel the urge to help sell the place.

  • Does the housekeeper come with it? then… DEAL!

  • I think that might be granola cooling on the stove.

  • This reminds me that it’s time to catch up with one of my favorite sites, terriblerealestateagentphotos . com

    • I Dont Get It

      Dang it, why did you post that link? You know I’ll be sucked into that site for hours!

      • I know! I pretty much have to keep going til I’m caught up.
        “Reminiscent of the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles, if the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles had been decorated on a tight budget in the 1970s.”

    • thanks for the site reminder……there goes the rest of my day

  • Probably a combination of two factors: 1) it appears to be a group house; and 2) it’s a boom market for sellers. Doesn’t matter what the pictures look like. If the underlying product is good, it will sell. I saw a few places like this when I was house shopping in 2005.

  • Maybe one of the tenants wants to buy it, and is trying to drive the TOPA price down.

  • when my former landlord kicked me out so they could sell the house, they quit fixing anything that broke. I did them no favors to help with the showing. Probably a similar situation.

  • Hello community I live in that house and the pink rage hat is mine and sadly no it is not included in the sale of the house yes we love America but we love House Baratheon more the pictures were taken after a break-in when our house was ransacked oh the humanity the realtor disguised himself as a detective to take photos and then lo and behold he turned out to be selling our house so sorry for not being sorry that our house is messy btw we about to be homeless so please buy our house and let us stay there and lower the rent and we will bake you cookies

  • Do the Xmas lights convey?

  • i think that is homemade granola on the stove.

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