I heard they were gonna call it Swampoodle Mart at first…

4034 Georgia Ave, NW

Coming Soon Brightwood Mart – Your Neighborhood Convenience Store. This is the former temporary Safeway pharmacy used while the new Petworth Safeway was being built. It’s at Taylor and Georgia across the street from the YES! Organic Market. Nevermind the name – I was just thinking we could use another good bodega on Georgia Ave…

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  • Great…another bodega on Ga. Ave.

  • Thanks, Obama!!!!!

  • Serious question: why are bodegas so attractive to open? Why is there such a concentration of them? I would think with so many, they wouldn’t be profitable.

    • Seeing how several within a few blocks are under investigation for K2 sales….there is no way they are all make money selling .50 cent bags of chips.

    • i am guessing that bodegas are attractive to open b/c its a simple business. buy food/drink in bulk at a low price and sell it at a higher price. profit!!! i wish my job was that simple. also i bet a lot are money laundering operations also.

    • There’s something to be said for not having to walk more than a block for little stuff. So it makes sense that they’re all over.

      We have a bodega 1.5 blocks from our house and we’re there a few times a week–I just sent my husband there the other night when I realized we were out of an everyday pantry item needed to make dinner. A six pack of beer, some tinfoil, salt for the sidewalks (I’m not keen to carry a 25 lb bag much more than a block!)–people in a neighborhood need this stuff, and sometimes you need it more urgently than Amazon can deliver 🙂 I’m not going to run all the way to Safeway–a good 10 minute walk each way–when I’m in the middle of making dinner and just need an egg or something.

      • I understand that there is a need for bodegas/convenience stores. However, this would be at least the 7th (not including Yes Market) in a 2 block radius. That’s why it’s perplexing to me.

      • The issue isn’t the need for a bodega or two. It’s the extreme density in this area at the expense of other retail needs not being met.

        • What retail needs are not being met? I live in the area and save a bike shop (though Annie’s carries a lot of good stuff) I can’t think of a pressing retail need in my life. We have multiple grocers, pharmacies, dry cleaners, a book store, multiple clothing shops (both new and consignment), a pet store, nail and hair salons, a coffee shop, a post office. Anything beyond that I typically buy online anyhow.

          I guess maybe we could use a bank? But I think most people under 50 tend to do most of their banking virtually these days anyway, and ATMs we have.

          One thing I like about bodegas is that they tend to carry slightly different products based on the origin of the owners or their target population. One or two of the bodegas in that area carry a really nice assortment of Ethiopian products. There’s another where I can get fufu flour. Others target a more central American population and you can get useful stuff like masa harina. I take a pretty broad approach to cooking, so it’s a real plus to me to be able to buy so many different so-called “ethnic” products in my neighborhood. The only thing I pine for is a good little Asian market, but I’m sure if we got one like Hung Phat in Wheaton it would be decried here for being yet another bodega.

    • Bodegas also appeal to the poor who have little money to make a big grocery run. In an area that has essentially been a food desert for the past 30 to 40 years, many residents have relied on the local bodegas for their groceries. Old habits are hard to break.
      And lets face the facts – most of the people living off of Georgia Ave are still poor in terms of liquid cash and disposable income. Despite record real estate prices along the corridor.

      • This area has — and had — a Safeway. Granted, it was a crappy Safeway, but it wasn’t like areas of, say, Ward 8 that really _were_ food deserts (i.e., no supermarkets).

  • This does not meet a need of the neighborhood. We are good to go on corner stores. Believe me.
    I’ve lamented this fact before, but there seems to be a lack of economic development leadership and planning when it comes to Georgia Avenue. There was a similar post on the Petworth listserv I recommend people check out too… Where is the ANC? Now that Brandon Todd is elected and we will actually have representation, I hope we see some leadership on economic development and increasing retail options in Petworth – specifically on Georgia Ave and upper 14th St.
    I’m still burnt up about the two 7-Elevens within the two blocks of each other and then another one three blocks away on 14th. Sigh.

    • Accountering

      Haha @ expecting leadership on economic development (or frankly anything) coming from the “Green Team.”

    • “Now that Brandon Todd is elected and we will actually have representation”

      I laffed

  • I’m remaining optimistic that it’s more than a regular (aka dingy) pre-packaged food and soda supplying bodega but one that has a deli counter where we can get bagels and sandwiches made to go? I’d LOVE a good bagel shop or place to get a good hoagie and chips to go (or whatever it is you prefer to call your sandwich). And maybe the windows don’t have to be completely covered with signs but offer some curb appeal with natural light coming thru?

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