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  • justinbc

    Very interesting combination of styles, I think they did a good job.

  • I really like this. I think they did a fantastic job merging styles and created a pretty unique house. From the front its still a handsome, traditional row house, but the section down the alley looks great as well. And how great must the interior space be with all those windows?
    I’d be curious to know what this building looked like originally. Were they repairing that section in the middle, was it open entirely, or did they have to remove and replace a section of the exterior wall? I’m sure a large undertaking in any regard, but I’m definitely curious to see what they started with.

  • This home was on the Renovator’s House Tour several years ago: http://www.renovatorshousetour.org/. The building had been converted from a car mechanic/repair shop. If I remember correctly, the pit that had been used to work on cars was converted to a swimming pool and is in the area with the windows on the side of the house. Definitely a very unique house. I can’tfind the write-up from the tour with more informantion and I’m pretty sure it was 2007 or 2008 so my memory is a little fuzzy.

  • This is about a bock from me so I have seen is many, many times and every time I pass I always think “I like this” and “wonder what it look like on the inside” and thanks to Erin I have an idea.

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