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  • justinbc

    Archery practice right next to the dollhouse, what could go wrong!

  • This diminutive beauty was designed in 1897 by architect Waddy B. Wood for the Cleveland Park Co. The neighborhood was initially envisioned as a rustic refuge for Washington’s Little People…VERY Little People. Turns out Washington’s Very Little People just wanted to integrate with the rest of the population. Developers regrouped and octupled lot sizes, making them just big enough for what people back then called “McMansions.” Today this house enjoys an individual listing on the NRHPVLP (National Register of Historic Places for Very Little People).

    • Perhaps you are unaware that many people with dwarfism are often referred to and/or refer to themselves as little people, which makes your comment rather offensive.

      • Duh! I know that. If you read closely you’ll notice that my post is not about little people, but rather, Very Little People. VLP, or Jøłmhər§boörtnfvčímn, are of mostly Icelandic descent and arrived here in the 1870s and 80s when a burst of volcanic activity drove them out of their ancestral homelands. Many returned but those who remain no longer want to be used as archery targets and they want their history to be known.

        • You have my vote for post of the day. Two of them, actually.

          • Glad I amused you trying to point out that “little people” has a specific meaning and shouldn’t be used as synonym for elves even if it makes the joke less funny.


  • Our end unit has a fairly long side yard, and when the TONS of needed hardscaping work is done and the fence is in I’m thinking of putting in an archery target at one end. Or building a bocce court

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