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  • Soon we’ll see more of these in a new light, right!? Here come the grow room pop-ups. I think we’ll see new contractor services too, almost like dog walking, but for plants – seeking for hire: grow room valet.

  • Nice pair of houses! I suspect that the joint cupola (?) is an original feature, not an add-on… but even if it’s an add-on, it works because there are only two houses in this group and it’s symmetrical across them.

  • I never understand why people who own painted side-by-side duplexes don’t get together and do a joint paint scheme on the whole building. It would look so much better that way – they all would. They must have started out in life that way – painted with one treatment. Sure they look kind of funky and cool in different colors and trims, but to me that doesn’t go with the more formal aspect of most of these houses. If I ever bought one of these, I’d want to own the adjoining one as well, so I could do the painting and upkeep on both.

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