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  • Saw a big green “Vacant Property” sticker slapped on the front door when I walked past the house yesterday.

  • Listed as an open-concept 2BR for rent for $2k/mo.

  • Emmaleigh504

    It would so suck to live next door.

    • I do, and it does.

      • Is there some kind of… I don’t know… provisional lien? that you can request, so that when it falls down and damages your property, you can get paid before the developer dissolves the LLC that owns it? No idea what the term would be if something like that existed. But I hope there are steps you can take to protect yourselves, and that you’re taking them.

  • dcdon

    it also has a Vacant Property sticker on the front

  • I’m afraid to walk past it — it looks like they deliberately destabilized it so it would fall Who demos the lower floors before the top floor?

  • Looks like one of those “developers” who thought flipping houses was easy but realized that it isn’t and just walked away. I wouldn’t be surprised that in the end they have to tear this thing down because of damage/degradation that occurred while it was like this.

  • good lord that’s a lot of liability just sitting there like that.

  • Has it been that long? I would have guessed only a few months, but I live a few blocks away. I’m well aware of how galling it is to have this sort of thing in your immediate vicinity.
    The only upside is that the kids like peering in through the absent wall and seeing what a house skeleton is like. From a safe distance, of course.

  • This developer did some nearby butchering of houses as well, so we neighbors were expecting the final result to be ugly, but we thought it would be quick, at least. He blames the neighbors for his woes, because we’ve pointed out some of the illegal work he’s done, and he’s gotten stop work orders. He’s a major douche.

    • The optics are bad here, but the DCRA and PIVS website show a bunch of inspections and some back and forth about permits but no failed inspections or stop work orders. Most of the permits have been issued relatively recently, the demo permits were in the fall and DCRA lists a few as being in March.
      It also looks like this property is owned by the Kittrell family. The late Jessie Kittrell and Edith own Vegas lounge. Jessie, the Doctor of Blues, was a great man and member of the community who unfortunately passed in February. It seems his passing may have coincided unfortunately with serious structural work on the property. The architect listed on the permits is Darryl Preddie, hopefully they will take steps to stabilize any demo they’ve done even if the client’s finances are in flux.
      This looks bad and I feel for the adjacent property owner, but I hope popville readers and neighbors can also show some respect for the grieving family.

      • I’m sure it’s devastating to lose a family member, but an experienced developer wouldn’t have let a $million+ project lapse due to the death of a relative (however close; we don’t know). I live near this monstrosity and I have seen the bright red stop work orders on the doors in the past, so this commenter is incorrect. The developer’s first act with this project was to cut down a healthy 100+ year old Gingko tree in the front yard but on city property (it was cut down before anyone could call the city to stop it).

        This project is a slap in the face not only to the immediate neighbors but to the whole area. It’s a blight.

        If it’s ever complete, it’s sure to be nasty, like his other projects. This developer has more money than taste.

      • There have been a number of stop work orders on the property. I live down the street and have seen them posted on the front door of the property a number of times. I also witnessed a police officer posting a stop work order on the door after the back wall was removed without the proper permit. My understanding is that the property is owned by Jeremy Kittrell, not Jessie Kittrell or the Kittrell family. With all due respect to the family for their loss, the problems with this property started LONG before Jessie Kittrell passed away in January. The property has looked like this since last summer.

        • This is not true. The permits for the rear wall and first floor demo were issued in December. The wall supports required in the permit are clearly visible in the photo. It has been only two months.

  • I can’t believe they removed the first floor joists without stabilizing. And then left it for 2 years. That is insane.
    Also, can I nominate the Bowser campaign HQ at Georgia and Varnum? It hasn’t been vacant for that many months, but it is pretty symbolic of how she feels about Ward 4.

  • Holy shit, that place is about to fall down. I’m surprised they haven’t been required to erect an emergency support structure. Seriously, those corresponding sags in the remaining floor and roof are troubling. Previous commenter, do you share the party wall with this structure?

  • accendo

    How does one nominate a Horse’s Ass? The old Cloakroom building at 5th & K NW is coming up on a year since the building collapsed next door and it still looks like the same pile of barely-standing bricks. Time to fix it or raze and move on to something new!

    • How about the three story house on Hobart and Mt. Pleasant. That place has been under construction for YEARS, but it’s impossible to tell if it’s been gutted because there is a wood privacy fence around the yard.

      • There’s a home just north of 12th and O that has a massive plywood turret that’s been exposed to the element for years. Major blight on the neighborhood and baffling the owner is allowed to get away with it.

  • Why has this not been classified as a blighted property and assigned a 10 percent tax rate? The vacant/blighted property process is arbitrary and subject to political interference.

  • Is this a Jay Gulati job, perchance?

  • Parkwood PL NW unfortunately has challenges on 3 corners:
    NW Corner – A stalled project for 3 years harboring rats, garbage, and overgrown weeds (and worthy of nomination for the next horses ass award)
    SE Corner – The above post
    SW Corner – The “food market” that was kicked out of Adam’s Morgan, complete with rats, a leaking porta-john, and an illegally placed shipping container.
    Councilmember Brianne Nadeau, if she were to venture up this way, would see we could desperately use her help. Our previous pleas to Jim Graham went unanswered. This is an opportune moment for her to demonstrate that she is more responsive than her predecessor.
    My fear, however, is that homeowners are not on the radar of DC politicians, but rather companies or developers that have government contracts or work with affordable housing. And I suspect that rolodex was handed down from Graham to Nadeau.

  • Ignoranc generally dose not deserve response, however I caution all of the uninformed implant neighbors to exercise modesty in you comments. Their are no standing fines and have been no fines accessed and the property is in complete compliance with all all DCRA requirements for registered Vacent properties. I was born raised and have lived and own multiple properties in Columbia Heights. I have purchased and developed several properties of which some love and some hate , but they all sell, to you the very people who act as my best critics. If should choose to respond please do not reflect on the recent death of my Farther for it has no barence on the matter at hand . Also if you provide deformation to my personal or companies character I will identify you and put you in close contact with the friendly team of Attornies that happily represent me and some of you friendly neighbors have become very acquainted with. As for all of you Horse ass Neighbors we are proud to announce that construction will begin promptly in the next 14-21 days and I can’t wait to see your comments when I wake u up every morning with my loud construction equipment. See you hatters at the open house . Ps the next time u wish to check the status of a permits progression you can simply go to the DCRA permit dox website and enter the address an fallow my progression without your uninformed false flattery!

    • It’s been 21 days … walked by your property this AM and didn’t notice any construction!

  • Well, I think that email tells us everything we need to know about that developer.

    Hatters gonna hat!

    • Note to self:
      Take my son out of DC Public Schools first thing in the morning.

      • Misspelling ignorance – the very first word in his post, which he uses to describe his critics – is a particularly nice touch.

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