Here are the Before Photos for the Basque Bar, ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar, coming to 300 Florida Ave, NW

300 Florida Ave, NW

A few weeks ago we learned all about the plans for ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar. It sounds awesome. It will, however, require a tremendous renovation for this sweet property – vacant since 2000. The owners were kind enough to let me stop by and snap some photos so we can take a look back when the transformation is complete.  Work will likely begin in June and hopefully be completed by late October/early November.  The first floor dominated by a bar (25 seats) and the second floor for the restaurant (49 seats).  Oh yeah and a 2500 liter cask for fermenting cider is coming too.  There will be 42 draft lines! 17 for beer, 17 for cider 6 for wine and 2 for cocktails.  Can’t wait to see how this turns out:







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  • If this actually happens, it will be awesome. There are so many great places opening up in this area.

  • All of my friends have been talking about how much DC needs a basque cider bar said no one ever.

    • Well, you could easily argue that DC as a whole doesn’t “need” any new restaurants or bars period. This would be a rather straight-forward, albeit simplistic, argument. There are a number of neighborhoods that still lack solid drinking/dining options, and this area is certainly one. If someone does decide to open a new restaurant/bar, it might as well stand out from others to draw in folks from outside of the neighborhood. You think folks clamored for a sherry bar? Yet they seem to be doing quite well from what I gather.

    • Clearly you haven’t had basque cider and pintxos.

    • I’m pretty damned excited about a Basque cider bar opening.

    • Our economy is built in part upon creating demand from whole cloth and delivering a product to fulfill such demand. Americans weren’t clamoring for Italian-style coffee culture when Howard Schultz took over Starbucks.

  • It will be great to see this part of town clean up. There is another store front across the street that was rumored to be a wine bar in the works a few years back…that didn’t happen. Lets hope this one does…

    • I’ve heard of managers of a few good bars talking about leasing the place across the street and opening something up. I hope this pushes them to do it.

  • I am so beyond excited about this — as someone that lives just down the street. It can’t open soon enough.

  • Can’t wait!! Very cool space.

  • Wow! We may have to tighten parking restrictions. I live across the street from this place and don’t want to come home to no parking spaces.

  • I don’t think it would be possible to turn this space around by the end of the year. It looks like a Spring opening would be more likely. Nevertheless, I’m certainly excited to see that the chef and beverage director from Boundary Road are involved.

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