Former Council Member Jim Graham Promoting Gay Male Stripper Night “Rock Hard Sunday” at The House

3530 Georgia Ave, NW

From the Washington Blade:

“In a development likely to surprise his former Council colleagues, Graham said he’s working as special events director for The House at 3530 Georgia Ave., N.W., which has operated at that location since 1979.

Graham said he will promote the Sunday night gay male stripper venue as well as a weekly Thursday night event at the club featuring male strippers catering to a straight female clientele.

The club’s new gay stripper venue, called Rock Hard Sunday, is scheduled to have its grand opening Sunday night, April 19.”

Read the full article here.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Adam Fagen

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  • They take away those special parking privileges after you’re voted out of office, right?

  • Will he be performing?

  • Well, he could have done something really immoral and become a lobbyist.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I bet this is a fun change for him.

  • Nice to see some of the old businesses in the neighborhood changing to cater to the new demographics.

  • He is having a LIFE!

  • True story: 5 years ago while campaigning on my street Jim Graham sat in a car while his aid did the heavy work of running up the stairs to ring the doorbell. Climbing all those stairs can take a toll.
    Who should answer the door but a young strapping lad, and low and behold Jim Graham put his car in park and ran up those stairs faster than a squirrel can climb a tree!
    Needless to say, we miss you, Jim Graham. Brianne Nadeau doesn’t seem to care much about homeowners, and seems all to ready to go along with the mayor in bringing even more section 8 housing to Columbia Heights, a group that while supported by certain developers, isn’t reflective of the changing needs of the neighborhood. Given time perhaps she will see which side her bread is buttered.

  • Stay classy, Jim.

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