GDoN? “Your neighbors may have a better view, but you will have paid less” edition

DC8618860 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 1450 Church Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Willing to trade view for value? Snap up this stylish condo & you’ll enjoy the same highly desirable LOGAN location & luxury boutique building as other owners, with the same large floor plan. There is daylight from a full wall of windows too. Your neighbors may have a better view, but you will have paid less & can put the money you saved in the bank. Just steps to Whole Foods & 14th St. eateries.”

DC8618860 - Dining Room

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $500,000 ($345 monthly fee.)

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  • Would rather pay for a view in a less sexy neighborhood than spend 500k on something looking out at another building.

  • Geeeez, they weren’t kidding about lack of a view!

  • So you’re saying I can pay half a million dollars to live in a nicely decorated cellar with ambient lighting from the street above? Oy vey.

    • justinbc

      I guess if you’re rarely ever home, and want to spend all your time going out in Logan, then this might be fine. Otherwise it kind of feels like being in a nice hotel.

  • justinbc

    Great location, ouch at $500K as “saving money”, but at least it’s really large for a 1BR at 900 sqft.

  • Wait, can someone explain this one to me? Your view is of an adjacent building but the adjacent building has artwork hung on the outside of it (or is that photoshopped)? I guess this unit could work if you’re a vampire or legally blind.

    • I spent a long time trying to figure that out when it first came on the market. In one of the pictures you can see some sort of grate type thing so I think its the basement unit located at the part of where the building that extends forward to the sidewalk. You can see how the first floor does not extend as far as the rest of the building so this unit must be below that one.

    • It looks like this is a basement level unit, and the windows look out onto a light well (essentially a trench). If you are a night owl or a workaholic (or both), it might not matter to you, but I’d find it deeply depressing.

  • Nice job dwelling on its faults.

    • You do realize this is the Internet?

      • Maybe Truxton Thomas was referring to the listing bringing up the unit’s faults? Kind of like a bad cover letter that reads “I’m sure you’re getting many more qualified candidates…”

    • WTF? Everyone with any sense is “dwelling” (i.e. realistically examining) the faults! You would be an absolute moron not to.

  • The price per square foot isn’t bad compared with other 1 bedrooms, but the layout is terrible. The bedroom next to the living room, the rather large dining area space (could be more living-room like but the open kitchen limits this. Lots of daylight means no privacy and drawing your blinds all summer to keep down the a/c bills.

    I seem to remember looking at a 2 bedroom in this building and it had a tiny second bedroom, so i suspect the overall design was generally pretty uncreative.

    No mention of building amenities–the price would seem less outrageous if there was parking included. Overall, a poor buy.

  • Anonomnom

    Wow, I really dislike this one. A bedroom with no window? How is that even allowed? I am sure there is some loophole in the regulations that allow for a bedroom with no window if there are double doors or something, hence the pocket doors right off the living room.

    Bad deal, IMO. I live in a basement unit, but this is taking it a bit far.

    • there are a LOT of properties out there with windowless bedrooms.

      • They aren’t allowed to be called bedrooms, though — usually they’re “dens” or part of a “junior one-bedroom” unit.

        • I think the loophole here is that it has sprinklers, mechanical ventilation, and a doorway leading to the room that has a window. Multifamily housing bedrooms can be windowless if it has fire suppression and is adjacent to room with a window. The tradeoffs can get complicated, but the simple answer is as long as a window in the apartment is 8% of the area being considered (so here it would be the living room + the bedroom) and 45% of it is operable it’s a-ok. I’ve seen many apartment designs that while legal were reprehensible and inhumane.

  • But on the other hand, I always think it’s a bit funny to see all the units on 14th street where the blinds are *always* closed, one presumes, for privacy. There’s many people that pay an incredible premium for an urban view and then get into the unit and live in it no differently than if it were a basement.

    • Maybe the blinds are always closed because no one is at home? There seem to be a lot of absentee owners in many DC apartments. Perhaps not as bad as NYC, but certainly I find it surprising when pricey and prime real estate seems to be sitting unoccupied.

      • Eh. I am not home much, but I’m not an “absentee owner” either. Just prefer to be out and about most of the time and it’s not really worth opening the blinds if you get home after dark.

      • Mine are drawn because I have that abundant daylight they’re talking about here and I don’t like spending a fortune on a/c. they’re open in winter because sunlight keeps the heating bills down.

        • Yep – mine are drawn during the day in the summer to keep the place cool, and at night in the winter for privacy. Usually, other than that, I leave them open.

    • justinbc

      Big difference between having to close your blinds and choosing to though. At least those properties have the option of opening them on the days they want to enjoy the view or the weather. Ours are closed all day long, but as soon as I get home I open them to let the sun in until it’s time to go to bed.

  • Almost feel bad for the agent on this one–they’ve been trying to sell it since November of last year and the listing descriptions are getting increasingly desperate.

    It’s just such a weird unit, I can’t actually tell if it was poorly planned from the start or if the building in front of it ruined what would have been a nice living space.

  • Look at — they’ve been trying to unload this dog since November 2014, originally at $525.
    Owner paid $350K for it in 2010.

  • Sadly this is probably pretty much in line with the rest of Logan – but personally I’d rather go east a few blocks and get a 2 bedroom with some windows for this price.

    • Not really–I know of places with actual views that have sold for less and have included indoor parking in desirable buildings. The seller is simply delusional.

    • how many blocks east? I mean, we’re a few blocks over and our 1 bedroom of similar size is valued at more than that. a 2 bedroom can go 500k isn’t likely “a few blocks” over, unfortunately (well, fortunately for me…but in general)

  • I think it’s funny that they followed up “you can put the money you saved in the bank” with “Just steps to Whole Foods & 14th St. eateries.”

  • Eww…no thanks!

  • Well, I like a view, even if it is just a tree or a building across the street. But what I NEED is natural light – it’s the lack of light, as opposed to lack of view (and you can have decent light without much of a view) that makes this a nonstarter. There’s a market for it (there are people who live in dark basement apartments all over DC) – but apparently not at the price they are looking to get. Lower it enough, and someone will take it off your hands. Seems like there is still room for profit with that strategy.

  • This price is stupid.
    Then again, my roommate’s boyfriend just closed his first deal as an RE agent in NYC. $800K for a 600 sq ft 1BR in the East Village.
    I don’t know who to hate.

  • I’d consider living here, but I’d have to spend “all the money I saved” on renovating it. An underground space would need to be pretty spectacular. My biggest issue is the endless beige and I’d actually rather look at a concrete wall than framed forest photos.
    Underground can be awsome, check out – Tadao Ando’s Koshino house. Granted, apples to oranges, but with a bit of effort this could be appealing to the right sort of person.

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