GDoN? “Windows in every room” edition

1661 Park Road Northwest

This unit is located at 1661 Park Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“1661 Park Rd NW #402: Adorable and cozy condo unit, in small building near lots and lots! Top-floor one bedroom/one bath condo with in-unit washer/dryer, newly spruced up kitchen, freshly painted, and hardwood floors. Windows in every room!”

DC8602695 - Living Room

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $269,000 ($308 monthly fee.)

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  • Not the best floorplan (bathroom via the bedroom; kitchen looks a bit too cozy and not much to “open up” but also no wasted space. I’m sure someone will whine about the non-fancy kitchen, but they found room for a dishwasher. No mention of the condo fee……otherwise, it seems like a good deal.

    • Fee is 308. It’s above below the photo.

      • Somehow I missed it. Anyway, the fee seems ok for a one bedroom, even in a limited service building. It seems like the norm has crept into the $300s in the last couple years and a fee in this range probably means you won’t get socked with big assessments.

        I’d expect a smaller fee for an efficiency or studio. Even though this is 525 sf, the lack of hallways probably makes the living space more comparable to one of at least 600 sf.

  • $308 on the condo fee, a little steep for the square footage of the unit but older buildings generally have higher fees. Not a bad price and Mt. Pleasant has a pretty great neighborhood feel. A good starter condo for someone with the means. Even assuming PMI if he/she doesn’t have a 20% down payment, the person will still likely come out ahead or on par for a one bedroom apartment there.

  • Looks to me like a decent deal, although $308 for the condo fee seems like a lot — the building had better have an elevator.
    Agreed with Rich that the floorplan isn’t ideal (bathroom accessible only via bedroom, but especially the fact that the washer and dryer are in the bedroom), but — as he notes — the use of space looks good.
    Like Rich, I’m sure someone will pooh-pooh the kitchen, but it looks perfectly functional and in very good condition, even if the cabinets aren’t brand-spanking-new.

    • That fee is pretty average for this city. Bldg with elevators (if they aren’t huge) are going to be 400+ typically. I’m not clear what it covers though.

    • Actually, laundry in the bedroom strikes me as brilliant – except for some dishtowels, that’s where all of it is coming from/going to.

      • True… but it means you can’t put a load of towels or whatever in the dryer and go to bed.

        • White noise! Or maybe you can disable the buzzer? In a place that small, it would be loud if it was in the kitchen or bathroom, too.

        • My W/D is in a closet literally right next to my bed and I can’t hear it at all. I have one of those whisper soft machines. It was installed 10 years ago so I’m sure they make them even quieter now. Love having it in the bedroom. Take the clothes/towels right out of the dryer and fold them on the bed. I don’t ever want my machine anywhere else now!

        • You probably shouldn’t do that anyways–it’s a fire hazard in case lint has gotten caught somewhere over time (it can get into the vent pipe, for example).

  • It’s an ok deal. For the same money i would take the condo in Cleveland Park from last week.

  • Was the person who took the photos a giant?

  • I really liked living in this building in the late 80s. My first apartment was in the basement and, when it was put up for sale, I moved up to the 3rd floor. Quiet building, transportation (no parking), library one block away, etc.

  • Call me spoiled, but every area (except the bathroom) would seem cramped when furnished. I’d take down the wall to the kitchen to make it more open. And place a long combo work counter/dining table opposite the entrance. Because from those photos, I have a hard time believing you can open the oven without hitting the refrigerator. (Yes, people renovate that way. I’m living in my second rental with a refrigerator that only opens 45 degrees without hitting a counter opposite – which precludes the use of one fruit-and-veggie drawer – and neither of these places were small apartments, and both were high market-rate rents.) Even so, if you could like with dollhouse-like furniture, and not enough closet space, and a bathroom off the bedroom, I’d still rent until I could afford slightly more space, or better laid out at least.

  • I looked at the listing, and thought “that looks familiar” and realized I’ve been in that exact unit before (when the people, who I assume were the last renters, lived there). Didn’t go in the bedroom, but the living room space was definitely very “cozy”.

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