GDoN? “well-placed windows” edition

1535 Constitution Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 1535 Constitution Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Bright + airy 2BR/1.5BA in Capitol Hill! Lovely details add charm to sophisticated 2 level row home including gleaming HW floors & exposed wood stairs. Updated kitchen w/ ample cabinet space, granite, + SS appliances. Spacious rooms with well-placed windows. Expansive backyard w/ carport. Excellent location: moments to Eastern Market + more! Inbounds for Maury Elementary.”

1535 Constitution Avenue Northeast inside

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $495,000.

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  • House looks nice. Kitchen is really small, but nice backyard. I would wager this will go for 520 or a little more.

    • Interesting floor plan conundrum here: They’ve put the half bath immediately in front of the first floor rear window. Better to have a first floor half bath or extra light? The first floor bathroom seems to be a huge deal for people, but personally I would prioritize light in a row house.
      Also… this is an end unit with no wide windows. I wonder if it would be possible to knock windows in the side at some point. I’m guessing this would be hugely expensive anyways?

      • For the sake of my marriage, I would prioritize the second toilet 🙂

      • HaileUnlikely

        If this isn’t in the historic district, adding new windows to what is presently a solid windowless wall would probably be about $6K-$8K per window, depending on your selection of windows. If this is historic district, that would significantly complicate things.

        • Interesting. This is definitely outside the historic district (for now). In a long narrow house like this it seems definitely worth it to put in a few windows. At 6-8k per it’s a bargain.

  • I REALLY like this house. I think that block is still a little sketchy, if the crime reports on Trulia are to be believed, but I would totally buy this if I was looking for a place. I have no idea if $500k is a good deal or not, but the mortgage wouldn’t be much more than what I’m paying for a 1 br apt right now.

    • The backyard makes this a deal.

      • I was thinking that’s probably the nicest carport I’ve ever seen — it looks almost like a greenhouse.

        • Are such carports exempted from the FAR requirements? I would guess that this is an end-around the regulations. Nice way to get the protection of a garage without actually having to build a structure.

          • I’m not sure because it’s still a permanent structure. But would be curious to find out. As I have a parking pad and would love to build a structure similar, than to have those open-garaged doors crap.

          • Not sure as to whether carports count as permanent structures, but carports and garages — even if new — aren’t necessarily in violation of the regulations. IIRC, you’re allowed to build a garage and not have it count against your lot coverage if there was a garage there at any point in the past.
            When I researched my house in one of the house history workshops at the D.C. library, I was interested to see from the old maps that at one time, my house’s parking pad was a garage. I’ll probably never attempt to build a garage there, but it was good to know that I might have the option.

        • Those corrugated plastic roofs deteriorate in the sun, and then crack apart and blow away.

    • Ally

      I live a couple blocks over (around 16th and A SE) and I can say that the price seems really good for this place. I also think it’ll go for well above $500k. Not a huge fan of some of the inside aesthetics, and it’s small; but, I think it’s priced well.

    • I don’t think it’s any worse (and possibly somewhat better) than anything around H Street. Plus you can walk to the Metro from here, so no need to worry about the streetcar not happening.

  • Not wild about the staircase, but nice little place, those bedrooms are big. Do wonder where the HVAC is, since it appears there is no basement.

    Bonus: walking distance to the Pretzel Bakery.

  • The stairs look (going up from right to left) look weird to me — I’m not sure if it’s because of where they are in relation to the door (which is on the left side of the house) or if there are other factors. I wonder what the original configuration of this house was.

    • Andie302

      The railings are at two different angles. This is the original configuration, but from the flooring it appears there used to be storage under those stairs. For the question above – the HVAC is between the dining room and the kitchen in a closet.

    • I think it’s kind of odd, too. Note that the railing on one side gets lower and lower until it’s almost touching the stairs. I guess it isn’t really meant to be a bannister since you would have to bend over to hold onto it. Weird.

  • Cute place, and a nice condo alternative, but for the love of Pete – reverse those refrigerator doors!

    • Good catch!

      • Don’t you lose some functionality of the two burners on the left side of the stove when it’s flush up against the refrigerator? Clearly not much room for the handles on pots/pans.

        • That’s one of those things that drives me nuts (refrig doors), and I see it on home shows all the time. Agreed about the stove placement, too. Besides, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to put the appliance meant to heat the food right next to the appliance meant to cool the food…

          • Yeah, I mean, keeping the refrigerator cool when it’s that close to the oven probably requires an extra $.03 a month in energy costs. Insane! (But seriously, if you have decent modern appliances as these appear to be then the side of your oven shouldn’t get all that hot, nor the side of your fridge all that cold. If the sides of ovens got very hot it would be dangerous to keep them next to wood cabinetry.)

  • justinbc

    I really like how that staircase helps break up the long open space. Nice backyard too, I wonder if they could pop-back for a lot more housing space, since they aren’t in the historic district bounds. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it go over list, you rarely see sub-500 places this close to Capitol Hill.

  • very nice, good price for a full house. I think it will go for 550k

  • pet peave — I don’t really get the neighborhood pics in general for RE listings, but If you’re going to include them the pics should be at least close enough within reason. the 200 block of Penn is 2 miles away and arguably in an entirely different neighborhood.

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t get the ‘well-placed windows” observation. Where else would they be?

  • How the heck do you get any furniture up those stairs? The first few – up to that little landing – look super narrow.

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