GDoN? “skylight and access to roof deck” edition

DC8598393 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 407 Delafield Pl, NW. The listing says:

“Live in this unique and amazing home!

Upper level with large master suite with new built-ins, and master bathroom with double sinks, separate toilet room and large shower. Large front bedroom with built-ins, and third bedroom/office with skylight and access to roof deck with Washington monument view. Hall bath with tub and restored operable skylight. Restored heart pine flooring throughout, restored doors and hardware.

Main level with large kitchen with stainless appliances, granite counters and an island. Full size dining room and living room, and half bath. New oak hardwood flooring throughout.

Basement with media/rec room, bedroom with large under-stair closet, full bath with large shower, and a laundry room/kitchenette at grade with the rear patio. New wood-look ceramic tile throughout.

Backyard features brick and grass pervious paving, off street parking and a patio area. Rear of house has redwood rain screen siding and horizontal slat fencing and gates.

Dimmable LED lighting is used throughout, and home gets a lot of natural light during the day. Nest thermostat controls new central air system and original radiator heat system with new boiler and piping. New plumbing system, new permeable brick paver patio, landscaping in front and rear, new windows and doors, and all ceilings, interior and exterior partitions fully insulated.”

DC8598393 - Dining Room

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $599,900.

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  • Love the look of the wood (or really, faux-wood) on back on the house.

  • justinbc

    This actually seems like a really nice renovation, too bad it’s not really near anything.

    • A mile to either Fort Totten or Petworth metro stations. A longish walk. So how is the biking up there?

      • I live around the corner and don’t feel like I’m not near anything. Yes, we’re not on top of the metro, but that also means it’s a nice quiet part of the hood. We can walk to Petworth Citizen/Domku/Yes!, and it’s a quick walk to Ft Totten when you use the path at Gallatin.

      • justinbc

        Ok, so it’s a long mile walk to a Metro station, to take you somewhere else. It’s still not really “near” many actual points of interest.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I like this house a lot, and $599K doesn’t sound insane, and I’m perfectly content living about the same distance from a different metro station and equally far from “anything.” However, no way in heck I’d pay $599K for this 960 square foot + basement house at this loaction.

        • Dude, it’s about two blocks from two different bus stops that can take you to the metro. I never understand why people only focus on the distance to the train station. I live in this area and can tell you that one of the buses will get you to U Street faster than the metro will.

  • Man that railing on the rooftop deck doesn’t seem like it can hold my weight. I definitely wouldn’t lean against it.

  • I love this, what a fun home! Simple and minimalist, yet well executed.
    Did the owner do the renovations themselves? Or is this a flip? For some reasons, it seems like the former.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I am paranoid and could not deal with having a skylight in the bathroom. I would be forever checking to see if someone were watching me pee!
    They did a pretty good job with the open floor plan.

    • We have skylights in all our bathrooms — if people were somehow watching me pee through the window, I think I’d have bigger problems than voyerism.

    • justinbc

      Haha we’re putting one in our new bathroom 🙂

    • It’s interesting to me there are skylights in the bathroom and also a roof deck. I have a skylight and if anyone were on the roofdeck, you could see down into the room where the skylight is (which is why it isn’t in the bathroom).

  • I like everything about this except the back facade, which is incredibly ugly.

  • This seems like an excellent deal. It’s a very nice renovation. I think it’ll be gone quick.

  • Overall I really like it but (and maybe this is petty of me?) I can’t quite figure out where I would place a TV. The way it’s set up now, the couch is facing the stairwell. I guess you could turn the couch around and use it facing away from the stairwell like a room divider and place the TV on the wall where the couch is now? I find this to be a common issue with open floor plans. And FWIW, my condo wasn’t really selling when it was staged in a fashion that didn’t leave much room for a TV. As soon as we removed the staging the place sold at ask. So maybe I’m not the only one who thinks of these things.

    I would love having access to a roof!! I once lived in a house that had a skylight shade, it was very convenient not only for privacy but also so the run didn’t fade in a rectangle under the skylight (and for easier temperature control during the summer). Would be fairly easy to have installed, I would think.

  • I went to the open house, and the renovation is gorgeous. A little too modern for my taste, but very well done. My only gripe is the roof deck, which was really hard to get to. The ladder is steep, and I can’t imagine my parents, or potential kids getting up their safely. I’m 140 lbs, and it felt rickety. A great idea, poorly executed. The house will still go for well above asking, imo.

    • I saw a house with a similar roofdeck access and felt the same way. I could handle it myself, but it felt like way too much of a liability with guests. Especially since roofdecks are made for drinking.

  • I stopped by the open house yesterday. This place feels smaller than the pics. They made weird use of the space in the basement and the main level living area is really small. I’m also not sure what they are counting as the three bedrooms since they gave up one of the upstairs rooms to the stairs to the roof deck. Also, both bedrooms have these weird cheap looking build-ins, and I don’ think either could accommodate a king size bed. Overall, the house has a cool aesthetic, but I don’t think she space is used well.

    • Even though two of the bedrooms in my other house can accommodate a king size bed(not leaving room for anything else) the staircase opening wasn’t large enough for the mattress to fit. Only now in my new home am I having my first kind size bed as an adult, and boy I love it.

  • It looks great, but is it really only 960 sq feet? That is what the listing says on Redfin and Zillow!

    • Yes, it’s quite small. They did a good job of making it feel open though.

    • My guess is the 960 doesn’t include the basement space, so it’s likely 960 square feet for 2 of the 3 bedrooms omitting the basement.

    • justinbc

      oh wow, 960 sqft changes my view of this place drastically. I wish real estate links here would display the sqft.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I don’t even bother to click the link to the listing on these. I just copy the address and enter it into Redfin.

      • It’s bigger than 960 sqft. I’d estimate the house is at least 1200 – not huge, but bigger than advertised. The tax records for many houses on this street are inaccurate. The other houses on this street, which are the same model, are definitely bigger than 960. Probably the tax records exclude the basement. I bet this is a pretty common problem and may be one reason why realtors are reluctant to post the square footage, to avoid misleading buyers.

    • Phil @ GreenLineRE

      It is larger than that. We estimated 1,200 upstairs with an additional 600 or so sf in the basement. @1,800 total.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Cool…if true. Seeing as you are arguing with public records here, would you be so kind as to post a floorplan with the dimensions labelled on the listing for this property?

        • Nice ask. RE agents haven’t always been the most forthright with listings in this town

          • I live across the street from this house and it is bigger then 960. Our houses are all the same model. It is the smallest model in the area, but it is greater then 960 (not sure if its 1800, would depend how the basement is configured and if it was ever extended in the past as many were) We brought 4 years ago and found the DC records to be completely off. It is far from a huge house, but they are not lying by saying the 960 is inaccurate. Based on the tone of the above exchange I figure no one will believe me but I felt obligated to comment…

          • HaileUnlikely

            Thanks for the update nonny hey. Interestingly, when I looked on Redfin just now, I found that about half of the houses on the block are listed as 960-990, and half are listed as ~1200, yet they are fairly obviously all the same size. So, although I’m surprised that the tax records are that far off, and I’m confused by the variation in sizes listed for houses that are all the same size, I can believe that this could be 1200ish (not counting the basement).

  • I love this but 960 sq ft seems really really small. The pictures make it seem bigger though? I won’t be surprised if this turn into a bidding war and goes for much higher than listed.

  • To those who went to the open house: how is the bathroom with the super narrow double vanity? Is that bathroom super narrow? Does such a small double vanity seem awkward? Was considering doing something like that in my house.

  • I think it’s clever and well-done. They were innovative in their use of materials, for example, that pervious pavement on the patio looks terrific as does the wood on the back facade. What is that flooring in the basement, anyone know?
    Overall what I like is the mindset of the house: it’s the polar opposite of a McMansion. It makes the most out of its small, scalable spaces, and the facade, while fresh looking, is not ostentatious and overbearing compared to its neighbors. Yay for that!
    I hope they get their price. They put a lot of thought into it.

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