GDoN? “One of Washington DC’s great estates” edition

3107 Fessenden Street Northwest

This house is located at 3107 Fessenden Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“One of Washington DC’s great estates, Fessenden House exemplifies the finest in Neoclassical architecture. The magnificent estate is defined by grand scale entertaining & refined living while providing a beautiful home for relaxation, recreation & contemplation. Designed by Leon Chatelain & built by Gibson Builders, the construction of Fessenden House is unsurpassed in the Washington area.”

3107 Fessenden Street Northwest billiards

You can see more photos here.

This 7 bed/9 full bath/5 half bath is going for a cool $22,000,000.

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  • Built in 1994? Ew, pass.

  • I’ll take it!

  • Definitely smells of rich mahogany.

  • justinbc

    I could definitely be convinced to live here.

  • According to old press articles, it was quite a shock to the neighborhood when it was built as it is so much larger and grander than any other home in the immediate few blocks — and the neighborhood is quite affluent. It was built by a member of the Lerhman (sp?) family — i.e., the family along with the Cohens who were responsible for the creation of the grocery store chain that became Giant Foods. Wonder why they are selling now . . . . In any case, there are a few ambassadorial residents in the neighborhood a few blocks away, and I wouldn’t be surprised if another embassy purchases it as a residence. It always had that look anyway.

  • Don’t be distracted by that “hugh” yard. The kitchen needs major updating. Those white double ovens have got to go! I’d expect them to knock off at least $5000 to replace those eyesores. [Note: I realize that people buying $22 million houses are never doing their own cooking in the kitchen]

    • I like the house but found some of the wall paper to be…..distracting. That’s probably the only thing I’d change.
      The grounds themselves are gorgeous. I honestly thought this was a much older building than 1994, so kudos to the architect and builder. Immaculate re-creation.

  • The smallest house on the block is usually an easier sell than the biggest. It looks baronial, but the furnishings are pretty gaudy, but I assume a lot of potential buyers are, too.. Still, , these house porn places tend to be studied old stuff, somewhat neglected things or expensive schlock. DC doesn’t seem to nurture creativity or livable real class.

  • If this were bought and rented out as a group house to 7 people… 22mil mortgage at 2.92% 30yr… monthly payment of ~104k. covering that payment from rent payments alone would require 15k monthly per person. using rental payments just to cover the 15.5mil of interest cost would require over 6k monthly per person. I think its a sound idea

    • Or how about 40 roommates at $2600 each? Yes, the bedrooms would feel very cramped but there’s still plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the grounds and common areas, and $2600 is what people pay for tiny cramped boxes these days anyways.

  • It isn’t too shabby 😉 but it definitely is the house on the block that is not like the others. It isn’t that the others aren’t nice they all seem to be, it is just that many/most/all don’t have a fenced in situation (like that neighborhood needs that) and they don’t look to have pretensions to (French) grandeur. I am sure someone will buy it – though I honestly don’t know about the price – but it may be the house that got a bit over-improved and has a harder time selling than it might have seemed.

  • emvee

    I guess I’ve been looking for places with pool access, and this definitely has that…

  • I Dont Get It

    Based upon the exterior and the foyer I expected to see Granny Clampett.

  • The realtor sent a brochure to my work address. I was so confused. I’m not sure what part of my middle management title made me a prospect but that house is definitely not something I can afford. Perhaps she’s willing to hook a girl up with a discount?

  • No thanks. Can you imagine what it costs just to heat this place?

  • Is it just me, or has every $5mil+ home on PoPville looked like a redneck’s idea of “fancy”? I can’t believe that millions of dollars built a house that looks this cheap.

  • If I had 22m to spend on a house, I would live in McLean. Lower taxes. plus this is practically in suburbia. The closing costs on this place are definitely more than my entire condo is worth, figuring they’re at 3%

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