GDoN? “Kitchen opening to the elegant patio” edition

3106 P Street Northwest

This house is located at 3106 P Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated 4BR/4BA complete with custom finishes throughout, spacious and light-filled LR, newly renovated Kitchen opening to the elegant patio and garden, fully finished LL with separate entrance.”

3106 P Street Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/4 bath is going for $2,995,000.

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  • I wish they had a better photo of the patio. It looks very nice.

  • I don’t understand the kitchen layout. There’s the little island sink, and another sink against the wall halfway across the room?

  • justinbc

    Even though the place seems very color averse, I love it. This is how you do neutral in a classy way. I especially love that kitchen to outdoor passthrough, something we’re going to try to emulate when we remodel. That entertainment area looks really nice as well.

  • I loooooooove this. I’d like to win 3 million in the lottery now, please. I love all the white, too, surprisingly!

  • The round windows off of the kitchen and the wannabe formal gardens add a bit too much of a “Sopranos” vibe for me, but the rest of it is very nicely done. Love the terrace off of the master bedroom.

  • I want this house! Can’t afford it, but love it. No idea what is a good deal at that price point.

  • Gorgeous, but the kitchen lay out is a bit weird, no? For cooking, I mean (granted, if I had the $$$ I’d just hire a chef!). The sink isn’t near where you cook, which is weird. Where the wet bar sink is would be better suited for a large sink and the large sink better suited for a small one, IMO.

    • That’s a prep sink for washing vegetables/fruits/etc. The larger sink for washing dishes is next to the dishwasher along the wall opposite the refrigerator. My mother has a kitchen set-up similar to this, it’s actually quite amazing as someone could be washing dishes while another person is prepping and cooking (or let’s face it, several people because that kitchen is probably as big as my apartment).

  • I wish there were more pictures but it’s lovely!

  • Really large kitchens are never good for cooking – you can’t have the basic sink & DW/burners/refrigerator triangle very far apart before it becomes too many steps when cooking.

    One thing I really love about old houses are the original floorboards. The ones on the first floor look new in the photos. I think I’d miss the original.

    If I was going to spend this much (like, if ever, ha…) I’d go for original floors and a kitchen I didn’t have to completely rearrange to cook in comfortably.

    • Totally agree. Big kitchens are inconvenient. I housesat for some people who had a big modern BH&G kitchen, and the fridge was literally 20 feet away from the sink.
      My rowhouse kitchen is exactly the right size for cooking; each element is 2-3 steps from every other element. And the counter space is broken up, meaning plenty of work surface without huge distances to cover. So it’s great for workflow, but obviously bad for storage. I have to keep the extra dishes and the larger cookware/ bakeware/ vases etc in the basement. Oh, for a butler’s pantry…

  • Also, you would never have those door thrown open like that because this is DC and there are mosquitoes. Or maybe not everyone is the mosquito magnet that I am.

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