GDoN? “Get Paid to Own this Home!” edition

DC8615386 - Exterior

This house is located at 1300 Emerald Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Get Paid to Own this Home! * Solar Renewable Energy Credits from Roof Panels Generated $3,088 in Income in 2014 * New Owner will Benefit for Years to Come! * Semi-Detached Victorian on Quiet One-Way Street * Exposed Brick, Wood Floors, Wood-Burning Fireplace, Updated Kitchen & Baths * Fenced Rear Patio w/Rose Bushes * Great Hill Location Near From H St Trolley & Lincoln Park *”

DC8615386 - Living Room

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $649,500.

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  • Some of the design choices here seem rather… particular.

    • Which choices are you referring to?

      • Well the red kitchen for instance is very interesting.

        • Yep, that one strikes me as “particular.”
          – the way they’ve done the fireplace
          – furniture and artwork (yes, I realize those don’t “convey”)
          – the combination of maple-colored kitchen cabinets, gray granite-ish countertops, white appliances, and red walls
          – some of the paint colors (most notably, the red kitchen and the lime-green master bedroom)
          – mirror over the powder room sink (although I kinda like it)

          Obviously stuff like paint colors is fairly easily remedied… but in the photos, the paint plus the furniture plus the rugs plus the artwork combine to be a bit distracting.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          That is just paint. I would say red appliances would be a “particular” design choice, but red walls are easy to paint over. It seems like a nice house to me.

    • The whole place looks like it was done by someone with significant colorblindness, but it’s fixable and you can always hoe it scares away bidders.

      The only thing that I don’t like is the tiny LR with a little too much exposed brick.

  • Seems like a decent price for a livable 3BR home in this location.

  • Get paid, yeah sure. But, only until a develop pops-up the joint next door. Still, good a deal for the hood, though.

  • How big is their solar array that they are generating $3k in SRECs a year?

    • DC SRECs are ~$500/each, so 6 SRECs which would require ~5kW system. Seems a bit large for what you could fit on a DC rowhouse.

      • We fit a 6.5 kW system on our rowhouse, but our company said the average size they fit in DC is a 4.5 kW system.

        • justinbc

          Yeah somewhere around 5 kW seems normal. The footprint of this house doesn’t seem quite big enough for that though, so my guess it’s they’re just slightly rounding up and it’s more like $2,500.

  • A lot of sales on this block this year. I think some design choices are questionable and it’s not a ton of space. That said I bet it goes over ask.

    • Also, can someone give me the low down on solar panels? Should I install them?

      • justinbc

        You can lease them, if you don’t want to outright own them (and pay the costs) yourself.

      • There’s a group helps create coops to negotiates bulk purchases if you’re interested. Check out

      • We went through DC Sun, and between the DC Sun bulk purchase discount, federal tax credit, and SRECs, they’ll cover their costs after about 4 years and we’ll have free electricity for the next 20.

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