GDoN? “generous space for casual living and entertaining” edition

818 Emerson Street Northwest

This house is located at 818 Emerson Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“NEW ON MARKET! Updated row house w/ enclosed 2 car parking! Hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen, owner’s suite and lower level recreation room offer generous space for casual living and entertaining. Fully finished basement w/ kitchenette, full bath and separate rear entrance. Enjoy your visit!”

818 Emerson Street Northwest kitchen

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $619,000.

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  • I bet this goes over asking. This is a nice block and a few nearby have gone for 700 recently.

  • This house is great, and I also would not be surprised if it went above asking.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I like the layout of the first floor, i.e., very open feeling while still having discrete rooms (I do not like the totally open open-concept), and I like the nice wide openings between rooms vs. little door-sized doorways. Surprised to see carpet upstairs – not a dealbreaker per se, but makes me wonder if this reno might include other less obvious efforts to cut costs. Basement looks nice but not legally rentable as a separate unit, and I’m done playing landlord to roommates, so the extent of finishing of the basement does more to drive up the price than it does to add value for me.

    • Not only is the basement not a legal rental unit, it’s not even practical as an illegal rental — the only entrance is from the back, and the only appliances appear to be a microwave and mini-fridge.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed – hence references to roommates. I’m really curious as to what renovations were done when (more specifically, what was done all at once vs under previous owner). The house was picked up for $12K at a foreclosure auction in 2010, sold for $241K 6 months later, then sold again 10 months after that (in 2011) for $450K, and now the owner who bought it for $450K in 2011 is the one selling it. While I agree it’s quite a nice house, and I wouldn’t be surprised if goes for over more than the asking price, it’s not exactly screaming “good deal” to me. A couple of the previous owners clearly got very good deals, though!

      • That setup could work for an aribnb occassional rental, though.

      • You’d be surprised what people consider a rental these days. I saw a similar basement rental online with just a fridge and a microwave asking $1500 in Shaw. 🙁

        • Yeah, I’ve seen similar listings for Petworth.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Not surprised at all. I just said it is not legally rentable as a separate unit – you can rent anything out illegally. Given that I’m not looking for a roommate to whom to give access to my whole house, the basement kitchenette is worth about $5 to me, but probably drives up the price a lot more, primarily due to people who will bank on income from using this as an illegal rental and thus be willing to pay more to buy it.

    • That layout is horrible. Other than the living room, furniture placement will be challenging. I’m sorry but as a grown up I want grown up furniture. This looks like it will only fit Ikeaish furniture.

  • This will go for well above asking…

  • Is this already Pending?

    • Looks like it was originally listed 4/9, pending 4/14 and then relisted 4/18. Wonder why the 4/14 contract didn’t work out.

  • Are those things standing in the middle of the main floor walls? Who knew that flippers/developers knew what those were.

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