GDoN? “modern aesthetic & extraordinary craftsmanship” edition

450 Q Street Northwest

This unit is located at 450 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Exquisitely designed two-story luxury penthouse w/a modern aesthetic & extraordinary craftsmanship. Incredible open floor plan w/soaring ceilings, full of natural light. Huge chef’s kitchen, spacious bdrms & spa baths. Master bdrm has romantic private patio. Bonus family room & outdoor terrace for entertaining. Fully-loaded Smart Home. 2-car parking. Walk to metro.”

450 Q Street Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,125,000 ($291 monthly fee.)

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  • I noticed this place while I was walking in the area over the weekend. Some workers looked to be finishing up construction. Looked really nice from the outside. I think there’s an error in the listing though. This is the lower unit, the upper (Unit PH-B) is the penthouse and is $1.325mm.

  • I think for a million-plus I want my bedroom above ground.

    • Yea – not sure what they’re calling this lower-level unit a “penthouse”. There’s a similar basement-level comp around the corner that’s sat on the market for close to a year (maybe more). They’ve lowered the price a couple of times, and last I checked it’s still sitting on the market at just under a million. Fat chance these guys get asking.

      • You think they’d have noticed that property on 5th before deciding to price this.

        Extraordinary craftsmanship, but they couldn’t be bothered to get windows that fit in the existing exterior apetures.

        I’ve seen some stupid prices over in my neck of the woods too – 800K for half a house on Warder & Kenyon? There’s some really dumb money getting in the condo conversion game now.

    • And covered parking.

  • So…you get half of a house where you get to hear your neighbor above you, no access to the roof deck, and you’re next to an abandoned property…for over a million dollars. Hard pass.

  • That porch cover is either really crooked or they used a really wide lens from close up to get the exterior shot. Bad call either way.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The crooked porch cover is part of the modern aesthetic. Duh.

      • Actually it’s probably ‘crooked’ to provide drainage.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Lots of houses, apartments, and commercial buildings have features like this but that look flat when viewed from the street. This was obviously done for the express purpose of looking like that.

    • It has to be crooked for the drainage.

      • Sure, you need drainage, but I’ve seen plenty of covers that don’t *appear* to be crooked. It seems like they could have done a better job here.

  • Over a million for a shared backyard, next to an alley, and in Shaw? No thank you. I know Shaw is up and coming and there are a lot of great things in Shaw (I lived there until recently), but I don’t think the neighborhood should be demanding over a million for 1/3 (or 1/2, I can’t tell based on the pictures) of a house. That being said, it looks very nice, and I would like it, but only if I got the whole house.

  • Maybe I’m out of touch. But, I would never purchase a condo with half of the unit being underground. I certainly would not spend over a million dollars to do so.

  • This is stupid. You can get a whole house to yourself – and nicely renovated at that – for this price in Shaw. WHY?

    • 110% agree. I just don’t get it. A full house in Shaw for the same price. A full, WAY bigger house in Petworth for a bit cheaper. A full house in Cleveland Park for that price or a bit more. A 2BR condo nearly anywhere for WAY less. I honestly don’t know who would even consider buying this place for more than $800K.

  • I know some people want to be on the green line. And some people don’t want to take care of a yard. Or only want 2 bedrooms. But this is ridiculous. If you want a condo at that price range, it’s probably because you want someone who is going to take care of everything–accepting packages, doing repairs, that sort of thing. This is not going to have those features; it will be self-managed and if your upstairs neighbor doesn’t pay the fee or floods your unit, you’re in deep trouble.

    For roughly the same price ($200 more a month in mortgage + condo fees, but much lower down payment) you could have a place in a fancy managed condo like (admittedly further from metro)

    Or if you love Shaw, you could put $200k into this place and not have to pay condo fees or deal with a co-owner. If you didn’t love Shaw, you could put $200k into this place and have a whole house, with better schools (even if you don’t need schools, they matter for resale).

    This one has an HOA, but it’s lower–and you get a whole townhouse, with garage, even closer to metro:

    So no. Terrible deal.

  • nightborn

    You can get an actual house for this money. No condo fee, no neighbors.

  • Laughing so hard right now.

  • If you guys think this one is ridic, check this out:

    We stumbled upon the open house on Sunday and almost fell down the steps when we saw the price! It’s so odd…over a million and half your condo is in the basement. And this is Columbia Heights! Meanwhile, the other unit is *only* 780k and you get the big rooftop deck with it?!

    • Anonomnom

      I mean, it is still overpriced, but I like that unit SO MUCH MORE than the one here! Those bathrooms are awesome, and it has more character and details.

      • Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful especially the master bathroom. I just cannot imagine paying over a million and not only is half the unit in the basement, I don’t get a rooftop deck! Also, they say it’s wood floor throughout, but it’s actually laminate. Really, couldn’t have used real wood?!

        • Is it laminate for sure or just engineered wood? I cannot believe any developer would have the nerve to put something on the market with laminate for over a million. Out of principle. Sheesh. Wait, of course I believe it. Developers will do anything.

  • This is directly across the street from the new Ditto Houses. Why on earth would you want to buy a 2 bedroom basement condo for 1.2 mil, when you can get a 4 bedroom row house for 1.4 mil across the street?

    Did the developers of this place not pay attention to the fact that the basement 2 bedroom condo at 5th and O has been on the market for well over a year and a half?

  • Okay, I was quick to jump on the god this is ridiculous bandwagon, but for the price per square foot, it isn’t terribly far off and in fact lower than what other places in that neighborhood sell for (and lower p/psf than what I paid for in that neighborhood). And you get two parking spots, which even I do not have. Now, that I’ve said that, I completely agree that this does not factor in that half of your space here is in a basement. Not the worst basement I have seen, but at the end of the day, a basement. And obviously you could buy an entire rowhouse in the neighborhood for around that, albeit unlikely to be as nicely renovated.

    While buying an entire rowhouse would be preferable, any rowhouse of similar size in Shaw that has that level of renovation is going to cost more. And while you could certainly find cheaper rowhouses to dump some money into in a renovation, that assumes people have the cash for the renovation. Hopefully if you’re buying a 1.2 million dollar place, you do, but not everyone can buy a cheaper house and get the financing to dump money into a renovation.

  • I Dont Get It

    I like the furnishings

  • god – this makes me want to put my entire rowhouse in truxton circle on the market for 3 million dollars and sell it as “only blocks from shaw!”

    • Whoa there! There’s no guarantee you’d get the same batch of acid as these guys, so don’t go jumping just yet.

    • Is it a good deal at that price? No, probably not, but really only because it half basement. But that doesn’t mean it won’t sell for a lot more than what people here probably would guess. I would be it sells for $850K – $900K.

  • The towels are crooked in the bathroom pics! For 1.125 M I expect neatly folded towels, d&$&&!

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