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  • This is very cool! I would really like to put vegetables outside in my front yard, but am hesitant after hearing about that kale thief last year, and the thought of dogs peeing on my greens is icky.

  • I Dont Get It


  • PoP–I can’t wait for the Garden Haul feature to come back in season!

  • They must love salads!

    • +1. We have a patch of greens that’s about a third of the size of this and even though we loooove greens, it’s hard to harvest all of them before they grow to be oversized and less tasty.

  • ledroittiger

    I love that this house is half a block away from the Giant too. Produce of a quality you could never get there (though I appreciate the job done on the revamp).

  • A freaking plus to this man

    Look at the detail that this gentleman gardener has taken to keep out the rats. I have tried a few years to grow the same things he has. And Sunday i studied what he is doing, since he is certainly doing many things right. extra fencing around the entire bed and plugged holes where rodents have entered. and the neighbor to the north has their ‘lawn’ trimmed very short right near the abutting fence.

    I can only grow flowers, and hot peppers. The rats eat everything, including poison. They burrow under my neighbors walkway and live in their crawlspace. It is quite hard to control a garden in DC, I know this guy spends plenty of time doing so. Bravo

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