From the Forum – Looking to build a new deck and need builder recs!

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Looking to build a new deck and need builder recs!

“I am looking for recommendations on a contractor to build a new deck on the back of my PTW rowhouse. Ideally, I’m looking for recs for small businesses who do work in PTW already, but am open to all suggestions. Thank you!”

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  • Years ago I used John Killoran – looks like he is now operating as “City Decks”.
    Very reasonable on price and he did a quality job. He was also able to handle the permit you will need to build a deck.

  • Is PTW an abbreviation for Petworth? How is it pronounced? Pt-dubs?
    Recommendation: build your own if you are at all handy. I helped a friend build one recently and it was way easier than I though. Depending on the size/height you could hire a contractor to dig/place the posts.

    • Accountering

      This is the move. Materials are about $3,000 for an 18’x14′ deck. You will pay at least $10,000 to have a contractor do this. Post holes are easy, the whole project is totally doable yourself, if you have any skill.

      • That’s a little low. Just the framing lumber was about 3k for my deck of a similar size. If you do basic pressure-treated decking and railing you could probably do a deck that size for ~$4-5k with no frills (i.e., no lighting, no composite decking, basic balusters, etc). Upgrade the decking, add lights, etc and you can easily approach $8-10k in materials.

        • Nevermind I was way off. I just looked back at my order for the framing lumber and it was only $1400. If you did a basic pressure treated deck you’re absolutely right Accountering – you could easily come in under $3k.

    • Does anyone know where to find the regs for building a deck? I have built my own before, but had clear guidance on specs such as diameter/depth of post holes, etc. Searched all over DC government website, but couldn’t find it. Thanks in advance.

  • Looking forward to seeing the responses to this question. I’m trying to have a deck built as well but permitting in my area (North Petworth) is going to be a pain. Apparently there is this 60% lot occupancy restriction that will prevent me from getting permitted; or so I’ve been told by a couple of people at DCRA. But I can’t apply for a waiver (something called a BVA) until I’ve actually been denied a permit.

    • Correct. A deck is considered a structure the same as an addition for zoning purposes. The lot occupancy limit in R-4 is 60%.

  • Currently, I am working with Pheonixmason to redo the entire backyard including deck. It is pricy, but the entire package includes designs, my choice of materials, their own construction workers to build everything (including moving and re-installing part of my HVAC), and dealing with DC to get all permits. Having one company do everything was worth it for me. So far, I am impressed with them, but we’re still a week away from breaking ground.

    • My fiance and I are looking to do almost exactly the same thing–and entire backyard including deck, patio, fire pit, hot tub, vertical garden space, etc. We’ll also need to move part of our HVAC. I was wondering–if you don’t mind– if you might be willing to discuss how much your quote was for. Obviously we might have very different situations, but understanding the base line of what we’re looking at for a complete re-do would be helpful. How much is “pricy?”

  • Please… stop trying to make “PTW” happen.

  • Tom Redding built one on my third floor and it is fanstastic. new drainage, etc. Reasonable and did the work on time.

  • Charm City Construction/Home Improvement. Started in Baltimore, now local to 16th Street Heights. Best around. Check Angie’s List. Highly recommend! Todd handled a major kitchen and master bath reno with ease, and we are planning a deck with them now.

  • Precision Contracting Solutions – they will pull any permits needed and make sure everything is up to code (helpful down the line if you’re ever looking to sell). They completely rebuilt our second story back deck which was really shoddy when we bought our place, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

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