From the Forum – Is Bergami’s Pizza closed for good?

Photo courtesy Rhode Island Row (2300 Washington Place, NE by the Rhode Island Ave Metro)

Is Bergami’s Pizza closed for good?

“Over the last week or so I’ve noticed that the Bergami’s Pizza at Rhode Island Row appears to be closed. I didn’t see any signs, and it appears that they’ve up and gone for good. Did the store go out of business? I loved their pizza, and it always seemed full of customers whenever I went in. Any insight about what’s going on there would be great.”

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  • Oh no!!! I only ate there once and planned to return in the warmer months. During my only visit I had the opportunity to speak with the owner who expressed some concerns around the layout of the retail space (being located directly under the apts) it seems to have limited what items they could serve. (i.e fried food) Now i have to tell the BF that our new quick food option is no more :-/

  • It’s been closed for quite some time now. Rumor mill around the apartments is they owed a ton of back rent.

  • Yes, there was some banter about this on the Brookland list maybe a week ago. There was some disagreement about the cause, but it seemed clear that they’re closing. I tried it once – it was not good.

    • Also – this has to be the worst-designed mixed-use development ever. The same developer bid on the project slated to go up east of the Brookland Metro. Thankfully, they lost.

      • Anonynon

        yeah i was surprised how ugly this development was…compared to their website pictures. The exteriors looks cheap and fake all around, its very closed off to the outside neighborhood aswell. Do people really pay the same price to rent here as they would in more ‘hip’ neighborhoods? I don’t see the point but i guess they are new and you have a home depot nearby!

    • brookland_rez

      I ate there once, I didn’t think it was that bad. Just not good enough for me to make an effort to go back. So I guess the pizza was decent, just not a stand out.

  • SweetEpiphany

    Hey guys, I’m the OP on this one. Thanks for the info. I’m sad to see this place go, and now there’ll be one more vacant spot over here. Argh! I hope they can fill these vacancies soon.

  • Yeah, they definitely appear to be closed for good. It’s unfortunate that Rhode Island Row is struggling so much. Fingers crossed for all the surrounding development projects, I guess.

  • Also, this neighborhood is fairly saturated with pizza options, including the awesome Menomale a few blocks away and &Pizza not terribly far away at Monroe St. Market.

    • Two places = saturated? And one of them is clever twist on typically mediocre DC pizza? No wonder people get away with awful basics here.

  • I’ll miss this place. I liked it much more than &pizza, and the people who were always working were very friendly.

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