From the Forum – How early should one arrive to get a table at Rose’s Luxury on a Saturday?

717 8th Street, SE

How early should one arrive to get a table at Rose’s Luxury on a Saturday?:

“My parents are coming to town this weekend and we are thinking about trying to get a table at Rose’s Luxury on Saturday. If we want to get seated when they open at 5pm, how early should we be in line?”

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  • SouthwestDC

    Normally I’d say 3, but with it being peak tourist season and the weather being nice you might want to shoot for earlier.

  • Frankly, I’d get in line around 4:30 and aim for the second seating. Wander the neighborhood for a bit and then you’ll have dinner at a normal dinner hour. Unless of course, your parents actually prefer to eat that early.

    • justinbc

      I agree with this sentiment, although I typically eat later than most people so that’s never bothered me.

    • SouthwestDC

      Disagree– we got there at 4:15 on a Saturday for my birthday in October and were too late for any of the seatings. It’s also a lot harder for a party larger than 2 to get a table, so even if you’re a couple hours early you probably won’t get the first seating.

    • OP here! We have no issues with eating early given the circumstances, but shooting for the second seating might be a good way to go. Thanks!

  • I went past there 2 weeks ago, and the line was far down the block at 5pm. People toward the back of the line were discussing 9p or 11p seatings.

  • I got there at 2:45pm on this past Valentine’s Day (on a Saturday), and I was third in line. Lots of people got there between 3-3:15. Line was so far down the block by 5 that we couldn’t even see the end, and the hostess actually said, “Wow!” when she looked at it. Valentine’s Day is an oddball though. I’d say 3 to be safe, 4-4:15 if you’re not super particular on time. Keep in mind that you’ll still wait: we saw the line still moving outside the window until about 6:30pm, so people who got there at 5 were still waiting almost as long as we were.

  • How does the waiting work, logistically? Does everyone in your party have to be in line at all times? What if people need to go to the bathroom? Do people bring little chairs to sit in, or are you standing for 2+ hours?

    (Can you tell by my questions that I’m pregnant? 🙂 )

    • I’m sure you could bring a chair to sit. I saw people coming up after the host had gone past the other person who was waiting, so I don’t think everyone has to be there the whole time, but even if they did, I think exceptions would be made for those with kiddy related weak bladders.

  • They should install a live stream camera like they have at the DMV so you can see when the line is starting to form 🙂

    • Could they get any more pretentious if that got a camera? They could just take reservations.

      • I’d go if I could make a reservation. I won’t wait 1-3 hours in line just to wait even longer to eat.

        • They could easily do reservations with CC required to avoid people who no show/no call. I’d love to go, but that line was too much. I’d consider a weeknight if someone I know REALLY wanted to go.

  • Skip the line and go to any number of 95%-as-good restraurants that don’t include this artificial demand component.

    Or, if you’re a 1%er, pay someone to stand in line for you.

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve never made it in to Rose’s so I can’t vouch for how good it is, but I agree that standing in line for 2-3 hours is not how I’d want to spend my weekend in DC.

      • I completely agree. It was my mom’s idea, but I don’t think she’ll want to stand in that line after a day of touristy activities. I made a backup reservation elsewhere just in case.

        • After lunch send your parents off to do some of the touristy stuff on their own while you go get in line. You don’t have to all be there. Just give them instructions to come there at 5 to meet you.

      • I know someone who’s gone 4 times, and he swears by it. Always eats at the bar and likely does weeknights, so maybe he has been able to skip the line at least to some extent. Even with his glowing recommendation, I still haven’t been.

        • SouthwestDC

          Whenever I’ve tried to go on a weeknight, even a Tuesday when the weather’s hideous, the bar is full too.
          I live right up the street so I’ve had a lot of opportunities to try to get in. 😉

          • Given that he’s a member of the industry who’s been featured in publication, the fact that his experience may be based on knowing someone there is perfectly possible. But justinbc seems to have an in as well.

      • justinbc

        I’ve been close to a dozen times and I’ve never actually been standing in line for more than half an hour.

    • The demand at R’s Lux is a symptom of the completely underwhelming DC restaurant scene. Other than RL I can count on one hand the number of places that can make me a better meal than what I could cook at home for myself. And I’m a pretty mediocre cook.
      Hopefully some other DC investors will take this to heart and keep in mind DC diners actually care about quality and ingenuity ( a hat tip to Thip Khao for being fantastic). If more interesting places opened up thew would do well, so betting on getting expense account dollars with bland food (I’m looking at you Mastro’s and STK).

      • justinbc

        You must have an abnormally large number of fingers.

        • The food scene is DEFINITELY getting a lot better here in DC, but you’ve been here too long if you think it’s become a great scene. I’d agree with the above poster, there are very few places here in DC that a) can serve me something better than I can cook myself and b) are worth the price. Until people stop saying that 2 Amy’s and Lauriol Plaza are great dining options, then the DC dining scene has not yet made it.

          • And what about ambiance? I can’t think of a single restaurant that has affordable food I can’t make easily at home, in a space where I don’t have to yell to have a conversation.

          • I’ve never heard ANYBODY ever say Lariol Plaza is great. It gets nothing but ridicule (And I think the place is OK).

          • MarkQ, I used to live right around the corner from Lauriol Plaza. The place is always PACKED. On the weekends there is a line out the door, and the street parking is full of people driving in from the suburbs to go there. It isn’t hyped up on places like Prince of Petworth, but if I have countless friends who just think the place is the bees knees. And I know reviews on yelp aren’t anything to base anything on, but it’s full of rave reviews from long time customers. Longtime residents of this city are FIERCELY loyal to the restaurant, and I’m told that it’s because when it first opened 25 years ago, it was the only somewhat decent, affordable restaurant that wasn’t an overpriced steakhouse or French place.

        • snicker
          But really, disagree, hyperbolic comments completely undermine your point. I don’t disagree that DC has some gaps in its restaurant scene, but this is just silly.

      • I agree that many many of the places that have opened are par at best but there are definitely more than a handful of very good restaurants. Thip Kao is very good but I wouldn’t even put it in my top 15 probably.

      • I actually prefer red hen. I don’t htink its fancy, and reservations are hard to come by, but the food is amazing and you can get a seat at the bar with no wait if you get there when they open.

      • The quality at Rose’s is nothing exceptional. Mostly commodity produce. And that lychee salad is nothing more than traditional Thai Nam Sod with canned lychees. Unless it is in a casing, it is just ground pork, not a sausage, and they get the pork already ground and seasoned from Eastern Market -so its not even made in house.
        Everything else is raw and requires only a knife and maybe a can opener if your knife isn’t blunt enough. A prisoner is probably crafty enough to get shichimi togarashi and assemble that celebrated dish in their cell.

        Go to Mintwood, Ripple, 2 Amy’s or Ghibellina for better food and ingredients.

    • What about the demand is artificial?

      I don’t need to post articles that explain why restaurants don’t take reservations. However you feel about that, it is not an out of the ordinary set up.

      So what it comes down to is the number of people that WANT to eat there (because it truly is one of the best restaurants in our region) and the number of seats they have.

    • Ambar. Right down the block. For $50 you get all you can eat/drink. I’ve had a great night every time. You take a hit on quality of food, but it’s still pretty good. Decent food and never ending mojitos will always beat a three hour wait if you ask me.

    • Re: paying someone to stand in line for you. I just got a promotional email from TaskRabbit reminding me that they offer this service. I can’t vouch for it or say how much it costs, but it is a real option.

      • A whole slew of people who this for a living. I’ve seen for Supreme Ct cases and hill panels. If you don’t mind waiting around, could definitely be a good side gig.

    • justinbc

      It’s not artificial demand if there are people willing to line up every single night.

      • The whole no-reservations thing is a gimmick to create demand by getting people to talk about how hard it is to get into a place and how long they had to wait in line, and write into PoPville asking what time they need to get there…

        Plenty of other restaurants don’t get this chatter because they take reservations, because it is the reasonable thing to do.

        • Right. It’s not like Georgetown Cupcake is anything special.

        • justinbc

          And yet there are still places in the city that you have to call a month in advance to hope to get a table. You underestimate the demand for good places, and I’m guessing you’ve never actually eaten here either.

          • Yes, but that is based as much on demand as on size of the restaurant/bar and how long the experience takes.

  • I wonder if the cherry blossom festival/parade on Saturday will help or hurt your wait time…I can see it going either way.

    • I think it will increase demand, esp. since RL has been written up in numerous publications. Now the word is out!

  • Walked around there after going to Eastern market last weekend at 3:30 and there was a line two blocks long. I’ve been three times and the food and drinks are completely wonderful, but it is NOT 3 hours in line wonderful. I hear you can pay someone for that and after my waiting experiences at Little Serrow, that seems worth it!

  • Last time I went was a Thursday so may not be completely the same thing but I left work at 4:30 and got there at 5 to get in line. I was about 40 people back at that point and waited about 25 minutes in line to get to the front for them to take my reservation. You don’t have to have any of your party with you btw. They took my name, number and phone number and told me I’d likely be sat in about 2 1/2-3 hours. They text or call you when it’s your turn and you have 15 minutes to respond/get back to the restaurant to be seated. We waited about 3 1/2 hours at few different bars on 8th st. In the end it was totally worth it. I’ve been 3 times (twice before the whole crazy line thing) and it’s gotten better each time.

    • This is exactly what I’ve done. One person goes ahead on a work day, takes a podcast/book with them, stands in line, has some delightful me time, puts their name down, and then you go to one of the great bars in the area (or the bar upstairs at Rose’s). But you have to be un-fussy about when you eat.

  • I was there on Mon and a gentleman was handing out cards advertising his line waiting service. Its $50 which I thought was pricey but the guy in front of me was psyched. I didn’t take the card but you can probably Google it.

    Two people in line had chairs and the couple in front of me were alternating standing with drinking on the Ugly Mug’s patio. The entire party has to be present for you to be seated, not for the wait in line. Our fourth was running to the door to make it.

    • Might want to quit your day job, Justin! Since you can get through the line in only 30 minutes you’d make $500/night with that service!

  • I went on Saturday March 28. I got there at 345, which ended up being perfect. We got in on the 2nd first-seating (they seat the restaurant in shifts, apparently), which means that we sat at about 5:45. We actually got in to put our names in at 5, so we spent about 45 minutes enjoying some cocktails at their bar upstairs. The weather was ok – about 45 degrees or so, not raining. I’d imagine it gets more crowded when its even nicer. Also another factor to consider – its not as expensive as many other “high end” or “trendy” places in DC. And only one person in your party needs to be there to wait (although everyone else should be there at 5pm SHARP if you want to get in on the first seating). So for a special occasion, if you’d rather wait outside and listen to a podcast or read a book for 90 minutes or so than spend an extra $20-30 per person for a similarly high-end restaurant, I’d say do it.

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