From the Forum – Helping the Homeless DC Man who Thwarted a Rape

photo via gofundme

Helping Homeless DC Man who Thwarted Rape:

“With all of the great things that happen on PoPville, it would be great if we could band together to help Ketrell Ferguson, a homeless DC resident who recently helped a woman who was being attacked fight off her attempted rapist (see story here); with our city growing and changing every day, it is heartening to know that we live among neighbors who still care enough to do the right thing.

A friend of Mr. Ferguson set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for a good person who has fallen on hard times and it is my hope that we as a PoPville community can each donate a bit of money to the campaign.

I’ve never posted anything on here before and am not associated with the GoFundMe in any way, but feel really strongly about helping to make the life of someone who helped someone else a bit better.

Thanks for your time!”

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  • epric002

    thanks for sharing this.

  • I would love to help this gentleman – but unless I’m missing something, there is no way to verify that this isn’t a scam.

    • huh? Please explain how this could have been pulled off as a scam, and I will debunk whatever your theory is promptly.

      • Does gofundme actually vet the campaigns? Is there any assurance the donations will actually reach Mr. Ferguson?

      • Anyone can set up a fundraising page and claim its for a good cause. Their was just a story this week about how a woman set up a GoFund Me page for her friend’s premature baby. After the baby died the page generated a few thousand dollars to pay for funeral costs. When the mom went to get the money the friend had drained the account and used the money to buy drugs.

        Anyone can set up these kind of pages and use the money for what ever they want. I’m not saying this isn’t a great cause or even that the fundraiser isn’t on the up and up. It’s just hard to tell.

      • 1. Step one: set up gofundme account with somewhat anonymous digital info
        2. Step two: distribute to wide audience, touting a recent feel-good hero as the benefactor
        3. Step three: collect profits, do not distribute funds to Mr. Ferguson
        4. Step four: close account, provide no verification or record of funds

      • Ahh, these all make sense. I was thinking that someone thought that the actual story was a scam, as in the story was somehow fabricated. The donation thing seems very unreliable.

  • For what it’s worth, I Facebook stalked the person who created the GoFundMe page and it led me to what appears to be his actual facebook page. Same photo (along with others), he is the “Bar Supervisor” at VIVO. People could always reach out to him to ask for further evidence that this gentlemen will receive his money. Not sure how helpful it in face is but thought I’d throw it out there.

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