Fantastic Photos of the Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival

By & By on the Bluegrass Stage

All photos taken for PoPville by Lorie Shaull. Anyone else go? Weather was a bit chillier but how’d it compare to last year?



More great shots after the jump.






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  • How was it this year? We avoided it due to the cluster-f it sounded like last year. Interested to know if it was reasonably spaced out and services (food/drink/toilets) were readily available.

    • It was a lot better this year. Things were spaced out more and seemed like a slightly smaller crowd. I can’t believe people waited in those beer lines, though. A Sierra Nevada is not worth that kind of time.

    • more people than last year. beer lines were epic until the weather turned for the worse. they need to cut off tickets sales so that folks are not on top of each other. don’t think i will go next year, the event has become just too big for the venue.

      • justinbc

        Is there no BYOB? Seems like the perfect kind of event for that.

        • Outside alcohol was prohibited, but they were not checking what was in water bottles, nor were they checking bags that carefully. I think a concern was trash left behind by attendees, which could have been exacerbated by BYOB.

    • I didn’t go last year, but it was much, much bigger with more people than it was two years ago. We mostly just huddled under a blanket the whole time.

  • All of this was made quite clear on the actual event website, though. I prepaid my admission and with fees it was $12.50. Nowhere close to $25. Also, I was thankful for the corporate ticketing firm at the gate, since entrance lines were much faster and smoother than they were last year as a result. This “hipster poser” had a good time this year, despite the weather.

    • Sorry, this was specifically in reply to a comment that I don’t see anymore, so now it’s a non sequitur.

  • I think the sound and vibe was better last year. It was basically a big gathering of people waiting in long lines. It looked like it would take an hour to get a beer anytime after about 2pm. Nice to see so many dogs though and it’s still a great value.

  • I went, and stayed in the rain until the end. Beer lines were epic, and maybe there needs to be another beer tent near the mainstage for sure. Music was terrific, and so what if it rained? This kinda old lady will go again.

  • was worth arriving shortly after noon – no crowding, no lines for food or beer! i am well past the time in my life when a beer is worth waiting that long for. but the beer lines were so long, they made just walking through some areas difficult with the crowding. MORE BEER TENTS!!!!! oh, and the music was great too.

  • Went two years and loved it. Brought in my own booze, nice mellow vibe with just enough of a crowd to feel like an event. Went last year and turned around as soon as I saw a line that looked a thousand people long. Didn’t even consider it this year.

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