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  • justinbc

    I heard that the owners of Boundary Stone and Red Hen were collaborating to do a new restaurant together, but no details aside from that.

  • Is this the location that use to meet for church on Sundays?

  • I hope it’s Cafe Los Suenos. It’d be nice to see those folks get a storefront.

    • i heard that they will be getting a storefront, but they are planning to open in baltimore. not anytime soon though, as i think the owner is still in part-time school

  • Big Bear Part Deux: The Reckoning

    • I think Big Bear is great for the community atmosphere and fresh pastries, but I would love to have another option to grab an espresso drink from. Big Bear gets slammed regularly on weekend, some employees (not all) seem permanently irritated, and I think it’s almost too hipster to be true that there’s no other milk option other than whole “because it brings out the flavor”

      • I live right around the corner from Big Bear and really like the establishment, but I hardly ever go there for coffee as it seems to be constantly slammed. This would be a welcome addition to just want to grab a latte.

      • Love Big Bear, most of the time, but it has some some inefficiencies to work on. It doesn’t take much to send the line out the door. We’re there every Saturday right after they open at 7:30 a.m., and it can get painfully slow in a hurry. When I was home on family leave it would be slammed on weekdays too. Definitely enough demand in the neighborhood for a new coffee spot.

  • Hooray–agree with others that Big Bear is great, but often slammed, so the neighborhood can definitely support another espresso-based place. I’m going to assume it’s a Blue Bottle until told otherwise.

  • I moved so this is a legitmate question, does Windows not sell coffee any longer?

    • I moved from Bloomingdale in 2010, but I don’t think the newer residents realize what a hero Mr. Abije from Windows really is. When there were no other decent retail establishments in 2004, he took down the bullet-proof glass, worked with the neighborhood to spruce up the shop, and opened a cafe. He paid for that with several armed robberies, but kept on going in the belief that the neighborhood would improve. I really hope his business is thriving now.

      • Hear hear! Windows is awesome for a quick breakfast, lunch, or even dinner if you catch them in time! He’s an anchor!

    • They do – it’s totally delicious!

  • Big Bear’s coffee is awful so this would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • please oh please oh please oh please! Windows does serve coffee, but I really haven’t liked their espresso-based beverages at all. Watered down or burned… But I but other stuffs from them. It’s just that I love coffee – it’s such a treat, so this is really exciting.

  • Building Permit doesn’t help much:
    80 T ST NW
    3110 0128
    Post Card/Building
    Permit Issued
    Replacement in kind of up to 800 square feet (74.3 square meters) of gypsum board. Replacement in kind, when applied to architectural features, means replacement with a feature of like material that replicates the existing feature in proportion, appearance, texture, design, detail and dimensions.

  • Seems like we have several coffee options in Bloomingdale. Not that my opinion matters, but I’d love to see another place to get some ethnic food.

  • Lets get a good ole mom and pops Italian restaurant with gluten free pastas and vegetarian options, reasonably priced (baked ziti, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken / eggplant parm, carbonara, etc)

  • I’m an old school black coffee sort of fella, so please don’t tell anyone that Grassroots Gourmet’s coffee is freaking great as I don’t want that secret to get out. It is also the only place open at a good time (8am) on the block for a 9 to 5’er to get anything in the AM. I support Windows, but they don’t open ’till 10 at the earliest so that rules out coffee/breakfast for many who keep traditional work hours.

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