End of the West Dupont Liquor License Moratorium?


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“Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC2B)
Report of the West Dupont Liquor License Moratorium Committee
Published for Public Comment on April 17, 2015

The Dupont Circle ANC will address the west dupont liquor license moratorium at its special meeting on Monday, April 27th at 7:00pm at the Johns Hopkins University building at 1740 Massachusetts avenue, Johns Hopkins Nitze Building, Kenney-Herter Auditorium. We encourage public participation at that meeting or to send comments to ANC Commissioners via email at [email protected]

The working group encourages ANC 2B to recommend that the ABC Board not renew the West Dupont Circle Liquor License Moratorium. Instead the ANC should adopt a standing policy to protest new liquor license applications in the former moratorium zone until a settlement agreement can be reached with the application that will alleviate any possible concerns over peace, order, quiet and parking.

Read the full report here: West-Dupont-Moratorium-Working-Group-Recommendation (PDF)

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  • good lord – why is “preserving parking” considered a priority in this part of the city?!

    • My thoughts exactly – and especially why in connection with an ABC license application? Makes no sense.

    • Because some of us residents actually have a real need for car ownership and street parking. Step out of your bubble once in a while.

      • Accountering

        A real “need” does not equal a right to it. If you have a real need, and you live here, you can certainly rent a spot. There is nothing that says your “need” to free on-demand street parking should overwhelm another persons property rights for development.

      • randomduck

        I’m a resident within the affected area who owns a car, and the perceived “need” is a tough nut to crack. If your job requires you to travel a long distance to your workplace, or to be there at hours when public transit isn’t an option, or your daily duties have you going many different directions that don’t link up with WMATA services, I get it. But there should be no guarantee of on-street parking simply because you paid the $30 for a RPP.

        Frankly, most people in DC – not just in Dupont and the more tony areas, but all over – should look into walking, public transit, carpooling or riding a bike. This city and its immediate environs are *very* bike-friendly and accessible. It’s just that getting on a bike in traffic can be scary to people, and the local drivers (combined with a lack of consistent enforcement of traffic laws among all road user groups) don’t make it any easier.

        So yes, I own a car. I’m often parking it a few blocks from my home, and that’s OK. I don’t assume that there will be a parking spot on my block. I know that visitors often take RPP spots during prime business and dining hours, and that’s just how it is (though I have issues with a few valets in my neighborhood who use RPP spots for their parking – not cool, and possibly not within the letter of the valet law). But if my errands or commute are less than 10 miles from my home, I ride my bike. It’s faster, it’s easier to park on both ends of the journey, and it works. I have friends who take their kids to school on bicycle – it’s not hard, it’s just a lifestyle change.

        Just my $0.02 – YMMV.

        • DC itself is bike and transit friendly… but what about the suburbs, where increasingly more of us have to go for work? If DC could just work on luring more employers into the city, the need for residential parking spaces would decrease.

    • The ANC considers residential parking because ABC license appropriateness standards include impact on residential parking, see subchapter 2, 25-313 http://abra.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/abra/publication/attachments/2014_DC_ABC_Laws_Regs_Titles_25_23_1_0.pdf

  • Always saw these moratoriums were bad for business and it seems to be the case here. Now that there is serious competition for commercial renters across the entire District, Dupont feels left behind and substantially less significant than it did even just 5 years ago.

  • Another example of why ANCs are the worst.

  • Oh jeez…. if the alternative is an endless, NIMBY-fueled debate featuring the olds arguing with each other about “peace, order, quiet and parking”, then I vote to keep the moratorium.

  • I wonder if this will have any effect on the terribly unexciting bar and restaurant scene in this area.

    • randomduck

      I’m hoping the moratorium goes away. To my eye, it contributes to the staid and declining dining and entertainment scene in Dupont – that, and the crazy rent that commercial tenants have to pay, on top of dancing around the moratorium.

      • What would you like to see more of in the moratorium zone if the moratorium goes away? Liquor stores? Taverns? Nightclubs? There is no current restriction on restaurants that serve alcohol. I last counted about two dozen establishments in the moratorium zone where you can buy alcohol. How many more does the neighborhood need?

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