Eastern Market Metro “The suspect then punched the victim [69 years old] in the face with a closed fist”

Updated photo from WMATA:


From Metro Transit Police:

“The Metro Transit Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying the below pictured individual as part of an investigation into an Assault that occurred at Eastern Market Metrorail Station on Friday, April 24, at approximately 1:05 p.m.

Incident Summary: The victim, a 69-year-old male, reports being pushed by an unknown male suspect while exiting the train. Subsequently, the victim and suspect engaged in a verbal altercation on the escalator. The suspect then punched the victim in the face with a closed fist. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Anyone who is able to identify the individual pictured below is asked to call Metro Transit Police Detectives at (202) 962-2121 and reference case #2015-21061. Tips also can be sent via text message to “MyMTPD” (696873).

There are no current warrants for the individual pictured below in reference to this case.

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  • HaileUnlikely

    This is disappointing on so many levels. Aside from the obvious (a teen-ager beating up on an old geezer), come on, tons of people witnessed this, and despite the little b!tch thug’s demonstrated proficiency at knocking out old geezers, he isn’t that big and doesn’t exactly hit like Bruce Lee. Why the hell did the rest of humanity just let him walk out of there? I’m not calling for blood or anything, but at least detain the little f*cker until the police arrive.

    • +1 I get the shocked factor and all, but the guy behind him just watching this punk beat this guy, it wasn’t one punch and run. He will get his own.

  • Anonynon

    Yeah why didn’t anyone stop him, that guy was on his cell phone and just watched the guy slide down the escalator…

  • A lot ofttimes decent people are shocked when they encounter savages and aren’t able to react quickly.

  • Not sure if this is the same guy.. But I was in Washington Circle off the foggy bottom stop around 5/5:30 pm this evening and a man in a purple shirt started yelling and making everyone uncomfortable. He then proceeded to yell “why’s everyone leaving?!” As people that had previously been sitting on the benches got up and left. Very similar attitude and stance sd the guy in the video..

    Might just be s long shot though.

  • It looks like the oldster made contact first, but only after being SPIT IN THE FACE for having the temerity to admonish this “kid” (deservedly no doubt) for something.

    Absolutely shameful. There is no place in a civilized society for people who show such utter disregard for others.

  • The rest of the people may have only seen old guy hit young guy first. It looks like the young guy may have spit on the older guy first but it is not 100% clear. It is easy to be an Internet hero but the average person has probably never been in a real physical altercation as an adult. It is different from a schoolyard at 3:00 people really get hurt.

  • Wow… so many people just watched this happen and didn’t do anything, even afterwards. I know that shock can happen, but the fact that afterwards, people just go back to their phones… That’s hard to take.

    • Why do you think no one did anything afterward? The guy behind the victim bent over to help him when the video ended.
      I’m not sure it’s advisable for people to chase after a potentially armed assailant.

    • Couldn’t the ppl be using their phone to call the police after? I probably would.

  • This POS will be caught. If not for this crime, then for others he has committed or will commit. People like this are repeat offenders, and they need to be locked up.

  • There is usually a cop car parked right by the exit EVERY day. Really strange no one ran ahead (or after) the kid to point him out to the police.

  • Where was the WMATA police? Very sad to watch the video and see the by-standers being “by-standers.”

    • What would have been nice to see is an immediate and very physical reaction from a nearby male, but most people have their brains completely turned off when just about anywhere in public. They are texting, daydreaming, listening to music, just about anything but paying attention to their surroundings. (If I had been the guy standing behind the vicitm, I would have grabbed the puncher’s arm and pounded his nose in for him.)

      • Really? I would have been fine with any of the women that I know who are tough enough to take down a punk and pin him to the ground until the police came.

      • So, internet tough guy, what happens when you go to grab that kid’s arm and he pulls a knife and shanks you in the gut with it, or pulls a gun and points it at your head. It’s very possible someone like that would have chosen not to use weapons to assault an older guy giving him lip but might do so if the situation escalated.

        • If you’re justifying inaction with your “tough guy” comment, you may find the karmas “tough” to handle. This person needed help, but wouldn’t have gotten it from the likes of yourself. Cheers.

          • mixing it up probably isn’t wise, but I would certainly trail the guy until I could get a cop to show.

  • So much to read into these 20 seconds… the body language of the kid while walking up the stairs, the old dude wagging his admonishing finger, the non-reaction of the bystanders. Appears that the old dude instigated the interaction. He got pushed coming off the train? Should have just gone on about his day.

    • Seriously? You’re-a-real-blame-the-victim kind of guy, aren’t you?

      Even if the old guy initiated the confrontation (and you’re reading as much into this are anyone commenting here) so what? The person who makes physical contact first is guilty of assault. ALWAYS.

      Your comment is absolutely infuriating.

      • I agree. This was a completely disproportionate response from the attacker. The victim was probably annoyed, but he had no expectation for what was coming (and who would?). It appears from the video that the attacker spat in the victims face, after which the victim swatted at the attacker. That is a very mild response to having one’s face spit into, and in no way warranted multiple blows to the face.

        What’s more aggravating than victim-blaming is watching this violent little turd walk out of the station unharmed. It would have been soooo beautiful if onlookers had pounded and detained him.

      • Assault exists irrespective of physical contact, according to the law.

      • Then the old guy is guilty. He hit the kid before the kid punched him.
        We also have no idea what kind of language the older white man was using to scold the younger black man. I’m going to reserve my judgement of who the victim is in this situation. It’s highly likely that both parties were in the wrong.

        • Spitting on someone is assault, so the kid was,the first person to make this a physical altercation. Nice try though.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I suspect that this is correct. However, after the kid’s first two swings, the old guy was cowering and covering his face, obviously not a physical threat to the kid. At this point, regardless of who started it, and regardless of the age difference, continuing to beat the guy who is cowering and covering his face is really really lame. And knocking somebody down at the top of an escalator or a flight of stairs is infinitely worse than doing it elsewhere – this could have ended a lot worse than it did. Given what the kid did to to the old guy, I don’t much care how “in the wrong” the old guy was. Unless the old guy raped the kid’s mom or stole his infant sister’s bottle, there is no plausible justification for continuing to beat on somebody who is roughly 50 years older than you and clearly wants no part of the fistfight, at the top of the escalator no less.

          • There are enough lawyers in DC to argue the law ( threat of contact = assault, unwanted physical contact = battery @ common law though DC code may be a little different ) It is not clear if kid spit or aggressively gestured at old guy to make him ‘flinch’. If the kid spit he is 100% at fault…period. Spitting in a person’s face is the most disrespectful thing you can do – imo the intent is to dehumanize. and you deserve an ass kicking. If the kid did not spit and gestured at the old guy then the old guy escalated by hitting kid and he is partially responsible – I would expect the more mature party not take it to a physical level. The response by the young guy even if old guy made first physical contact was beyond reasonable and criminal.

            I have exchanged words with individuals on occasion, over a parking space most recently. I think guy was a GW student, I was older person, I let it go. I have dialed back exchanges because you never know if a person is willing to get physical, key your car or God forbid have a weapon. As you can see from this video you can’t count on the public for help.

    • A wagging finger in no way justifies punching a guy repeatedly in the face.

    • Right, just because you lose a fight does not make you the victim. There are consequences for your actions.

  • What is happening in society? Senior citizens are being beaten, attacked, and robbed. This animal is a disgrace to mankind and he has no morals. Why would a teenager hit and knock an old person down? SMH

    • It’s obvious he’s just another kid that has not been raised properly. People kill each other on the streets over petty issues everyday so they won’t think twice about knocking out a stranger. You can say what you want, but its up to us to recognize individuals like that and avoid confrontation with them.

  • Blithe

    This video was a horrific reminder to me that we don’t all share the same assumptions and rules, and that this rift can have terrible consequences. Like most, if not all, who have commented, I can only imagine what preceded the video. Who or what initiated the confrontational interactions between the Old Guy and the Young Guy? Who or what factors caused it to escalate? If it were clear that the OG had been the initial or more hostile aggressor, would the apparent failure of the bystanders to intervene on his behalf be viewed differently?
    – Spitting on someone — if that is, indeed, what happened, is disgusting and humiliating — but low on the scale of violence. OG had multiple chances to recognize that ramping up the level of aggression from words to gestures to physically lashing out is NOT the thing to do if his goal was to avoid a violent interaction. I tend to agree with stanos — “it’s very possible that (YG)…would have chosen not to use weapons to assault an older guy giving him lip.” So , despite his evident aggression, YG might actually be exercising restraint in response to escalating provocation.

    . My point in posting this is not to justify violence — but to wonder, along with Bill about “What is happening in society?” — although the conclusions that I draw are very different from Bill’s. In a society where many people are armed, and the potential for violent interactions is very real, what will it take for us to value de-escalation over violence?

  • “You can be right and dead or be wronged and stay alive”. I say this to myself every time before I think about walking into a crosswalk and I see a car that I know is not going to stop.

    The old man played a part in the incident. If you want to call that victim blaming, then I am victim blaming. I am not defending the response of the kid who punched the old guy. I am just saying that it probably wouldn’t have happened to me because I would not feel the need to further any communication or contact with this kid for bumping me. Yep, that’s the world we live in.

  • they caught his ass
    lets see what happens next

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