Development of the 3700 block of 14th St, NW continues to Roll with Demo Starting at old Carolino Restaurant space

3700 14th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“demo has begun on the old Carolina at 14th and Spring NW”

This strip of 14th includes Lyman’s Tavern, Red Derby, Taqueria Habanero and the coming Washington Heights. Any rumors about who’s taking over the space?

Back in March 2013 Carolina Restaurant was listed for sale for $650,000.


14th and Spring Road, NW

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  • The wonderful people at French’s Cleaners and at Delcia’s heard it would be a new condo/apartment building.

  • Meanwhile down the block Bacon funeral home gets worse by the day.

    • Who is the council member for this area? Brianne Nadeua? This Bacon Funeral Home issue needs to be addressed once and for all. It’s ridiculous that it’s languished for this long.

      • This area is a “no-mans land” for representation. On one side of Spring is the district that was represented by Bowser. The other side is represented by Brianne Nadeau. Nadeau, however, lives down near Florida Avenue, and thus this stretch of 14th isn’t really on her radar.
        Lots of empty restaurant spots… The former Getaway, Mad Momo’s, Ruby Tuesday… All of this speaks to a need for a business improvement district and some championing by our single-focused-on-affordable-housing representative Brianne Nadeau.
        A more pressing concern should be the rumors of a 7-11 opening in the building being constructed on the corner of 14th and Quincy. The local ANC, Nadeau, DCPD, and many others need to coordinate to make sure that doesn’t happen. Because the challenges associated with 7-11 will spill into her district, this is really an opportunity for Nadeau to shine and reach out to her northern neighbors.

    • I hate that area. I always go to Johnny’s Chinese food and right there and the triangle at Otis is like a casting call for The Wire. Just last week I saw what appeared to be a homeless man fist-fighting with his pants and underwear around his knees -hit bits flying about.

      Also, that funeral home is always putting up these fake “Reserved Parking” signs. Is that even legal???

  • I love some of the el Salvadoran places along this strip and am obsessed with Taqueria Habenero (best tacos I city!), but please now more Mexican/El Salvadoran food. 14th St needs a nicer, sit down meal option to compliment all of the new condos and great bars. The condos are selling for 500,000 to $600,000. Lots of disposable income, but lack of places to eat. Well… At least diversity in cuisines.
    If it’s a condo, I sincerely hope there is a retail component. And not another damn 7-11.

  • It is supposed to be a 38 unit apartment building for anyone earning up to 60% ami. Not sure what the holdup was but they were supposed to start some time ago.

  • There seems to be a surfeit of condos. Cheaply built ones.

  • NIMBY Question – if you owned property in this neighborhood, is a 38 unit apartment for households earning up to 60% ami the type of development you’d like to see? Really not troll-baiting, just curious of people’s thoughts on the matter… thanks.

  • If you are brave enough to navigate DCRA’s website like I was, and look up this site’s permit history, here is the magic paragraph from their zoning review that seems to sum up the scope of the project:

    “The final scope should be revised to say adding 4 stories to an exisgting 1 story structure with a 48 seat restaurant 1st floor to include a 4-unit apartment building on the 2nd-5th floors” the applicant has agreed to revise the scope to read as follows: “adding 4 stories to an exisgting 1 story structure with a 48 seat restaurant 1st floor to include a 4-unit apartment building on the 2nd-5th floors”

    • P.S. that zoning review was from 4/9/2015.

      • Thanks for finding this! I just reviewed myself and am glad. 4 units vs 38 sounds much more appropriate for the spot. Not sure where the 38 thrown in came from. Keeping a restaurant on floor 1 might be cool. Need some decent dining spots up this way.

        • Agreed – Great news!
          This stretch has so much possibility. There are three new casual restaurants coming in as well as well established places like Red Derby, Lyman’s Tavern, Taqueria Habanero and Salt & Pepper Grill II. It would be great to see a new, modern space with a great kitchen to attract a top notch chef. Nothing too fancy, but a local neighborhood place like Red Hen, Boundary Stone Thally or Chaplin’s would be amazing. We need a more diversity of food options in this area.

  • I just hope they leave the ATM. Where else am i supposed to get my cash at?

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