CVS “Food Closure” Notices at 20th and L and 23rd and M Streets, NW


A reader tweets us:

“Ooh, CVS at 23rd and M is an imminent health hazard. Wonder what happened. @PoPville”

Another reader reports:

“Thought this was interesting- I’ve been to both the CVS next to the SweetGreen on M St in West End and on L St by 20th St. NW in the past two days, and both had signs up and all their food items blocked off- just like Target did a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty grossed out that even major retailers can’t seem to get their acts together and keep the critters away…ew.”

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  • The 20th & L location has not been able to sell food for months. These things happen, but I’ve never seen it go on this long.

  • Egad

    Yes, 20th and L’s food section has been closed down since before Easter. It’s my go-to CVS during the work week and I am amazed that it has taken them this long to fix their problems.

  • The office building at 2000 L (which the CVS sits in) had a really bad rat infestation for much of 2014. I work in the building and no one could leave any food at their desks for any period of time–even in a sealed plastic container you’d come in the next morning to tooth marks all over it.

    The building seems to have been able to keep the rats out of the office spaces for the time being, but it seems they were just pushed further down the building.

    The building is also undergoing an extensive renovation and many floors are empty or vacating, so the construction is likely contributing to the problem.

    • Also worked in the building and can vouch for that. Found a rat in my file drawer one day going through an old bag of popcorn kernels that I didn’t even know I had.

  • I have a real love/hate relationship with the CVSs in DC. They have really expanded their products and the staff are generally pretty nice and helpful….however, some of their practices are worrisome. I bought a cream from the CVS immediately behind the Dupont metro, and when I got home and opened it there were specks of mold in the jar. I returned it the next day and a couple days later I noticed it on the shelf again. I check the jar and indeed, the same mold was in there.

    • Yeah, they have been going through some changes and I hope things are getting in order. I purchased a bottle of orange juice from that CVS fairly recently. Got home and noticed the juice was very dark. I looked at the expiration date and that bottle was a year old.

  • The 20th and L location has absolutely reeked of what smelled like mothballs for most of the fall and winter. The management played dumb when I complained about it, so I just stopped shopping there. It’s good to know that someone is finally forcing them to get their acts together, I felt terrible for the employees having to work in those conditions.

  • There was an Orkon guy parked out front on Saturday. Sweetgreen being next door is also not good.

  • One of these locations, I had to call CVS corporate and explain to them that I wasn’t going to trust my prescriptions to a store location that had mice running up and down the aisles.

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