“Crumbs & Whiskers is looking for three cat loving visionaries to join forces with the founder and bring DC an awesome cat cafe this summer”

3211 O Street, NW

From Crumbs & Whiskers:

“Crumbs & Whiskers is looking for three cat loving visionaries to join forces with the founder and bring DC an awesome cat cafe this summer.

What will you do? See roles below.
What will you get in return? Free access to Crumbs & Whiskers. Forever. And a really fun and amazing experience. (Also tons of really cool cat swag, which you’re obviously into.)


1) Creative Spirit: You are the person who has awesome ideas and knows how to breathe life into those ideas. Think events, social media campaigns, DIY cafe decor, and more. Everything you create is inspiring, fun, exciting, and has this crazy ability to make everyone around you smile. You’re also great at building and managing relationships with suppliers, partners, etc. (Duh, everyone loves you!) You are pure sunshine.

Ideal Background: Marketing, Supply Chain

2) Organization Guru: You keep the team on track and organized. There’s a lot of chaos around here, and you know how to break that chaos down into actionable, achievable steps. You hold the team accountable, set deadlines, keep everything organized, and are the only reason we can keep our sanity on most days. No one messes with you because you’re a total boss.

Ideal Background: Project Management

3) Math/Tech Genius: One of your super powers is creating badass analytical models, and technology is one of your best friends. You’re good at using tools that most of us stare blankly at, and love speaking in the language of numbers. You’re smart, logical, calculated, and really good at figuring things out quickly. Bonus points if you also have some experience in finance, but not required.

Ideal Background: Business Analytics, Information Systems

**Those of you who have prior retail and/or start up experience – make sure you tell us! We like the sound of that. A lot.


1) This is going to be a serious time commitment – we’re asking for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

2) Role is expected to last 6 – 7 weeks. Part in-person, part online.

3) Deadline to apply is Thursday, April 29 by midnight.

4) We CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU and will probably have at least five dance parties in the cat cafe together.”

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  • jim_ed

    Give us your labor for free so we can make a profit using your knowledge without having to pay you!
    In all seriousness, piss off.

  • Accountering

    This is garbage. You want highly skilled people, to contribute their labor, to a for profit endeavor… For free. Piss off. These things take money – whether in the form of paychecks, or in the form of equity.

  • Wow the whole asking people to work for free thing is still incredibly annoying and presumptuous even when paired with an adorable cat cafe.

  • This is just taking it one step further in the trend of cash grabs like kickstarter. Cat lady – note – this is a situation where perhaps you offer these people an equity stake (even a small one) if you have no money to pay them with. It’s called sweat equity.

  • Wow. What a naked, transparent attempt to offload the heavy lifting onto other people.

    This is because no bank was willing to extend a small business loan to the owners, right?

    • Or maybe they didn’t apply for one? It’s like why take out a loan that you have to pay back, if you can just get people to give you money for free.

  • Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.

  • So…what exactly does the founder see HER role as being? Sitting around petting the cats?

  • What’s that disease that cat hoarders get from overexposure to cat waste?

  • Just chiming into the “piss off” chorus. Pay your labor. “Access to cats” is not legal tender.

  • I hope that anyone who fits these descriptions, has an extra 20 hours in their week free, and loves cats will consider donating their significant skills to a proper rescue group.

  • If this was a non-profit that helped cats, it would be worth considering…although 20 hours a week for 6-7 weeks, is a LOT to ask of a volunteer.

    Asking people to work 20 hours a week for free at a for-profit company (that got 2X what it asked for on kickstarter) takes a lot of chutzpah!

    If you don’t have actual money to pay your employees, then loosen up the purse strings and offer them some ownership in the café…or bring in a partner with actual money to pay employees.

  • I sincerely hope that no one with that kind of professional background is willing to give their labor for free to a for-profit venture. I was looking forward to Crumbs & Whiskers but this kind of thinking doesn’t bode well. If you want high-quality employees, you should pay for it.

  • Blithe

    Um, No. And if this is their business plan, ‘forever’ might be an extremely short time.

  • But remember, she had a 1/4 life crisis, and moved to India to save the elephants. I’m sure there are enough family funded MBA students who have nothing to do this summer that will apply. I would imagine there will be actually competition for these gig because who wouldn’t want to blow up their Instagram spot with cats, and cat dance parties!

  • Will the business that these three people found for the founders run itself? The concept itself in no way resembles a viable business model.

  • Maybe they see this as an unpaid internship kind of thing? The timing and location is perfect for that.

  • If I wanted to do a bunch of work, only to be paid in the ability to pet cats, I’d go home and work for my mom.

  • nightborn

    I’m really curious who can afford to work for free for 20 hours a week for 2 months.

  • If the owner is not putting up his/her own funds or doing the creative, organizational, or marketing tasks, then what’s the point? It seems the whole appeal of owning and operating a cat cafe would be doing these sorts of creative, organizational, and marketing tasks oneself. This is not going to be a gold mine. Unless owner is aiming to become a TLC television show, I don’t get where the reward or personal fulfillment comes in.

    The Kickstarter campaign will cover a year of Georgetown rent after permits/licenses. Then what? Lightening doesn’t strike twice.

    I used to live across the street. There used to be a boutique pet groomer there. Take your $35,000 and become a pet groomer in that space.

    • In a WPost article, she said she’s put “all her savings” into this which could be anywhere from not a lot/zero to a lot of money. She’s a recent college grad, so I’m guessing her savings is in the “not a lot” category.

      • Also, as a recent college graduate, she may not have the professional experience to realize that her request is an insult to all working professionals who are good at what they do.

        Life experience goes a long way in life.

  • And this, is how you begin a business without an actual business plan.

  • It sounds ridiculous to ask for free professional labor, but I bet they get multiple volunteers. I have met some strange cat people whose love of cats trumps logic. They raised 35k from 700 backers…
    I am confused about the location. I would think the rent in Georgetown is going to be astronomical compared to other locations in the city. On one hand I guess more foot traffic = more business, but that rent has to be insane. Are they thinking students will frequent this place? Do students have spare cash to pay to hang out with cats?!?

  • I’m on the get lost train. I actually have the skills for one of these positions. You know what those skills are worth in the marketplace? I’m not necessarily suggesting they cough up the hourly rate that most of us make at our full-time jobs, but, you know, maybe ask for someone to spend a few hours *teaching* you the principles for nominal pay, rather than saying “hey, do this for me, and for free! Here’s a kitten to pet while you design our POS system and sales monitoring model.”

  • All of the public notices are down at this location. Not sure if the cat café is done or what.

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