Colony Club, Coffee, Beer and Ping Pong Club Opening Soon in Park View

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

I apologize in advance but this is one of the transformations that makes ramble because I’m so happy. First of all I had no idea it was gonna turn out so nice. I just thought Colony Club was gonna be a very bare bones ping pong hall. I was very very wrong. Their website says:

“Colony Club is a neighborhood coffee shop, bar, and ping pong club. We serve quality products in a friendly and approachable setting.

Located on historic Georgia Avenue in Park View, Washington, DC, Colony Club tries to capture an old-school vibe, and pay homage to the history of the street (including the family flower shop, pictured below).”

Photo via Colony Club

Check out their beer/wine/spirits menu here and breakfast and bar snacks here.

So a bit more info – which I totally didn’t realize. They’ll be a proper coffee shop during the day. They’ll open Monday-Friday from 7am-11pmish (hours likely to change a bit based on what folks want) and 8am-midnight(ish) on the weekends. Coffee is ceremony. Pastries will come from Bakehouse (14th and T St, NW.)

As for the evenings – while they have a small wine and cocktail list – the focus will be on good beer. Four draft lines, four cans, four bottles and a small cellar list. and Porkslap will only be $3!

As for the ping pong – it’s upstairs. One table. The space wasn’t photo ready when I stopped by but they are very very close. And you could definitely get a feel for it. It reminds me of when Temperance Hall (now Looking Glass) first opened on Georgia. It doesn’t remind me of the same style but in that what a huge deal it is. There is nothing like this around the 3100 block of Georgia (all due respect to Bravo Bar which is great for different reasons.) This place is a game changer for this section of Georgia Ave. You will see very, very soon.


I take this as a very good sign:


This is so much nicer than I was expecting, just a taste, but wait till you see proper photos:


There will be bike parking out front:


To properly gauge the amazing transformation – here’s how it looked in 2009 as Hadiya Cafe before it became Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine:


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  • looks awesome and a great addition to GA ave 🙂

  • did they say about when they’d open?

  • YES YES YES!!! I am sooo excited! Georgia Avenue definitely needs more places like this. I cannot wait until it opens!

  • This is so so exciting for this part of Georgia Avenue! Ceremony coffee in the a.m. and a good bar at night! Woo hoo!!!!!!

    • I saw that in the description and was wondering about it. What’s ceremony coffee?

      • Ceremony is a roaster out of Annapolis…they changed their name from Caffe Pronto to Ceremony a few years back. They do excellent work – you can get their coffee at a bunch of places around town (Pleasant Pops comes to mind).

        • Ah I see. Thanks! I was thinking it was some some sort of coffee ceremony! How embarrassing!

          • There’s an actual coffee ceremony at Harrar two block south of here every Saturday morning at 11:30. They do a traditional Ethiopian thing where they roast the beans in a frying pan over a burner and then brew it for you. It’s pretty cool.
            It’s weird to me that we’ll apparently have three coffee shops in a three block stretch down here, but that’s the way it’s looking.

        • justinbc

          +1 I really like their coffee.

  • Looks very promising!

  • Hurrah!!

    Was Comet ping-pong allowed to keep their sidewalk ping-pong tables? Any chance Colony Club would be able to have one or two out as well? Or sidewalk cafe? Or is it too early on that particular strip for a sidewalk anything?

    By the way, what is happening to Park View Patio and the other buildings on the DC Reynold’s/Looking Glass strip?

    • Yes, I want to know what’s happening with the store front right next to Lion’s. I think it’s being done by Andy Shallal’s brother, but there’s been no movement on it since they started demo over a year ago.

  • Fantastic news! I can’t wait, in fact I think I’ll grab a pumpkin walnut muffin (seriously, how did they know I live for pumpkin muffins?) the morning they open.

  • samanda_bynes

    sheeeeiiit, I’d do it. glad to see more places on georgia.

  • Looks great, exciting! As for the coffee shop, the old Tibet Shop at 3213 GA is close to opening their coffee shop (not sure of the name). Not sure if two can co-exist within a just over a block?

  • Mug of Glop

    All this cool stuff coming in right after I move out of the neighborhood! Should’ve stayed around a little longer…

  • This looks great. I can’t wait to check it out. I’d be thrilled if they offered some sandwiches at lunch, too.

  • so exciting!! this place looks phenomenal. not let’s just hope folks actually come down here – don’t want another fantastic spot opening along this part of georgia ave just to go the way of mothership…

  • justinbc

    Only 1 table? I foresee lots of arguing over that.

  • I, for one, appreciate a to the point description with proper spelling and grammar and without frilly language.

  • So excited about this!

  • My girlfriend’s doctor recommended she start playing ping pong, but this is a bit far from us. Any other places in DC where we can play?

  • Great, another small business to go bankrupt in 2 years after its owners realize there is not enough density or foot traffic along Georgia Avenue and the NIMBYs won’t let them build more buildings or cover rowhouses. Can’t wait to love this place as much as Mothership only to have it close.

    • You’re enjoying your day
      Everything’s going your way
      Then along comes Debbie Downer.

      Always there to tell you ’bout a new disease
      A car accident or killer bees
      You’ll beg her to spare you, “Debbie, Please!”
      But you can’t stop Debbie Downer!

    • What NIMBYs? I follow the development of lower Georgia pretty carefully, and the only residential project I can recall being stopped by NIMBYs is the Central Union Mission. And those guys certainly weren’t going to keep Mothership alive.

    • This place will be fine once the Georgia Ave Street car line gets up and running.

    • Mike at Bravo and Dee at Core Studios aren’t going bankrupt. And interestingly they have happened on an ironic formula in the gentrification cocktail: minority owned local businesses catering to a white hipster/yuppie clientele.
      As for the neighborhood, frankly there’s another level of irony here, as the demographic paradigm shift everyone was waiting for has indeed happened, quietly. Just not in favor of the type of development most folk who follow PoP would like to see (and I, an African American and DC native count myself in that camp). The shift has been toward a Latino paradigm, away from older black homeowners or young black Section 8 dwellers. That demographic remains more set up for the extant flavor of ghetto retail, and indeed needs housing, expanded schools.

      • Seriously? Comparing Colony Club to Mothership is ridiculous–different concepts. I went to Mothership before it closed and my waiter said he had a friend who was interested in buying Mothership and a place across the street. It’s not like nothing else is going to come to the space. And why is the Alsco development the ONLY indicator of future development? They finally started the Morton Street Mews on the corner of Morton & Sherman and there are plans for the strip mall at the corner of Georgia and Morton. Murry’s closed and there are plans for that space. Lastly, it may take ten years at the rate they’re moving, but the Park Morton redevelopment is also in the works.

    • Where have NIMBYs not let someone build along GA? You are just grouchy

  • Yes, and Urban Drinkery is coming soon, too. Coupled with Dee Ross on the other side of the street, there is some life on that block other than Soapy Joe’s and assorted ghetto retail. On the other hand, we are watching the liquor license hearings for some young guys who want to put a club/lounge/party place at Georgia and Kenyon called
    “Hush Lounge.” Stay tuned.

  • It’s just around the corner from me—looking forward to trying it! Thanks for providing the bike racks. Dig the records—please play jazz/motown/soul and less top 40. This is GA Ave after all!

  • I hope they kept that cool historic Colony signage that used to be out front! Maybe they can mount it inside somewhere?

  • Does anyone know if it has opened?

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