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  • But there’s a Chipotle upstairs too… huh… it IS always crazy busy, but weird having two locations in the same building.

    • There are already two Starbucks locations in the building. There’s no doubt the amount of traffic currently going through the existing Chipotle is enough to support a second.

  • I’m confused. Would this be a second Chipotle in Union Station? Or is the existing Chipotle moving downstairs?

  • Shame that we lost the Aditi fast food Indian place for more Chipotle and pizza…

  • Pizza isn’t good…also stranger that it’s basically a rip off of Sbarro which is upstairs near the terminals.

    Double bad pizza!
    Double bad burritos!

    Stop the madness.

    • xinbermz

      I’m from New York (where i think the chain is based) and the pizza is awful. i don’t understand how it’s still in business.

      • justinbc

        That’s good to know. So if they call it “real” New York pizza, and it’s bad, then they aren’t lying or anything.

      • DC loves awful pizza. Just repackage it new ways like &pizza or import it from Atlanta and plenty of people will buy it. Plus a big part of the clientele for the food court is identical to their clientele on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

  • the Union Station food court has to be one of the most consistently mismanaged places in DC, and that’s saying a lot. They’ve captured all of the charm of a turnpike rest stop and driven out all of the non-national chains (Vaccaros, Burrito Bros, Additi) in the process. If tour groups who don’t know better stopped going there they’d go bust.

    • Vaccaro’s was never busy when I was there . Ditto Dangerously Delicious Pies. Of course, they rely on tour groups from Georgia or Iowa. OTOH, the surprisingly small number of decent places for bagels, pizza, Mexican food, etc. in DC speaks to DCers own limitations.

      • Speaking of bagels, are there places in DC that have real (i.e., boiled) bagels?

        • gotryit

          Bruegger’s has boiled bagels. There are some trendier (probably better) ones around, but not as convenient (for me) as picking up a dozen at bruegger’s on the way into work.

          • bagels and baguettes near union station- not sure about boiled, but still the best bagels I’ve had in DC! (and incredible breakfast burritos!!)

        • IIRC Bagels Etc in Dupont has boiled bagels

        • Bethesda Bagels in Dupont Circle. I’ve never asked if they are boiled but there’s a whole lot of steam coming from the back.

      • “Limitations”?

        • If you’re asking me (sorry – replies are embedded weird, at least on my browser, and I can’t always tell who’s replying to who on here) if there are limitations to my question about bagels – like how broad to define “in DC”, or what kind of place I mean – the answer is “no, not really.” I don’t mean for it to be a smart-arsed question, either. I just haven’t really looked into bagel places, and none have screamed out through word of mouth. Preferably within the District as opposed to suburbs, but if someplace in, say, Bethesda has really amazing bagels I’d make a trip sometime probably.

    • brookland_rez

      It is what it is. It’s one of the few places that can accommodate large tour groups. There’s plenty of bus parking, plenty of tables, and plenty of places to eat. For the millions of high school kids who don’t know any better or care, it works just fine. Let them have it so us locals can have all the better places to ourselves.

  • I live in NYC, Famiglia has got to be the worst Pizza on earth. Absolutely disgusting. It seems to usually be soggy… and cheap. Too cheap.

  • Don’t care….don’t step thru this place unless it’s for Amtrak/Marc and even then don’t eat in Union Station. Haven’t cared about the food in there since they removed the movie theater down there.

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